Longing for You (finale)– episode 13+14 recap and 4 highlights, ending explained


Korean drama Longing for You Episode 13+14 Plot

“Longing for You” episode 13 Plot : Oh Jin-Sung finally discovers the hidden whereabouts of Park Ki-Young. Meanwhile, Go Young-Joo uses Park Ki-Young as a key player to unravel the lies of Yoo Jung-Sook and Jung Woo-No. Although the prosecution has gathered plenty of circumstantial evidence, they still cannot find direct evidence against Yoo Jung-Sook’s crimes. With Jung Woo-No obstructing their path, it becomes a major challenge for Go Young-Joo and Oh Jin-Sung.

“Longing for You” episode 14 Plot :  Cha Young-Woon finding strong evidence of Yoo Jung-Sook’s crime. However, he struggles with deciding what to do until he finally listens to his father’s advice and realizes the path he should take in life. In court, Yoo Jung-Sook faces Cha Young-Woon. As a mother, she acknowledges her guilt but does not regret her actions for the sake of Cha Young-Woon. Ultimately, Yoo Jung-Sook’s emotional defenses are broken through, and she understands that she must also seek redemption.

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Longing for You – episode 11+12 recap and 4 theories, ending explained

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Korean drama Longing for You episode 13 recap

🔺 Episode 13 “Longing for You” Plot: Oh Jin-Sung finally tracks down Park Ki-Young’s whereabouts. On the other hand, Go Young-Joo and her team log into Park Ki-Young’s cloud account and discover a plethora of evidence, including a video implicating Yoo Jung-Sook and Jung Woo-No as accomplices.

During the interrogation of Jung Woo-No, Go Young-Joo also mentions that he is the one who kidnapped Park Ki-Young. Cha Young-Woon informs Yoo Jung-Sook that even if these videos are considered illegal evidence and her search warrant may be rejected, the prosecution must have other evidence at their disposal and could come knocking at any time. Cha Young-Woon urges Yoo Jung-Sook not to hide anything else that could put them in a disadvantageous position.

At this moment, Oh Jin-Sung leads a team to arrest Yoo Jung-Sook urgently in order to find out if she ordered the kidnapping of Park Ki-Young? They also bring in Jung Woo-No for confrontation, but both vehemently deny any involvement in the kidnapping until Park Ki-Young appears before them.

As for why Park Ki-Young is still alive, it turns out that Jung Woo-No went against Yoo Jung-Sook’s wishes and secretly spared Park Ki-Young’s life, hiding him away and making it appear as if he were dead. Park Ki-Young can testify to this fact, as Yoo Jung-Sook had intended to eliminate him.

However, Jung Woo-No took full responsibility and shielded Yoo Jung-Sook from suspicion. It wasn’t until Go Young-Joo presented evidence from Yoo Jung-Sook’s computer revealing that Park Ki-Young and Oh Jin-Woo are half-siblings with the same father but different mothers that the lies of Yoo Jung-Sook were exposed.

Furthermore, Park Ki-Young captured footage of Jung Woo-No attacking Oh Jin-Woo and leaving the scene, providing further proof to debunk his lies. Go Young-Joo also broke through each of Jung Woo-No’s schemes in which he attempted to shoulder all blame.

Cha Young-Woon decides to reinvestigate the serial murder case involving Park Ki-Young in order to determine when exactly he became aware of Yoo Jong-Sook’s plan. Park Ki-Young confesses that Bae Min-Gyu was his first victim, while subsequent cases involved hiring Lee Sung-Yong as an assassin.

The criminal characteristics and weapons used in these cases were all designed by Park Ki-Young himself. After seeing Oh Jin-Woos’ knife collection, he came up with the idea of creating a perpetrator who uses high-end sashimi knives as their weapon of choice. He also observed Oh Jin-Woos’ fondness for photographing people’s ankles and exploited this psychological quirk as part of his crimes.

Longing for You episode 13 ending explained

🔺 End of Episode 9 of “Longing for You”:Following Park Ki-Young’s confession about the cases, Cha Young-Woon reflects on their past relationship and how he genuinely considered him a brother figure. Initially, this sentiment was reciprocated by Park Ki-Young. However, everything became ironic and twisted once they discovered Yoo Jung-Sook’s true nature. Now, Park Ki-Young no longer wishes to be considered Cha Young-Woon’s brother because their reunion has unfolded in such a manner.

Park Ki-Young’s revenge plan began when he found out that his biological father was actually Cha Jin-Cheol and that his mother was intentionally killed by Yoo Jung-Sook. At first, he thought it was because Yoo Jung-Sook had an affair, but one day Park Ki-Young discovered on Yoo Jung-Sook’s computer that he was a heart match for Cha Young-Woon. This is when he uncovered the true identity of Yoo Jung-Sook.

At the same time, Oh Jin-Woo was also a match, so Park Ki-Young approached Chu Young-Choon and Oh Jin-Woo to understand more. He realized that Chu Young-Choon had been monitoring Oh Jin-Woo (because Oh Jin-Woo was Chu Young-Choon’s VIP patient) and secretly obtained Oh Jin-Woo’s DNA.

Therefore, committing a series of murders with the intention of framing Oh Jin-Woo and getting him imprisoned in order to disrupt Yoo Jung-Sook’s plan. However, it was due to the relentless efforts of Oh Jin-Sung in clearing Oh Jin-Woos name that led to his demise.

Go Young-Joo interrogated Yoo Jung-Sook again. Yoo Jung-Sook vehemently denied instructing Jung Woo-No to have Kim Mi-Ro sign a confidentiality agreement. However, it turns out that Kim Mi-Ro had intentionally recorded her conversation with Jung Woo-No as evidence of Yoo Jung-Sook’s instructions. Surprisingly, the Prosecutor General ordered the release of Yoo Jung-Sook and stated that an unrestricted investigation would be necessary if further inquiry was required.

Initially angered by this decision, Go Young-Joo’s team discovered more evidence of illegal organ transplants at Jinjin Medical Center, including information obtained from Park Ki-Young’s cloud storage. It was revealed that Park Ki-Young knew about Chris donating billions to Chenchen and reported it, leading to the deletion of all his reports by the company due to hidden motives.

It was later found out that Chris made the donations in order for Jinjin Medical Center to find a suitable organ match for him.  Jinjin Medical Center provides free health check-ups for young people from low-income households every year, so they have a huge clinical database to find matching donors.

That’s why Jinjin Medical Center bribed Bae Tae-Ook, the chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee, to ensure that all surgeries can be matched in advance without being detected. Oh Jin-Sung found a match for Chris, and both of these young people are still living well but were falsely declared brain dead. Oh Jin-Sung and his team encountered evidence that proves what Bae Tae-Ook has done for Jinjin Medical Center.

Therefore, Oh Jin-Sung decides to induce him into confessing during questioning. This tactic turns out to be effective as it tricks Jung Woo-No into betraying him. As a result, Bae Tae-Ook is willing to testify about his dealings with Jinjin Medical Center.

Korean drama Longing for You episode 14 recap

🔺 Episode 14 “Longing for You” Plot: In response to the serial murder case, Cha Young-Woon seeks the death penalty for Park Ki-Young and Bae Min-Gyu. However, because of Cha Young-Woon’s request, Oh Jin-Sung has leverage to make Bae Tae-Ook become a witness in Yoo Jung-Sook’s case.

After all, Bae Tae-Ook is willing to do anything for his son. Cha Jin-Cheol rushes to the detention center to see Park Ki-Young and apologizes for not recognizing him or helping his son. Park Ki-Young hesitates to acknowledge Cha Jin-Cheol because he believes that they have the same goal as Yoo Jung-Sook and fears that his suspicions about his father will be confirmed.

Otherwise, Park Ki-Young has always wanted to call Cha Jin-Cheol “father.” Meanwhile, Yoo Jung-Sook visits Jung Woo-No at the detention center. Jung Woo-No does not blame Yoo Jung-Sook and hopes they can maintain a trusting relationship.

Hong Young-Hee angrily scolds Yoo Jung-Sook for speaking so convincingly when Oh Jin-Woo needed an organ donation. She even uses her own experience of receiving a kidney transplant from Hong Young-Hee as an example of gratitude repayment.

However, it turns out that Oh Jin-Woo was killed by Oh Jin-Woo himself. Hong Young-Hee reprimands Yoo Jung-Sook as a mother who could commit such an act. Throughout this process, Yoo Jung-Sook remains silent but seems awakened by Hong Young-Hee’s words.

Go Young-Joo worries whether indirect evidence will be enough to convict Yoo Jung-Sook while writing her complaint letter against him.On the day of the trial, Chu Young-Choon testifies that he was only observing Oh Jin-Woo under Jung Woo-No’s orders and taking care of his health. He claims to be unaware of the true purpose behind these actions, thinking it was merely part of a clinical experiment plan by Jinjin Medical Center.

Jung Woo-No confessed his crimes under the pressure of Go Young-Joo’s questioning and the evidence she presented. In addition, Kim Mi-Ro could confirm that Yoo Jung-Sook tried to bribe her with money not to expose the secret that Oh Jin-Woo is his biological son.

Of course, Kim Mi-Ro also blamed herself for being a powerless mother who couldn’t protect Oh Jin-Woo, so she envied Yoo Jung-Sook for being able to be such a giving mother to her son. As for Park Ki-Young, he recounted his motives for committing consecutive murders as revenge against Yoo Jung-Sook because of his love for Cha Young-Woon’s mother, which turned him into a criminal.

He also hoped that the judge would ensure a fair and just trial. Regarding the crime of illegally obtaining organs at Jinjin Medical Center, Cha Young-Woon decided to voluntarily become a witness and face interrogation.

Longing for You episode 14 ending explained

🔺 In this episode of “Longing for You,” Cha Young-Woon realizes that his mother loves him very much and wants him to be happy more than anyone else. He knows that he cannot be happy in the remaining years of his life, but at least he can live openly and honestly. Even though his mother cannot forgive her current actions, he still hopes that Yoo Jung-Sook will confess her crimes.

Furthermore, Cha Young-Woon hands over the surveillance footage of Oh Jin-Woo being killed by Yoo Jung-Sook in the hospital to Oh Jin-Sung and Go Young-Joo. This shocks and surprises Yoo Jung-Sook, leading her to admit her guilt.

However, when making her final statement, Yoo Jung-Sook does not regret what she did for the sake of Cha Young-Woon. Despite it being a wrong path to take, as a mother, she continued down this road because it was her duty. Therefore, she is now willing to seek redemption.

Yoo Jung-Sook and Jung Woo-No are ultimately sentenced to life imprisonment instead of death penalty. The prosecution is not entirely pleased with this outcome but at least justice has been served for Oh Jin-Woo. One year later, Yang Hee-Joo is transferred by her father to work in the countryside while Oh Jin-Sung continues investigating cases as before.

Bae Min-Gyu and Park Ki-Young secretly plan their escape from prison while Bae Min-Gyu becomes once again a pawn in Park Ki-Young’s scheme XD Meanwhile, Cha Jin-Cheol regularly visits Park Ki-Young in prison at fixed times.Yoo Jung-Sook spends every day repenting in prison but refuses to open any letters sent by Cha Young-Woon or meet him even after a year has passed~

Longing for You Episode 13+14 Review and Theories

longing for you ending
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Longing for you Ending Explained: Can you provide evidence that proves Yoo Jung-Sook’s involvement in the crime?

Longing for You’s final two episodes,  wrapped up the case neatly and thoroughly. I won’t go into detail about the content of the case, as it’s best to watch the plot unfold smoothly. Instead, I’d like to focus on the resolution of the intertwined relationships and love-hate conflicts between characters.

Initially, Cha Young-Woon’s sudden decision to help Yoo Jung-Sook seemed abrupt. Furthermore, his role in assisting Yoo Jung-Sook appeared rather insignificant; he would explain legal actions taken by the prosecution with just a few words.

However, after watching Episode 13 of Longing for You’s finale, I began to understand the writer’s intention behind Cha Young-Woon’s character development. Although he disagreed with his mother’s actions, he couldn’t blame her because she had saved his life.

As a prosecutor himself who couldn’t condone his mother’s criminal behavior, he also couldn’t engage in any illegal activities such as covering up or destroying evidence for her sake. Therefore, in Longing for You’s finale written by this particular screenwriter, Cha Young-Woon appears useless but remains by Yoo Jung-Sook’s side until witnessing his mother being arrested.

I believe that Cha Young-Woon portrayed by Longing for You’s screenwriter is filled with inner turmoil. Especially during that scene in the interrogation room where Go Young-Joo unraveled one lie after another from Yoo Jung-Sook and Jung Woo-No – inside that small room – Cha Young-Woon must have been overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

As a prosecutor himself, he couldn’t use illegal means to save his mother; yet as her son who received a heart transplant at the cost of her own life experiences – let’s face it – Cha Young-Woon obtained benefits that are particularly ironic given both his roles as a son and a prosecutor

In the final two episodes of “Longing for You finale”, there are many scenes set in the interrogation room. One characteristic of this drama is that every time there is “insufficient evidence” or “problematic evidence,” allowing the criminals to escape. The writer employs this technique until the end, especially regarding Yoo Jung-Sook.

Although there is evidence against Yoo Jung-Sook, he manages to clear his name from beginning to end. This echoes what Park Ki-Young said about Yoo Jung-Sook and Chen Chen not being easy to deal with because of Yoo Jung-Sook’s connections and background, which Park Ki-Young realized after his mother was killed by Yoo Jung-Sook.

This also highlights why Park Ki-Young would use such extreme methods to deal with Yoo Jung-Sook and even told Cha Young-Woon, “Young-Woon, I am just a pawn for you; I have no life of my own. Besides, do you think anything will change after I tell you?” What Park Ki-Young means is that Yoo Jung-Sook always finds a way to escape suspicion.

Speaking of cruelty, although Yoo Jung-Sook saved Cha Young-Woon’s life, he also pushed him into hell himself. Cha Young-Woon lives every day with guilt on his conscience, especially when he found decisive evidence in the ending of “Longing for You finale”. He witnessed firsthand how Oh Jin-Woo was killed by both Yoo Jung-Sook and Jiang Hong Young-Hee scolded him in Episode 14 of “Longing for You finale”.

Personally, I quite like this design by the writer – it shows how devotedly Yoo Jong-Seok cares about Cha Young-Woon and only he can influence him emotionally. With Hong Young-Hee’s confrontation scene towards Yeo Jong-Seok in Episode 14 of “Longing for You finale”, I believe it awakened Yoo Jong-Seok’s maternal instincts and made him feel guilty about what he had done.

This became the most crucial evidence in the case: “confession of guilt”. The writer beautifully wrapped up “Longing for You finale” by having Cha Young-Woon choose to let his mother take responsibility and seek redemption, allowing him to live a clean life from now on. This is the meaningful new life that Yoo Jung-Sook gives to Cha Young-Woon. That’s why at the end, the writer has Cha Young-Woon say to Yoo Jung-Sook in court, “If you truly love me, confess.”

Longing for you Ending Explained:Did Park Ki-Young actually want to sabotage Yoo Jung-Sook’s plan?

“Longing For You,” the title of this drama, is finally revealed in Episode 13 of “Longing for You.” The main meaning behind “Longing for You” turns out to be the game that Park Ki-Young has been waiting for. It is about to come to an end as he waits for Oh Jin-Sung to reveal all the truths.

So, the key point that Park Ki-Young has been waiting for is Cha Young-Woon accepting Oh Jin-Woo’s heart and slowly starting to gather various criminal “evidence” (although “Longing for You” has been depicting the significance of longing for each character since Episode 1, not just Park Ki-Young).

The finale of “Longing for You,” in Episode 13, finally unravels the doubts left from the previous episode: why did Park Ki-Young threaten Yoo Jung-Sook but still keep him alive? It turns out it was Jung Woo-No’s private intention. Yoo Jung-Sook ordered Park Ki-Young’s elimination, but what about Jung Woo-No? What motivated him?

Perhaps it was because of their past emotional connection with Park Ki-Young that he felt pity (?). This can be inferred from seeing how Park Ki-Young always calls Jung Woo-No “brother.” Their relationship must have been quite good, which is why Jung Woo-No let Park Ki-Young live (the plot doesn’t provide a detailed explanation, but this is my own speculation).

“Ki-Young, when you found out about my mother’s plan, couldn’t you have told me first?”
“Young-Woon, I am merely a part you need; I don’t have a life of my own. Besides, would anything change if I had told you?”

Personally speaking, I quite liked the scene between Cha Young-Woon and Park Ki-young in the interrogation room. Apart from simply filling in the details of the serial murder case, what I particularly enjoyed about this scene was its direct irony. Park Ki-Young is ultimately a bad person because he knew all along that Oh Jin-Woo was Yoo Jung-Sook’s target. In the end, there isn’t much difference between Park Ki-Young and Yoo Jung-Sook.

Yoo Jung-Sook used Oh Jin-Woo to keep Cha Young-Woon alive, while Park Ki-Young used several lives to disrupt Yoo Jung-Sook’s plan of obtaining Oh Jin-Woo. It’s just that because Oh Jin-Sung worked hard to clear Oh Jin-Woo’s name, he was acquitted. This aspect of “Longing for You” leaves it up to Oh Jin-Sung to carry the burden of guilt towards Oh Jin-Woo – it portrays their brotherly bond quite well.

The portrayal of brotherly relationships in terms of Oh Jin-Sung’s feelings towards his brother, Park Ki-Young wanting to destroy Yoo Jung-Sook’s use of his brother (Oh Jin-Woo), Park Ki-Young not wanting to be Cha Young-Woon’s shadow forever as brothers, and Cha Young-Woon feeling responsible for his mother going to prison due to Park Ki-Young – all these depict complex and intertwined brotherly connections.

Longing For You Ending Explained-Does a mother’s love for her child have any limits?

“I am not Oh Jin-Woo’s biological mother. Do you think that just because he is not the child I carried for ten months, I can live my life as if nothing happened? You’re wrong. I’m not like wealthy people like you. I have never bought him nice clothes or let him eat delicious food. Instead, I make him help in the kitchen every day.

I have never said to him, ‘I’m sorry, Mom made a mistake.’ And now he’s gone because of it. It’s all because I am not Oh Jin-Woo’s biological mother that my heart feels even more sad and guilty. Does Yoo Jung-Sook feel better treating someone else’s child this way? How can a mother who has given birth to and raised children do such things?

In episode 14 of “Longing for You,” the writer contrasts Hong Young-Hee with Yoo Jung-Sook in their treatment of other people’s children in a scene at the office. Hong Young-Hee may not be Oh Jin-Woo’s biological mother, but she still has emotions towards him and feels guilty for not being a good enough mother.

On the other hand, when it comes to Yoo Jung-Sook, I quite liked how the writer portrayed her starting to feel overwhelmed by guilt in “Longing for You.” Yoo Jung-Sook doesn’t say anything when scolded by Young-Hee; she knows that she has killed someone else’s child. As a fellow mother herself, naturally she would also feel guilty about it.

Of course, through what Hong Young-Hee says during the court scene -“All mothers should know better than to insult another person’s child”- we understand that no matter what kind of situation they are in as mothers, they would never harm another person’s child.

However, during the court scene where Kim Mi-Ro expresses her own guilt so well, I feel that the writer of “Longing for You” has given all mothers a natural sense of guilt. Yoo Jung-Sook feels guilty for not being able to save Cha Young-Woon, Kim Mi-Ro feels guilty for not having the power and influence to protect Oh Jin-Woo, and Hong Young-Hee feels guilty for not giving everything to Oh Jin-Woo.

I think the writer also highlights Yoo Jung-Sook’s sense of guilt, but it doesn’t mean that I agree with this kind of motherly love. For Yoo Jung-Sook, if she hadn’t been able to save Cha Young-Woon, it would have been hellish self-blame for her as well. It is because of this kind of motherly love that Yoo Jung-Sook becomes cruel towards someone else’s child.

And this twisted form of maternal love leads Park Ki-Young to become a criminal and burdens Cha Young-Woon with the guilt of receiving his heart transplant in the end. Ultimately, Park Ki-Young is also a wounded child.”