King the Land Episode 7 recap & ending explained


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King the Land Episode 7 recap

King the Land Episode 7 recap & ending explained

 King The Land episode 7 recap

Unexpected arrival of Gu Won surprises Cheon Sa-Rang. However, all the complaints that Cheon Sa-Rang usually has about Gu Won come out unintentionally. In order to save face for everyone, Gu Won claims to be Cheon Sa-Rang’s department head.

Gu Won mentions that he noticed earlier that Cheon Sa-Rang didn’t look well, so he brought medicine specifically for her. By chance, Gu Won also realizes that Cheon Sa-Rang is jealous, confirming his suspicion that she might have feelings for him as well. This leads to a flirtatious interaction between the two.

Oh Pyeong-Hwa is once again threatened by the captain who wants to expose her secret. It seems like they share a hidden past together and the captain even tries to intentionally reveal Oh Pyeong-Hwa’s secret in front of Ro-Woon.

The next day, Gu Hwa-Ran asks Cheon Sa-Rang to act according to a script and publicly state that she sent a helicopter to rescue her. However, Cheon Sa-Rang doesn’t want to lie and instead uses her intelligence to please Gu Hwa-Ran genuinely thanks Gu Won for saving her life which makes him very happy.

Gu Won also changes his mindset regarding running the company; he no longer focuses on making money but rather on solving problems faced by employees and addressing unfair treatment towards them.

However, No Sang-Sik advises Gu Won that if he wants to achieve this goal, he needs power and authority within the company structure at least accumulate influence and hold an appropriate position accordingly.

Gu Won understands this point as well; therefore, he takes over the mess assigned by Gu Hwa-ran himself – accommodating an Arabian prince at King Hotel who happens to be one of his former classmates whom he dislikes greatly.

Even though this time Prince requests complete obedience from him including Mi-So’s hospitality, Gu Won agrees to it. This worries No Sang-Sik as he is certain that Gu Won will return with a lot of frustration.

King the Land Episode 7 ending explained

When the prince arrives, everyone is shocked to see Gu Won being summoned. However, soon enough, the prince becomes completely captivated by the beautiful Cheon Sa-Rang and sticks close to her instead.

This makes Gu Won jealous as sparks fly between Cheon Sa-Rang and the Arabian prince. But Cheon Sa-Rang encourages Gu Won to work together this time so that the prince can truly feel that his visit to King Hotel is worthwhile.

Through this opportunity, Gu Won also learns how to be an employee and experience their work firsthand. However, during this process, Gu Won becomes more concerned about losing Cheon Sa-Rang’s attention and starts sabotaging any advances made by the Arabian prince towards her.