Kdrama Numbers episode 7 Recap:Our job is saving the broken company


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Kdrama Numbers episode 7 Recap

Kdrama Numbers episode 7 Recap

Kdrama “Numbers” Episode 7 Recap : Jin Yeon-A asked Jang Ho-Woo to let her join him no matter what he was doing, but Jang Ho-Woo quickly rejected her because Jin Yeon-A didn’t know what he was up to. He felt that Jin Yeon-A’s help was too casual and careless, which made Jin Yeon-A unhappy as she felt that Jang Ho-Woo was disregarding others’ sincerity. However, when he witnessed Jin Yeon-A standing up for him against people who were badmouthing him, Jang Ho-Woo could feel her sincerity.

Lee Sung-Joo encountered Han Je-Kyun and initially made fun of him, but then said he would come find him soon and needed his opinions and insights. On the other hand, Ji-Soo and Yoo Min-Ho had an agreement where Ji-Soo copied surveillance footage as a weapon. Han Seung-Jo and Jang Ho-Woo couldn’t figure out what Ji-Soo’s plan with the patent to expand their network was.

Jang Ho-Woo first went to see An Seung-Yeon and confessed that he was a victim of Taeil’s scheme. He now wanted to recruit more people, while the café staff secretly listened in on their conversation and reported it to Han Je-Kyun. Han Je-Kyun called Jang Ho-Woo in for questioning about why he ruined his good deal. Even though Jang Ho-Woo gave excuses, they weren’t believed by Han Je-Kyun who directly threatened him not to cause any more trouble or be responsible for any important cases.

Lee Sung-Joon went to find Han Seung-Jo in order to confront Han Je-Kyun and take back Sanga Group. Chairman Lee Chan-Joon thanked Jang Ho-Wook specifically for preventing him from buying a bad company so he asked him to take charge of inheriting Sanga Group’s management rights. Of course, Han Je-Kyun wouldn’t want Jang Ho-Woo to be involved.

Yang Jae-Hwan discovered that he had almost gone blind due to methanol poisoning from his past factory inspections. On the other hand, Lee Sung-Joo and Chairman Lee Chan-Joon met at Taeil Law Firm and got into a physical fight, with Chairman Lee Chan-Joon even hitting Lee Sung-Joo with his car.

Jin Yeon-A had been secretly organizing Sanga Group’s data for Jang Ho-Woo lately. She worked hard to become Jang Ho-Woo’s assistant. Later on, he was willing to tell Jin Yeon-A what Han Je-Kyun had done after she investigated AN previously. After testing Chairman Lee Chan-Joon, Jang Ho-Woo felt like they were far from the truth. Chen Yan suggested investigating how the money flowed from Sanga Group into the fund first in order to find clues about the HK private equity fund operator.

In the end, they found something suspicious in Sanga Group’s Shiplun Company because it was originally leased but ended up being purchased and registered in Hong Kong so it couldn’t be traced easily. This transaction was likely how Chairman Lee Chan-Joon secretly transferred funds to the Hong Kong private equity fund.

However, Han Seung-Jo believed that An Seung-Yeon didn’t have a motive to help prepare secret funds for Sanga Group while Jang Ho-Woo thought that Han Seung-Jo didn’t truly understand An Seung-Yeon as a person and jumped to conclusions too early. Even when An Seung-Yeon personally explained things to Jang Ho-Woo, he still didn’t believe her.

Finally, Jang Ho-Woo found evidence that An Seung-Yeon hadn’t declared taxes for the ship which meant she hadn’t actually bought it; therefore, the money flowed into the fund instead. Although An Seung-Yeon admitted to this crime, she stated that she wasn’t the AN Jang Ho-Woo was looking for and hinted that someone else was using Taeil’s influence. In the end, both Jang Ho-Woo and Han Seung-Jo deduced that the real AN was actually Han Je-Kyun.