Kdrama Numbers episode 6 Recap:What is Ji-Soo’s aim ?


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Kdrama Numbers episode 6 Recap

Kdrama Numbers episode 6 Recap

Kdrama “Numbers” Episode 6 recap :  Ji-Soo wants Han Je-Kyun to handle a dessert company in a double remuneration manner, so that she can quickly get rid of it and Han Je-Kyun can make money. In order to prevent Ji-Soo from getting hurt, Han Seung-Jo takes on the task of transferring the dessert company.

On the other hand, An Seung-Yeon knows that Jang Ho-Woo influenced Kang Hyun’s decision and made him resign, so An Seung-Yeon hopes that Jang Ho-Woo can leave Taeil on his own. Han Je-Kyun promotes Han Seung-Jo, but it seems not out of love for his son~Han Seung-Jo discovers something suspicious about the dessert company case.

Jin Yeon-A asks her father for help because she likes Jang Ho-Woo and wants to find out one of the major investors in Hong Kong private equity funds – Chairman Lee Chan-Joo from Sanga Group. On the other hand, Ji-Soo asks Sim Hyeong-Woo to go to the place where her father committed suicide and implies that she knows about some dirty things Sim Hyeong-Woo has done.

However, she understands that Sim Hyeong-Woo was just playing his role in his position, so she wants him to prove that his ongoing business value is higher than its liquidation value as compensation.

Now it is necessary for Jang Ho-Woo to find out the relationship between Chairman Lee Chan-Joo and An Seung-Yeon. Jang Ho-Woo tells Han Je-Kyun that this transfer case should emphasize to buyers that they will feel like they have gained something by acquiring it.

As soon as possible, Han Je-Kyun goes to meet Chairman Lee Chan-Joon because once he acquires the dessert company he can sell Shangya Village and solve his problem of having no businesses there. Jang Ho-Woo discovers that the reason for selling the dessert company is because of the scandal involving squeezing franchise stores.

The turnover of these franchise stores is all in debt, and they become victims because they cannot see this loophole on paper and are deceived into joining. The Hong Kong private equity fund knows about this and wants to get rid of it quickly. However, Jang Ho-Woo did not tell Han Seung-Jo about this matter, but Han Seung-Jo had already noticed it.

Jang Ho-Woo understands that what the Hong Kong private equity fund is doing is particularly troublesome; clearly, it involves a larger scale and more people behind it. After conducting a special investigation, Han Seung-Jo also realizes that Ji-Soo’s current situation will become increasingly dangerous if she gets involved further, and he does not want her to be trapped in it.

In fact, Jang Ho-Woo doesn’t really want the transfer case to succeed; he just uses this opportunity to gain Chairman Lee Chan-Joon’s trust so that he can get closer to him~ Therefore, in the end, Jang Ho-Woo specifically asks Chairman Lee Chan-Joon not to sell the dessert company.

However, later Jang Ho-Woo also discovers that only companies are sold by Hong Kong private equity funds without selling patents because they keep their own patents as a foundation for providing illicit financial transactions since there won’t be any records left behind. But what Ji-Soo is actually doing is “recruiting people.” Jin Yeon-A may not know what Jang Ho-Woo is up to exactly but she wants to join forces with him anyway.