Kdrama Numbers episode 8 Recap:Who is An?


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Numbers episode 8 Recap


Kdrama “Numbers” Episode 8 Recap: When Han Seung-Jo discovered that AN was actually Han Je-Kyun, he immediately went to find Ji-Soo. Meanwhile, Jang Ho-Woo found information about the Sunlight Construction patent auction in Han Seung-Jo’s drawer and noticed that at that time, although this technology was popular, it was strange that only Sanga Group and a Hong Kong private equity fund were involved, with only a small price difference.

This indicated collusion between the two parties (which is indeed true because Han Je-Kyun is both the operator of the Hong Kong private equity fund and an agent of Sangha Group). An Seung-Yeon is not really a villain either because when she initially discovered Sanga Group helping the Hong Kong private equity fund raise secret funds, she couldn’t correct or stop it in time.

Now she has been approached by Jang Ho-Woo to work together to bring down Han Je-Kyun. However, existing laws can at most impose a fine of several million won on Han Je-Kyun which would not be significant for him. Jin Yeon-A suggested using the “Foreign Exchange Trading Act,” which would make it a serious crime.

Ji-Soo specifically confronted Han Je-Kyun and made threats. However, Han Je-Kyun also knew about Ji-Soo’s vulnerability as a mother with children. Therefore, Ji-Soo sought help from Sim Hyeong-Woo and asked him to repay her favor by providing all information related to Han Je-Kyun (and unbeknownst to them, the café staff overheard their conversation).

Huieun’s father’s special formula company is facing financial difficulties. While Han Seung-Jo believes that stopping production of special formula milk will turn things around financially for them, Jang Ho-Woo and Jin Yeon-A think they can attract new investors with good reputation instead.

On another front,Yang Jae-Hwan demands compensation fromHan Je-Kyun and gathers evidence of Han Je-Kyun’s past misconduct (including Sunlight Construction) as leverage. However, Han Je-Kyun refuses to admit his wrongdoings.

Sim Hyeong-Woo feels exhausted because he knows that Han Je-Kyun is someone who exploits others’ weaknesses. This makes Sim Hyeong-Woo unsure about what to do, especially after Huieun gets suspended the next day. The atmosphere becomes such that no one dares to defy Han Je-Kyun.

Jang Ho-Woo finally finds a way to save Huieun’s father’s formula company by producing lactose-free milk for pets, which not only avoids production stoppage but also increases output – surprising other accountants.

Despite this unexpected turn of events, Han Seung-Jo accepts it and is secretly pleased with the outcome. However, in the process, Han Seung-Jo accidentally discovers that Ji-Soo has a child.
The next day,Jang Ho-Woo reveals that Lee Sung-Joo has already approachedHan Je-Kyunto collaborate with Bank President Jin Tae-Soo in order to successfully convene a shareholders’ meeting and replace Chairman Lee Chan-Joo.

Surprisingly at the shareholders’ meeting,Lee Chan-Joo does not lose his position as chairman; it turns out that after being betrayed by HanJe-kyun, HanSeung-jo and JangHo-woo were called upon by LeeChan-joo to help him. However, the two are not genuinely assisting Chairman Lee Chan-joo, but rather they want Chairman Lee Chan-joo to remain as chairman so that HanJe-kyun will lose Sanga Group.

They aim to sabotage HanJe-kyun’s plans, and Ji-Sooplays her part in helping them. HanJe-kyun catches Sim Hyeong-Woom snooping around his safe but does not immediately expose him. Instead, HanJe-kyun asks him to burn some important evidence and get rid of Yang Jae-Hwan. This is a test to see if Sim Hyeong-Woo will betray him.

In the end, Sim Hyeong-Woo refuses to kill Yang Jae-Hwan but suffers consequences himself. Fortunately, Jang Ho-Woo and Han Seung-Jo arrive at the scene, but ultimately fail to save Sim Hyeong-Woo.