King the Land Episode 2 recap & ending explained


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K-drama King the Land Episode 2 Recap

King the Land Episode 2 recap & ending explained

King The Land episode 2 unfolds with an awkward encounter between Cheon Sa-Rang and Gu Won in the bathroom of his room. Despite their initial misunderstanding, they eventually form a bond.

Cheon Sa-Rang had mistaken Gu Won for the pervert who harassed her years ago until Su-Mi revealed Gu Won’s true identity at the inauguration ceremony. This revelation shocked Cheon Sa-Rang, as she realized she had offended Minister Gu Won himself.

It became evident that Gu Won was afraid of people putting on fake smiles around him, including Cheon Sa-Rang. Even after resolving their misunderstanding, he still disliked her laughter and sternly warned her not to laugh.

Meanwhile, Wu Pinghua volunteered to help resolve a situation where a flight attendant threw away a business class passenger’s coat twice and was saved both times by Lee Ro-Woon. It seemed like Lee Ro-Woon had developed feelings for Wu Pinghua.

Cheon Sa-Rang was invited to represent the employees at King The Land restaurant while attending a family gathering there alongside Gu Won. Suddenly, Chairman Gu Il-Hun called upon Cheon Sa-Rang to give a speech on stage, but her official tone made it clear that it didn’t sit well with Gu Won due to its insincerity. As a result, during his own speech, he emphasized his commitment to eliminating fake smiles from the hotel.

At night, Cheon Sa-Rang reminisced about happy memories from childhood when she drew with her mother at King The Land Hotel; this inspired her decision to work there when she grew up.

Over the years Kang Da-Eul has been promoted to team leader and everyone is happy that they are no longer subjected to mistreatment by their previous supervisor; Kang Da-Eul also decided to abolish any harmful unwritten rules within the company.

National Mom Mu Seong-ae checked into King The Land Hotel and demanded a free upgrade to a luxury suite. However, Cheon Sa-Rang couldn’t fulfill this request due to regulations.

Gu Won witnessed her argument with the customer and criticized Cheon Sa-Rang for not handling the situation properly. He also questioned why Su-Mi, as the manager, didn’t protect her employees.

Chairman Gu Il-Hun wanted to interview both Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang. Gu Won was reluctant to follow his father’s instructions in order to gain popularity, while No Sang-Sik reminded Cheon Sa-Rang that she is an employee who should simply cooperate.

Although she agreed with him, she requested to review the interview script beforehand. Feeling increasingly unhappy about always having to accommodate her boyfriend’s needs without him considering her feelings or prioritizing their relationship over his own interests, Cheon Sa-Rang contemplated breaking up.

K-drama King the Land Episode 2 ending explained

Gu Won became frustrated when he couldn’t find any information about Han Mi-So in the company system. While taking some time off outside, he coincidentally encountered Cheon Sa-Rang at the same place.

The next day, they met at the airport along with No Sang-Sik for a flight where Gu Won faced unexpected trouble with his luggage but resolved it quickly by using money. This live interview was crucial for Gu Won as his image would impact the entire group’s stock price; however, just before it began, Gu Hwa-Ran intentionally changed the list of questions again.