Longing for You – episode 11+12 recap and 4 theories, ending explained


Korean drama Longing for You Episode 11+12 Plot

“Longing for You” episode 11 Plot :Oh Jin-Sung discovers that Cha Young-Woon is the recipient of Oh Jin-Woo’s heart, and Chenchun Medical Center has also fabricated Cha Young-Woon’s surgical records. This revelation shocks Cha Young-Woon, Oh Jin-Sung, and Go Young-Joo, especially since Cha Young-Woon has no idea how to confront this terrifying truth about their family.

However, because they are still family after all, Cha Young-Woon is somewhat persuaded by their father not to take drastic measures against them. But for Oh Jin-Sung, it’s a different story. Both Oh Jin-Sung and Go Young-Joo vow to find evidence that can prosecute Jung Woo-No and Yoo Jung-Sook.

“Longing for You” episode 12 Plot : The prosecution here, although having a bunch of circumstantial evidence, just doesn’t have any direct evidence to prove the connection between Jung Woo-No and Oh Jin-Woo’s murder case.

The prosecution believes that all the clues are stuck with Park Ki-Young because he is someone who thoroughly understands everything. Therefore, Oh Jin-Sung investigated Park Ki-Young’s past and even suspected that Park Ki-Young might not be dead at all~

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Longing for You – episode 9+10 recap and 2 theories, ending explained

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Korean drama Longing for You episode 11 recap

🔺 Episode 11 “Longing for You” Synopsis: Oh Jin-Sung discovers that Cha Young-Woon’s heart transplant is related to Oh Jin-Woo’s murder case, and it was Chen Chen who forged the records to give Cha Young-Woon Oh Jin-Woo’s heart. Oh Jin-Sung believes that Yoo Jung-Sook knew about Cha Jin-Cheol having a secret child in order to save Cha Young-Woon, so he instructs Jung Woo-No to monitor Oh Jin-Woo.

On the other hand, Cha Young-Woon also investigates the possibility of his heart coming from Oh Jin-Woo and asks Jung Woo-No about it. He recalls the day when Jung Woo-No came to his house for the first time and went out with him, realizing that there was someone completely by his side. He understands that Jung Woo-No was saved by his mother and is willing to do anything for her. However, Cha Young-Woon cannot accept this fact and decides to pursue legal action.

Before this, Cha Young-Woon goes back home specifically to question Yoo Jung-Sook. Yoo Jung-Sook expresses no regrets about her decision because as a mother, she would do anything to save her child. For Cha Young-Woon, this burden is forced upon him; he further condemns Cha Jin-Cheol for knowing that Oh Jin-woo is their own flesh and blood but still taking someone else’s heart!

Faced with Yoo Jung-Sook who doesn’t think she did anything wrong at all, Cha Young Woon no longer recognizes this mother before him. In response, Cha-Jin Cheol tellsCha-Young Woomthat it was Yoo-Jung Sook who wasted away her life just so he could live until today; he hopesCha-Young Woomwill not forget this fact.So when faced with questioning from Go-Young Jooand feeling like he should file a lawsuit against Jung Woo-No and Yoo Jung-Sook, Cha Young-Woon’s attitude changes.

He believes that the cufflinks found at the scene of Oh Jin-Woo’s case cannot be direct evidence of Jung Woo-No attacking him, so Cha Young-Woon tells Go-Young Joo not to get involved in this case.But in reality, Cha Young-Woon is afraid that Go-Young Joo will be harmed or even lose each other.

For Go-Young Joo, no matter what happens, it will be painful; therefore she wants to face the pain head-on with dignity. From birth to death, Oh Jin-Woo was abandoned every step of the way. Oh Jin-Sung can’t believe how absurd his brother’s life has been and this only strengthens Go-Young Joo’s determination to become a prosecutor who is willing to sacrifice everything.

The next day, Jung Woo-No is urgently arrested. Despite facing various pieces of evidence, he remains calm and claims that meeting Kim Mi-Ro was purely for business purposes without knowing she was Oh Jin-Woo’s mother until Oh Jin-Sung mentions witnessing Jung Woo-No attacking Oh Jin-Woo on video footage. This momentarily shakes Jung Woo-No but soon after his arrest warrant is rejected and Oh-Jin Sung can only watch as he walks away free.

Longing for You episode 11 ending explained

🔺 End of Episode 9 of “Longing for You”:Yang Hee-Joo suddenly expressed her determination to do a good job as a prosecutor. She realized that growing up in a privileged family and having everything handed to her was not something she should take for granted.

Especially after witnessing Go Young-Joo’s energetic return to work after being discharged from the hospital, she felt inspired and requested to work together with Go Young-Joo. Yang Hee-Joo immediately brought news about Bae Min-Gyu’s lawyer, who is suffering from mental exhaustion but still determined to clear Bae Min-Gyu’s name.

Chu Young-Choon sensed that he was being monitored by the police, and his intuition proved correct when he discovered that Oh Jin-Sung had specially arranged for local police officers to provide witness protection for him.

Naturally, Oh Jin-Sung’s mother also sensed something amiss and interrogated the detectives until she learned about Chu Young-Choon’s connection to Oh Jin-Woo’s death. Enraged, she confronted Oh Jin-Sung demanding answers about the identity of the real culprit.

Yang Hee-Joo said that Park Ki-Young would have a witness video, either taken by himself or someone else. The key is how to obtain this video, so only Park Ki-Young is the key to uncovering the truth. Cha Young-Woon interrupted Yoo Jung-Sook’s celebration for Jung Woo-No’s release, saying that now Go Young-Joo has evidence that will definitely prosecute them.

Therefore, Cha Young-Woon wants to help Yoo Jung-Sook and others escape legal sanctions in order to protect his family. To ensure everything goes smoothly, Yoo Jung-Sook personally wants to confirm with Kim Mi-Ro whether she won’t suddenly turn against them. Go Young-Joo also thought about this point and wanted Kim Mi-Ro to admit that she is Oh Jin-Woo’s mother because such testimony would be advantageous.

Korean drama Longing for You episode 12 recap

🔺 Episode 12 “Longing for You” Plot: Oh Jin-Sung finds Kim Mi-Ro and discovers that she actually knows Park Ki-Young. Before their first meeting, Kim Mi-Ro already knew that Oh Jin-Woo had died, which is why she returned to Korea. Park Ki-Young approaches Kim Mi-Ro and reveals the truth about Oh Jin-Woo’s murder, showing her a video of the attack.

Interestingly, Park Ki-Young was also on the list of potential victims but escaped because of having hepatitis B. This means that Park Ki-Young is actually Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate child as well. Park Ki-Young wants Kim Mi-Ro to know that her brother Oh Jin-Sung will definitely help uncover the truth about Oh Jin-Woo’s death, so she must make a wise choice.

As a result, Kim Mi-Ro decides to give all the information regarding her past dealings with Yoo Jung-Sook and their agreement to keep quiet to Oh Jin-Sung. However, this entire exchange is witnessed by Yoo Jung-Sook.Meanwhile, it seems that Yoo Jung-Sook has also discovered there is a spy in her household since Kim Mi-Ro somehow knows about her conversation with Jung Woo-No at home.

She immediately suspects their maid and admits that when she first arrived at this house feeling defeated, Park Ki-Young helped her adapt to work and assisted with her mother’s cancer treatment expenses and hospital arrangements. In return, she helped Park Ki-Young install hidden cameras in Yoo Jung-Sook’s house and gather information. This explains how Park Ki-Young knew when Jung Woo-No would target Oh Jin-Woo specifically enough to capture it on video footage.

Oh Jin-Sung and Go Young-Joo currently have enough evidence to apply for an arrest warrant against both Jung Woo-No and Yoo Jung-Sook. Additionally, Oh Jin-Sung has also discovered that Park Ki-Young’s biological father is actually Cha Jin-Cheol. Park Ki-Young’s birth mother did not take good care of her as she was abandoned by the modeling industry when she became pregnant and even developed a drug addiction, leading a difficult life.

Park Seo-Ya reveals that Chen Chen began sending nutritional supplements to her, but gradually she started experiencing symptoms of drug poisoning. The doctor then informed her that the medication Park Seo-Ya had been taking was actually a type of illegal substance. It wasn’t until after her mother passed away that Park Ki-Young learned from Lawyer Hong’s mother that Chen Chen was responsible for her mother’s death.

With this testimony, Go Young-Joo believes it is highly unlikely for Park Ki-Young to commit suicide if she had such a clear revenge plan in mind. Therefore, Oh Jin-Sung agrees with the theory that it was a “staged” suicide because the evidence at the scene and the farewell video seemed designed to make everyone believe in his death while using an unrecognizable self-immolation method, creating inconsistencies.

This suggests someone who would benefit from Park Ki-Young disappearing orchestrated it. Oh Jin-Sung specifically seeks out Cha Young-Woon to confirm whether there is any blood relation between him and Park Ki-Young, providing Cha Young-Woon with Kim Mi-Ro’s toothbrush for DNA testing purposes.

Longing for You episode 12 ending explained

🔺 In this episode of “Longing for You,” Hong Young-Hee now hates everything, even doesn’t want Chu Young-Choon at all. Even Pi Jang-Mi’s attempt to appease her is useless. Pi Jang-Mi wants Chu Young-Choon to stay here and not leave. If punishment is necessary, it should be accepted here rather than leaving directly.

After all, even Pi Jang-Mi cannot easily forgive Chu Young-Choon. The prosecution has already applied for warrants for both of them. Cha Young-Woon believes that the prosecution must have evidence that they are unaware of.

Cha Young-Woon suggests that if they want to reduce their sentence, the only option is to surrender themselves, especially Jung Woo-No can claim that the attempted murder was an accidental mistake, and then in the second trial present direct evidence proving no murder occurred, overturning the verdict of the first trial.

Yoo Jung-Sook has decided to send Jung Woo-No abroad, but the risk is high as he would be directly seen as fleeing from guilt. Jung Woo-No claims that he will take full responsibility. The DNA test results of Cha Young-Woon and Park Ki-Young confirm that they are brothers. Cha Young-Woon immediately suspects that Yoo Jung-Sook must have known all along that Park Ki-Young was also his brother, which is why he deliberately helped him.

Cha Young-Woon questions Yoo Jung-Sook again about his involvement in Park Ki-Young’s suicide case, but Yoo Jung-Sook evades the question and does not reveal the truth.Oh Jin-Sung discusses with the team here about the suicide case of Park Ki-Young and realizes that he may have overinterpreted it. At the time, identification could only be confirmed through dental records provided by Chenchen Medical Center, which seems suspicious.

After Oh Jin-Sung’s thorough investigation, it is discovered that the dental records were forged by Chenchen Medical Center, proving that the implication of Park Ki-Young’s suicide was fabricated. Oh Jin-Sung suddenly realizes that Park Ki-Young might be at Jung Woo-No’s house.

Go Young-Joo interrogates Jung Woo-No once again but this time unexpectedly, Jung Woo-No openly admits that the cufflink belongs to him and reveals his whereabouts at Youjin Hospital. He confesses it was a mere coincidence and denies any knowledge regarding Cha Young-Woon receiving a heart transplant until Go Young-Joo presents secretly recorded conversations from their home, exposing Jung Woo-No’s lies.

Longing for You Episode 11+12 Review and Theories

longing for you episode 11 & 12
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Longing for you-Is Park Ki-Young actually Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate child?

In the summary of episodes 11 and 12 of “Longing for You,” it is confirmed that Oh Jin-Woo is Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate child. Yoo Jung-Sook used Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate child to find a heart for Cha Young-Woon in order to save his life. In these episodes, it is also revealed that my previous speculation in the first two episodes was correct – Park Ki-Young is also one of Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate children!

As for Park Ki-Young’s disappearance, did he really “die at the hands of Jung Woo-No” or was he “hidden by Jung Woo-No (Yoo Jung-Sook)”? In the ending of episode eight of “Longing for You,”

Park Ki-Young was taken away by Jung Woo-No’s people at the airport. Therefore, if Park Ki-Young really died, it means it was under Yoo Jung-Sook’s orders. I won’t go into detail about why Park Ki-Young would want to uncover the secrets of Cha Young-Woon’s family in this article; you can refer to past articles for a detailed analysis.

Now, in episode nine of “Longing for You,” the writer-director reveals that before going abroad to study, Cha Young-Woon had received a heart transplant. This probably implies that the focus will shift towards Oh Jin-Woo seeking revenge against Yoo Jung-Sook as his birth mother.

The ending of episode nine hints at Oh Jin-Woo’s case, so in future episodes, the writer should mainly focus on Kim Mi-Ro and Oh Jin-Woo’s story. However, we should also pay attention to Kim Mi-Ro and Park Ki-Young’s relationship since Park Ki-Young is an unmarried mother who gave birth to her child.

If he holds such resentment towards Cha Young-Woon and insists on bringing up Oh Jin-Woo’s case, it means he is likely Cha Jin-Cheol’s illegitimate child as well. (Especially considering that Park Ki-Young’s mother was also a model for the Chenchen Group, so there is a high chance of a connection between Park Ki-Young and Cha Jin-Cheol.)

Longing for you-Cha Young-Woon is the conviction and faith of Yoo Jung-Sook, while Yoo Jung-Sook is the conviction and faith of Jung Woo-No.

“The two episodes of ‘Longing for You’ depict Jung Woo-No’s dedication and sacrifice for Yoo Jung-Sook. What I find impressive is that the writer portrays Jung Woo-No as someone who genuinely cares for Yoo Jung-Sook, not solely driven by monetary gain. For Jung Woo-No, whose life was saved by Yoo Jung-Sook, this second chance at life is invaluable. It makes him appreciate the source of his existence even more.

Therefore, Cha Young-Woon’s life holds great significance to Jung Woo-No because he understands how important and precious it is to Yoo Jung-Sook. Regardless of the circumstances, the character of Jung Woo-No in the script will use his own life to repay Yoo-Jung Sook.

Is “emotional attachment and family love” what determines the value of one’s life? From Park Ki-Young’s perspective as a criminal, what upsets him is that Yoo-Jung Sook values lives other than Cha Young-Woon because she loves her son. On the other hand, one major reason why Jung Woo-No is willing to commit these crimes on behalf of Yoo-Jung Sook is out of gratitude towards her and affection for Cha Young-Woon.

In episode 11 of ‘Longing for You,’ the writer specifically presents Cha Young-Woon with this harsh reality: ironically, “family love” becomes a burden and guilt for him since he carries someone else’s heart inside him against his will. As another child of Cha Jin-Cheol, I believe Cha Young-Woon thinks that all siblings should be treated equally – which aligns with Oh Jin-Woo being treated differently by Oh Jin-Sung’s mother in their past; it mocks the concept that “other people’s children are not important.”

“It is cruel that everyone’s worth in this world differs; you are deserving to live because you must accomplish something more significant and grand.” Yoo Jung-Sook’s perspective is a selfish form of maternal love.

I think this is why the writer uses the character Yang Hee-Joo in episode 11 of ‘Longing for You’ to highlight that Yoo Jung-Sook’s way of upbringing is flawed. Yang Hee-Joo says, “I was born into a good family with a good brain, completely unaware of the hardships in the world; I took my environment and possessions for granted.” This character reflects Cha Young-Woon’s upbringing and also exposes how elders mistakenly believe their excessive affection towards children is an act of great love when, in reality, they are pushing them towards abyss as culprits.

The writer of ‘Longing for You’ uses Cha Young-Woon’s family background to illustrate how Yoo Jung-Sook resolves unfortunate situations through her power and influence. Cha Young-Woon states, “I was born with congenital heart problems; anyone could face misfortune. It’s just that you cannot accept it due to your arrogance – thinking that neither I nor our family can be unlucky.”

The writer portrays Yoo Jung-Sook’s motherly love as something taken for granted. Through Yoo Jung-Sook’s words, viewers can sense her distorted perception of being a mother. In my opinion, the intention behind this portrayal in ‘Longing for You’ is not to depict saving children but rather burdening them with lifelong guilt. That’s why Cha Young-Woon asks: “Are you saving me or killing me?”

Ultimately, what Yoo Jung-Sook and Cha Jin-Cheol protect isn’t Cha Young-Woon himself but their own pride and reputation – just like how Yoo-Jung Sook herself says: “As a doctor, I couldn’t save you so now I challenge God.” Such maternal love represents moral distortion.”

Longing For You-I will follow you until the deepest depths of hell.

Because there are still two episodes left of “Longing for You,” all the antagonists who have been hiding will come out, especially Jung Woo-No VS Oh Jin-Sung; Yoo Jung-Sook VS Oh Jin-Sung, Go Young-Joo. In episode 11 of “Longing for You,” Jung Woo-No can quickly escape arrest and expose the power, connections, and collusion of Yoo Jung-Sook’s network. The writer of “Longing for You” is brewing a storyline where the villains can easily evade punishment. Just like how Yoo Jung-Sook said she can use her power to eliminate all misfortunes in her family, she will also deal with Oh Jin-Sung and Go Young-Joo using similar methods.

This design will instantly give depth to the character of Oh Jin-Sung because he is a tenacious detective. Especially when we look back at past cases like finding Park Ki-Young or Bae Min-Gyu, Oh Jin-Sung always finds a breakthrough point. From the plot structure in these two episodes of “Longing for You,” we can see that the writer has divided the story into two factions: one side covering up crimes led by Yoo Jung-Sook and another side consisting of a special investigation team (Oh Jin-Sung, Go Young-Joo, Yang Hee-Joo) opposing Yoo Jung-Sook’s schemes.

These two episodes show that the writer has taken the theory that “putting wealthy and influential people behind bars is indeed a big problem” to its highest point. When compared to Oh Jin-sung telling Jung Woo-No that he will follow him until hell freezes over, we can feel his determination not to let go and understand how difficult it is to deal with rich people.

Oh right! Speaking about Cha Young-Woon suddenly helping Yoo Jung-sook’s group in episode 11 of “Longing for You,” I personally find this change a bit abrupt and strange. In my interpretation, I think Cha Young-Woon is using double-agent tactics to make Yoo Jung-Sook’s group lower their guard.

This way, Cha Young-Woon can obtain more testimonies and information from them. Even the fact that Kim Mi-Ro was easily bought by Jung Woo-No’s group, I believe it was intentional on her part. Pretending to compromise allows Yoo Jung-Sook to let her guard down and even leave behind evidence of being bribed, which can serve as direct proof to bring down Yoo Jung-Sook.

As for the two episodes of “Longing for You,” they have been focusing on the “witness” who witnessed Jung Woo-No attacking Oh Jin-Woo. It even mentioned that Park Ki-Young is the key person to unravel this case. However, Park Ki-Young was taken away by Jung Woo-No’s people at the airport, so logically speaking, Park Ki-Young should not have escaped with his life. But in episode 12 of “Longing for You,” it seems that Park Ki-Young did not die. Why is that? Why didn’t they eliminate someone who poses a threat to their secret?

I still can’t understand why they would spare Park Ki-Young’s life. And why didn’t Park Ki-Young escape? I think it’s highly possible that Park Ki-Young set up a trap himself. First, he allowed himself to be captured by Jung Woo-No, and then there must have been some kind of agreement between them.

Later on, he knew that Oh Jin-Sung would relentlessly investigate the truth, so in the final scene of episode 12 of “Longing for You,” it feels like Park Ki-Young is very happy as if Oh Jin-Sung has found him and knows that Oh Jin-Sung has already uncovered the truth.

Longing Fpr You-Are children from wealthy families inherently more accomplished?

I quite like the way the scriptwriters of “Longing for You” dedicated a lot of screen time to depicting the differences between children from privileged backgrounds and those from ordinary families, especially in Episode 12 where Hong Young-Hee and Pi Jang-Mi express their longing for Oh Jin-Woo.

Through these two women’s yearning, guilt, and love for Oh Jin-Woo, the writers aim to emphasize that Yoo Jung-Sook’s motherly love is neither greater nor more correct than others’. In these two episodes of “Longing for You,” several mother characters are used as a means of comparison and contrast, allowing viewers to understand how many choices made by mothers determine their children’s destinies.

For example, Yoo Jung-Sook repeatedly claims that she would do anything to save Cha Young-Woon’s life. Her maternal love is extreme to the point where she even eliminates Park Ki-Young’s mother.

As for Kim Mi-Ro, Yoo Jung-Sook accuses her saying, “It was because you abandoned your son that he died.” Kim Mi-Ro’s maternal love is one filled with remorse and regret but comes too late. It contrasts with Yoo Jung-Sook; initially, I personally found it hard to forgive Kim Mi-Ro as a mother because she abandoned Oh Jin-Woo and chose self-destruction. However, later on she seeks redemption by wanting to make amends with Oh Jin-Woo and take him to live in France.

Hong Young-Hee’s love for Oh Jin-Woo at first was unable to love a child without blood ties. However, in the later part of “Longing for You,” the screenwriter portrays that a mother can also love a child without blood ties. Pi Jang-Mi is also an example of this. When Oh Jin-Woo was about to be abandoned at the amusement park by Hong Young-Hee, it was she who brought him back.

These two mothers who have no blood relation with Oh Jin-Woo initially resisted, but their maternal love towards him indeed surpasses Kim Mi-Ro’s. I feel that in these two episodes, the screenwriter explores a mother’s instinct. Yoo Jung-Sook’s instinct allows her to do anything for Cha Young-Woon, but isn’t Hong Young-Hee the same?

I’m not saying that the screenwriter wants us to understand or justify Yoo Jung-Sook’s actions through chemistry and physics principles; rather, through Hong Young-Hee’s character, we are shown that hatred towards this world and certain individuals can only be resolved by letting go and accepting them.

It is similar to how Yoo Jung-Sook faces Cha Young-Woon’s congenital heart problem – it is because she cannot let go that she dirties her own hands. Initially, Hong Young-Hee hated both Yoo Jung-Sook and those who killed Oh Jin-Woo so much that she even mentioned killing the culprit herself and going to prison afterwards – such radical words show me how a mother can indeed act impulsively and lose rationality due to her love for her child.

Anyone has the potential to become twisted like Yoo Jung-Sook due to distorted maternal love, but only by letting go and responding rationally can we completely resolve this hatred