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"Vigilante" is a Korean drama that explores a theme commonly seen in Korean dramas - seeking justice through vigilante actions. While this may not be an uncommon theme, it remains captivating as it reflects the harsh realities of society and resonates with viewers. If there were a real-life "Dark Hero" who could enforce justice, would you support or oppose them?

2023 Kdrama - Moving - season 1 ending(fimale) episode 18-20 Recap & 5 highlights Explained:During the North and South Korean war, which broke out at this school, Lee Mi-Hyun overheard a conspiracy by the powerful figures from North Korea. Concerned for the safety of the children, she cleverly used her own power to defeat each of these adversaries.

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The 2023 South Korean film "Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman" has received positive reviews for its engaging blend of horror and comedy. It tells the story of Dr. Cheon, who performs fake exorcisms that revolve around resolving psychological issues rather than actually combating supernatural entities. It's based on a popular Taiwanese WEBTOON comic, and marks the directorial debut of Kim Seong-jik. The film explores themes of trauma, human psychology, and inner conflict, served within a supernatural narrative.

"Road to Boston" is a Korean biographical film set to be released in 2023. Directed by Kang Je-Gyu, it stars Ha Jung-Woo as Son Kee-Jung, Im Si-Wan as Suh Yun-Bok, Bae Sung-Woo as Nam Seung-Ryong, and Kim Sang-ho as Baek Nam-hyeon. The film tells the story of marathon runners in post-liberation Korea who aspire to participate in their first international marathon competition.

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Ragnarok Season 3 - Review & 5 highlights explained.Magne chose not to use Mjolnir in order to redeem his betrayed brother. Loki, who has connections with both the giants and Magne's family, is revealed to be born from Víðarr violating Magne's mother.