Kdrama- Longing for You – episode 6 recap and 3 theories, ending explained

等待了很久第6集longing or you ep6

Korean drama Longing for You Episode 6 Plot

In  “Longing for You” episode 6: Oh Jin-Sung had a strong intuition that Bae Min-Gyu was very suspicious, so he resorted to extreme measures to obtain Bae Min-Gyu’s anonymous phone. Although the clues obtained through this phone were not many, it was revealed that the secret of Bae Min-Gyu’s arrest warrant had been leaked.

Everyone believed that there was something suspicious about Bae Min-Gyu’s relationship with Park Ki-Young. However, just when everyone wanted to investigate further, the investigation team was immediately disbanded and Cha Young-Woon even lost his job. However, they are not people who easily give up, so Oh Jin-Sung tried every possible way to find clues related to Park Ki-Young and the case.

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等待了很久第5集劇情longing for you ep5
Longing for You – episode 5 recap and theory, ending explained – Who sent the video?

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Korean drama Longing for You episode 6 recap

🔺  “Longing for You” Episode 6 Recap : Continuing from the events of Episode 5, Oh Jin-Sung secretly takes Bae Min-Gyu’s phone and receives a call from an unknown number. Park Ki-Young realizes that something has happened to Bae Min-Gyu and remains silent. However, Oh Jin-Sung is not one to easily give up.

He had already taken a bottle at the scene in order to extract fingerprints and unlock the anonymous phone. Immediately, a message appears stating “Arrest warrant requested,” but Bae Min-Gyu replies with “It’s none of your business.” Go Young-Joo finds it suspicious that Bae Tae-Ook’s power is so great that he can overturn the arrest warrant through the Ministry of Justice.Chu Young-Choon originally planned to leave town due to guilt, but after being persuaded by two beautiful women, he decides to stay. His mood seems much brighter now.

The next day, Yang Hee-Joo returns to the investigation team. While everyone thinks she leaked information about the arrest warrant, she excitedly reveals that she has obtained an important clue – all murder victims had been treated at Chenchen Medical Center before their deaths. Everyone is puzzled as to why Yang Hee-Joo suddenly decided to investigate this and how she managed to obtain this information. Inadvertently, Yang Hee-Joo slips up and mentions the possibility of Park Ki-Young having contact with Bae Min-Gyu. This provides evidence that Yang Hee-Joo leaked the arrest warrant to Park Ki-Young.

Now with Park Ki-Young as a suspect, Cha Young-Woon feels shocked internally. However, before they can take any action against him or investigate further, their superiors deliver another blow – disbanding the investigation team.

In order not to burden anyone else, Cha Young-Woon decides to resolve his own legal issues and resign from his position as a prosecutor. Meanwhile, Park Ki-Young spreads news of Cha Young-Woon’s severe injuries online.

Oh Jin-Sung couldn’t stand it and went directly to confront Park Ki-Young, mentioning the issue of the anonymous phone. Park Ki-Young told Oh Jin-Sung to think carefully about why Oh Jin-Woo died and that Oh Jin-Sung hasn’t seen the real demon yet.

Cha Young-Woon felt that Park Ki-Young’s actions were not right, as he always seemed to challenge them at critical moments while protecting Bae Min-Gyu wholeheartedly. Oh Jin-Sung accidentally found out that Cha Young-Woon became a prosecutor to save them, and he also hoped that Go Young-Joo wouldn’t ruin her career as a prosecutor for the sake of this case. He would investigate Oh Jin-Woo’s case himself.

The next day, Yoo Jung-Sook asked Jung Woo-No to investigate whether Park Ki-Young had ulterior motives or was driven by competition. As for Cha Young-Woon deliberately mentioning Yang Hee-Joo leaking the arrest warrant to Park Ki-Young, Park Ki-Young calmly stated that he made it public in a journalist group chat as soon as he received the information. He planned on coordinating with multiple media outlets, seemingly trying to reduce his own suspicion.

Oh Jin-Sung and Yook Jung-Tae were transferred to traffic division. It was said that their superior used to be an important figure before. Later on, they were invited by Cha Young-Woon for dinner at his house but his intention was actually to secretly investigate the case together. Just now, Oh Jin-Sung’s “thug friend” mentioned being hospitalized so now Oh Jin-Sung has him monitoring Bae Min-Gyu instead. As for Park Ki-Young, Cha Young-Woon mentioned how his mother abused him when he was young and how Cha Young-Woon’s family helped him during high school years ago.

Although Cha Young-Woon didn’t think Park Ki-Young seemed like a murderer, Go Young-Joo actually noticed that Park Ki-Young used the same perfume as Cha Young-Woon, indicating a pathological level of envy and jealousy. Oh Jin-Sung thought about what Park Ki-Young said, “Why do you think Oh Jin-Woo died?” If Park Ki-Young is a witness and gives the video to Oh Jin-Sung, and Bae Min-Gyu was still in the United States at that time, it means someone else killed Oh Jin-Woo.

Longing for You episode 6 ending explained

🔺 In the finale of “Longing for You” Episode 6: Park Ki-Young questions whether the assistance given by Yoo Jung-Sook to Jung Woo-No in the past was really well-intentioned. Every time Park Ki-Young receives money, it only leads him to further despair.

Therefore, in order to survive, Park Ki-Young must focus on his own work. He believes that he is just doing what a journalist should do. However, it seems that he has unintentionally caused trouble between Jung Woo-No and Yoo Jung-Sook by exaggerating the situation at Yoo Jung-Sook’s hospital.

Oh Jin-Sung learned from a senior colleague that Park Ki-Young was present at Yu Jin on the day Oh Jin-Woo had an accident. Furthermore, during previous investigations into Park Ki-Young, it was discovered that his residence was suspected of being unoccupied by the building manager.

Now Oh Jin-Sung plans to secretly infiltrate Park Ki-Young’s home and search for his personal computer as there may be valuable clues there. Later on, while investigating at an internet cafe, it was found out that Park Ki-Young used to frequent this place a year ago.

🔺 End of Episode 6 of “Longing for You”: Yang Hee-Joo feels guilty towards Oh Jin-Sung and wants to help her find some clues about Park Ki-Young. So she listens to Oh Jin-Sung’s words and keeps Park Ki-Young outside as long as possible to delay his return home. Meanwhile, Oh Jin-Sung and Chief Traffic Officer go talk with the building manager in order to distract him while Yook Jung-Tae secretly opens the lock of Park Ki-young’s house.

On another front, Cha Young-Woon and Go Young-Joo go look for Bae Min-Gyu and ask about someone named Park-Ki Young but Bae Min-Gyu claims not knowing him well despite having attended the same university together which Cha Young-Woon suspects as a lie. When Oh Jin-Sung enters Park Ki-Young’s house, Park Ki-Young immediately finds out through his phone, but Oh Jin-Sung remains unaware that she has been discovered. She discovers a secret room in Park Ki-Young’s house that is identical to Cha Young-Woon’s.

Longing for You Episode 6 Review and Theories

Kdrama- Longing for You – episode 6 recap and 3 theories, ending explained
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Longing for you-Who is the leaker within the team? Discussion on common points of the murder case.

Who leaked the information to Park Ki-Young, my first instinct would suspect Yang Hee-Joo. The clue that Yang Hee-Joo holds in her hands, “All the victims of the murder case have been treated at Chenchen Medical Center,” came too suddenly and has raised suspicions among everyone. Continuing from the ending of Episode 5 of “Longing for You,” it seems like Park Ki-Young’s deal with Yang Hee-Joo is to connect Chenchen + the murder case together (especially when Park Ki-Young specifically asked Oh Jin-Sung, “Why do you think Oh Jin-Woo died?”).

Therefore, Park Ki-Young is using Yang Hee-Joo to shift attention towards illegal activities within Chenchen Medical Center. This overturns my assumption that Park Ki-Young is the mastermind. It is highly likely that Park Ki-Young is helping Bae Min-Gyu create an alibi but Bae Min-Gyu is still the perpetrator. Park Ki-Young must be very confident in thinking he won’t get caught; thus, there might not be any evidence proving his guilt at the crime scene.

And originally, I did consider whether Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu might be collaborating to commit different crimes, but it doesn’t seem likely because the methods used in the crimes are consistent. Even the depth of cutting the Achilles tendon is consistent. If both of them were individually committing the crimes together, it would be unlikely to have such a perfectly coordinated modus operandi.

Moreover, based on the killer’s methods and tools, it feels like an intuitive connection to Bae Min-Gyu, who is a dentist (the criminal profiling and modus operandi resemble him). Therefore, now I suspect that Park Ki-Young is likely helping Bae Min-Gyu create an alibi but that Bae Min-Gyu is still the one carrying out the attacks.

➊The perpetrator injected the victim with an anesthetic drug (chloral hydrate, commonly used in dental clinics for sleep therapy) before committing the murder.

➋They also severed the Achilles tendon of the victim (the depth of the cut indicates that the perpetrator is highly skilled or possibly engaged in a profession involving knife handling).

➌Furthermore, they drained blood from the victim’s body and hung it on a railing like clothes drying, as if to display it to others.

🅰 Victim 1 (2022/5/12): Liu Shuxian (formerly worked at Chenchen Medical Center for cosmetic procedures), the wife of the museum director Bae Min-Gyu: Bae Min-Gyu’s alibi is that he was singing with an actress at the time. There is footage of the actress singing, but Bae Min-Gyu’s face is not visible in the frame.

🅱 Victim 2 (2022/9/7): Park Ji-hui (formerly underwent appendectomy at Chenchen Medical Center), coffee shop owner. The murder weapon used was a sashimi knife. Cha Young-Woon discovered that Bae Min-Gyu also owned a similar set of knives, but he claimed they were stolen and had previously filed a police report. In Episode 1 of “Longing for You,” Oh Jin-Woo went to see a photography exhibition and later waited at the coffee shop for someone. It seems like he waited for a long time but didn’t meet the person he was expecting, as if he was intentionally lured there.

🅲 Victim 3 (2022/9/8): Hye-joo, student who underwent surgery for a fractured thigh bone due to a car accident at Chenchen Medical Center. Blood footprints were found on-site indicating that someone wearing shoes walked towards the railing of the pavilion and then took off their shoes. On the night of the incident, Bae Min-Gyu’s car collided with a delivery driver in town (“Longing for You” Episode 3 speculates that Lee Sung-Yong drove Bae Min-Gyu’s car to Yoojin Town). Bae Min-Gyu claims his car was taken without his knowledge, and he also appeared in an online live course broadcasted on social media~

But if Bae Min-Gyu is the murderer, what could be his motive? In the ending of episode 5 “Longing for You,” when Jung Woo-No gives money to Bae Tae-Ook, there is a scene where Bae Tae-Ook unexpectedly hits Bae Min-Gyu’s buttocks. This scene is incredibly bizarre! Bae Min-Gyu has an extremely antisocial personality, so if he has experienced any harm or trauma within his family, it is likely related to Bae Tae-Ook! Therefore, assuming that Bae Min-Gyu is actually the real culprit, his inner turmoil may stem from Bae Tae-Ook.

Longing for you-Oh Jin-Woo & Serial Murders: Organizing the Culprits

A series of consecutive murders: The suspected culprits are Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu. Lee Sung-Yong is not the real killer, but he was involved for money (selling a knife to Oh Jin-Woo through the Lemon Tree). As a result, Lee Sung-Yong and his older sister not only paid off their mother’s medical expenses in one go but also moved into a bigger house.

After watching Episode 6 of “Longing for You,” you will realize that Bae Min-Gyu and Park Ki-Young have a relationship where Bae Min-Gyu, an antisocial psychopath, carried out the killings while Park Ki-Young helped create alibis for him so that there would be no concrete evidence against Bae Min-Gyu. This is because Lee Sung-Yong received a large sum of money which doesn’t seem like something Park Ki-Young would give.

The attack on Oh Jin-Woo: The culprit is Jung Woo-No, with the intention of obtaining Oh Jin-Woo’s heart for Cha Young-Woon (perhaps this can be linked to Park Ki-Young intentionally reminding Oh Jin-Sung about “why do you think Oh Jin-Woo died”). As revealed in Episode 6 of “Longing for You,” it echoes our previous deduction that Park Ki-Young knew this secret and specifically went to film at the crime scene.

A year later when Cha Young-Woon returned to Korea, she sent the video to Oh Jin-Sung to continue this case. Although in Episode 5 of “Longing for You,” Oh Jin-Sung discovered that the cufflink belonged to Bae Min-Gyu, in Episode 6 it seems like Bae Min-Gyu still has possession of it. Therefore, it is difficult to determine if the cufflink truly belongs to Bae Min-Gyu or not.

According to what we heard Yoo Jung-Sook say in Episode 5 of “Longing for You,” when she found out that Bae Min-Gyu was going to be arrested, she still went to appease Bae Tae-Ook with money and asked him to handle it. This suggests that Yoo Jung-Sook did this in order to cover up the fact that Jung Woo-No killed Oh Jin-Woo, using Bae Tae-Ook’s weakness of doing anything for his son. By doing so, they can let this incident pass without any consequences for Jung Woo-No.

Longing for you-Who attacked Oh Jin-Woo? It is speculated that it was Jung Woo-No. What is the purpose?

]In Episode 4 of “Longing for You,” Park Ki-Young attacks Oh Jin-Woo. I believe there must be other reasons behind his motive to attack him, because Lee Sung-Yong has already become a scapegoat and allowed the prosecution to close the case here. The true purpose of the real culprit is, of course, not wanting the police to trace it back to themselves.

Therefore, they intentionally manipulated Lee Sung-Yong to end the investigation into the murder case. However, if that were the case, there would be no need to further attack Oh Jin-Woo and raise suspicions. So, the motive behind Oh Jin-Woo’s attack may be different from wanting to silence him in connection with consecutive murder cases.

The most likely attacker is Jung Woo-No:

⭕ Jung Woo-No: The person who attacked Oh Jin-Woo should be Jung Woo-No. According to Episode 3’s ending in “Longing for You,” Jung Woo-No mentioned choosing a rainy day to take action. This storyline cannot go unresolved; therefore, although Park Ki-Young appears as the black-clothed person in Episode 4’s scene, it is highly possible that Park Ki-Young only witnessed Jung Woo-No committing the crime (as confirmed by Oh Jin-Sung receiving a video on the night of Oh Jin-Woo’s incident).

Especially in Episode 4 when Park Ki-Young expresses envy towards Cha Young-Woon but also jealousy that “Cha Young-Woon can get whatever he wants.” If Park Ki-Young were indeed the attacker, logically speaking, he wouldn’t deliberately attack Oh Jin-Woo just for his heart transplant recipient status. Henceforth, it is more likely that Jung Woo-No is responsible for these attacks and was seen or discovered by Park Ki-Young.

Furthermore, in Episode 5 of “Longing for You,” when Oh Jin-Sung takes out cufflinks found at the crime scene where his younger brother was murdered a year ago, it leads to Bae Min-Gyu. Bae Min-Gyu has an alibi in the United States during Oh Jin-Woo’s attack, and even the cufflinks were planted at the scene (because Oh Jin-Sung still had them when he beat up in Episode 5).

However, there may be some other secrets that Bae Min-Gyu cannot let anyone know about, which is why his alibi remains ambiguous. In Episode 6 of “Longing for You,” when Bae Min-Gyu receives a text message saying “The prosecution seems to have found evidence and started taking action” and “An arrest warrant has been applied for” but ends with “It’s none of your business,” this conversation indicates that Bae Min-Gyu is aware of the murder case.

However, his response suggests annoyance towards someone meddling in his affairs. Therefore, it is highly likely that Bae Min-Gyu is the true culprit while Park Ki-Young manipulates and creates an alibi to taunt investigators.