King the Land Episode 6 recap & ending explained


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King the Land Episode 6 recap

King the Land Episode 6 recap & ending explained

 👑King The Land episode 6 recap :

Gu Won tries to please Gu Hwa-Ran in order to use the helicopter, but she still ignores him. This makes Gu Won realize that all his efforts to make money without caring about the well-being of his employees are just a dream.

Despite lacking a plan, Gu Won insists on using the helicopter and they end up waiting for rescue. Fortunately, their boss comes to their aid. Cheon Sa-Rang is mocked for sacrificing herself for the company, but she believes she has no choice.

The next morning, Cheon Sa-Rang is delighted with her successful harvest of wild ginseng roots and leaves a good impression on the boss. The boss advises Gu Won not to send employees anymore as they should not be treated this way.

On their way home, Cheon Sa-Rang learns that Gu Won caused trouble at work just to save her. However, she seems more interested in chatting and laughing with No Sang-Sik than paying attention to him.

Feeling neglected and jealous, Gu Won decides to leave No Sang-Sik behind and takes Cheon Sa-Rang directly to her grandmother’s house where he unexpectedly ends up peeling onions upon request from her grandmother.

Later on, Gu Won takes Cheon Sa-Rang to the market where they enjoy delicious desserts and soup at affordable prices or even free drinks! They also have fun playing games together and create beautiful memories.

However, when they return home, Grandma scolds them both for not saving money quickly enough for buying a house without relying solely on their parents’ support.

Nevertheless, Grandma appreciates Gu Won’s effort especially when it comes down to enjoying her homemade meals; he even receives wages from Grandma which makes him cherish earning money through his own hard work.

That night at home, Gu Won asks Cheon Sa-Rang out on a date sometime soon.

Chairman Gu Il-Hun enjoys the soup that Gu Won brought home and appreciates his decision to save his employees by using the helicopter.

Gu Won asks if his father has ever saved someone before, but it seems like a difficult question for him to answer as he hesitates. Nonetheless, he approves of Gu Won’s choice and advises him to consider the consequences.

The next day, Yu-Ri holds a birthday party where Gu Won meets her for the first time. She is also introduced as a potential marriage partner chosen by their father, which makes Cheon Sa-Rang feel somewhat inferior and lonely due to her humble background. While Cheon Sa-Rang vents her frustration with her sisters at home, Gu Won unexpectedly shows up!