King the Land Episode 5 recap & ending explained


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King the Land Episode 5 recap


King The Land Episode 5 recap :

Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang both went to relax under a big tree. Cheon Sa-Rang thoughtfully bought clothes for Gu Won to change out of her wet ones, and they celebrated by going out to eat together for Cheon Sa-Rang’s birthday.

They wore matching outfits like a couple, but Gu Won felt that Cheon Sa-Rang was pretending not to expect anything on her birthday when deep down she actually did. So when they returned home, Gu Won surprised Cheon Sa-Rang with a birthday cake, finally making her smile.

However, their happiness was interrupted by the arrival of an ex-boyfriend causing trouble, which put Cheon Sa-Rang in a bad mood. To cheer her up, Gu Won called her on the phone. That night, both sisters noticed that there seemed to be a man who had feelings for Cheon Sa-Rang, but she kept denying any relationship between them.

The next day, Gu Won confronted Gu Hwa-Ran directly during a meeting because she didn’t like how she treated the employees as subordinates – this made everyone at King The Land admire how much Gu Won cared about her staff.

After work hours, Cheon Sa-Rang secretly gave Gu Won a gift as gratitude for celebrating her birthday. In order to spend more time with each other outside of work hours again, Gu Won made an excuse to invite Cheong Sae-ran out for dinner.

She chose a restaurant where they had to wait – this ordinary world left quite an impact on Goo-wun; however,she was willing to experience it all just for the sake of being with Choen Sae-ran again.She even discovered that draft beer tasted especially good!

This dinner outing was so enjoyable that Goo-wun already started planning their next food adventure without considering whether or not Choen Sae-ran would be willing. Choen Sae-ran was asked by a senior to make a phone call to an important guest, but Gu Won scolded her for trying to earn money by catering to others in this way.

King the Land Episode 5 ending explained

However, for Choen Sae-ran, Gu Won’s perspective belittled the seriousness of her work. Gu Won suggested that if everyone needed money so badly, they should participate in supporting the Super Farmer Week event. But later on, she regretted it because Choen Sae-ran’s schedule was quite far and exhausting – not to mention the possibility of encountering bad weather or accidentally falling down a mountain. Unexpectedly though, Gu Won sent a helicopter to find Choen Sae-ran.