King the Land Episode 3 recap & review, ending explained


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King the Land Episode 3 recap

King the Land Episode 3 recap & review, ending explained

👑 King The Land Episode 3 : Before the live show, Cheon Sa-Rang received the question script (which was switched by Gu Hwa-Ran), but she didn’t expect that the questions inside were about Gu Won’s mother, which is also his trauma.

Cheon Sa-Rang doesn’t understand what she did wrong and Gu Won is also upset. During the photo shoot on the next day, Gu Won dislikes smiling, dislikes taking a boat, and dislikes the ocean.

However, unexpectedly, there was a boat malfunction and they ended up stranded on a small island until late at night.

They had to stay in a countryside “luxury hotel” called so-called. Kang Da-Eul doesn’t like how some team members still adhere to past unequal rules and wants everyone not to be attached to bad habits from the past just to please her.

On the island, even after drinking strong liquor together with Gu Won, Cheon Sa-Rang continues arguing with him. She says that everyone should be treated equally without being casually mistreated based on their status or wealth. To her surprise, Gu Won is someone who relies on his money and acts conceitedly.

Gu Won explains that he doesn’t like smiling because people’s smiles are often fake. However, Cheon Sa-Rang believes that there must be someone who can genuinely smile among them all.

As expected, when faced with Cheon Sa-Rang’s sincere smile, it shakes him from within because he sees windmills and bicycles on another day; unconsciously imitating Mi-So!

Cheon Sa-Rang discovers that Captain intentionally deceived them into coming here for money scams. Her quick-wittedness comes into play as she defends the right of wealthy people not to be cheated since her grandmother taught her that one should earn money without guilt in order to cherish it.

King the Land Episode 3 ending explained

Back home Chairman Gu Il-Hun scolds Gu Won for his childish behavior of only wanting to find his mother. Gu Won is unhappy that his father considers everything about the hotel, including Han Mi-So, as fake and only believes in money.

The next day, Cheon Sa-Rang is promoted by Chairman Gu Il-Hun to King the Land. Gu Won has been thinking about Cheon Sa-Rang all this time and realizes he’s fallen into unrequited love. He decides to confirm her feelings towards him but ends up seeing her being embraced by another man.

King the Land Episode 3 review

🔺【 King The Land Episode 3 Review 】:

“If you’re afraid, just say it. It’s not something to be ashamed of.” This episode of “King The Land” focuses on the character Gu Won, who always tries to save face. However, this need to save face stems from Gu Won witnessing the fake smiles of the household servants when he was young.

Behind those fake smiles lies even greater hypocrisy and disdain. I believe that Gu Won’s desire to save face comes from his refusal to show weakness and vulnerability, as well as associating laughter with falsehood rather than genuine emotions.

 Therefore, Cheon Sa-Rang naturally becomes a symbol of sincerity among Mi-So’s group in the story, gradually bringing about a change in Gu Won. The scenes where they ride bicycles on the island and encounter windmills make Gu Won secretly smile!

As for King Hotel, Gu Won has a completely different perspective from his father. His father believes that respect, Mi-So, and employees are all fake while only money is real – indicating that King Hotel has been reduced to a facade of falsehood which Gu Won cannot tolerate because it implies Han Mi-So’s insignificance.

On the other hand, Cheon Sa-Rang advocates cherishing money and earning it without guilt – an ideology completely opposite to what his father preaches; it seems that Gu Won will choose Cheon Sa-Rang’s approach in reestablishing King Hotel.

I really enjoyed this episode of “King The Land” when Cheon Sa-Rang mentioned that “everyone is equal; how can anyone be treated arbitrarily?” In Kang Da-Eul and Wu Pinghua’s storyline at work in this episode, the writer also emphasizes this point: Wu Pinghua endures being ridiculed by their team leader while Kang Da-Eul strives to be an impartial good team leader for everyone.

The writer shows us that social inequality is created by people themselves in their environment~ but most people silently follow these unwritten rules and find it difficult to break free. However, it’s not impossible to achieve change; it requires courage.