Dr. Romantic 3 Finale Episode 16 Recap & Review, Explained


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Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 15 Recap & Review, Ending Explained

Dr. Romantic 3 Finale Episode 16 Recap

🩸 Continuing from Episode 15 of Dr. Romantic 3, the medical staff prepares for evacuation and everyone realizes that Kim Sabu is missing because his coat and belongings are still in the office. Only Oh Myung-Sim knows where he might be – in the operating room, lost in thought.

Oh Myung-Sim understands Kim Sabu’s hopes and dreams, believing that as long as his gravitational force remains, the people of Shidok Island will always be there even if Doldham Hospital and Trauma Center turn to ashes. Suddenly, a meaningless rain becomes meaningful when it pours down on them at this moment of joy.

Ko Kyung-Sook runs to Trauma Center seeking help because there are two severely injured patients inside her car. After a night-long rescue operation with lengthy surgery but no accidents, Kim Sabu sees these children grow up outside the operating room – like dreams coming true one by one. However, he seems to have a new wish deep within him that he refuses to tell Oh Myung-Sim about.

Kim Sabu meets Ko Kyung-Sook who has come to understand how important Trauma Center is after going through this ordeal herself. He doesn’t say much but makes sure she knows that people make different decisions based on their own experiences; facing things head-on and doing things properly without feeling guilty is what’s right.

The budget review for Trauma Center hasn’t been decided yet despite some time passing since its proposal was submitted; Park Min-Guk worries about it while Oh Myung-Sim encourages him saying they’ll keep fighting regardless of whether or not it passes.

Jang Dong-Hwa’s training period ends soon so they plan a farewell party for him but Seo Woo-Jin’s birthday falls on the same day too! As Jang Dong-Hwa’s mentor though, Seo Woo-Jin chooses to attend Jang’s farewell party instead.

Kim Sabu already knows about Jang Dong-Hwa and Jang Hyun-Joo’s relationship, so he gives the surgical knife that was originally meant for Jang Hyun-Joo to Jang Dong-Hwa. He tells him that being a doctor means fulfilling his sister’s dream, which makes their parents happy too.

However, he also feels lost because it seems like he is living his sister’s life for her and lacks confidence in becoming as great as Kim Sabu himself. Kim Sabu encourages him to just be himself without worrying about who he should become; finding what you want to do is more important than finding answers.

Seo Woo-Jin and Cha Eun-Jae are surprised when they find out everyone at the hospital knows they’re living together! Seo Woo-Jin reluctantly agrees to have a housewarming party with Jang Dong-Hwa’s farewell party on the same day. In this happy atmosphere, Jang Dong-Hwa realizes that he chose to work here because of the people he likes – that alone is enough reason for him to stay another training period and figure out what he wants to do.

Jung In-Soo’s wife and daughter come looking for him at last, giving them an opportunity to reconcile. The next morning, Seo Woo-Jin surprises Cha Eun-Jae by proposing marriage! Although Trauma Center has secured its budget finally, there is bad news from the inspector due to all the chaos during review day: Trauma Center will only treat general injuries rather than severe ones.

Seo Woo-jin asks Kang Dong-ju what kind of trauma center she envisions; Kang says she wants it “first-class” with expanded treatment options so no one dies again due to lack of access or medical attention. She invites Seo Woo-jin along in building this first-class facility – something that may also be Kim Sabu’s new wish. At night, Yoon Seo-jung appears at the hospital entrance – a place she is familiar with and misses.

Dr. Romantic 3 Finale Episode 16 Review & Explained

Dr. Romantic 3 Finale Episode 16  Recap & Review, Explained
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I understand better than anyone that you want to keep the trauma center as a dream for your apprentices. Everyone here is gathered by your gravitational force. Even if Doldham Hospital turns into ashes after the fire, as long as your gravitational force remains, the people of Shiguai will always be here.

Perhaps it was this belief of the people of Shiguai that made God send rain and saved everyone in Shiguai. Let’s hold onto the dreams of the people of Shiguai. Jang Gi-Tae’s words “We are saved, we are finally saved” followed from last episode where Oh Myung-Sim said that those who save others consider it their duty and dedication.

The arrival of this rain allowed Jang Gi-Tae and Cha Eun-Jae to say “we are saved,” cleverly embedding a sense of emotion here. Society may think their dedication and sacrifice is taken for granted, but when God protects the trauma center and Doldham Hospital, it means that God can become someone who saves these people in Shiguai. In this scene, we truly feel that they are loved.

 In “Dr.Romantic 3 Finale,” I like how the focus returns to Kim Sabu again through some clever plot points piecing together his so-called “gravitational force.” For example, Lee Sun-Woong and Jang Dong-Hwa’s conversation about whether or not they will continue staying there; also Ko Kyung-Sook sending two injured patients to come to the trauma center – all giving Kim Sabu an opportunity to show off his so-called “gravitational force” as well as his innate romanticism.

As for Jang Dong-Hwa, he has been looking for answers all along just like what we discussed in Episode 14 before. The storyline between Jang Dong-Hwa and Kim Sabu gets a warm ending in “Dr.Romantic 3 Finale,” echoing Jang Dong-Hwa’s heart that is deeply attracted by Kim Sabu’s gravitational force. Jang Hyun-Joo was Kim Sabu’s first apprentice, and if she calls him “Kim Sabu,” it means that in her eyes, Kim Sabu is someone worth respecting and following.

“Dr.Romantic 3 Finale” answers Jang Dong-Hwa’s confusion all along as well as the reason why he used to skip work and play video games instead. He became a doctor to fulfill his sister’s dream but lost himself in the process, not knowing what he really wanted. The conversation between him and Lee Sun-Woong in this episode shows how mature he has become, and I think he has finally found the answer he was looking for – letting go of his sister while being able to find himself through Kim Sabu.

There are no answers you’re looking for in this world, so what you should be searching for isn’t an answer but rather something you want to do; that is your true answer.” This echoes what Jang Dong-Hwa said at the beginning of this episode: “I only had goals in my life before; I never thought about having dreams.” Through Kim Sabu, Jang Dong-Hwa finds himself again without any more confusion – this is the best growth I have ever seen!

I particularly enjoyed the director’s special flashback of each doctor growing up around Kim Sabu in the first and second seasons. The editing of these scenes was excellent, contrasting each doctor’s youthful and problematic beginnings to their current status as capable medical professionals with a romantic spirit. The visual atmosphere was fantastic. Throughout the series, Kim Sabu tested the collision between “romantic ideals” and “reality” through Plan A and Plan B.

In the final episode of Dr. Romantic 3, Ko Kyung-Sook represented reality in the ultimate collision. Like Seo Woo-Jin in Episode 15, Kim Sabu did not condemn Ko Kyung-Sook for believing that providing him with a budget was necessary to make the right choice.

Instead, he gave her an opportunity to make a decision and respected her choice because he believed that there were no choices one had to make under duress; people would choose according to who they are.

Therefore, I think Kim Sabu is similar to his previous opposition towards Park Min-Guk accepting Ko Kyung-Sook’s proposal involving political interests: even if reasons are legitimate, forcing others into making decisions based on threats or coercion makes those decisions wrong.

Thus, in this episode of Dr.Romantic 3 finale, Kim Sabu spoke similarly about Ko Kyung-Sook: he did not want to force her into giving them a budget but instead created a scenario where she could make a decision that proved she would not regret it later on.”Regardless of how our budget review turns out,”

Oh Myung-Sim said,” we will continue moving forward since we have come this far.” This statement echoes Seo Woo-Jin’s words from last episode when addressing everyone during their strike:”

At least we can still keep fighting.” It embodies Ishigaki Islander spirit- regardless of results; they hold onto their romantic beliefs without giving up on idealistic goals despite facing new realities every day.

In the end, the writer concluded Dr.Romantic Season 3 with a message to viewers: “Life is about walking on new paths every day and facing new realities. Life may not always have standard answers, but Kim Sabu would say never give up thinking about why you live and what you live for.” I believe that viewers can also try to find their own “romantic” in life.