Longing for You – episode 7+8 recap and 2 theories, ending explained

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Korean drama Longing for You Episode 7+8 Plot

“Longing for You” episode 7 Plot : Oh Jin-Sung originally sent Yang Hee-Joo to seduce Park Ki-Young and prevent him from going home. As expected, Oh Jin-Sung discovered that Park Ki-Young had an obsession and jealousy towards Cha Young-Woon. Not only did he use the same perfume as Cha Young-Woon, but he also had a room identical to his.

Furthermore, in a secret room, Oh Jin-Sung found that Park Ki-Young had collected crime scene photos of various victims, as well as video evidence of Bae Min-Gyu’s crimes. Unfortunately, now Park Ki-Young has uncovered Yang Hee-Joo’s scheme and kidnapped her.

“Longing for You” episode 8 Plot : Bae Min-Gyu kidnapped Go Young-Joo in order to prevent his criminal video from being leaked. After listening to Park Ki-Young’s motives for all the crimes, Bae Min-Gyu realized how amazing and perfect Park Ki-Young was at committing crimes.

However, he didn’t expect to become a pawn in Park Ki-Young’s game. Oh Jin-Sung and Cha Young-Woon finally found a possible location of Park Ki-Young and managed to rescue Yang Hee-Joo and Go Young-Joo. However, the cunning Park Ki-Young escaped and was eventually captured by another group of people at the airport.

↓Last Episode (Episode 6)↓

等待了很久第6集longing or you ep6
Kdrama- Longing for You – episode 6 recap and 3 theories, ending explained

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Korean drama Longing for You episode 7 recap

🔺  “Longing for You” Episode 7 Recap :Continuing from the events of Episode 6, Oh Jin-Sung discovers that Park Ki-Young’s house has a room identical to Cha Young-Woon’s. In this room, Oh Jin-Sung also finds photos related to dangerous items and victim cases. Immediately realizing that Yang Hee-Joo is in danger, Oh Jin-Sung also notices through a hidden camera that Park Ki-Young has entered the secret room and uncovered Yang Hee-Joo’s plot.

Park Ki-Young kidnaps her. Later on, when the police trace the location to a convenience store, Cha Young-Woon desperately searches for any clues and quickly informs Yang Hee-Joo’s father about his daughter being kidnapped by Park Ki-Young. He promises to bring back Yang Hee-Joo safely. To save his daughter, Yang Ho-Chul provides Cha Young-Woon with all resources and authority while demanding secrecy regarding this matter. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung-Sook privately tells Jung Woo-No that he must find Park Ki-Young before Cha Young-Woon does.

Chu Young-Choon’s assistant nurse accidentally discovers a diary on Chu Young-Choon’s computer where he observes Oh Jin-Woo in an extremely disturbing manner. Hong Young-Hee and Pi Jang-Mi question Chu Young-Choon about it, but he hurriedly explains that he sees Oh Jin-Woo as his own son and expresses his love for him despite being far away in Canada.

After disguising himself, Park Ki-Young hides with an electric car for escape purposes. The police find Park Ki-Young’s computer containing evidence of internet anonymity using “Lemon Tree,” footage of Bae Min-Gyu attacking his wife, and even footage of Oh Jin-Woo being attacked.

Oh Jin-Sung now deduces that Park Ki-Young is not the one who attacked his brother, but he definitely knows who the culprit is. Although it is clear that Bae Min-Gyu is the perpetrator of the first case, there are solid alibis for the subsequent two cases. Therefore, Cha Young-Woon believes that Park Ki-Young is behind all this as a mastermind.

Furthermore, with Yang Hee-Joo being kidnapped now, it could be a desperate move due to their plan being exposed. However, why did they give Oh Jin-Sung the video? It seems like they are luring the police into investigating them.

Oh Jin-Sung doesn’t quite understand this yet. Nevertheless, regardless of everything else, they must first catch Bae Min-Gyu since Park Ki-Young will likely go looking for him. This way, they can capture both at once.

After waking up in the hospital and discovering that Park Ki-Young has been wanted by authorities, Bae Min-Gyu desperately asks his father to help him escape from Korea quickly. Jung Woo-No overhears this conversation.

Park Ki-Young arrives at Chunchun Medical Center and reminisces about how Yoo Jung-Sook assisted him in the past and how he felt like part of Cha Young-Woon’s family while staying at his house happily. However, after those warm moments passed by, something seemed to have hurt Park Ki-Young in Cha Young-Woon’s home and planted seeds of resentment within him.

Longing for You episode 7 ending explained

🔺 End of Episode 6 of “Longing for You”: Oh Jin-Sung forces Bae Min-Gyu to wear a wiretap in order to lure Park Ki-Young out. However, Park Ki-Young cleverly uses a diversion tactic to separate Oh Jin-Sung and Jung Woo-No, and secretly goes to the hospital room to find Bae Min-Gyu.

He threatens him with evidence of his wrongdoing in order to obtain the “gift” (money + Go Young-Joo). Oh Jin-Sung finds the wiretap in the hospital room but is unaware that it was set up by Jung Woo-No. Fortunately, Bae Min-Gyu requests discharge from the hospital himself, so the special investigation team believes this is an opportunity to monitor whether he will contact Park Ki-Young.

Oh Jin-Sung tells Go Young-Joo that it seems unlikely for Park Ki-Young to plan all these things solely due to insecurity. Especially since all the victims are patients at Chenchen Medical Center and have stayed in rooms similar to Cha Young-Woon’s, there may be some secret between them beyond jealousy or self-doubt.

Bae Min-Gyu manages to escape police surveillance using some tricks. Oh Jin-Sung immediately realizes that Bae Min-Gyu has run away but doesn’t expect him to kidnap Go Young-Joo. When Oh Jin-Sung learns that no one can reach Go Young-Joo and discovers sleeping pills at Bae Min-Gyu’s house, he becomes even more worried that Bae Min-Gyu might target her.

Korean drama Longing for You episode 8 recap

In the continuation of Episode 7 of “Longing for You,” Go Young-Joo is captured by Bae Min-Gyu. Bae Min-Gyu’s driver refuses to reveal any clues about him until Oh Jin-Sung pretends to have evidence of Bae Tae-Ook’s corruption and threatens to report it. The driver then confesses that Bae Min-Gyu instructed him to pretend to deliver a package and confirm if Go Young-Joo was at home, as well as disclose the location where Bae Min-Gyu got off the car.

Oh Jin-Sung believes that Bae Min-Gyu would definitely go looking for Park Ki-Young after kidnapping Go Young-Joo. He also trusts that Go Young-Joo wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing, so he asks Cha Young-Woon to investigate possible hiding places for Park Ki-Young since they had a good relationship in the past and might provide some leads.

As expected, once Go Young-Joo wakes up, she tries her best to resist Bae Min-Gyu. After they get into a car accident, she seizes the opportunity to escape.

However, unexpectedly on her way, she encounters Park Ki-Young again. After meeting up with Bae Min-Gyu, they both head towards their secret hideout. Finally obtaining incriminating evidence against himself, Bae Min-Gyu is naturally furious with Park Ki-Young for recording such proof in the first place.

It turns out this was Park Ki-Young’s insurance policy against allowing Bae Min-Gyu’s politician father help him evade punishment. Blaming Park Ki-Young’s strange museum at home as being discovered by the police, he mocks her for having insecurities which led them into this situation.

After calming down an enraged Bae-Min Gyu, Park Ki-Young reveals her dissatisfaction with Cha Young-Woon’s family and explains that all these plans were meant to torment him. The most effective way to hurt Cha Young-Woon is by taking away Go Young-Joo from him.

When the police arrive at the villa under Bae Tae-Ook’s driver’s wife’s name, they find that Park Ki-Young is not there, only unfamiliar people. Oh Jin-Sung realizes that they have been fooled by Park Ki-Young once again.

It turns out that Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu are actually in Cha Young-Woon’s villa, a place no one could have expected. Park Ki-Young suggests escaping to Saudi Arabia since it is a monarchy ruled by a king and she knows a royal family member from her time as a journalist who can help them obtain new identities. Afterward, they plan to flee to Russia where there are no extradition treaties.

Oh Jin-Sung and Cha Young-Woon are furious about not being able to find Go Young-Joo. They discuss what Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu might do at this moment based on their understanding of Park Ki-Young. They believe that she is someone who exercises self-control and wouldn’t let Bae Min-Gyu act recklessly.

Cha Young-Woon brings in a criminal profiler to analyze Park Ki-Young’s room and discovers that the paintings in her secret chamber represent “intense motherly love.” This leads Cha Young-Woon to realize that Park Ki-Young envies the maternal love he possesses but also finds it peculiar.

Longing for You episode 8 ending explained

🔺 In this episode of “Longing for You,” Park Ki-Young’s collection consists mostly of challenges and victories over Cha Young-Woon, including a past swimming competition. This shows that Park Ki-Young is not insecure but rather confident in their ability to match Cha Young-Woon.

The next day, Park Ki-Young tells Go Young-Joo that they are like a flawed sweater to Cha Young-Woon, easily discarded as if we were disposable items. Park Ki-Young hints at Go Young-Joo to investigate why Oh Jin-Woo died and suggests that the person who holds the answers is Cha Young-Woon. However, Go Young-Joo fails to grasp Park Ki-Young’s implication.

Park Ki-Young quickly locks up Bae Min-Gyu and attempts to drown Go Young-Joo gradually. Fortunately, Oh Jin-Sung and Cha Young-Woon manage to find them in time but fail to capture Park Ki-Young as they escape once again. Little did Park Ki-Young expect that they would be apprehended by Jung Woo-No’s henchmen at the airport.”

Longing for You Episode 7+8 Review and Theories

Longing for You – episode 7+8 recap and 2 theories, ending explained
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Longing for you-Who is secretly observing Oh Jin-Woo?

It turns out that the person secretly observing Oh Jin-Woo was Chu Young-Choon! In the past, I actually thought it was Park Ki-Young who was secretly watching Oh Jin-Woo, and wanted to frame him as a suspect in a series of murders. However, Episode 7 of “Longing for You” revealed that it was Chu Young-Choon who was tracking Oh Jin-Woo. What could be the purpose behind this? (I don’t think it’s just a simple smoke screen.) Here’s my reasoning:

Chu Young-Choon secretly observed Oh Jin-Woo with the purpose of helping Yoo Jung-Sook. It is also possible that Chu Young-Choon was only observing for Jung Woo-No, as Yoo Jung-Sook had asked Jung Woo-No to continue monitoring Oh Jin-Woo. Therefore, Chu Young-Choon seems more like an informant for Jung Woo-No, paying attention to every move and daily life of Oh Jin-Woo.

It’s no wonder that the language and adjectives used in the diary are mostly positive, such as describing Oh Jin-Woo as kind-hearted. As for Chu Young-Choon’s purpose in observing Oh Jin-Woo, it is because Yoo Jung-Sook needs his heart~ So Chu Young-Choon has probably been observing Oh Jin-Woo since he was young, which aligns with Yoo Jung-Sook’s statement of “finally waiting for him to grow up safely.”

So, on the day when Chu Young-Choon suddenly said he wanted to eat sashimi and Oh Jin-Woo had an accident, I think it was intentional to lure Oh Jin-Woo to the seaside so that Jung Woo-No could attack him. Therefore, Chu Young-Choon should have some secret connection with Jung Woo-No. That’s why Chu Young-Choon feels so guilty and resorts to drinking heavily after what happened to Oh Jin-Woo.

Longing for you-Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu have a symbiotic relationship as accomplices.

In the third episode of “Longing for You,” I initially thought that Bae Min-Gyu was being manipulated by Park Ki-Young as a pawn. However, in the sixth episode of “Longing for You,” Cha Young-Woon said, “Park Ki-Young is acting differently this time, giving us challenges at crucial moments and seems to be wholeheartedly protecting Bae Min-Gyu.”

It appears that Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu have known each other for some time. Based on their text message conversations, it seems that they don’t have a very close relationship but rather a mutually beneficial one. Park Ki-Young’s assistance to Bae Min-Gyu is likely driven by his twisted personality formed from past experiences of abuse by his mother and feelings of inferiority. Therefore, he is using Bae Min-Gyu for his own purposes. To summarize:

  • Bae Min-Gyu is the true culprit behind the murder case (In the second and third cases, Bae Min-Gyu has clear alibis, suggesting that Park Ki-Young helped him to establish an alibi after committing the crime)
  • Park Ki-Young helps Bae Min-Gyu create an alibi to counter Cha Young-Woon.

Park Ki-Young’s motivation for helping Bae Min-Gyu? Yoo Jung-Sook and Jung Woo-No mentioned that Park Ki-Young seems to have an inferiority complex, which I think is similar to Oh Jin-Woo. In episode 6 of “Longing for You,” we can learn that Park Ki-Young’s inferiority complex stems from his family background. Cha Young-Woon mentioned that Park Ki-Young was abused by his mother when he was young.

In high school, Yoo Jung-Sook provided assistance to Park Ki-Young, but it felt more like charity. He has always been curious about the progress of the serial murder case, so it feels like he is one of the accomplices in the case. He takes advantage of Bae Min-Gyu’s crimes to escape using his family connections. At the same time, Park Ki-Young uses Oh Jin-Woo, who is privy to secrets within Yoo Jung-Sook’s household, to investigate Yoo Jung-Sook.

Especially during critical moments, Park Ki-Young consistently obstructs Cha Young-Woon, showing his motive to challenge him. He also questions Cha Young-Woon as the real culprit during a press conference. Therefore, Park Ki-Young’s inferiority complex may be directed towards Cha Young-Woon (especially since Cha Young-Woon has never experienced failure as a prosecutor). The real culprit would want to challenge him too. In episode 4 of “Longing for You,” Park Ki-young even murmurs phrases like “You can get whatever you want.”

So it seems that he despises Cha Young-Woon’s use of power and means to obtain everything—including the fact that Cha Young-Woon actually had a heart transplant because when he returned from America in episode 4 of “Longing for You,” he said he wanted a drink despite not being able to drink before this year—proof that he had a heart transplant, and it appears to be Oh Jin-Woo’s heart. In episode 7, there is a scene of Bae Min-Gyu committing the crime, which may suggest that Park Ki-Young is helping create an alibi for him.

Why does Park Ki-Young dislike Yoo Jung-Sook, who has been helping him? In episode 6 of “Longing for You,” Park Ki-Young questions whether the assistance he receives is truly well-intentioned. To him, this kind of aid feels more like “charity from the wealthy.” He even says that every time he receives money, he feels destitute.

As we deduced earlier, his feelings of inferiority stem not only from his upbringing but also from Yoo Jung-Sook’s excessive motherly love, which has distorted his perception. This is revealed in the ending of episode 6 when it is shown that Park Ki-Young has a room similar to Cha Young-Woon’s.

I believe this indicates that Park Ki-Young wants to replace Cha Young-Woon (as echoed in episode 8 when he tells Go Young-Joo, “I am Cha Young-Woon; Cha Young-Woon is me”). His envy turns into jealousy and anger directed towards Cha Young-Woon.

Looking at how Park Ki-Young possesses a room identical to Cha Young-Woon’s in episode 7, it confirms this point – there exists within him a twisted desire to compare and challenge himself against Cha Young-Woon.

Currently, all the victims are patients at Chenchen Medical Center. According to Park Ki-Young’s intentions, he aims to strike back at Chenchen Medical Center. In episode 7 of “Longing for You,” Park Ki-Young hints at a past where Yoo Jung-Sook did bring happiness into his life. However, something happened afterwards that hurt him deeply and connects with Oh Jin-Sung’s statement about how planning murders seems beyond just insecurity on Park Ki-Young’s part.

Since all the victims are patients at Chenchen Medical Center as well, it suggests that Park Ki-Young’s main objective must be exposing the center’s corrupt practices and even revealing the truth behind Yoo Jung-Sook’s involvement in Cha Young-Woon and Oh Jin-Woo’s heart transplant. In episode 8, Park Ki-Young mentions how we are all like cashmere sweaters that get discarded at the slightest flaw.

As for the true culprit of the first murder case, it is Bae Min-Gyu. What could be his motive? In the ending of episode 5 of “Longing for You,” when Jung Woo-No gives money to Bae Tae-Ook, there is a scene where Bae Tae-Ook unexpectedly hits Bae Min-Gyu on his buttocks – a very eerie moment indeed! Bae Min-Gyu has an extremely antisocial personality, so if he experienced any form of abuse or trauma within his family, it is likely connected to Bae Tae-Ook. Therefore, assuming that Bae Min-Gyu is actually the real culprit, his twisted nature may stem from his relationship with Bae Tae-Ook.

Longing for you-What happened between Park Ki-Young and Cha Young-Woon?

Park Ki-Young’s choice of Bae Min-Gyu is worth discussing here. In episode eight, the writer reveals through a conversation between Bae Min-Gyu and Park Ki-Young that Park Ki-Young is indeed using Bae Min-Gyu. Apart from Bae Min-Gyu’s twisted personality, what makes him even more appealing to Park Ki-Young is his wealthy politician father who has an endless supply of money.

As Park Ki-Young puts it, “You lucky man, the son-controlled Bae Tae-Ook congressman has secretly prepared offshore funds for someone.” However, the combination of Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu created by the writer is actually a satire on Park Ki-Young’s own life. He mentioned that he lacks connections and influential background support, so he resorts to some tricks as survival tactics. Therefore, the existence of Bae Min-Gyu serves as a power role for Park Ki-Young to rely on.

Let’s talk about the main point now, which is what happened to Park Ki-Young and Cha Young-Woon’s family? Based on the content of Episode 8 of “Longing for You,” Park Ki-Young said, “I have a lot of dissatisfaction with Cha Young-Woon’s family. Cha Young-Woon is like the ‘faith’ of that family.

I have thought about how to express this dissatisfaction.” From this, we can understand that Yoo Jung-Sook started supporting Park Ki-Young when he was young and treated him like a son. However, Park Ki-Young mentioned having many grievances towards Cha Young-Woon’s family. What are these grievances? Could it be that Cha Young-Woon also had his organs secretly harvested in the past? Or perhaps Park Ki-Young had a close friend who died because of Cha Young-Woon? Like Oh Jin-Woo mysteriously becoming a donor for Cha Young-Woon?

In previous episodes, Park Ki-Young asked Oh Jin-Sung why Oh Jin-Woo died. This kind of statement seems to imply that Oh Jin-Sung should investigate Chenchun Medical Center just like that. Furthermore, Park Ki-Young also said, “How should I repay the price paid after those kindnesses?”

This echoes with what Park Ki-Young said about all of us being like cashmere sweaters belonging to Cha Young-Woon; once there is a flaw, we will be discarded. And now until present time when Cha Young-Woon needs another heart transplant, so Park Ki-Young starts planning this series of events through Bae Min-Gyu to torment him.

In Episode 8, the crime writer described Park Ki-Young as excessively confident and attention-seeking. Therefore, the screenwriter has somewhat reversed Park-Ki-young’s personality traits. He believes he can rival with Cha Yong Woom and at the same time criticizes Yoo Jung-Sook’s excessive motherly love towards Cha Young-Woon. Yoo Jung-Sook’s kindness towards others exists only for the benefit of Cha Young-Woon, which is what Park Ki-Young dislikes the most.

Therefore, I speculate that Park Ki-Young may have had an organ harvested for Cha Young-Woon in the past, or perhaps a friend was a donor for him due to Yoo Jung-Sook. (Especially when Park Ki-Young said “We are all expendable” in Episode 8, there were tears in his eyes.)