King The Land Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained

歡迎來到王之國第11集king the land ep11

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King the Land episode 11 recap

歡迎來到王之國第11集king the land ep11

👑 In Thailand, Gu Won confessed his feelings seriously to Cheon Sa-Rang, and their relationship finally became official. Back in Korea, King the Land is preparing for the 100th anniversary event, and Cheon Sa-Rang seizes the opportunity to give gifts to her colleagues to bring everyone closer together.

At the same time, Gu Won also decides to prepare gifts for all employees that they will like. For the guest list of the 100th anniversary event, Gu Won does not intend to follow Gu Hwa-Ran’s usual practice of only seeking future business partners in politics and commerce because he believes it is important to move forward with those who have contributed to the hotel’s success so far, such as its employees.

Da-Eul faces immense pressure from her superiors’ high performance expectations but doesn’t want to risk losing her job as she is still young. Therefore, she grits her teeth and endures it even though she cannot resist against unreasonable demands.

👑 Oh Pyeong-Hwa returns to work and continues being harassed by Captain Kang. The captain intentionally ignores Oh Pyeong-Hwa as a form of revenge. Once again Ro-Woon becomes a hero and quickly arranges a meeting with Oh Pyeong-Hwa under false pretenses in order to remove her from that situation.

He even stands up against Captain Kang on behalf of Oh Pyeong-Hwa. While at a restaurant together, Ro-Woon suddenly confesses his feelings for Oh Pyeong-Hwa but assures her that he doesn’t want to force her into loving him back; instead he wants her make choices based on what she truly desires.

On another note, Gu Won seeks advice from Kim Bong-Sik who is one of the most experienced staff members at the hotel regarding matters related to it. Kim Bong-Sik has extensive knowledge about all hotel employees including Cheon Sa-Rang who has been working there for over seven years.

He had delayed his conversation with Gu Won because he was attending to a regular customer who comes every month specifically for the beef bone soup, and this customer is important to him as she has lost her husband and doesn’t want to feel lonely.

👑 From Kim Bong-Sik, Gu Won learns about a guest who has close ties with the hotel, which will be included in the list of distinguished guests that Gu Won plans to invite. Initially, Kim Bong-Sik came here in search of happiness, so Gu Won wonders if he has found it yet. After work, both Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang plan on having a sweet time together but end up being surrounded by King Hotel employees everywhere they go XD

The next day, Gu Won visits Cheon Sa-Rang’s grandmother to give her gifts and also fixes the kitchen faucet for her. He promises to take her grandmother out in the future but she insists that he should also give a gift to his father as well in order to show his sincerity. Meanwhile, Cheon Sa-Rang secretly asks the doorman senior about Han Mi-So’s whereabouts and finds out that another housekeeping senior named “Kim Ok-Ja” might know more about Han Mi-So.

👑 In the evening, Gu Won asks his father if their current internet-based hotel is what he had envisioned it would be. Clearly, it isn’t what his father had dreamed of; rather it became successful by sacrificing those dreams for more profitable ventures.

Therefore, Chairman Gu Il-Hun advises Gu Won not to make any reckless decisions while managing the hotel this time around. On the day of the 100th anniversary celebration event, Gu Won expresses special gratitude towards all employees who have worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes which brings immense joy to them all. At the same time, he invites Choi Yeong-Su as a special guest to give a speech.

It turns out that Choi Yeong-Su’s father was the founding member of King Hotel’s membership club and had donated a large tree to the hotel. Choi Yeong-Su delivers an emotional and heartfelt speech that reminds Chairman Gu Il-Hun of his own encounters with his father, leaving all the distinguished guests deeply moved by the presence of happiness within King Hotel.

👑 For the subsequent speeches, Gu Won entrusts Kim Bong-Sik, their most experienced employee at this event. Kim Bong-Sik shares his dream of finding happiness at King Hotel which creates a different atmosphere among the top management present there. In fact, among those seated below are various grassroots employees who were specially invited by Gu Won to attend this grand event.

He wants to express gratitude for their contributions to the hotel and ensure they are seen by everyone in attendance. After several rounds of sharing stories from these grassroots employees, Chairman Gu Il-Hun is very satisfied; however, Gu Hwa-Ran faces criticism from politicians which embarrasses her greatly as she loses support from them which will create multiple obstacles for future business ventures and development.

In the evening, Chairman Gu Il-Hun held the proposal written by Han Mi-So. This is a plan to make the hotel the happiest hotel. He believes that in the past, he was too focused on profit and missed out on many precious things.