King the Land Episode 4 recap & ending explained


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King the Land Episode 4 recap

King the Land Episode 4 recap & ending explained

Gu Won sees Cheon Sa-Rang being held by a man and inexplicably feels jealous. A police officer advises Gu Won to wake up and not be foolishly taken advantage of, sharing his own intense love story.

The next day, Cheon Sa-Rang is in a bad mood and goes to see her grandmother, who comforts her by saying that she should find a man who will cherish her. In the First Royal Hotel Group’s lounge, they surpass King Hotel, and Gu Won and Gu Hwa-Ran are once again competing for the champion position that guarantees inheritance rights.

Cheon Sa-Rang starts working at King The Land but faces discrimination from colleagues due to her lower education background. On the other hand, Gu Hwa-Ran aggressively pushes for improved performance in all subsidiary companies of the group, causing Oh Pyeong-Hwa and Kang Da-Eul to face immense pressure at work.

During an employee meeting, Gu Won listens to frontline staff opinions and realizes that certain reward system regulations need to be changed. After waiting all night for Cheon Sa-Rang’s call without any response, he directly asks her out for dinner the next day but gets harshly rejected.

Determined not to give up easily, Gu Won misunderstands No Sang-Sik’s intentions and gathers all King The Land employees together. During this gathering, Cheon Sa-Rang doesn’t touch her food until Gu Won orders a steak specifically for her which makes everyone think she is receiving special treatment. Worried about being ostracized by others herself, Cheon Sa-Rang scolds Gu Won for not understanding people’s feelings.

Meanwhile Lee Ro-Woon invites Oh Pyeong-Hwa out for dinner where they enjoy each other’s company without caring about Oh Pyeong-Hwa’s ordinary job position; Lee Ro-Woon simply likes him for who he is.

Gu Hwa-Ran is unhappy that Gu Won held a secret employee meeting at King The Land without her knowledge. She tells him to let go of his obsession and throw away the pocket watch, otherwise, she warns him that he will end up like their mother – forgotten by everyone as an abandoned child.

King the Land Episode 4 ending explained

Today at King The Land, Cheon Sa-Rang recommends wine to Chairman Gu Il-Hun’s friend. However, this action is seen by senior colleagues as detrimental to sales performance and a missed opportunity for improvement.

After work, Cheon Sa-Rang encounters her ex-boyfriend harassing her, leaving her feeling emotionally overwhelmed. She goes out alone in the rain but coincidentally meets Gu Won there too; it turns out they both come here when they are feeling down.