King The Land Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained

歡迎來到王之國第12集劇情king the land ep12

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King the Land episode 12 recap

歡迎來到王之國第12集劇情king the land ep12

👑 Cheon Sa-Rang and Gu Won secretly had a sweet date at home, even getting intimate, only to find out that everyone they know was there! Gu Won realized that the phone call from No Sang-Sik earlier was actually asking if he wanted to go to Cheon Sa-Rang’s house!

Oh Pyeong-Hwa and Da-Eul kept blaming them for hiding this relationship all along. Fortunately, Ro-Woon defused the tension by changing the serious topic away from Sang-Sik. But when Da-Eul mentioned that Gu Won definitely still has secrets left unsaid, it triggered Gu Won’s sensitive nerves because Da-Eul actually hit the nail on the head – he is indeed the chairman’s son.

This made Ro-Woon, Oh Pyeong-Hwa, and Da-Eul increasingly nervous about offending Gu Won. They started apologizing for their behavior in Thailand where they bossed him around and scolded him. Especially Da-Eul gave No Sang-Sik a good scolding. Knowing that No Sang-Sik would become a scapegoat, Gu Won went out of his way to comfort him.

👑 The next day, No Sang-Sik was very satisfied with the results of the centennial event and felt that Gu Won was already qualified to take over as chairman and lead the entire group into an era shaped by him. Indeed, this event also impressed other high-ranking officials and successfully raised awareness of the hotel brand.

Even Gu Hwa-Ran’s team who initially laughed at them began to change their opinion about Gu Won. Of course, this annoyed Gu Hwa-Ran so her subordinates deliberately shifted focus during a meeting on whether Chairman Gu Il-Hun should consider how to make money for the group or not.

They proposed reforms within the group which included implementing emergency management for poorly performing companies (threatening employees with tightening belts during difficult times). Gu Won immediately spoke up, stating that this was exploiting the employees.

For King Hotel, which aimed to create a boutique history, this should not become part of its legacy. Gu Won expressed his confidence in not following Gu Hwa-Ran’s approach of simply cutting costs but rather increasing profits. This meeting clearly marked the official declaration of war between Gu Won and Gu Hwa-Ran.

👑 It turns out that Oh Pyeong-Hwa couldn’t be promoted to department head because the company found out about her previous marriage. However, Oh Pyeong-Hwa wasn’t actually married for real; she was deceived into a fake marriage by her ex-boyfriend. She never imagined that he would take their marriage certificate and register it without her knowledge, leaving her unable to annul the marriage and only able to resolve it through divorce.

Gu Hwa-Ran brought in a politician to apologize for making Oh Pyeong-Hwa sit on the sidelines during the event, but instead, the politician vented his anger on Cheon Sa-Rang and demanded that Gu Hwa-Ran fire her or else he wouldn’t cooperate with them anymore. Naturally, Gu Hwa-Ran chose immediate interests over Cheon Sa-Rang and wanted to get rid of her.

However, Gu Won appeared and saved Cheon Sa-Rang while reprimanding the politician for lacking table manners. He also emphasized that as team leader he must protect all employees no matter what happens – such sincerity made other employees like him even more.

👑 Cheon Sa-Rang was delighted to finally gain recognition from her team as they invited her out for dinner and drinks together. On another note, Gu Hwa-Ran approached No Sang-Sik offering to fulfill his ambitions for promotion but under one condition: No Sang-Sik had to report everything about Gu Won including personal matters – not just work-related issues. Da-Eul couldn’t stand her rude sister-in-law who not only rummaged through her closet but also wore her clothes and even left the children behind when going out.

What’s worse is that Da-Eul’s husband completely fails to understand and empathize, even complaining about Da-Eul being mean. This kind of marriage made Da-Eul regretful, so she advised Cheon Sa-Rang not to get married and just enjoy the freedom of love instead.

The next day, in order to find a doll for a child in class, Cheon Sa-Rang searched for a long time in the housekeeping department. Kim Ok-Ja reminded her not to take too much responsibility and get herself into trouble since no one knows about these efforts anyway. But Cheon Sa-Rang believed that as long as she knew about these efforts, it was enough.

King the Land episode 12 ending explained

👑 After Cheon Sa-Rang asked about Han Mi-So, it turns out that Kim Ok-Ja used to be a good friend of Han Mi-So. Cheon Sa-Rang wanted to quickly tell Gu Won about this, so she took him to the beach where she used to think she could find her mother. She hoped that Gu Won could talk to Kim Ok-Ja and not leave behind regrets and remorse like she did.

Meanwhile, Gu Hwa-Ran is facing a divorce as her husband presents her with divorce papers. Even their child has returned to Korea on their own in search of their mother. However, Gu Hwa-Ran is not happy when seeing the child but instead scolds them for causing trouble during such a critical time and even demands they go back.

At the hotel, Cheon Sa-Rang hears about a “Dream Team” that holds an even higher position than King the Land. This team provides services for private activities of the chairman and even goes to his house. Cheon Sa-Rang is also notified to join this team. But little did she expect that when seeing Yu-Ri sitting next to Gu Won, it greatly affects Cheon Sa-Rang’s mood and performance, leading her to break some dishes.