(2023 Korean Drama) “Numbers” Episode 1 Recap and Review


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Numbers Episode 1 Recap

Korean Drama “Numbers” Episode 1 Recap : Jang Ho-Woo was found by the president of Yangguang Construction, Jang In-Ho, when he was a child on a construction site. Jang Ho-Woo forgot his identity and memories of his parents, so he had to be taken in by Jang In-Ho as his savior and family member.

Ten years later, whenever someone said that Jang Ho-Woo was an orphan, Jang In-Ho would beat them up like a father protecting his child. Of course, Jang Ho-Woo was also puzzled why no one reported him missing when he was found.

One day, Jang Ho-Woo overheard a group of accountants saying that Yangguang Construction’s project was destined to collapse and questioned why they still wanted to build it. However, tragedy struck before he could discuss it with Jang In-Ho; Yangguan Construction was deemed flawed and ultimately liquidated by the government.

Jang Ho-Woo met Han Seung-Jo at the construction site who came to officially declare bankruptcy for Yangguan Construction with a court order in hand. Han Seung-Jo claimed that they were people who could decide the fate of enterprises and had the power of life and death bestowed upon them.

However, there was nothing that could stop Jang Ho-woo’s anger from boiling over completely – especially after witnessing firsthand how Jin-Inho took his own life out of despair. Unable to find answers anywhere else,J ang ho-woo decided to become an accountant himself so he can go into Taeil Accounting Deal Section where he might find some answers.

Jang Ho-Woo became Taeil Accounting Deal Section’s only high school graduate accountant which made him subject for discussion during new employee training but without any assigned cases until Han Seung-Jo gave him one.

Tae-il is currently dealing with the foolish decision of an entertainment company’s internal embezzlement and reckless investment (meaning corruption and abuse of power) and also wants to cover it up by acquiring another company. Of course, Han Je-Kyun’s goal is to swallow up the entertainment company.

Jang Ho-Woo finally found his enemy, Han Seung-Jo who saw him being ostracized because of his high school education level earlier. He wanted Jang Ho-Woo to know that no one cared about education but rather feared that he would drag down everyone else’s salary if he was not competent enough for the job; nobody had any obligation to teach him this harsh reality.

Finally understanding how he should act, Jang Ho-Woo started doing odd jobs for everyone in order to show them his presence and abilities which eventually made him indispensable.

Numbers Episode 1 Review

2023 Korean Drama Numbers Episode 1 Recap and Review

🔺【Korean Drama “Numbers” Episode 1 Review】”Thinking that making money by stabbing people is your own money, thinking that it’s the way to succeed in life, but actually it’s just being a scumbag.”

In the first episode, the director sets up Jang Ho-Woo’s anger and revenge determination. In the scene at Jang In-Ho’s Construction, Han Seung-Jo’s arrogance and indifference contrast with Jang Ho-Woo’s anger, showing the powerful authority of accountants who can destroy people’s lives with numbers.

People like Jang Ho-Woo without power or defense can only become powerless roars. The confrontation between strength and numbers makes Jang Ho-Woo thoroughly understand the reality of this society.

Without real power, no matter how angry he is, it is just weak punch. Of course, this also realistically depicts the bloody flow of money in this society – rich people can always squeeze out those hard-working people’s lives to make money.

I really like how the writer portrays Jang In-Ho’s growth in this harsh environment where survival of fittest rules apply in his law firm at first. This tells us that every aspect of work requires someone who needs it; whether big or small things happen around you as long as there are things happening you have an opportunity to showcase your abilities.

Especially when Jang Ho-Woo becomes an indispensable character for everyone in last ten minutes which was really good writing! Currently from Episode 1 although Han Seung-Jo is Jang Ho-Woo’s enemy but Han Seung-Jo doesn’t seem like a bad person either; he seems more like a child who has been neglected and used by his father for personal gain while Han Je-Kyun feels like someone who destroys others for personal gain which I think Han Seung-Jo dislikes too so hopefully they will team up against him later on!