King The Land Episode 9+10 Recap & Ending Explained

歡迎來到王之國第9集king the land ep9

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Korean Drama – King the Land Episode 9 Recap

king the land episode 9 recqp

👑King The Land episode 9 recap: Cheon Sa-Rang and Gu Won had a messed up but incredibly romantic dinner. On the other hand, Da-Eul and the team achieved their performance goals, with Oh Pyeong-Hwa ranking first in performance.

However, she was not promoted as expected, which naturally left her feeling disappointed. But she didn’t show her jealousy and anger towards her colleagues. Lee Ro-Woon went out of his way to comfort Oh Pyeong-Hwa because he saw her as an excellent flight attendant and the best in his eyes.

The next day, Gu Won unexpectedly discovered a senior veteran employee who had been working here for thirty years. He thought that this person might know something about his mother’s situation~ Meanwhile at King The Land, Gu Won kept watching Cheon Sa-Rang, making all the employees uncomfortable as they felt like he was supervising their work.

In the end, Cheon Sa-Rang drove Gu Won away. After Gu Won finally left, Cheon Sa-Rang helped a senior colleague at work and resolved their past conflicts. They became partners who praised each other.

👑Gu Hwa-Ran made things difficult for Gu Won by criticizing his inadequate planning for the 100th anniversary event. Many things were not prepared in advance, and this event should have involved the entire hotel’s participation.

This gave Gu Won an opportunity to prove himself capable of managing the entire hotel business on his own terms – provided he could demonstrate his abilities to his father first. Of course, Gu Hwa-Ran wanted to sabotage him and wouldn’t let him take everything away from her~

Gu Won thought about visiting Cheon Sa-Rang’s grandmother but found out that she accidentally got injured and was sent to the hospital instead.Gu won insisted that Grandma complete all examinations and knee treatments before being discharged from hospital.He also said that he could handle things at Grandma’s shop.

However, Grandma knew that Gu Won liked Cheon Sa-Rang and advised him to be sincere in expressing his feelings if they were truly connected. Even if they argued, they should put aside their pride and honestly communicate their unhappiness. That was the key to a loving relationship.

👑Cheon Sa-Rang and Gu Won returned to Grandma’s house where they had the chance to apologize for what happened yesterday. Gu Won also took Grandma’s advice seriously and officially confessed his feelings to Cheon Sa-Rang. He hoped that from now on, she would express her emotions without holding back. They slept together that night but were discovered by Grandma early the next morning.

She scolded Gu Won and then took him out because she wanted her friends to evaluate whether he was qualified enough to be Cheon Sa-Rang’s husband.Grandma realized that Gu Won didn’t know everything about Cheon Sa-Rang; there were many things he didn’t know.However, she actually liked Gu Won very much.She even opened an account for him so he could save money and buy a house.

Even though grandma only referred to him as a candidate, Gu won appreciated how she didn’t mind his “lack of housing” but instead encouraged them both to work hard together.

👑Back in Seoul at Cheon Sa-Rang’s home, Da-Eul and Oh Pyeong-Hwa talked about the unequal system at work.Da-Eul’s team worked hard for a reward trip only to find out it was just a day trip in Bali – not even the real one.

Meanwhile, Oh Pyeong-Hwa worked hard and ranked first in performance but wasn’t promoted as promised by her team leader.All these situations made Gu Won angrier as he complained about King The Land Group.He wanted to correct these problems but forgot that he was still just a “section chief.” His true identity was almost exposed. However, the next day, Gu Won ordered No Sang-Sik to change these unfair practices and rewarded them with a trip.

King the Land Episode 10 Recap

👑Arriving in Thailand, the three girls were ecstatic, but No Sang-Sik only arranged two rooms, which made Gu Won unhappy because it meant she couldn’t be alone with Cheon Sa-Rang and even had to share a bed with No Sang-Sik.

Gu Won kept looking for opportunities to be alone with Cheon Sa-Rang, but No Sang-Sik insisted on everyone wearing matching outfits to avoid getting lost and making it difficult for Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang to separate from the group.

Throughout the trip, No Sang-Sik kept taking everyone out to eat since he believed that’s what you do in Thailand. So meal after meal, the only time they could be alone was when everyone else was asleep.However, back in Korea, Gu Hwa-Ran discovered that Gu Won had decided on his own to reward himself with this trip.

👑On the second day of their itinerary, because No Sang-Sik kept interrupting their private moments together and even refused Gu Won’s request for free time activities. At this moment Ro-Woon unexpectedly appeared and gave Oh Pyeong-Hwa a big surprise. No Sang-Sik invited Ro-Woon to stay here for one night but that also meant Ro-Woon had to squeeze onto one bed.

However, he seemed engrossed in conversation with No Sang-Sik which infuriated Gu Won even more. In the early morning when Ro-Woon was about to leave he found breakfast specially prepared by Oh Pyeong-Hwa just for him.

In the morning, Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang decided they wanted some freedom so they broke away from the group~ After an entire day together Cheon Sa-Rang felt incredibly happy but also started doubting if she deserved such happiness. Gu Won mentioned how his mother disappeared one day and people around him stopped showing genuine smiles; therefore now he wants to find his mother. Until now, Cheon Sa-Rang has come into his life and he is grateful for her presence.