Destined with You – Episode 1+2 Recap & 3 highlights Explained, Review


Destined with You is a story about the irresistible love between a woman who obtains a forbidden book that was sealed over 300 years ago, and a man who becomes a sacrifice for the book. In this series, Jo Bo-Ah (as Lee Hong-Jo), Ro Woon (as Jang Shin-Yu/Tomorrow), Ha-Joon (as Kwon Jae-Gyeong/Missing), and Yura (as Yoon Na-Yeon) star in the leading roles. The entire season consists of 16 episodes and will be available on Netflix starting from August 23rd.

Destined With You Episode 1+2 plot :

❤️ In Korean drama “Destined with You” Episode 1, Lee Hong-Jo, known as the “Complaint Queen” in her department, decides to investigate a mysterious temple in order to improve her situation at work. After hearing numerous complaints and experiencing an unexpected incident, she encounters Jang Shin-Yu, a cursed and enigmatic man.

❤️ In the Korean drama “Destined with You” Episode 2 , Jang Shin-Yu insists that Lee Hong-Jo open a wooden box. Despite this encounter, Lee Hong-Jo continues to face exclusion in her workplace.

Through the English title of “Destined with You” for the drama ‘Destined with You’ , it conveys the concept of destined fate. From the preview content of ’Destined with You‘, it seems like a story about unraveling the cycle of past lives and present lives. The curse on Jang Shin-Yu will be resolved through Lee Hong-Jo’s appearance and her relationship with the wooden box, unveiling a reincarnation story spanning three hundred years. Therefore, “Destined with You” is referred to as “an irresistible love” because of its destined nature, making love unstoppable.

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Episode 1+2 Recap & 3 highlights Explained, Review

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Destined With You Episdoe 1 Recap – What is the curse that Jang Shin-Yu cannot break?

🔺”Destined with You” Episode 1 Recap : Six months ago, Jang Shin-Yu was handling complaints from nearby residents about the noisy construction site here. This resulted in a heated argument between the foreman and the public. At that moment, an accident occurred at the construction site – someone fell from a building. Jang Shin-Yu is actually a lawyer who helps defend Haum Construction.

Before making her final statement in court, Jang Shin-Yu specifically summons Park Dae-Ho’s wife as a witness. She believes that this workplace accident was not due to negligence but rather because Park Dae-Ho forced him to fall off the building. It turns out that Park Dae-Ho’s son was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a large sum of money for treatment. Initially, Park Dae-Ho planned to stage an injury accident but unfortunately died.

On the other hand, Lee Hong-Jo continues to handle all complaints as a civil servant. Her innocence is mocked by her colleagues who see her as naive and stubborn just because she is a civil servant. However, on this day, she suddenly gets transferred to the municipal government office – which is not where she wants to be!

That’s because Gong Seo-Goo works there and Lee Hong-Jo doesn’t want anything to do with him. Unfortunately though, Lee Hong-Jo ends up being transferred to Gong Seo-Goo’s department on her first day of work and faces constant harassment and exclusion.At Onju Mountain, there is an infamous haunted house that can be seen if you deviate slightly from the hiking trail. A Youtuber filming here had an accident and died unexpectedly.

Lee Hong-Jo’s department receives complaints requesting demolition of this haunted house so she decides to volunteer herself hoping it will please Gong Seo-Goo. When she arrives at this haunted house, Lee Hong-Jo feels a connection with the shrine’s statue. She seems to hear the words “You’ve finally come.

Later, in the darkness, Lee Hong-Jo gets scared by a figure and bumps her head, causing dizziness (in reality, it was Jang Shin-Yu who came here to investigate the shrine but ended up being scammed). Lee Hong-Jo encounters a major problem because she needs to contact the landowner for demolition purposes but is unable to reach them. So she goes around asking some elderly people and learns that the landowner is none other than Jang Shin-Yu, who happens to be a successful lawyer and also the son of Haum Construction’s chairman.

Destined With You Episode 1 Ending – Who is the owner of the wooden box?

Recently, Jang Shin-Yu has been experiencing headaches and decides to go for a medical check-up. The results show that there is an issue with his left brain which causes migraines and tremors in his right hand. Unfortunately, this is an inherited disease that can lead to paralysis on the right side of his body if it worsens.

Lee Hong-Jo went to see Jang Shin-Yu and requested the demolition of the temple. Naturally, Jang Shin-Yu firmly refused, and they began arguing about who was right or wrong. In the end, Lee Hong-Jo had nothing more to say and fled. The next day, Lee Hong-Jo wanted to find Grandma Witch but only Jang Shin-Yu knew where she was. So that lead was cut off as well.

However, at least one good thing happened that day: Lee Hong-Jo ran into Kwon Jae-Gyeong in the elevator. Kwon Jae-Gyeong was very concerned about Lee Hong-Jo because she had protected her from protesters throwing water earlier in the morning. So besides expressing gratitude, Kwon Jae-Gyeong told Lee Hong-Jo that it’s okay if she couldn’t accomplish the demolition task.

The next day, Lee Hong-Jo went to see Jang Shin-Yu again and revealed that loneliness drove her actions. After all, if she could complete this mission successfully, Gong Seo-Goo might invite her to have a meal with their team members. This desperate plan actually worked because they managed to obtain the location of Grandma Witch’s nursing home smoothly.

🔺”Destined with You” Episode 1 Ending: Lee Hong-Jo finds Eun-Wol and successfully convinces the Witch Grandma to dismantle the temple. Jang Shin-Yu can’t believe it and after questioning Eun-Wol, she learns that the Red Hand curse on her is a pain that has been following her through reincarnations.

In her past life, she killed the “Red Hand,” but now this curse and pain will finally come to an end because the owner of the wooden box has appeared, which is none other than “Lee Hong-Jo.” After the temple relocation, Jang Shin-Yu obtains that wooden box and thinking about what Eun-Wol said about its owner, she takes initiative to find Lee Hong-Jo. At this moment, Lee Hong-Jo is shedding tears alone due to being excluded by his team members. In order for him to unlock that wooden box, Jang Shin-Yu decides to take her away with him.

Destined With You Episode 2 Recap – I hope you can come with me.

🔺”Destined with You” Episode 2 Plot: Continuing from Episode 1 of “Destined with You,” Jang Shin-Yu seeks out Lee Hong-Jo to open the wooden box. He forcefully hands the box to Lee Hong-Jo, who trusts Eun-Wol more than Jang Shin-Yu because Eun-Wol mentioned that Lee Hong-Jo’s father is doing well in another world and knows about his daughter’s loneliness.

However, at present, Lee Hong-Jo has no idea how to open the wooden box. The next day, while Lee Hong-Jo goes on an assignment, Kwon Jae-Gyeong suggests to the mayor that they find a lawyer consultant with a high success rate and better economic impact for the government’s case against Haum Construction since they lost again. And he already has someone in mind – his junior, Jang Shin-Yu.

When Jang Shin-Yu hears that he cannot sue Haum Construction for their violent behavior towards wealthy heirs, he proposes an additional condition: a sincere apology from them to everyone except himself since he just submitted his resignation letter to the company.

While changing a light bulb and falling down herself, Lee Hong-Jo imagines Kwon Jae-Gyeong comforting her. This feeling of loneliness and desire for connection causes the wooden box to automatically open. Inside is a book called “Spells of the Heavens,” which is essentially a spellbook written by Aeng-cho, a Korean witch.

Only Aeng-cho and those chosen by her can perform these spells. The spells inside are capable of “granting wishes.” Initially thinking it’s absurd, Lee Hong-Jo decides there’s no harm in trying when she sees the spell called “Love Manifestation Spell.”

The next day, Kwon Jae-Gyeong shows concern about her bruise on her head and publicly praises Lee Hong-Jo on the message board, making her happy for the entire day. In the evening, Jang Shin-Yu requests to see the spellbook. He has already found out that Aeng-cho is a real person and was killed by someone named Jang Mu-jin.

When Jang Shin-Yu sees “Spells of the Heavens,” he becomes serious because there’s a “Cure Disease Spell” in it, which is exactly what he needs. Although he doesn’t explicitly tell Lee Hong-Jo, he sincerely asks if she can give him one of the spells.

The next day, Yoon Na-Yeon encounters Lee Hong-Jo. There was an incident in their past that made Lee Hong-Jo unable to forgive Yoon Na-Yeon completely. However, Jang Shin-Yu suddenly steps in and scolds Yoon Na-Yeon for apologizing already and questions why Lee Hong-Jo still holds a grudge against her. It ironically explains why Lee Hong-Jo always eats alone.

This incident happened during their high school days when Lee Hong-Jo’s father worked as someone else’s driver and they were bullied due to their family’s poverty. Yoon Na-Yeon wanted to show sympathy but ended up cutting ties with Lee Hong-Jo after she took away her crush at that time – a complicated process.

Destined With You Episode 2 Ending –

In episode 2 of “Destined with You,” Lee Hong-Jo understands why Jang Shin-Yu said she can only eat alone – it’s because she hasn’t sincerely apologized for her mistakes. In order to fit in with her team, Lee Hong-Jo takes the initiative to apologize to Gong Seo-Goo again. However, Kwon Jae-Gyeong happens to bring Jang Shin-Yu along to the restaurant, and Gong Seo-Goo ignores Lee Hong-Jo and greets Jang Shin-Yu and Kwon Jae-Gyeong instead. Kwon Jae-Gyeong clearly states that he was the one who uploaded the article praising Lee Hong-Jo, leaving everyone shocked and even more disgusted with Lee Hong-Jo.

What saddens Lee Hong-Jo even more is that although Kwon Jae-Gyeong likes her, it’s only a platonic affection towards people. When Jang Shin-Yu witnesses this scene, she sarcastically remarks that whenever someone shows interest in her, Lee Hong-Jo falls for them impulsively just like when she stole Yoon Na-Yeon’s senior in high school. Angered by this comment, Lee Hong-Jo expresses that she acts this way because no one treats her kindly anyway; after all, Jang Shin-Yu wouldn’t understand.

The next day at work feels strange as everyone discusses how Lee Hong-Jo’s confession was rejected. Later on, they find out that someone intentionally leaked footage of that incident. Feeling upset about it all, an idea suddenly occurs to Lee Hong-jo: using a spellbook to make Kwon Jae-Gyeong fall in love with her! Meanwhile, during a drive, Jang Shin-Yu starts feeling extremely uncomfortable as Red Hand appears again and causes a collision on the road.

Destined With You – 2 highlights Explained, Review

Destined With You Episode 1-2 recap and review

Destined With You – What’s the deal with the curse on Jang Shin-Yu?

In the drama “Destined with You,” it is currently known that Jang Shin-Yu carries a curse called Red Hand, which is related to the events happening at the temple (because the wooden box was buried there). The temple, passed down through generations in Jang Shin-Yu’s family, represents past events of the Zhang family.

From what we can gather, this is a cycle caused by one of Jang Shin-Yu’s previous lives that she is unaware of until Lee Hong-Jo appears in this life as a key figure who can break the curse. Therefore, Jang’s current hereditary disease is actually a curse passed down through generations in her family. Perhaps because it has not been resolved, this hereditary disease continues to afflict their lineage (as mentioned in “Destined with You,” most male members of the Zhang family do not live long lives; thus indicating that Jang Shin-Yu’s inherited illness may be the reason for their shortened lifespans = it is part of the curse). But what exactly is this curse?

In the drama “Destined with You,” it is mentioned that Lee Hong-Jo and the goddess statue in the temple have a connection. If Lee Hong-Jo is the person whom the goddess statue has been waiting for, based on what Eun-Wol said, we can understand that Jang Shin-Yu has been cursed because in a past life, one of Jang Shin-Yu’s ancestors killed the “Red Hand” (presumably the enshrined goddess statue).

This can be seen as karmic retribution in reincarnation, and this suffering will consume Jang Shin-Yu. The “owner of the wooden box” intuitively refers to Lee Hong-Jo, which corresponds to when the goddess statue in the temple said to him, “You finally came.” Therefore, it can be inferred that Lee Hong-Jo is key to helping Jang Shin-Yu break free from this curse since her previous incarnation was indeed the owner of the wooden box. Only by opening the wooden box and knowing about their intertwined past lives may they be able to lift Jang Shin-Yu’s curse.

Destined With You – A cold one, a lonely one.

“Destined with You” starts its first episode following the formula of Korean dramas, introducing the characters. The drama begins with a mysterious atmosphere that depicts the fate between the male and female leads. This sense of mystery is great, especially when the screenwriter and director portray Jang Shin-Yu’s “Red Hand” curse, incorporating some terrifying scenes to cleverly connect the story of the temple and Red Hand.

I have seen Lu Yun’s performance in “There Will Be Tomorrow” before, although I didn’t finish watching that drama, I was deeply impressed by Lu Yun’s charm. This time, Lu Yun portrays Jang Shin-Yu with a cool charisma that is quite impressive. His inner loneliness and dull life have great similarities with Lee Hong-Jo.

As for Lee Hong-Jo in “Destined with You,” I think her character design is quite successful because even just in the first episode, I was deeply attracted by her sincerity and efforts. The screenwriter specifically portrays her inner “loneliness” and amplifies it through her cheerful and strong personality.

When she says to Jang Shin-Yu, “Because I’m lonely, if I can complete this mission, Gong Seo-Goo might invite me to dinner,” it easily resonates with viewers. She is like us in real life struggling to find warmth amidst our mundane existence where life seems unexciting except for small moments of happiness that we fantasize about. In “Destined with You,” through Lee Hong-Jo’s character, I see a kind of perseverance as she tries not to be alone in anything she does – even as a civil servant handling complaints – she strives to find something enriching in life.

The chemistry between the male and female leads in “Destined with You” is fantastic. Their destinies are intertwined by an appearance of a wooden box at both the beginning and end of Episode 1 – these two scenes are interconnected. One scene shows Lee Hong-Jo reaching out her hand, hoping that Jang Shin-Yu, the messenger from the underworld, can help her; while the other scene shows Jang Shin-Yu extending his hand to pull Lee Hong-Jo because he needs her. And so, their destinies become entangled!

Destined With You – Opening the wooden box is a process that is destined to be “Destined with You”.

In the second episode of “Destined with You,” the wooden box connected Jang Shin-Yu and Lee Hong-Jo. Perhaps from the moment Lee Hong-Jo received the wooden box, fate had already bound them together. After all, in the first episode of “Destined with You,” Jang Shin-Yu mentioned that being a lawyer is boring. This implies that although it pays well, it is dull for him internally, lacking any special spark or surprises.

Therefore, when Kwon Jae-Gyeong said that as a government-appointed lawyer he could stand up against big corporations and conglomerates, Jang Shin-Yu specifically asked if Haum was included. This question echoes Jang Shin-Yu’s dissatisfaction towards Haum Construction as shown in the first episode. Even though he was their defense attorney who won their case, he despised Haum Construction, especially their corruption and disregard for others’ feelings (Jang Shin-Yu looked so cool when handing in his resignation letter XD).

However, this scene where Jang Shin-Yu hands in his resignation letter portrays his despair facing the end of his life in “Destined with You.” The writer presents a version of Jang Shin-Yu who has started to prioritize his own thoughts at this moment – not caring about work or family expectations imposed on him by his father. Looking back now, perhaps this hereditary terminal illness curse is an indication of what Red Hand wants to convey: to pursue one’s heart within limited time instead of wasting it on meaningless things that drain one’s life away.

I quite like the way Lee Hong-Jo opens the wooden box. Every time the box is opened bit by bit, it’s when Lee Hong-Jo feels lonely and hopes for someone to accompany her. I think the wooden box senses Lee Hong-Jo’s loneliness, helplessness, and longing for companionship. By following the spells in this book “Spells of the Heavens,” one can achieve love. This feeling also depicts Aeng-cho’s past story as a witch. Perhaps Aeng-cho was just as lonely in life as Lee Hong-Jo is now. Therefore, Lee Hong-Jo’s current sense of loneliness resonates with the wooden box.

As for Aeng-cho’s connection to Jang family? Based on the content, Aeng-cho is a real person who was killed by someone named “Jang Mu-jin.” This corresponds to what Witch Eun-Wol said to Jang Shin-Yu about Red Hand: “She (Red Hand) was killed by you” (but it is possible that Jang Mu-jin was actually someone whom Aeng-cho once loved? It is very likely that she had no choice but to kill Aeng-cho).

From this reasoning, we can infer that Jang Mu-jin is Jang Shin-Yu’s “past life,” and Jang Shin-Yu will be entangled with Red Hand due to karmic retribution. So now that Lee Hong-Jo possesses the wooden box which belongs to Aeng-cho, she doesn’t know if she is a reincarnation of Aeng-cho (because Eun-Wol mentioned that the owner of the wooden box has appeared), or if she has been chosen by Aeng-Cho herself; either possibility could be true. In any case, based on Episode 2 of “Destined with You,” Jang Shin-Yu will need Lee Hong-Jo’s help to perform spells in order to survive.

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