2023 Kdrama – Moving (finale) – season 1 ending episode 18-20 Recap & 5 highlights Explained

moving異能第18 20結局劇情

Episode 18 of “Moving” Plot: During the North and South Korean war, which broke out at this school, Lee Mi-Hyun overheard a conspiracy by the powerful figures from North Korea. Concerned for the safety of the children, she cleverly used her own power to defeat each of these adversaries.

Along the way, she encountered Kim Deok-Yoon and unexpectedly learned some information about Kim Doo-Sik’s past. Lee Mi-Hyun wants to know what exactly happened to Kim Doo-Sik and where he is now. However, all Kim Deok-Yoon would say is that it was all because of Kim Doo-Sik that things have turned out this way.

Episode 19 of “Moving” Plot :Lee Jae-Man’s joining seemed to have reversed the tide of the battle, but with the emergence of a new North Korean superhuman, Lim Jae-Seok, the situation took on a new twist. Jung Jun-Hwa headed to Jeongwon High School in order to rendezvous with the North Korean army.

Episode 20 of “Moving” Plot :Super Power Holders is when parents and children risk their lives to protect each other and fight until the end. Will this struggle, which spans generations, ever come to an end? And who will be the one to bring it all to a close?

Moving“has finally arrived. This drama truly subverts the conventional power superhero genre that I had imagined. In the past, we were accustomed to watching those typical superhero stories where good and evil factions engage in classic battles. However, “Moving” shows audiences what a “true superpowered hero” is like.

The screenwriters have crafted these powered individuals as relatable characters with emotions and family ties, making viewers realize that throughout the series, there are actually more ordinary life scenes than action sequences. The writers emphasize the desire of these powered individuals to be normal people and have a normal family.

They portray their longing, efforts, and resilience towards achieving this goal. I believe that “Moving Finale” tells viewers that everyone desires to possess power but even with such power, what is most valuable is an ordinary and happy life. Reflecting on how hard the characters have worked to pursue this kind of simplicity makes us appreciate our own lives filled with ordinary happiness.”

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2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 16+17 Recap & 3 highlights Explained

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Kdrama – Moving – episode 18 Recap

“Moving” Episode 18 Recap: Lee Mi-Hyun learns from Kim Deok-Yoon, a powerful figure in North Korea, that they have become this way because of Kim Doo-Sik’s actions. The name Kim Doo-Sik resurfaces in Lee Mi-Hyun’s mind after many years.

In the corridor, Lee Mi-Hyun saves Choi Il-Hwan and engages in a gunfight with North Korean soldiers. Using her sensory power, she shoots down her opponent in the darkness. Choi Il-Hwan urges Bang Ki-Soo to leave the dangerous school quickly but Bang Ki-Soo discovers that one of their female classmates is still there.

Meanwhile, at the sports center, Kim Bong-Seok is no match for Jung Jun-Hwa who has just awakened his power. Jung Jun-Hwa mentions that Kim Bong-Seok resembles someone he knows and even reveals that his father is Kim Doo-Sik. At this moment, Lee Mi-Hyun encounters Kim Deok-Yoon and questions him about what happened to Kim Doo-Sik and where he is.

In 1994, before being sent on a secret mission to North Korea by Min Yong-Jun, Kim Doo-Sik secretly meets with Lee Mi-Hyun. In North Korea, he reaches a high-level area where he once injured Kim Deok-Yoon but deliberately avoided shooting him or anyone else fatally. He tells Kim Deok-Yoon to save those who can still survive but fails to complete his mission of assassinating the leader and leaves instead.

Since then, Kim Deok-Yoon has been assigned to train potential power holders to counter South Korean power holders. However, deep inside him lies complex emotions because he knows that finding potential power holders requires sacrificing innocent lives within limited time constraints.

Jung Jun-Hwa also desires resistance as he sees through the cruel methods employed by Kim Deok-Yoon which result in numerous innocent deaths. However, in order to ensure the safety of his family and protect them from government persecution, he has no choice but to become the power holder that the country needs.

In 2003, Kim Doo-Sik’s and Lee Mi-Hyun’s orchard is discovered by Min Yong-Jun’s team of power holders. Kim Doo-Sik distracts them so that Lee Mi-Hyun can escape with Kim Bong-Seok without being detected. Kim Doo-Sik is captured and brought before Min Yong-Jun who forces him to return as an operative for North Korea or else spend his entire life evading pursuit and facing arrest by North Korea.

Thus, Kim Doo-Sik embarks on the same mission once again but unexpectedly discovers that there are also power holders in North Korea. He is quickly captured, and Kim Deok-Yoon seeks revenge while aiming to save all people in North Korea – it is his mission. He mocks Kim Doo-Sik’s self-proclaimed mercy but just as he prepares to reveal more information, Lee Mi-Hyun senses his intention to counterattack with a gun. Despite detecting it early, she still gets injured.

The ending of Episode 18 of “Moving”: Kwon Yong-Deuk’s leg is injured by Lee Mi-Hyun without feeling any pain at all. In the past when his power awakened, Kim Deok-Yoon told him to forget about pain because only those who conquer pain can survive and become the strongest warriors for their people. As he looks at Kwon Yong-Deuk now, memories from the past flood back into his mind but he remains silent.

At the sports center, Jung Jun-Hwa boasts about capturing Kim Doo-Sik which provokes Kim Bong-Seok into resisting and teaching this person a lesson. With his awakened power tightly gripping Jung Jun-Hwa, Hui-Soo uses her learned athletic skills to throw a shot put at his face, finally knocking him down. On the other side, Lee Gang-Hoon encounters power holders and, completely unaware of the situation, can only escape. Lee Mi-Hyun secretly calls Jang Ju-Won and tells him that they must protect the children.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 19 Recap

In episode 19 of “Moving”, Lee Jae-Man rushes to the school after hearing his son’s distressed voice on the phone, disregarding the fact that he is exceeding the restricted area. The security unit discovers that Lee Jae-Man is a special target under surveillance by the National Intelligence Service and contacts them for more information.

In the faculty office, Kim Deok-Yoon finds Bang Ki-Soo and others present. Bang Ki-Soo claims they are just ordinary students who didn’t see anything, but to Kim Deok-Yoon’s surprise, instead of keeping quiet, he instructs them to hide properly.

Lee Gang-Hoon is powerless against power users and at this moment, a teacher arrives with a gun to protect him. However, even with their speed as power users, they are not afraid of guns. Choi Il-Hwan still refuses to reveal any files he may have.

When Lee Jae-Man finally sees Lee Gang-Hoon, he suddenly regains his composure. Lee Gang-Hoon expresses his desire not to be separated from his father anymore while Lee Jae-Man blames himself for arriving too late and allowing his beloved son to get hurt. Just when Choi Il-Hwan and Jang Ju-Won think things might come to an end and wrap up nicely, they discover another unfamiliar external character who happens to be a terrifying power user.

In 1984 at a North Korean detention center where a child failed in their attempt to escape across the border resulting in their family being executed; now this child must spend their entire life in hellish confinement watching others die one by one as life becomes increasingly hopeless. When this child was about to use their own monstrous strength to kill themselves, they heard a voice telling them not to die and not give up trying to survive.

Returning back in time again: This powerful individual with incredible strength can demolish buildings with just one clap of their hands; trapping Lee Jae-Man and others under the rubble.

Due to the severity of the situation at school, Kim Deok-Yoon calls Jung Jun-Hwa and asks him to come over. Using his keen sensory power, Kim Bong-Seok overhears his mother fighting with someone. When Hui-Soo takes a bullet for Kim Bong-Seok from Jung Jun-Hwa, she urges him to quickly go find their mother.

At the school, Lee Jae-Man promises Lee Gang-Hoon that he will definitely return in order to protect him until the very end. Lee Mi-Hyun finds Park Chan-Il on the verge of death and explains that her intention behind killing everyone is to protect the children as they can turn into monsters at any moment.

In the final scene of episode 19: Lim Jae-Seok watches as Kwon Yong-Deuk is attacked by Lee Jae-Man. He recalls how in the past, living in a cave for twenty years made him afraid of venturing out into the bright world outside; it was Kwon Yong-Deuk who became his motivation to keep going.

After completing each mission, he would always return to his beloved cave. However, now that Lim Jae-Seok’s hand has been broken by Lee Jae-Man, he can no longer freely use his power. Therefore, he makes a final sacrifice by using his power to cause himself to fall from a building and bring down Jingyuan High School along with it.

Lim Jae-Seok urges Kwon Yong-Deuk to leave quickly and live like an ordinary person~ Everyone is buried under this collapsed building; Jang Ju-Won has nails stuck in his body while holding onto unconscious Lee Jae-Man who just woke up and rushes off to find Lee Gang-Hoon. Fortunately, they had already escaped earlier. When Jang Ju-Won finally manages to free himself after great difficulty, he sees an unexpected figure in the sky who shoots at him.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 20 Recap

In episode 20 of “Moving”, Jang Ju-Won is shot by Jung Jun-Hwa. Lee Mi-Hyun joins the battle against Jung Jun-Hwa and they engage in a gunfight, with one person in the sky and the other on the ground.

Lee Mi-Hyun quickly runs out of bullets and feels trapped. However, Kim Bong-Seok suddenly appears and knocks down Jung Jun-Hwa, which greatly relieves Lee Mi-Hyun as her son is stepping into danger. Fortunately, Kim Bong-Seok can make Kim Doo-Sik proud because he is not weak like him.

Lee Mi-Hyun rushes to a high-rise building and points her gun at Kim Deok-Yoon, hoping that Kim Bong-Seok can escape unnoticed. But this time, Kim Bong-Seok insists that his mother listen to him because he sees Jeon Gye-Do’s Flash power heading towards Jung Jun-Hwa.

Indeed, this move causes Jung Jun-Hwa to lose one hand. Upon seeing this, Kim Deok-Yoon urges Jung Jun-Hwa to leave the scene since he knows that even though they are opposing South Korean power holders, they are just children who are not involved in this plan.

Kim Deok-Yoon does not want to kill Kim Bong-Seok because he believes that this matter only needs to be resolved in this generation. In the past, he had asked his superior if it was enough to eliminate those responsible for training power holders since everything would always repeat itself as long as the mastermind remained active.

This has been happening for fifty years already – North Korea sent over Jin Shin-Jo while South Korea sent over Kim Doo-Sik – sacrificing too many innocent people along the way. Those who force sacrifices are guilty.

Returning to present time, Kim Deok-Yoon wants an honorable sacrifice by jumping off a building but Lee Mi-hyun wants to know if Kim Doo-Sik is still alive. In the end, Kim Deok-Yoon insists on ending his own life. On her way to school, Hui-Soo accidentally bumps into Kwon Yong-Deuk who is crying uncontrollably, leaving Hui-Soo confused. Neither of them knows that they are both power holders but they can have a peaceful moment together.

After the incident ends, Lee Mi-Hyun is happy to see her son grow up and Jang Ju-Won is delighted to finally see his daughter grow up well. However, on graduation day, Choi Il-Hwan entrusts the children’s files to the safest place – Jang Ju-Won himself. Kim Bong-Seok does not attend this day as Hui-Soo’s mind is filled with thoughts of him.

On the other hand, Lee Gang-Hoon has already approached Min Yong-Jun and promised to become an important member but he demands that Min Yong-Jun commit to destroying his father’s criminal record.

As Lee Gang-Hoon leaves the office, he unexpectedly sees Shin Hye-Won and a school security guard at NIS (National Intelligence Service). It turns out that Shin Hye-Won was Min Yong-Jun’s senior and she criticizes him for being too careless in his actions. Meanwhile, Jo Rae-Hyuk has been taken care of by Jang Ju-Won so that he can never find any power holders.

Jung Jun-Hwa returns to North Korea and reports back while their superior only cares about traces from the files and whether or not second-generation power holders truly possess powers? Jung Jun-Hwa questions why they are fixated on bringing back the files when their mission only requires dealing with relevant individuals. It turns out their superior has further plans in motion so once Jung Jun-Hwa confirms this, he eliminates their superior directly in order to resolve everything once and for all.

As for Kim Doo-Sik, he has been imprisoned by North Korea since 2003. Now, Jung Jun-Hwa gives Kim Doo-Sik a gun and tells him that his child will also be exploited just like him. This implies that he wants Kim Doo-Sik to go out and eliminate the mastermind in South Korea. Before Min Yong-Jun dies, he mocks Kim Doo-Sik for believing the words of North Koreans.

Kdrama 2023 – Moving finale ending explained

In the finale of episode 20 of “Moving”, after Kwon Yong-Deuk was taken home by Hui-Soo, he stayed at Jang Ju-Won’s shop to help out. At least he is better at finding his way than Jang Ju-Won, so there’s no problem with deliveries.

For Jang Ju-Won, this current life has become the happy ending he wanted for his martial arts novel. Meanwhile, news broke about a high-rise building fire in Seoul that the firefighters couldn’t rescue. But surprisingly, a figure wearing a yellow jacket flew down from the sky – it was Kim Bong-Seok. Only Hui-Soo knows about this secret identity.

Lee Mi-Hyun’s pork cutlet restaurant has also relocated but one thing remains unchanged – she still painted the top floor purple and hung purple curtains, hoping that one day Kim Doo-Sik will find his way home.

And on this day, Kim Bong-Seok and Lee Mi-Hyun finally reunite with their long-awaited Kim Doo-Sik! Ma Sang-Gu brought along Min Yong-Jun while Frank continues to stay in Korea, making America think he disappeared. It seems like there are power players stirring up trouble even in America as well.

2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 18+19+20 : 5 highlights Explained

2023 Kdrama - Moving - episode 18+19+20 : 5 highlights Explained

kdrama – Moving Review(finale):Lee Mi-Hyun looked stunning at school!

I really love the scene in “Moving Ending” where the screenwriter and director portrayed Lee Mi-Hyun defeating her enemies! From the moment when the cleaning lady was shot and killed at the end of Episode 17, to the gunfight with a North Korean soldier at the beginning of Episode 18, the director used meticulous techniques to showcase Lee Mi-Hyun’s power. The lighting and scenery were so detailed that it gave me goosebumps.

In Episode 17, I initially found it somewhat funny that the cleaning lady was shot after confronting Lee Mi-Hyun, but now I realize that it was actually a portrayal by the director.

After watching more of his presentation techniques in Episode 18, I noticed that he focused on showcasing Lee Mi-Hyun’s power without exaggeration but through intelligence. She knows she doesn’t have better strength or speed than others, so she makes good use of her advantages.

The location and scenes where Lee Mi-Hyun confronts a North Korean soldier in Episode 18 seem deliberately designed by the director. I noticed that Lee Mi-Hyun likes to operate in darkness (like turning off lights in Principal’s office in episode 17 or cutting off power throughout school before killing cleaning lady).

Because she can determine enemy positions in darkness, when watching this scene in “Moving Ending” episode 18, I realized that Lee Mi-Hyun uses similar tactics to outsmart her opponents. The director places the North Korean soldier under brighter light (where there is illumination), while keeping Lee Mi-Hyun’s scenes darker (as if lurking in shadows). Even her final fatal shot is resolved within darkness.

And then comes an even more impressive part: when Lee-Mi Hyun finds Kim Deok-Yoon, at first glance it looks like she walked out from behind a door but it turns out to be a mirror at a corner of stairs! This visual is very creative; it shows how cleverly the director portrays Lee Mi-Hyun leaving herself an escape route while still facing Kim Deok-Yoon head-on.

The confrontation between power players from North and South Korea is centered around this school scene, and it gradually unfolds through Lee Mi-Hyun’s encounters with them. I appreciate how the screenwriter of “Moving” uses Lee Mi-Hyun’s understanding of maintaining a safe distance from her opponents. Even in this mirror scene, both Kim Deok-Yoon and Kwon Yong-Deuk know that each power player carries many burdens unwillingly.

kdrama – Moving Review(finale):The North-South Korean animosity? Those in power are merely victims of the consequences sown by their leaders.

Do you know why we ended up like this? It’s all because of that guy from South Korea, Kim Doo-Sik. He’s the one who caused all of this. Is there any connection between Kim Doo-Sik and North Korea? Because after Kim Doo-Sik disappeared in 1994, it was rumored that North Korea gained intelligence on power holders in July of that year.

Could it be Kim Doo-Sik’s leak? I don’t think so. This curse should be traced back to Min Yong-Jun designing Kim Doo-Sik to carry out a secret mission for North Korea in 1994.

In the final two episodes of “Moving,” I had a hunch that at the time, Kim Doo-Sik probably inflicted heavy damage on North Korea (which indeed happened in Episode 18 of “Moving”). But it was also because of Kim Doo-Sik’s invasion that North Korea discovered the existence of power holders. Therefore, in July of the same year, they began gathering information about these power holders.

And now, with North Korea coming to South Korea to eliminate these power holders, apart from seeking revenge, one major reason is their refusal to allow South Korea to possess such powers (that’s why I mentioned earlier that all this misfortune originated from Min Yong-Jun sending Kim Doo-Sik and exposing the power holders).

However, under the penmanship of “Moving” scriptwriters, these power holders have bloody hearts. The writers never forget to depict them as ruthless individuals and portray the heart-wrenching pain felt by characters like Kim Deok-Yoon when forced to sacrifice innocent lives while searching for potential power holders.

There are many layers forcing him into such circumstances since he is being monitored by his superiors; even though he doesn’t possess any powers himself, his position requires him to fulfill missions.

As for Jung Jun-Hwa saying “I just want to be a member of the Guard Bureau, to provide for my family. Listen carefully, I don’t want to be the strongest warrior! This isn’t training; I just want to survive,” Jung Jun-Hwa is being coerced into becoming a monster.

In order to stay alive and ensure his family can have a normal life, he is forced not to become a traitor and must accept the predetermined fate arranged for him. Ultimately, whether it’s South Korea or North Korea, power holders are compelled by the need to “protect their own families” and are forced into self-destruction.

kdrama – Moving Review(finale):We are also human beings, deliberate failure is not a failure.

“He thought he was being compassionate, but what I wanted to save wasn’t just the leader, but also the people who were working here that day. My comrades, my superiors, and my subordinates – they were all shot dead.” It’s ironic how Kim Doo-Sik’s humanitarianism led him to be trapped and manipulated.

The screenwriter cleverly echoes this in episodes 8 and 9 of “Moving,” where Kim Doo-Sik and Lee Mi-Hyun are drawn to each other because of their kindness and humanitarianism. If viewers remember, Lee Mi-Hyun is someone who often causes missions to fail because she knows innocent people should not be harmed during operations. And it was precisely this quality that attracted Kim Doo-Sik during the Seagull Operation.

In episode 8 of “Moving,” when Kim Doo-Sik says, “Deliberately causing a mission failure is not a failure,” it implies that he already knew two years ago during the Seagull Operation that Lee Mi-Hyun intentionally caused the mission to fail. In episode 8 of “Moving,” Kim Doo-Sik becomes the long-awaited “redemption” for Lee Mi-Hyun.

I believe Lee Mi-Hyun was moved by his sincerity and seriousness, as both of them possess humanity, compassion, and kindness. This helps us understand why Kim Bong-Seok himself is gentle and kind-hearted towards others; it’s inherited from his parents.

I think besides being attracted by Lee Mi-Hyun’s beauty in the Seagull Operation, Kim Doo-Sik was also shocked by her kindness. After all, he mentioned rarely interacting with people before meeting her. To him, encountering such a kind person among operatives must have been rare or finding someone whose thoughts align with his own inner desires.

Therefore, in episode 18 of “Moving,” we see how Kim Doo-Sik avoids targeting vital areas of the North Korean soldiers, giving them a chance to be saved. Even his mission to “assassinate the North Korean leader” is spared because of his “humanitarianism” (although it’s also heavily influenced by Kim Deok-Yoon telling him not to go in; just like all those in power, they want to protect). However, this humanitarian mindset forces Kim Doo-Sik to carry out the mission again.

Kim Doo-Sik deliberately caused the failure of the 1994 mission, and I believe it resonated with his longing for Lee Mi-Hyun and their shared thoughts. Just like how Lee Mi-Hyun often causes missions to fail due to her kindness (as seen in the Seagull Operation), even during operations, “Moving” keeps Kim Doo-Sik’s mind focused on her. Episode 18 of “Moving” truly has a beautiful echo with episodes 8 and 9!

That’s why when Lee Mi-Hyun hears Kim Deok-Yoon say, “He thought he was being compassionate,” her eyes well up with tears because she knows that this is Kim Doo-Sik’s enduring kindness and humanitarianism – that he still thinks about her intentionally causing missions to fail during operations.

kdrama – Moving Review(finale):We must protect the children.

“Why didn’t you keep your promise? I was so scared all by myself.” “Dad came home late, I’m sorry.” “I don’t want to be separated from you anymore.” “Gang-Hoon, it must hurt a lot. I’m sorry, Dad came too late.”

The scene in episode 19 of “Moving” where Lee Jae-Man goes to save Lee Gang-Hoon is really touching. The weight of their lifelong promises becomes heavier but also warmer in this moment. Even with his father covered in wounds and blood, Lee Jae-Man will always be by his son’s side.

In the finale of “Moving,” the writer maximizes the belief and sacrifice of those who have power to protect children. I really like the scene where Lee Jae-Man comes to school with the sole hope that Lee Gang-Hoon won’t get hurt. Meanwhile, Lee Mi-Hyun and Jang Ju-Won are working hard at school to deal with these North Korean power holders. Only by eliminating them can they protect the children.

In my opinion, the writer emphasizes the brokenness within North Korean power holder families in “Moving” finale. For example, some people were executed because their attempt to defect failed and their whole family suffered as a result. They were forced from a young age not to betray anyone; viewers may notice that North Korean power holders are pushed onto the path of being people’s warriors out of coercion rather than choice.

If they possess power but refuse to obey as people’s warriors, it would lead them down a dead-end road where even their families would suffer consequences. In essence, they are somewhat forced into hurting others while going against South Korean power holders.

The writer completely portrays North Korean power holders as monsters in “Moving” finale; society sees them as monsters or anomalies due to their harsh environment which instills a value system that says disobedience equals death sentence for them – this manipulation is done by the state, making them forget that power holders are also human beings. Their humanity gradually diminishes.

However, what I find good is that the writer balances between the two sides. When Lee Mi-Hyun encounters Park Chan-Il, he asks her “I have one question for you: why did you want to kill all of us?” Lee Mi-Hyun replies with “To protect our children, I can turn into a monster at any time.” In other words, North Korean power holders become monsters because they do it out of love for their families.

This might be why in “Moving” finale, the writer has Lim Jae-Seok say to Kwon Yong-Deuk “Let’s go and live like ordinary people.” I think it’s great how the writer makes these power holders realize during this confrontation that they have lost themselves.

I really like how in episode 19 of “Moving” finale, the writer shows the maturity of children after awakening their powers. From childhood until now, their parents have been protecting them from being discovered or hiding their powers and letting them know that their powers are dangerous existence.

But as we approach the end of “Moving,” viewers will also notice that the writer portrays these children having mature thoughts about their powers; they are willing to shed blood and get hurt for their loved ones instead of just being protected as little kids. For example, Lee Gang-Hoon enduring his hand injury to break through a wall and save his father; Kim Bong-Seok must be brave to save his mother; Hui-Soo isn’t afraid of pain while protecting Kim Bong-Seok.

kdrama – Moving Review(finale):Let’s go, live like an ordinary person.

“Let’s go, live like an ordinary person.” This is the most touching line I’ve heard in this drama. It perfectly captures the burden and baggage that power holders are forced to carry unnecessarily. All they want is a simple life, but it’s so difficult. The scene where Kwon Yong-Deuk cries in front of Hui-Soo was amazing.

Hui-Soo comforts the towering Kwon Yong-Deuk, showing that people can let go of hatred and opposition. This is how ordinary people live. The director presents two power holders who can coexist peacefully and show care for each other through these words.

All that hatred is manipulated; this also echoes Kim Doo-Sik’s decision not to kill the North Korean leader. His choice isn’t a weak act of “self-proclaimed mercy,” but rather a way to avoid creating division and animosity.(Kwon Yong-Deuk helping out at Jang Ju-Won’s fried chicken shop is so adorable XD)

In “Moving Finale,” the screenwriter once again emphasizes Lee Mi-Hyun and Kim Doo-Sik’s humanitarian ideals. I think Kim Deok-Yoon’s character in “Moving Finale” portrays complex emotions because he witnessed firsthand Kim Doo-Sik sparing the leader he had to protect. So, his character actually knows about Kim Doo-Sik’s kindness~

Therefore, in episode 18 of “Moving,” instead of directly killing Bang Ki-Soo and his group, Kim Deok-Yoon tells them to hide well, which shows his humanity. He sheds tears knowing innocent lives will be sacrificed as he tries to find potential power holders until episode 20 when he asks Jung Jun-Hwa to leave because Jung Jun-Hwa has family reasons for leaving too—this indicates that Kim Deok-Yoon has been influenced by Kim Doo-Sik’s humanitarian ideals from before; intentionally causing mission failure isn’t a failure~

Personally, I really like how the screenwriter lets Kim Deok-Yoon be the one to conclude this mission. In the 1994 mission, Kim Doo-Sik probably wanted Kim Deok-Yoon to understand the dangers that missions and opposition can bring and be someone who can end it all just like him.

Personally, I prefer Kim Deok-Yoon’s idea of having Jung Jun-Hwa go back to North Korea for the final conclusion~ Both North and South Korea will eliminate their instigators themselves, as if they are personally putting an end to everything. Of course, “Moving Finale” leaves room for future developments; Ma Sang-Gu replaces Min Yong-Jun, and it seems like Shin Hye-Won will also be one of the key characters in season two—she seems pretty formidable too~