Kdrama – Numbers episode 4 Recap


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Kdrama Numbers Episode 4 Recap

Kdrama Numbers Episode 4 recap

Kdrama “Numbers”Episode 4 recap:  Jang Ho-Woo confronts Han Seung-Jo and demands to see the judgment report of Yangguang Construction. This revelation brings sadness and regret to Han Seung-Jo, as his deceased grandfather was also Ji-Soo’s father, his ex-girlfriend. As a result, Han Seung-Jo suffers from panic disorder.

Jang Ho-Woo is puzzled why liquidating Yangguang Construction would be more beneficial than dealing with Taeil Accounting Firm. The next day, Han Seung-Jo takes over the inspection project from Sim Hyeong-Woo at Soma Tech and insists on being in charge because he has another motive – selling Soma Tech for a large profit. Han Seung-Jo gives some information about Yangguang Construction to Jang Ho-Woo and asks him to provide the rest through their team’s work.

Sim Hyeong-Woo tries to manipulate banks into making moves towards acquiring Soma Tech. Meanwhile, days pass by, and Jang Ho-Woo finally gathers all the data on Yangguang Construction. He discovers that the liquidation report was intentionally divided into two parts and that the results are polarized.

However, what Jang Ho-Woo doesn’t know is that Han Seung-Jo’s report has been tampered with again by Han Je-Kyun; now even the current Soma Tech report will be replaced by him. At this point, Han Seung-Jo’s anger seems powerless but unlike before, he knows how to resist and correct things.

Through this incident, Jang Ho-Woo realizes that Yangguan Construction was sold off by Sim Hyeong-Woo and learns about the manipulation of Han Seung-Jo’s previous report orchestrated by Han Je-Kyun.
The following day, both Han Seung-Jo and Jang Ho-woo share their concerns.

They both hope for the downfall of Han Je-Kyun and Sim Hyeong-Woo, so they decide to cooperate in order to prevent a repeat of similar incidents. However, Sim Hyeong-Woo also discovers Jang Ho-Woo’s background and past.