Longing for You – episode 9+10 recap and 2 theories, ending explained

等待了很久第9 10集劇情心得longing for you ep9 10

Korean drama Longing for You Episode 9+10 Plot

“Longing for You” episode 9 Plot :Park Ki-Young’s escape leaves investigators clueless about how to proceed with their pursuit. Suddenly, a shocking murder occurs, leaving the investigators stunned to discover that the suspect they were chasing is already dead. Oh Jin-Sung firmly believes that the case cannot end like this. A mysterious character appears and reveals Oh Jin-Woo’s true identity~

“Longing for You” episode 10 Plot : In episode 10 of “Longing for You,” a mysterious character appears, bringing a whirlwind to Oh Jin-Woo’s death. Oh Jin-Sung discovers that his mother has been hiding many lies about Oh Jin-Woo’s past. Furthermore, Chu Young-Choon’s tracking and observation of Oh Jin-Woo make Oh Jin-Sung feel uneasy. Upon investigation, it is revealed that Oh Jin-Woo’s death is not as simple as it seems and may even involve the secret behind a heart transplant.

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Longing for You – episode 7+8 recap and 2 theories, ending explained

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Korean drama Longing for You episode 9 recap

🔺  “Longing for You” Episode 9 Recap : Park Ki-Young is currently missing, but Cha Young-Woon receives news that Park Ki-Young died in a car fire. Oh Jin-Sung refuses to believe that Park Ki-Young would die like this, especially since he had successfully evaded the investigation. Why would he commit suicide?

He must be deceiving the police. Cha Young-Woon receives a farewell video from Park Ki-Young, which feels like confirmation of his suicide. Yoo Jung-Sook is invited to an exhibition and realizes that the person inviting her is Oh Jin-Woo’s mother. She returns at an opportune moment and believes that she doesn’t know about Oh Jin-Woo’s death yet, so she asks Jung Woo-No to handle things promptly.

Go Young-Joo becomes angry upon learning of Park Ki-Young’s death and insists on interrogating Bae Min-Gyu herself. Cha Young-Woon does not stop her but advises her to pretend that Park Ki-Young is still alive in order to elicit a complete statement from Bae Min-Gyu.

A year ago, Park Ki-Young approached Bae Min-Gyu and manipulated his resentment towards his wife, justifying theories about getting rid of her. Then, Park Ki-Young said they needed to create a series of murders in order to divert suspicion away from Bae Min-Gyu by the police.

They even brought in Lee Sung-Yong as an accomplice. However, Bae Min-Gyu was unaware that footage of him committing the crime against his wife had already been obtained by the prosecution. Thus, Bae Min-Gyu had nothing more to say and confessed that he conspired with Park Ki-Young on the night when they created an alibi together – pretending not to be present – by sneaking into an art gallery while using a female actress as a cover.

Now that Bae Min-Gyu has confessed, the prosecutor believes it’s time to close the case. However, Cha Young-Woon expresses doubts about Park Ki-Young’s death and points out that Park Ki-Young was also a witness to Oh Jin-Woo’s attack, suggesting that he might have been killed by someone else. On Oh Jin-Woo’s actual birthday, his mother dreams of him and feels guilty for not treating him well and for keeping Oh Jin-Sung in the dark.

Yook Jung-Tae discovered that Park Ki-Young only has a mother (who is already deceased) and no father, so it can be inferred that she was an unmarried mother from the beginning. Oh Jin-Sung and Go Young-Joo returned to their hometown and unexpectedly found out that the adults at home were celebrating Oh Jin-Woo’s birthday. The mother confessed to Oh Jin-Sung that Oh Jin-Woo is not her biological younger brother.

When Oh Jin-Sung was still in his mother’s womb, their neighbor had a female college student living with them. The mother took special care of this female student and even provided her with a place to stay in case she needed help. However, one day, the female student became an unwed mother and came to the store with her newborn baby for assistance.

The anguish of the female student was written all over her face. One day, the mother thought that the female student had committed suicide, which led to even Oh Jin-Sung’s father passing away – it was a painful year for their mother.

However, during Oh Jin-Woo’s high school years, Kim Mi-Ro came looking for him and later he learned that she was saved by a foreigner back then~ At that time, because he felt attached to his mother, Oh Jin-Woo did not leave with his birthmother. The mother gave something precious to Oh Jin-Sung on behalf of Oh Jin-Woo – it was his birthmother’s exhibition and artwork.

The next day Cha Young-Woon mentioned to his parents about wanting to marry Go Young-Joo because after going through Park Ki-Young starting a killing game for Cha Young-Woon’s sake; he decided not to waste any more time but instead cherish those around him.

Longing for You episode 9 ending explained

🔺 End of Episode 9 of “Longing for You”: Although Go Young-Joo did not reject the proposal, after all, she had also thought about being with Cha Young-Woon. However, she hopes to resolve Oh Jin-Woo’s case before discussing this matter further. Cha Young-Woon also confessed to Go Young-Joo that he has a congenital heart disease and underwent a heart transplant surgery before going for further studies.

Oh Jin-Sung heard from his mother that Oh Jin-Woo mentioned there is a statue at his biological father’s house. However, at that time, Oh Jin-Woo felt it was not yet the right time to meet his father. Oh Jin-Sung accidentally discovered Chu Young-Choon’s observation of Oh Jin-Woo through her mother’s diary and found something suspicious in its contents. Upon questioning, it was revealed that Jung Woo-No instructed him to observe Oh Jin-Woo. Just by looking at the photo, it became clear that he is Yoo Jung-Sook’s subordinate.

Korean drama Longing for You episode 10 recap

In the continuation of Episode 9 of “Longing for You,  Oh Jin-Sung begins investigating Jung Woo-No. Jung Woo-No claims that he went fishing at another fishing port that day and only thought of showing off a sashimi restaurant owned by Chu Young-Choon, so he asked him to order sashimi. Jung Woo-No calmly answers all of Oh Jin-Sung’s questions without any loopholes. Cha Young-Woon and Go Young-Joo discuss Oh Jin-Woo.

Every time Cha Young-Woon comes to Yujeon, his heart beats faster, which reminds him of his harsh interrogation towards Oh Jin-Woo and fills him with self-blame. However, Go Young-Joo believes that Oh Jin-Woo made a perfect contribution before leaving (because he was an organ donor).

Oh Jin-Sung discovers that Chu Young-Choon had received assistance from the Chenchen Medical Center due to a medical dispute in the past and later opened a clinic at Yujeon where his career flourished. It turns out that when Chu Young-Choon used to be a military doctor, it coincided with the location and battalion where Oh Jin-Woo served.

At this moment, Park Ki-Young’s legal advisor suddenly appears claiming to be Park Ki-Young’s heir. They have known each other for a long time because their mothers were acquainted.

One day, Park Ki-Young approached him asking him to become her successor and even mentioned that if she were to suddenly disappear one day, she would leave some property as gratitude for him and his mother. However, this lawyer Hong knows about Park Ki-Young’s birth mother situation; therefore, Oh Jin-Sung sees it as an opportunity to learn about Park Ki-Young’s past.

Oh Jin-Sung finds someone who served alongside Jung Woo-No during their military days and discovers that he was injured in the army once almost losing his life (Jung Woo-No is nicknamed the “killing machine” for his ability to instantly cause fatal harm). It was Chenchen Medical Center that saved him.

Afterward, Jung Woo-No cut off all ties with everyone and disappeared completely. However, Oh Jin-Sung finds a crucial piece of evidence: the cufflink found at the scene actually belonged to Jung Woo-No. Oh Jin-Sung also deduces that Jung Woo-No attacked Oh Jin-Woo for Cha Young-Woon’s heart~

Just why did the Chenchen Medical Center specifically choose Oh Jin-Woo? And how did they know that he was the most suitable candidate for Cha Young-Woon’s heart transplant? All of this can be answered by the painter who sent an invitation to Oh Jin-Woo. However, at this time, Oh Jin-Sung is unaware that the painter is actually Oh Jin-Woo’s birth mother, Kim Mi-Ro.

It isn’t until Yang Hee-Joo mentions that there is a statue of Cha Young-Woon in his house that Oh Jin-Sung realizes in shock that Cha Jin-Cheol is actually Oh Jin-Woo’s biological father. So he takes the initiative to meet with Kim Mi-Ro, but she acts as if she doesn’t know Oh Jin-Woo at all. It isn’t until Oh Jin-Sung sincerely expresses his desire to uncover the truth about his brother’s death as his older brother that Kim Mi-Ro starts to waver.

Kim Mi-Ro looks at the recipe written by Oh Jin-Woo himself and remembers when she went to see him during his high school years. When asked if he was hungry, all he said was yes. This recipe represents his longing for that meal with his mother. However, he still chooses not to go to France with Kim Mi-Ro.

Before meeting Oh Jin-Sung, Kim Mi-Ro had already met Jung Woo-No. Kim Mi-Ro and the Chenchen Group had a financial agreement, so Kim Mi-Ro no longer mentioned Oh Jin-Woo. Jung Woo-No also knew that Oh Jin-Sung was aware of Kim Mi-Ro’s existence, so he wanted to prepare in advance.

Oh Jin-Sung asked Cha Young-Woon to explain all the investigations, but Cha Young-Woon naturally didn’t believe it. So he personally met with Kim Mi-Ro and confirmed his blood relationship with Oh Jin-Woo based on her hints. Only then did Cha Jin-Cheol admit that he knew about Kim Mi-Ro giving birth a long time ago. The next day, Go Young-Joo said that Jung Woo-No might not be acting alone and could possibly be manipulated by someone else, so she planned to investigate the Chenchen Medical Center.

Longing for You episode 10 ending explained

🔺 In this episode of “Longing for You,” Oh Jin-Sung received the list of donated organs for his younger brother, but he discovered that there was no record at all. According to Oh Jin-Sung’s memory, the last time he saw Cha Young-Woon was the day before Oh Jin-Woo was declared brain dead.

However, it turns out that Cha Young-Woon didn’t leave the country until two months later. Furthermore, there is no record of a heart transplant despite eight surgeries being performed before and after that date. Oh Jin-Sung suspects that Chen Chen tampered with the data.

On the other hand, Cha Young-Woon also started investigating his own heart donor and found out that on the day of his surgery (9/25), there should have been a surgery performed as well. However, there is no record of it in the data. It seems like Oh Jin-Woo’s heart donation recipient was actually fake or used as a cover-up. This means that Oh Jin-Woo’s heart might have really been given to Cha Young-Woon.

Longing for You Episode 9+10 Review and Theories

Longing for You – episode 9+10 recap and 2 theories, ending explained
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Longing for you-Is Oh Jin-Woo actually a child from the Cha Young-Woon family?

It turns out that the person secretly observing Oh Jin-Woo was Chu Young-Choon! Initially, I wickedly thought it was Park Ki-Young who was secretly watching Oh Jin-Woo, and wanted to frame him as a suspect in a series of murders. However, Episode 7 of “Longing for You” revealed that it was Chu Young-Choon tracking Oh Jin-Woo. What could be the purpose behind this?

Chu Young-Choon’s secret observation of Oh Jin-Woo is to help Yoo Jung-Sook or Jung Woo-No. It is likely that Chu Young-Choon is simply observing on behalf of Jung Woo-No because Yoo Jung-Sook asked him to continue monitoring Oh Jin-Woo. Therefore, Chu Young-Choon seems more like an informant for Jung Woo-No, paying attention to every move and daily life of Oh Jin-Woo.

This also explains why the language and adjectives used in the diary are mostly positive, such as describing Oh Jin-Woo as kind-hearted. However, whether Chu Young-Choon knows about Yoo Jung-Sook’s scheme remains unknown. He may not be aware and only focused on observation.Therefore, it can be inferred that Chu Young-Choon has been observing Oh Jin-Woo since he was young until now, which aligns with Yoo Jung-Sook’s statement of “finally seeing him grow up safely.”

In the eighth episode of “Longing for You,” the identity of the girl who appears is still uncertain. She holds a grudge against Chenchen Medical Center and was shocked to see Oh Jin-Woo being attacked. It seems that she and Park Ki-Young were friends in the past, and both have resentment towards Chenchen Medical Center.

In the ninth episode of “Longing for You,” she tells Yoo Jung-Sook, “I didn’t use the settlement fee you gave me back then. I mean, shouldn’t Madam be more curious about how Chairman’s son is doing compared to Chairman himself?” The mysterious woman also mentions, “Including Chairman’s son Jin-Woo, my Jin-Woo should meet his real family.” Does this mean that this woman is Oh Jin-Woo’s mother?

Does it imply that she was a mistress before he became chairman? Therefore, we can interpret the phrase “settlement fee” as referring to Yoo Jung-Sook giving her money to take care of Cha Jin-Cheol’s child, Oh Jin-Woo, as well as herself. However, it seems like she did not carry out those instructions but instead gave birth to Oh Jin-Woo.

Longing for you-Park Ki-Young is actually Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate child?

As for Park Ki-Young’s disappearance, is it true that he was “handled and killed by Jung Woo-No” or “hidden by Jung Woo-No (Yoo Jung-Sook)”? Because in the ending of Episode 8 of “Longing for You,” Park Ki-Young was taken away at the airport by people working for Jung Woo-No.

Therefore, if Park Ki-Young really died, it means it was under Yoo Jung-Sook’s orders. I won’t go into detail about why Park Ki-Young would want to uncover Cha Young-Woon’s family secret in this article. For a detailed analysis of the motives, you can refer to previous articles: Korean drama Episodes 7+8, Review and Evaluation of “Longing for You”: Let us begin our descent.

Now, in Episode 9 of “Longing for You,” the writer-director also reveals that Cha Young-Woon had received a heart transplant before going abroad to study. This probably implies that the current focus will shift to Oh Jin-Woo seeking revenge against Yoo Jung-Sook as his birth mother. In the ending of Episode 9, various hints are given regarding Oh Jin-Woo’s case. So in future episodes, the writer should mainly focus on the story between Kim Mi-Ro and Oh Jin-Woo.

However, we should also pay attention to their relationship with Park Ki-Young since he is an unmarried mother who gave birth to a child. If he holds such resentment towards Cha Young-Woon and insists on bringing up Oh Jin-Woo’s case, it suggests that he may very well be Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate child (especially considering that Park Ki-Young’s mother is also a model from Chenchen Group).