Buddha Fight ! Record of Ragnarok season 2 Review: The most charismatic Fight!


Record of Ragnarok Season 2” is even better than the first season, and after watching the first half of Season 2, I am really looking forward to the second half featuring “Buddha” in “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” . “Record of Ragnarok” is a Japanese manga written by Shinya Umemura and illustrated by Ajichika.

The story depicts a meeting held every thousand years called the “Humanity’s Survival Conference,” where gods decide to exterminate humanity due to their continuous destruction of the environment. However, Valkyrie Brunhilde opposes this decision and suggests a final battle between 13 gods and 13 humans in one-on-one duels known as the “God vs Human Ultimate Showdown.” If humans win seven matches, they will be allowed to survive until the next conference.

The first ten episodes of “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” cover the fourth and fifth battles (Heracles vs Jack The Ripper, Shiva vs Raiden Tameemon), while episodes eleven to fifteen focus on the sixth battle (Buddha vs Zerofukko). Of course, since there are thirteen rounds in total for “Record of Ragnarok,” there will be more seasons following this one.

Just like its predecessor, “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” subtly explores various themes beneath its action-packed scenes. It vividly reflects both the best and worst aspects of humanity conflicting with gods. Watching this anime gives me a sense that it keeps getting better with each episode. As battles become more intense, interpersonal interactions become more intriguing. Each fight extends over several episodes filled with action sequences, stunning visual effects, and plenty of emotions.

In addition to showcasing famous gods from different cultures battling against equally renowned historical figures from human history, “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” impressively pairs these characters together to create an absurd yet captivating narrative. It’s not just about fighting; the story plays a crucial role throughout “Record of Ragnarok.”

In each battle, viewers observe how combatants utilize their opponents’ abilities and employ strategic tactics to defeat them. The original work allows us to appreciate the greatness of every warrior, whether they are gods or humans, through touching and moving stories that evoke various emotions.

Although I personally feel that there was no need to split “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” into two parts XD, it is evident that the original work has given significant attention to the character Buddha. After all, he is truly charismatic and his round alone spans five episodes! Audiences have thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Record of Ragnarok season 2 Review

Record of Ragnarok season 2 Review

The tournament rounds of “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” are from the fourth round to the seventh round. Below, I will first summarize the battle records between humans and gods until the end of “Record of Ragnarok Season 2”.

God Human

Thor win

Lu Bu

Zeus win 



Kojiro Sasaki win  


Jack of the Ropper win

Shiva win

Raiden Tameemon


Buddha win

In comparison to the first season, I feel that the first season of “Record of Ragnarok” was presented in a somewhat slideshow-like manner. However, when it comes to the second season of “Record of Ragnarok,” there has been significant improvement in terms of animation quality and storytelling techniques with more emotional depth. Personally, I prefer the second season over the first one.

Record of Ragnarok2:Heracles VS Jack of the Ripper(Round 4)

Record of ragnarok Season 2

In the second season of “Record of Ragnarok,” before entering the fourth round, the gods were leading humans with a score of two to one. However, in the first victorious battle of the third round, humans were greatly inspired because it was their first time killing a deity. This shocked and humbled the arrogant gods who believed in their immortality.

In “Record of Ragnarok” season 2, the fourth round features Heracles VS Jack the Ripper. This round marks a turning point for “Record of Ragnarok” as it deviates from its usual direct confrontations and introduces more back-and-forth exchanges between characters resulting in severe injuries. The portrayal of Jack the Ripper and Heracles is different from previous rounds; Jack is depicted as history’s worst person while Heracles embodies moral virtues at their peak.

Thus, this clash between Heracles’ lethal strikes and Jack’s cunning strategies creates an intriguing design for “Record of Ragnarok” rather than just relying on brute force alone. The stories behind both characters are worth savoring.

Each conclusion in “Record of Ragnarok” always evokes emotions, and I was particularly impressed by how well-developed these characters’ stories were in this fourth round. Jack’s “evilness” stems from his experiences within this cruel world, making him mentally stronger than anyone else when faced with its brutality or confronting someone more powerful than himself.

Therefore, his wickedness comes from surviving alone in such a harsh environment but remains misunderstood by others. Although he wins this round for humanity in “Record of Ragnarok” season 2, ironically his victory receives no applause because he represents evil within humanity.

The fourth battle is a classic confrontation between good and evil that resonates with Heracles being originally human but becoming a god to protect humanity. Despite being assigned to represent gods against Jack the Ripper, deep down he simply loves humans unconditionally since he used to be one.

This clash between good and evil makes the match captivating, gradually drawing viewers to become unknowingly fond of Heracles. In the fourth round of “Record of Ragnarok” season 2, the author showcases Jack the Ripper’s story that elicits sympathy yet also contempt, while simultaneously highlighting Heracles’ love for humanity by not tolerating Jack’s murderous actions. Throughout this round, it is through Heracles that Jack experiences love for the first time—a truly beautiful story! (I really loved this episode)

Record of Ragnarok2:Shiva VS Raiden Tameemon(Round 5)


n the fifth match of “Record of Ragnarok Season 2”, it is a sumo showdown between Shiva and the legendary sumo wrestler Raiden Tameemon. This episode can be considered a relatively straightforward physical battle compared to previous duels, with slightly less excitement. However, the author brings these two characters together because Shiva and Raiden Tameemon are similar in nature.

By the end, you will find that they have a mutual understanding and have discovered each other’s intentions and dreams. In this round, viewers can see both of them burning themselves up to fight against each other, as if they have found a like-minded dream opponent to spar with~ This match reminds me of the touching moment in the first round with Lu Bu~

Record of Ragnarok2:Zerofukko→Hajun VS Buddha(Round 6)


“In ‘Record of Ragnarok Season 2,’ Buddha’s round is the most charismatic one. The series incorporates legendary elements into its signature combat style, introducing two of the most charming and empathetic characters so far in ‘Record of Ragnarok Season 2.’ In terms of charisma, Buddha’s entire image is just super cool~

I really like the character story design in this round. As mentioned in the content, both characters are meant to unravel past cause and effect relationships. Essentially, Buddha is a human who possesses divine power due to his enlightenment. Throughout the plot, viewers will see how he attains enlightenment and how his choices create followers.

Buddha does not shy away from suffering but recognizes its utility as an essential element of life. He believes that pain should accompany humans at appropriate times for them to find their own happiness rather than relying on others’ charity.

However, although Buddha stands out in ‘Record of Ragnarok Season 2,’ I feel that the author also delves deep into Zerofukko’s design depth and loneliness, making him a worthy rival for Buddha. Zerofukko was born to alleviate human misfortune and suffering quickly realizing that by taking on people’s pain himself, he can lessen their suffering.

However, these misfortunes become unbearable for Zerofukko himself, especially considering humanity’s ingratitude which leads them to become insatiable and corrupt with happiness. The reason why Zerofukko envies Buddha lies in their shared ability to bring happiness to people while only Buddha enjoys true freedom. The author shows us how Zerofukko gradually falls into self-pity and anger towards humanity; his original love turns into hatred used to harm humans.

I particularly enjoy witnessing the reconciliation between these two characters regarding their intertwined fate in ‘Record of Ragnarok Season 2.’ In the end, Buddha redeems Zerofukko by using his enlightened teachings to save his inner self. The author not only explains that Buddha’s enlightenment is not due to any special divine power but rather a means of liberation and freedom, which in itself is a formidable force.

On the other hand, Zerofukko becomes bound by his own resentment, forgetting to love himself and ultimately allowing himself to be consumed. In the sixth round of ‘Record of Ragnarok Season 2,’ we mainly see Buddha on the defensive side, showcasing that he does not seek war. Finally, Buddha uses gentle words to melt away this hatred, resolve anger, and bring about happiness – this is precisely Buddha’s enlightenment!”

But wait! The author of “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” didn’t intend for Buddha to exit so soon (after all, he is incredibly charismatic). When facing Zerofukko, Buddha effortlessly overpowers him without exerting much effort. However, the appearance of Hajun completely changes the game and adds a sense of tension.

“Little Zerofukko” transforms into the devil from the underworld who destroys half of it. In the second half, Buddha constantly finds himself at a disadvantage. It turns out that a god turning into a devil is something Bishamonten can do (Bishamonten will also appear in future matches). Finally, the concept of “rebirth from death” holds great significance as it represents Buddha’s enlightenment on an even higher level.

Do you remember when Buddha first achieved enlightenment? It was when his brother died. He suddenly burst into laughter in response to his brother’s death. Others questioned if he had gone mad due to overwhelming grief. Similarly, when Hajun knocks him down during their battle, Buddha bursts into laughter again. Hajun asks if he has gone insane in his final moments as well. These are all moments where Buddha achieves enlightenment.

The original meaning behind “Ichiren Takusho” comes from Pure Land Buddhism which believes that good people will be reborn in paradise after death and continue their existence on the same lotus flower. But here, both he and little Zerofukko mention “Warrend,” implying that just like Valkyrie sisters becoming divine weapons, Little Fu Zero becomes one too. This marks Buddha’s ultimate enlightenment upon reaching the highest realm of Buddhahood.

To confront fear head-on means to triumph over it: like a lion unafraid of roaring sounds; like a gentle breeze that cannot be captured by nets; like a lotus flower emerging unstained from muddy waters; simply moving forward like a rhinoceros horn, alone. However, if you happen to meet a companion who is capable of entrusting their soul to you, together you can overcome any danger and experience genuine joy from the depths of your heart. Buddha in “Record of Ragnarok Season 2” is absolutely stunning!