Longing for You – episode 5 recap and theory, ending explained – Who sent the video?

等待了很久第5集劇情longing for you ep5

Korean drama Longing for You Episode 5 Plot

In  “Longing for You” episode 5, the plot revolves around Oh Jin-Sung receiving a video from an anonymous person, depicting the night when Oh Jin-Woo was attacked. Determined to uncover the identity of the perpetrator and find clues within the video, Oh Jin-Sung begins his investigation.

Following a lead, he identifies a suspect. However, Cha Young-Woon believes that rushing into an arrest would be imprudent and decides to apply for an arrest warrant instead. Unfortunately, their request is denied. Left with no other choice, Oh Jin-Sung resorts to unconventional methods in order to obtain crucial information.

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等待了很久第四集longng for you ep4
Longing for You – episode 4 recap and theory, ending explained – what happened to Oh Jin-Woo?

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Korean drama Longing for You episode 5 recap

🔺  “Longing for You” Episode 5 Recap : Continuing from the events of Episode 4, Oh Jin-Sung receives a video that appears to be footage from the night Oh Jin-Woo was killed. Why is it being sent now? And why only to Oh Jin-Sung? Cha Young-Woon returns to work at the prosecutor’s office and reveals to Park Ki-Young his plan to announce the Lee Sung-Yong serial murder case internationally.

Oh Jin-Sung and Yu-jin’s friends believe that the person who filmed the video must be someone who knows both Oh Jin-Sung and Oh Jin-Woo, making Yu-jin a likely suspect. At the same time, Oh Jin-Sung believes that outsiders should not be ruled out either.

After asking her mother, she learns that on that day Chu Young-Choon suddenly expressed a desire for sashimi and even offered money for an offering ceremony for Oh Jin-Woo while drinking heavily all day long. The suit button found by Oh Jin-Sung clearly does not belong to Oh Jin-Woo since it is an expensive item.

The next day, American financial tycoon Chris made a huge donation to Chenchen Medical Center. Park Ki-Young knows deep down that there must be some ulterior motive behind this act, so he intentionally creates doubt in public opinion through his report (indeed Chris came here secretly for organ transplantation).

Upon discovering that Bae Min-Gyu purchased the expensive cufflinks, Oh-Jin Sung immediately focuses her attention on him. Meanwhile, Go Young-Joo receives a video suggesting there may be another culprit involved. Cha Young-Woon speculates that these videos are coming from the same person but Bae Min-Gyu had already left before anything happened to Oh-Jin Woo.

However, Go Young-Joo notices an expensive-looking watch in one of the videos which could potentially lead them closer to the killer. Despite opposition from superiors, Go Young-Joo resorts to extreme measures to threaten them into reopening the investigation.

Cha Young-Woon sent everyone to investigate everything about Bae Min-Gyu, but he specifically isolated Yang Hee-Joo because she talks too much and might leak the case. After Lee Sung-Yong’s death, his sister paid off their mother’s hospital expenses in one go and moved into a bigger house.

The whole family’s life was ruined after Lee Sung-Yong committed a sexual crime. Then one day, he gave them a large sum of money and said that he would be leaving the country in a few days, possibly for the last time they would see each other.

Later on, they received another remittance under Lee Sung-Yong’s name, leading them to believe that he had gone abroad by boat. But just a few days later, they saw news of his death and everyone speculated that Bae Min-Gyu had bribed him.

At this point, the forensic report showed that the watch in the video matched Bae Min-Gyu’s watch. However, this alone cannot prove that Bae Min-Gyu is the killer. Therefore, Cha Young-Woon doesn’t want to make hasty arrests and decides to use a different approach instead.

Longing for You episode 5 ending explained

🔺 In the finale of “Longing for You” Episode 5: Park Ki-Young accurately captures Yang Hee-Joo’s affection for Cha Young-Woon and decides to make a deal with her, allowing her to fulfill her desire of being with Cha Young-Woon. Upon learning that Cha Young-Woon is planning to apprehend Bae Min-Gyu again, Yoo Jung-Sook quickly asks Jung Woo-No to inform Bae Tae-Ook about this matter.

He also instructs Jung Woo-No to bribe Bae Tae-Ook with money, urging him to handle the situation regarding Bae Min-Gyu’s potential arrest properly and prevent the issuance of an arrest warrant. While dining at a restaurant with his female companion, Bae Min-Gyu perversely stares at the legs of a waitress.

Particularly when he resorts to violence against the waitress, regardless of whether there is an arrest warrant or not, Cha Young-Woon directly apprehends him. During their altercation, Oh Jin-Sung discreetly steals Bae Min-Gyu’s secret phone. At this moment, an incoming call from an unidentified number appears on the screen.

Longing for You Episode 5 Review and Theory

Longing for You – episode 5 recap and theory, ending explained
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Oh Jin-Woo & Serial Murders: Organizing the Culprits

In the beginning of Episode 4 of “Longing for You,” it turns out to be Park Ki-Young~ This is exactly what I had inferred in Episode 3, that Park Ki-Young might actually be the real culprit, manipulating certain individuals.

In Episode 3 of “Longing for You,” I also felt that Park Ki-Young was secretly observing and documenting Oh Jin-Woo’s actions, just like Lee Sung-Yong. They were both pawns manipulated by Park Ki-Young, so that the police couldn’t catch him. Even Lee Sung-Yong being accused as the true culprit and dying, I believe this was orchestrated by Park Ki-Young to divert attention from himself and frame others.

I have watched the fifth episode of “Longing for You”, and currently I am summarizing my conclusions from the investigation.

  • Continuous murder case: The suspected culprit is Park Ki-Young. Lee Sung-Yong is not the real killer, but he was involved (selling knives to Oh Jin-Woo, so Lee Sung-Yong and his older sister not only paid off their mother’s medical expenses in one go, but also moved into a bigger house).
  • Attack on Oh Jin-Woo: The perpetrator is Jung Woo-No. His intention was to obtain Oh Jin-Woo’s heart for Cha Young-Woon. However, it seems that Park Ki-Young had knowledge of this secret and specifically went to the scene to secretly film it. He waited until a year later when Cha Young-Woon returned to Korea before sending the video to Oh Jin-Sung, wanting to continue with this case~ Although in Episode 5 of “Longing for You,” Oh Jin-Sung discovered that the cufflink belonged to Bae Min-Gyu, I believe Bae Min-Gyu was used as a smoke screen because in previous murder cases there were ambiguous alibis for Bae Min-Gyu’s whereabouts. Yoo Jung-Sook has been helping Bae Tae-Ook deal with this matter when Bae Min-Gyu got involved in the serial killing.

    It is highly likely that Bae Min-Gyu’s cufflink was actually stolen and deliberately left at the crime scene to make others suspect him. Currently, it doesn’t seem like Jung Woo-No intentionally framed Bae Min-Gyu since it would cause trouble for Yoo Jung-Sook. Therefore, Park Ki-Young is most likely the one who stole the suit cufflink and planted it at the scene to frame Bae Min-Gyu, especially considering his strong dislike towards wealthy people. As for why Jung Woo-No gave money as bribery to Bae Tae-Ook in Episode 5 of “Longing for You” so he could handle Bae Min-Gyu’s situation properly, it feels like the underlying purpose is to imply that Yoo Jung-Sook did this in order to cover up Jung Woo-No’s killing of Oh Jin-Woo. As long as Bae Tae-Ook can smoothly resolve this incident, then Jung Woo-No will also be safe.