My Perfect Stranger Episode 13-14 Recap & Theory, Review

偶然遇見的你第13 14集

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My Perfect Stranger Episode 13 Recap

🚗 Continuing from My Perfect Stranger Episode 12, Yoon Hae-Joon is mistakenly arrested by Baek Dong-Sik as the culprit. Baek Yoon-Young is anxious and unable to explain clearly to Baek Dong-Sik. However, Yoon Hae-Joon calmly tells Baek Yoon-Young that when he arrived, Yoo Bum-Ryong may have already fought with the culprit and died. Yoo Bum-Ryong wanted to save Lee Soon-Ae. Initially, Yoon Hae-Joon planned to do something bad and asked Baek Yoon-Young to drive back to the future herself, but this was not what she wanted. Therefore, she asks him not to give up.

The police found a matchbox note in Lee Soon-Ae’s handbag which confirmed that it had the same handwriting as the previous two cases – indicating that it was done by the same culprit. Baek Yoon-Young thinks of Ko Mi-Sook as a witness and urgently wants to find her for clarification on who is really responsible.

🚗 At first, Ko Mi-Sook completely ignored Baek-Yoonyoung’s crying until she heard about how they suspected that it was actually Yoona who committed murder; then suddenly realized things were not good because this meant Ko Min-soo would be released again.

On another side of town,Yeon-Ha Joo detailed his alibi with evidence proving he wasn’t present at any crime scenes nor did his handwriting match those of the notes left behind by the killer.

He even suggested waiting for Lee Soon-Ae wake up so they could ask her directly about what happened.However,Baek Dong-sik still finds Yeon-Ha Joo suspicious and refuses these rebuttals.Baek Dong-sik investigates all records related Yeon-Ha Joo and finds out that they are all fake.

He wants to know Yeon-Ha Joo’s true identity, but he also thinks that Yeon-Ha Joo may not be the culprit because Baek Hee-Seob said that Yeon-Ha-Joon was like their guardian taking care of them.

🚗Yeon Hae-Joon asks Baek Dong-Sik to bring the chairman home so he can prove his true identity. Of course, after seeing a lot of future information, it is still difficult for both parties to accept until the chairman sees the watch on Yoon Hae-Joon’s hand and confirms that he is indeed his grandson.

Lee Soon-Ae finally wakes up and tells the police she did not see the face of the culprit. However,Yeon Hae-Joon came to save her which cleared him from suspicion.However,Baek Dong-Sik still requests for Yeon Ha-jun’s blood test to confirm if he really is related to Chairman Baek.

Yet when Baek Dong-sik saw how curious Baek Yoon-Young was about who Baek Hee-Seob married, only for her to say that in fact, she had completely lost contact with him in the future; this made Baek Dong-Sik very sad.

🚗The next day, Baek Dong-Sik continued to monitor Yoon Hae-Joon at his home. Yoon Hae-Joon revealed the results of various sports games to convince Baek Dong-Sik that he really came from the future. He also tried to persuade Baek Dong-Sik to work together and find the culprit.

Yoon Hae-Joon hoped that this would be an opportunity for Baek Dong-Sik to improve his relationship with his two children. The chairman invited Yoon Hae-Joon for a drink and even before receiving any paternity test report, he had already recognized him as his grandson. He even asked who Yeon-Woo’s partner was.

Yoon Hae-Joon went to a tea shop and learned that the owner planned on leaving the village but did not give clear reasons or details about it, not even Yeon-Woo knew about it.

🚗However, Yoon Hae-Joon couldn’t understand why she wanted to leave so early because according to the original script, she was supposed to leave after giving birth to him. Later on, Yeon-Woo was planning on going out with his girlfriend when they attended Yoo Bum-Ryong’s funeral service the next day. Yeon-Woo mentioned how smoothly their date went without any problems and wondered why Yoon Hae-Jeon asked such questions.

When Yoon-Ha-jeon visited Lee Soon-Ae in hospital, he found a matchbox inside her gift box which contained a note that made him feel uneasy: “It’s great you woke up; see you next time.” This meant that someone had been there before – perhaps trying to destroy evidence left behind by an unsuccessful attempt.

My Perfect Stranger Episode 14 Recap

Yoon Hae-Joon found a provocative matchbox note at the hospital. Baek Dong-Sik thought that the culprit was so bold that he didn’t seem to be afraid of being caught, but Yoon Hae-Joon had an opposite opinion.

He believed that the culprit must be afraid of being caught and deliberately left this threatening note to silence Lee Soon-Ae because it was the first time the killer failed to kill someone, so he feared that Lee Soon-Ae was still alive.

At the same time, Yoon Hae-Joon was unhappy that only two police officers were sent to investigate this matter at the hospital, indicating they did not want to escalate things. Baek Dong-Sik also discovered that Squad Leader wanted to push all blame onto Ko Min-Soo and even took away the matchbox note in an attempt to cover up evidence; this is why Squad Leader asked police officers to take away matchbox notes from Lee Soon-Ae’s body because it cannot exist.

Baek Yoon-Young found out that the police had no intention of investigating who came into Lee Soon-Ae’s ward and felt like they wanted everything swept under a rug. The next day, Yoon Hae-Joon told Lee Soon-Ae’s parents about his investigation in town last night but found it too quiet for comfort; such circumstances could endanger her life safety.

Therefore, he suggested using news broadcasts as leverage against authorities forcing them into investigating while preventing any chance for killers approaching Lee Soon-Ae again.

However, Lee Soon-Ae’s father dared not take risks since doing so would expose her face during interviews~ Nevertheless, although worried too, her mother believed Yoon Hae-Joon might do something useful since she did nothing wrong; thus fearing should be reserved for culprits instead.

The next day Baek Dong-Sik secretly gave matchbox evidence material over to Yoon Hae-Joon to increase persuasiveness since he did not want the case covered up either.

As expected, this method changed the atmosphere of the entire village. Baek Dong-Sik also tried to persuade Ko Mi-Sook to tell the truth but with no results. Later, Yoon Hae-Joon asked Ko Min-Soo where he went that night; his impression was that Ko Mi-Sook pushed him into a taxi and then went to the hospital, which proved Ko Min-Soo’s alibi false. Of course, it also proved that Ko Mi-Sook lied.

Yoon Hae-Joon accidentally saw that the Chung-A was going to throw away baby clothes – boy’s clothes at that! He realized Soo-Young never wanted him from the beginning. That night Yoon Hae-Joon met her as she was leaving and heard her say how much she looked forward to meeting her child but didn’t know what else she could do. In the end, Yoon Hae-Joon said nothing and watched her leave.

🚗The interview of Lee Soon-Ae’s case has started broadcasting and everyone was surprised to see Yoon Hae-Joon revealing his face and claiming himself as a witness who saw the true face of the killer. He declared that he could recognize him if he sees him again, intentionally trying to lure out the real culprit.

Baek Yoo-Seob, who watched the news attentively, expressed his anger. However, when someone came to Yoon Hae-Joon’s house, it turned out to be the landlady who claimed that Yoon Hae-Joon was lying about seeing the criminal’s face. Puzzled by her certainty, Yoon Hae-Joon asked why she was so sure. The landlady tearfully explained that if he really knew what the killer looked like then there would be no reason for him to say such things or not know why she is so certain.

She took out a box containing a woolen hat and said all items used in committing crimes were hers including red thick woolen yarn and matchboxes. Shocked by this revelation, Yoon Hae-Joon couldn’t believe Yeon-Woo might be responsible for these crimes but later found out his car had disappeared too while Yeon-Woo appeared at his doorstep. In an attempt to stop Yeon-Woo from crossing time and space through a tunnel entranceway,Yeon-Hae Joon chased after him.

My Perfect Stranger Theory of Culprit

My Perfect Stranger Episode 13-14 Recap & Theory, Review

The police said: The handwriting on the matchbox paper found on Lee Soon-Ae’s body is the same as that of the previous two cases. If we reason together with the details from episode 12, currently both hypotheses can be confirmed as false. The culprit for all three cases is the same person.

  Hypothesis ➊ Hypothesis ➋
Lee Joo-Young Real culprit A Real culprit A
Lee Kyung-Ae Real culprit A Real culprit A
Lee Soon-Ae Unexpectedly, another perpetrator B Real culprit A

In episode 12, I originally thought that Lee Soon-Ae’s case was an incidental case. However, in this episode, it should be confirmed that it is not an incidental case and the culprit for all three cases is the same.

In these two episodes, Ko Mi-Sook still has an important role because she insists on not revealing what she saw that night. However, based on her interpretation of the motive and actions of the culprit, we cannot rule out a relationship between her and the culprit. Otherwise, it would be very unusual to write about it in such detail in a novel.

When Ko Mi-Sook stole Lee Soon-Ae’s novel and confronted her about it, she threatened Lee Soon-Ae by saying that if things continued like this, she might end up like Lee Kyung-Ae. This statement implies that she already knows the true motive of the culprit. Moreover, since Ko Mi-Sook is also a “bookworm,” why hasn’t she become a target of the killer? By reverse reasoning, we can confirm that Ko Mi-Sook has some connection or plan with the killer.

In episode 13,Yoon Hae-Joon said something suggestive: “Even if he is a family member,the real perpetrator must redeem himself.” This suggests thatthe suspect may be related to someone’s “family” (not Baek Yoon-Young’s family but eitherLee Soon-Ae/Lee Kyung-Ae’s family or Yoon Hae-Joon’s family). The two most popular suspects among netizens who are related to “family” are 🅐”Oh-Bok” who is related to Lee Soon-Ae/Lee Kyung-Ae,and 🅑”Yeon-Woo,” who is related to Yoon Hae-Joon.

Is the culprit “Oh-Bok”?

Looking at the silhouette, it really looks like Oh-Bok. Originally, he was a suspect that I never thought of because killing two sisters is too cruel. Also, until now, the screenwriter has not portrayed this character’s motive or perhaps buried it too deep for us to see. But if the culprit is Oh-Bok, what is his motive?

This is what I am most concerned about. If Oh-Bok really did it, why did he do it? Could it be because he hates these types of girls or thinks that they will damage his status and self-esteem (because this drama also portrays the hardships of contemporary women striving for success)?

After Lee Kyung-Ae was rescued from the fraud group by Baek Yoo-Seob, she told Lee Soon-Ae that she planned to give her money to go to college. Perhaps Oh-Bok was unhappy that his two sisters were more successful than him and killed them both.

Moreover, originally Lee Soon-Ae wasn’t on the victim list but became one after regaining her novel back; furthermore when committing murder there was still a copy of “The Little Door” published by Lee Soon-Ae on her body which shows how much hatred towards intelligent women motivates him~ As for why Lee Kyung-Ae had been killed due to holding a book in hand remains unknown as anyone walking down street with books could become targets.

The director deliberately focused on “Jane Eyre” held by Lee Kyung-Ae; I think this should be the same book read by Lee Soon-Ae in episode four since both have red covers so maybe when arriving at an abandoned hut intending to kill Lee Joo-Young but couldn’t find her mistook and killed who they thought was actually Lee Soon Ae instead before later adding another case involving actual victim.

According to how the murderer committed their crimes – covering Lee Soon-Ae’s face with a plastic bag – it is likely that they didn’t want to be recognized unless by someone who knew them, so this point is very suspicious. Therefore, the possibility of Oh-Bok being the culprit has increased since Lee Soon-Ae had no connection with Yeon-Woo and even if he hadn’t covered her face with a plastic bag during the murder process, it wouldn’t have mattered.

However, until episode 14, the screenwriter still hasn’t portrayed Oh-Bok’s character in detail; therefore, his possibility as the murderer should be relatively small. Otherwise, any passerby could become a suspect and be used to round out the story which would not make for an interesting ending.


Is Yeon-Woo the killer?

In episode 13, Yoon Hae-Joon said, “Even if the real culprit is a family member, they must still atone for their sins.” Therefore, Yeon-Woo could be the criminal behind the serial killings. Yoon Hae-Joon previously mentioned that he and Baek Yoon-Young had a purpose in coming to this place. If Lee Soon-Ae’s family are all victims, then it’s highly likely that Yoon Hae-Joon’s family members are the culprits.

In episode 14 of , there were some details hinting that Yeon-Woo might be the killer. In the last scene of episode 13, there were hidden messages between Yoon Hae-Joon and the landlady during their conversation with Yeon-Woo.

The landlady told Yoon Hae-Joon that he was her last customer and she would leave town without telling Yeon-Woo. However, at Yoo Bum-Ryong’s funeral service in the next scene, Yoon Hae-Jeon asked Yeon-Woo about his date with his girlfriend and whether they talked about anything.

Yeon-Woo replied that everything went smoothly on their date and nothing happened with his girlfriend. This made Yoon-Hae Joun feel strange because of what was said by landlady earlier about leaving town soon after meeting him which led me to think that maybe it was implied by scriptwriters that Yeon Woo didn’t actually go out on a date but did something else instead?

Later on in this same scene we see how Yooh Jae-ha finds a matchbox threatening note inside Lee Soon-Ae’s hospital room so if indeed Yeon Woo never met up with Landlady as he claimed then it makes sense why Yooh Jae-ha found such note inside Lee Soon-Ae’s hospital room.

Is Yeon-Woo the one who left the threatening note? It’s strange that he would visit Lee Soon-Ae alone since he doesn’t know her, unless he went to her room under Chairman’s name. As for the killer chasing after Lee Soon-Ae, their hair isn’t as long as Yeon-Woo’s hairstyle.

In episode 14, Yeon-Woo drove a red car that can travel through time and space to the tunnel before it happened. This suggests that he knew about time travel and wanted to escape to another timeline if scriptwriters were trying to imply this possibility.


🚗 The reason why the Chung-Awants to leave is because she noticed something strange about Yeon-Woo. In a previous interaction between Yeon-Woo and the Chung-A, there was a scene where he introduced his girlfriend to his friends and put his hand on the Chung-A’s shoulder.

At that time, her expression seemed a bit strange, perhaps indicating that she had already discovered something or had some psychological issues that made her uncomfortable. Therefore, in episode 13, she decided to leave (?), which is echoed in episode 14 when the Chung-A expresses her worries and fears about Yeon-Woo’s touch.

The Chung-A has been tight-lipped about why she wants to leave. Is it because of pregnancy? She was going to throw away baby clothes for her son but then changed her mind and kept them.

So initially, it’s possible that she wanted to leave alone. However, if it were due to pregnancy, usually one would discuss with their partner instead of just leaving directly~ so being pregnant isn’t the reason; rather it’s likely due to problems with the man causing her departure.

At the end of episode 14, the Chung-A says that all of the items related to committing crimes are things around her: red yarn and matchboxes. This explains why she left Yoon Hae-Joon originally – because of this case ~she couldn’t stay by someone like him~ , which also explains why she felt Yoon Hae-Joon was tainted due to having murderous blood flowing through him since he carries their child.

However, if Yeon-Woo is actually the culprit then it’s entirely possible as well since Yoon Hae-Joon desires maternal love deeply within himself; he always thought his mother abandoned him but now after hearing what Chung-A said completely reverses how he views his mother figure from before… If writers want Yoon Hae-Joon to have maternal love in the future, then Yeon-Woo could indeed be the culprit.

Although we don’t know what his motive is yet, the ending can be cruel (Yeon-Woo being the killer) or it can be healing (misunderstandings between Yoon Hae-Joon and his mother figure are resolved), and he can finally receive maternal love.