Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review


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Dr. Romantic 3 is a Korean drama series broadcasted by SBS starting from April 28, 2023. It is directed by Liu Renzhi, who also directed “Doctor Romanctic”, “Dr. Romantic S2”, and written by Kang Yin-kyung, who wrote for “Dr. Romantic 3 Romanctic”, “Doctor Romantic S2”, and “Fox Bride Star”. The story revolves around Kim Sabu, a genius doctor working at Doldham Hospital in a local city, and his interactions with passionate young doctors. In the Asia-Pacific region, it will be exclusively available on Disney+ every Friday and Saturday at 22:30 starting from April 28th. ( Source: Wikipedia)

Most of the cast members in Dr. Romantic Season 3 are returning from Season 2, and the storyline continues where Season 2 left off. If you haven’t watched previous seasons yet but don’t have enough time to catch up on everything before watching this season, we recommend at least starting with Season 2 so that you can follow along more coherently~ However, there may be some connections between certain characters in Episode Four of Dr. Romantic Season Three and an incident in Season One; therefore if possible it would be better to watch all three seasons!

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Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 10 Recap

🩸Kim Sabu personally went to the scene to confirm the situation after Seo Woo-Jin and Nurse Eun-Tak failed to escape during the second collapse in Dr. Romantic 3 episode 9. He instructed all doctors to stay at their posts, but faced a shortage of manpower. Kim Sabu urgently contacted Zhenwan for help, while Cha Jin-Man insisted that if Ko Kyung-Sook was going to involve the hospital in unnecessary lawsuits, she should bear the consequences of medical staff shortages herself. Park Min-Guk also asked Kim Sabu to rescue Seo Woo-Jin and Nurse Eun-Tak.

🩸At the scene, Kim Sabu couldn’t determine their vital signs and tried contacting them on his phone with no response until Nurse Eun-Tak reported back. After hearing her report, he decided to go down himself and save both patients as well as Seo Woo-Jin. Another politician arrived at the scene concerned about Ko Kyung-Sook’s condition and demanded that rescuers prioritize saving her first. However, the fire chief believed that the other side was more severe and there was no need for priority.

🩸Kim Sabu entered the building and saw Seo Woo-Jin’s wrist stuck in steel bars along with injured patients below him. He believed that pulling out Seo Woo-Jin’s wrist from between those bars was their only option since he wasn’t concerned about his own hand but rather protecting everyone else’s lives; otherwise all efforts would be wasted. Both Seo Woo-Jin and patients were sent to hospital where despite knowing his body might not handle it, Kim Sabu insisted on performing surgery himself but didn’t anticipate his hand worsening again after sewing up nerves.

🩸Fortunately under Kim Sabu’s calmness they continued with surgery which went smoothly except for finding out there was no blood flow through finger arteries due to severe injuries causing vessel constriction instead of blockage or clotting issues.

🩸After the court hearing, Cha Jin-Man immediately asked Cha Eun-Jae about Seo Woo-Jin’s condition but she rebuked him for not prioritizing hospital work first and coming to the trauma center instead.

🩸After all the chaos ended, Ko Kyung-Sook was rescued and requested to be sent to a separate room in the trauma center. However, Oh Myung-Sim insisted that she only needed emergency care since her injuries weren’t severe enough while Jung In-Soo discovered that Ko Kyung-Sook didn’t tell paramedics everything about her condition.

🩸Ko Kyung-Sook refused surgery at this location because of what happened earlier with Oh Myung-Sim thinking her situation wasn’t serious enough and refusing an apology; even believing doctors were performing surgery on her just for budget or sympathy reasons. Jung In-soo told Ko Kyung-sook he had been separated from his daughter for seven years but never regretted saving patients at this hospital becoming a doctor who is respected rather than despised by others. He didn’t intend to let Ko Kyung-sook withdraw her lawsuit but hoped she would accept surgery.

🩸Yoon A-Reum noticed Nurse Eun-Tak seemed indifferent towards her so decided to be angry for a while which Jang Dong-Hwa saw as an opportunity. Meanwhile, Kim Sabu comforted Jung In-soo saying no matter how hard they worked nobody else cared nor understood their thoughts so they should continue doing what they’re doing silently living without disappearing since truly meaningful things will never disappear.

Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 10 Review

Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 10 Review and Recap
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The people who couldn’t escape and those who escaped safely are both suffering immensely.” The plot of the two episodes in “Dr. Romantic 3” was really great. The screenwriter designed more disasters for medical staff, and I think the necessity of a trauma center will be determined by what outsiders see in it. The existence of a trauma center is not for individuals but for the public, especially since the screenwriter focused on portraying “medical staff” in episode 10 of “Dr. Romantic 3”. Moreover, at the end of this episode, Kim Sabu also said that his ideas are hard to understand but as long as he silently does things and lives quietly, it doesn’t mean disappearing; truly meaningful things will never disappear. Therefore, I believe that the reason why a trauma center exists will be supported by what people see.

Combined with what Nurse Eun-Tak said about “doctors being human too and doctors can cry,” this episode emphasized on depicting the setbacks encountered by medical staff. Even disasters were directly applied to Seo Woo-Jin and Nurse Eun-Tak themselves so that people could see how doctors can go to great lengths to save lives. This shows that there is no reason why a trauma center should not exist.

At first it was Seo Woo-Jin and Nurse Eun-Tak who made such decisions, now Kim Sabu has also made similar decisions which echoes back to Episode 9 where Kim Sabu ultimately compromises with Seo Woo-Jin entering into buildings because just like what Seo Woo-Jin said: “If you were me, you would do the same.”

Kim Sabu asked Fire Chief: “Is there anything more important than your reasons for refusing? Do you want to save those two people or not?” I think this question can also make Ko Kyung-Sook think about her decision-making process. Both Seo Woo-Jin and Kim Sabu are unwilling to give up patients. We can see that Seo Woo-Jin and Kim Sabu both abandon the principle of “medical staff safety first” and rush into danger because they do not want to be the ones who “give up lives.” When it comes to saving lives, doctors’ decisions are straightforward: “Do you want to save them or not?” Therefore, I think the answer as to why a trauma center exists is also very direct and clear: “If we can save people, why wouldn’t we?”

The phrase “doctors are human too and doctors can cry” extends beyond just emotions but also speaks about how doctors have feelings like everyone else. They feel heartbroken when faced with losing someone’s life whether it’s a colleague or an unfamiliar patient. This emotion was especially conveyed through Yoon A-Reum crying while hugging Oh Myung-Sim, Kim Sabu embracing Nurse Eun-Tak, and Nurse Eun-Tak looking quite scared. The director presented medical staff as having both vulnerability and strength in their characters which forces them to be stronger than anyone else internally since they don’t have time for weakness. But it is precisely because of medical staffs’ strength that they can accompany patients through vulnerable times.

Therefore, by rescuing several injured patients one after another whom Seo Woo-Jin and Nurse Eun-Tak saved reinforces their decision-making process wasn’t reckless but rather based on not wanting to give up on patients. This belief should apply directly to Kim Sabu’s theory of silently doing things will eventually lead people seeing its significance; I believe that people will see the necessity of a trauma center.

“At last there was another crisis where perhaps at that moment Kim Sabu poured out all his power and luck.” Every doctor is like this; when resolving crises they use their strongest beliefs just like what Seo Woo-Jin, Nurse Eun-Tak, and Kim Sabu did under the building, using their greatest strength to protect lives. In conclusion, in my own understanding, the final conclusion of “Dr. Romantic 3” is: “Doctors save not only lives but also other people’s lives.”

Cha Eun-Jae asked Seo Woo-Jin: “Why do you have to go this far?” Seo Woo-Jin replied: “I often think about what I would be like if I hadn’t met you and Kim Sabu back then.” Cha Eun-Jae said: “I might still be vomiting in the operating room or fainting asleep. Maybe even giving up being a doctor altogether.” Seo Woo-Jin added that he too would probably fall into an endless abyss in his life if Kim Sabu had not reached out to him at that time. He could see that the teacher had the same meaning for that child; isn’t that what teachers are for? They can always greatly change someone’s life.

“You don’t have to withdraw the lawsuit, but you must accept surgery.” This is the best apology I’ve ever heard. Before this storyline with Kim Ha-Nul, I thought it was a bit sudden, but this episode had a pretty good ending. And once again, the writer used Jung In-Soo as the ending point and brought back Kim Sabu’s belief that a doctor’s duty is to save lives no matter what. Despite some unsatisfactory twists and turns along the way, they still treated Ko Kyung-Sook as a patient in need of treatment.

Compared to when Kim Sabu said to Cha Jin-Man at the end “You are Plan B,” it echoes his previous statement: “Your own ideas may not be understood by others. Therefore, no matter what others say, just continue doing what you’re doing silently and keep going forward. Living quietly doesn’t mean disappearing; truly meaningful things will never disappear.”

Therefore, was Cha Jin-Man only used to highlight Kim Sabu’s philosophy? XD Because he has always been someone who works tirelessly behind-the-scenes without recognition. But he did say “no matter what others say, just continue doing what you’re doing silently and keep going forward” which means that he might have planned for Cha Jin-Man (the elephant) to cause chaos so everyone could see that an emergency center needs both Kim Sabu’s team and their beliefs (and therefore might be waiting for Cha Jin-Man to self-destruct).

Of course, according to this episode where Kim Sabu’s hand frequently relapses during surgery already shows that he isn’t someone who can take on the position of director of an emergency center since his hand won’t suddenly heal itself. So when Kang Dong-Joo called him at the end of the episode it’s likely that Kim Sabu intends for Kang Dong-Joo to take over as director instead~