Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 14 Recap & Review, Explained


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Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 13 Recap & Review, Explained

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 14 Recap

❤️ Continuing from episode 13 of Dr. Romantic Season 3, Kang Dong-Ju decides to perform the surgery alone without waiting for Cha Eun-Jae. His speed shocks Seo Woo-Jin as he removes the spleen in just fifteen minutes and performs thoracic surgery on his own.

❤️However, Cha Eun-Jae was handling a baby incident in the emergency room and did not arrive on time for the operation. She is unhappy that Kang Dong-Ju, a surgeon, made a decision about thoracic surgery. In response, Kang Dong-Ju demands an explanation from Cha Eun-Jae about why she left the trauma center earlier or else she will have to leave the team.

❤️The two argue over their differences at the trauma center while Yang Ho-Joon says that Kang Dong-ju has ambitious plans to take over it with his own team. When Seo Woo-jin talks to him about this matter, Kang Dong-ju admits that doing things this way helps distinguish who has real ability and saves everyone’s time. He also reveals that Kim Sabu is his opponent and he wants to win against him which makes him so aggressive.

❤️Cha Eun-jae decides to unite everyone against Kang Dong-ju by going on strike but Seo Woo-jin thinks they should ask him first before taking any action like this. As Cha Eun-jae leaves, Seo Woo-jin tells her that such actions will only make matters worse; once you make a decision like this it’s already wrong but Cha Eun-jae doesn’t care because she believes she is right.

❤️When Seo Woo-jin talks to Kim Sabu about what happened Park Min-Guk also asks Kim Sabu about how worried he is regarding Kang-Dong Ju bringing other doctors into Trauma Center as he fears he may hold too much power over personnel decisions there.

Kim Sabu tries to reassure Park Min-Guk but he thinks Kim Sabu is too biased towards Kang Dong-Ju and it may cause a rift in the trust that has been built up. He hopes Kim Sabu will remain neutral.

❤️Kim Sabu advises Cha Eun-jae not to waste her energy on the strike and go back to work. He mentions how painful it is to be boycotted, something Seo Woo-jin also experienced, so he wants Cha Eun-jae to understand why others do this before questioning them directly.

❤️Meanwhile, during the budget committee’s review day, all of them are on strike. On another note, Min-Jung sneaks back into the emergency room looking for her baby but gets caught by Kim Sabu who tells her father about his classmate who can treat stomach cancer with medical expense subsidies. He encourages him not to give up as living longer means seeing his daughter and granddaughter grow up together.

❤️Jang Dong-Hwa buys flowers again hoping Nurse Eun-Tak will reconcile with Yoon A-Reum but she just wants things between them to stay professional like colleagues which makes Nurse Eun-Tak swallow her words once again.

❤️No one notices an official observing Trauma Center while there are no nursing staff around; Ko Kyung-Sook’s plan is working as they try finding faults in Trauma Center intentionally so that it doesn’t pass inspection.

However, a forest fire breaks out nearby causing everyone including Cha Eun-Jae and Seo Woo-jin who were tired from striking earlier decide they must return immediately.

Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 14 Review

Dr. Romantic 3 Ep14 Recap & Review, Explained
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“That’s what made you become the Kim Sabu you are now?”
“At first, there was a child who called me that.”

The storyline between Jang Dong-Hwa and Kim Sabu is finally beginning. This was foreshadowed in episode 4 of season 3 of Dr. Romantic 3, especially with Jang Dong-Hwa listening to music on a cassette tape at the end of the episode, specifically a mixtape by Hyun-Joo.

Hyun-Joo should be a female college student from season 1 whose incident happened 14 years prior to the current timeline. It’s possible that this incident caused Jang Dong-Hwa to become injured and decide to become a doctor.

Although it’s difficult to guess their true relationship due to their age difference (but they might be siblings since they share the same last name), we can assume that Hyun-Joo’s incident had a significant impact on Jang Dong-Hwa which led him to have negative views towards doctors instead of being grateful.

This ties into how Jang Dong-Hwa takes care of his young patient at the beginning of this episode and how she calls him “Kim Sabu” just like another child did before. This is probably what he wants answers for when it comes to Kim Sabu himself. It also explains why he initially disagrees with everyone else’s philosophy at Doldham Hospital because he doesn’t understand why Jang Hyun-Joo would admire Kim Sabu so much.

As for why Kim Sabu changed his blind pursuit for success into becoming someone who identifies as “romantic,” it turns out that his name came from Jang Dong-Hwa’s sister who was also his first disciple.

 We don’t know yet how Jang Dong-Hwa will react upon learning about this information or if Hyun-Joo saw something admirable in Kim Sabu which influenced her own actions leading up to her death. This could be why Jang Dong-Hwa is searching for answers at Doldham Hospital.

This also ties into what Kang Dong-Ju said about not blindly following Kim Sabu’s footsteps and how achieving his level of success is something only he can do himself. It’s important to have your own gols and beliefs instead of just copying someone else’s.

Kang Dong-Ju, this character brings a completely different leadership style from Kim Sabu’s. I think Kim Sabu wants to see blind spots in the existing system through Kang Dong-Ju. In the workplace, people often feel that there are no problems within their current team.

However, this may not necessarily be suitable for all systems. Perhaps Kim Sabu’s romantic ideas can work for trauma centers and Doldham Hospital, but what about the national healthcare system as a whole?

Trauma centers and Doldham Hospital cannot continue to act alone, right? Sometimes reality may not accept everyone’s “romantic” ideas. Therefore, I think Kim Sabu brought Kang Dong-Ju here to make everyone realize that their own “romantic” ideas have blind spots and blindly following them is dangerous. As Kang Dong-Ju mentioned: “Even if people have the same goal, they may not take the same approach.”

In the previous episode, we discussed how Kang Dong-Ju actually has some of Kim Sabu’s characteristics; this episode reveals that Kang Dong-Ju himself has some of Kim Sabus’ ideals but cannot be accepted by others in his way of doing things.

In this episode, everyone resists against Kang Dong-Joo while last time Kim Sabo said: “As long as you understand someone you will know what he is thinking.” Cha Eun-jae,Yang Ho-joon,and trauma center staff do not want to follow him because they do not understand him yet Seo Woo-jin is observing why he makes these decisions.Seo Woo-jin told Cha Eun-jae: “What you’re doing will only make things worse and won’t solve the problem. In my opinion, you’re also acting alone.” I think Kim Sabu seems to have felt that these children have lost their direction in pursuing his goals and are a bit obsessed with them.

Of course, what’s interesting is Park Min-Guk’s statement in this episode: “Solid trust that has been built up with difficulty can crack,” which is the biggest characteristic of Doldham Hospital and trauma centers. Maybe Kang Dong-Ju came here to test how firm this team really is. On the other hand, Kang Dong-Ju is also learning how to be “romantic.”

“No matter how legitimate your reasons may be, if you use wrong methods during implementation, it’s not right. What I mean isn’t that getting angry isn’t right; when faced with unreasonable situations before asking others why they did something like that, we should first put ourselves in their shoes and think about why they did it. Only by understanding each other can we find different ways to solve problems.”

Both Cha Eun-jae and Kang Dong-Ju were moved by saving patients’ lives. “Some realms can only be reached through madness; we are all people who go crazy for those moments.” In the end of this episode, Cha Eun-jae realizes that everyone’s goal is actually the same but just achieved differently.Kang Dong-Joo has his own way while Cha Eun-jae has hers.The result of mutual understanding between both sides would lead to a win-win situation.

Therefore,the big fire at the end of this episode could be an opportunity for everyone to resolve differences in opinions because everyone wants injured patients to survive and receive treatment.

So at this moment,everyone understands each other’s common goal.Even though Cha Eun-jae,Yang Ho-joon,and others participate in resistance movements,but once they see someone needing medical attention at trauma center,they will not ignore the patient because of their pride and wrong decisions.