2023 Kdrama Revenant Episode 11 Recap & Review+2 highlights

韓劇惡鬼地11集劇情revenant ep11

Korean drama “Revenant” Episode 11 recap : the three characters have discovered the name of the demon. Now, they just need to find the final item in order to eliminate the demon. In order to prevent the demon from losing control and revealing their identity, San-Yeong traps himself with a forbidden rope. However, the demon tries various methods to stop them. Eventually, Hae-Sang finds the jade hairpin and wants to confirm its authenticity through San-Yeong, but suddenly San-Yeong disappears.

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2023 Kdrama Revenant Episode 11 Recap & Review+2 highlights
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Kdrama Revenant Episode 11 Recap

In continuation of Revenant episode 10 , Grandma’s time has been stagnant. She doesn’t have a phone and never interacts with anyone. She relies solely on the surveillance monitor to observe the outside world. Kim Chi-Won handles and reminds her about everything, including daily routines.

So, Kim Chi-Won secretly moves the calendar one day ahead in their home. On this defenseless day, Gu San-Yeong pretends to be a demon to coax Grandma into revealing the demon’s name. As expected, Grandma utters the name and feels both devastated and angry for being deceived. Immediately, Kim Chi-Won takes Grandma to the hospital for treatment and locks the door behind them.

Although Yeom Hae-Sang now knows that Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost is Lee Hyan-Gi, he needs to know her Chinese characters as well. Just when Lee Hong-Sae is about to search for her whereabouts, Yeom Hae-Sang stops him because defenseless day is coming to an end; therefore, demons will do everything possible to stop them unless they wait until sunrise.

However, despite Gu San-Yeong’s efforts to resist Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost’s temptation, unexpectedly there is a sudden fire in her study room. The firefighters break down the door and rescue Gu San-Yeong just in time before she loses consciousness due to smoke inhalation caused by both calling emergency services himself and setting fire intentionally under demonic influence Fortunately it is already morning now.

Gu San-Yeong urgently boards a bus but starts seeing Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost again when it begins raining heavily. Yeom Hae-Sang says that this time it’s Lee Hong-Sae who appears very alert since he doesn’t immediately open his door upon seeing Gu San-Yeong’s figure.Then it switches over where Yeom Hae-Sang sees Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost.

He locks himself up until Gu San-Yeong quickly returns home and locks herself up as well. Yeom Hae-Sang finally finds the jade hairpin divine body, but he discovers that it is already broken. The construction site manager says it was found in a broken state initially.Lee Hong-Sae, who has obtained the life record book, realizes that Lee Hong-I hasn’t attended school since June 20th.

At home, Gu San-Yeong anxiously awaits developments in the situation. Unexpectedly, Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost shows him a vision of his mother being killed to prevent herself from being eliminated.

This causes Gu San-Yeong to rush out desperately beyond the forbidden area.At that moment, Yoon Gyeong-Mun receives a call from an insurance company saying that Gu San-Yeong has paid off her life insurance policy. This makes her panic and she doesn’t dare answer Gu San-Yeong’s phone calls.

Baek Se-Mi becomes terrified when she sees strange bruises appearing on Yoon Gyeong-Mun’s hand (because the door of the coffee shop wasn’t closed properly allowing demons to enter directly). Just then,GU San-yeon arrives at the scene and threatens to kill herself along with demon if they harm her mother.

Afterwards,demon appears and leads Gu San-yeon away.Yeom Hae-Sang decides to seal those items first; at least give it a try. However, Yeom Hae-Sang knows he can’t act recklessly either because demons are skilled in deception.The seemingly correct answers often turn out to be traps.

Yeom Hae-Sang looked at the information in his hand and wondered if it had anything to do with Demon. In 1958, the Jade Hairpin was a rare and expensive item in the rural fishing village where Demon, a poor fisherman’s daughter, lived. Lee Hong-Sae unexpectedly learned that someone who knew Ku Kang-Mo also happened to know the artist of the moon painting, Ryu Su-Ran. She mentioned that after Ku Kang-Mo visited her art exhibition, she contacted him to ask if he knew Lee Mok-Dan. However, by the time she reached out to Ku Kang-Mo, he had already passed away.

In fact, Ryu Su-Ran and Lee Hyan-Gi were classmates. Lee Hyan-Gi secretly admired their art teacher and felt ashamed when she went to school hungry and sought comfort from Lee Mok-Dan. The poverty-stricken household became a source of resentment for Lee Hyan-Gi; she even entertained evil thoughts about wishing her sister and parents would disappear so that she could be born into a wealthy family.

Kim Chi-Won brought Gu San-Yeong as his final revenge against Na Byung-Hee after Junghyeon Capital proposed his removal as representative director. However, Kim Chi-Won’s grandmother told him that both San-Yeong and Lee Hyan-Gi were cruel people because they betrayed their sisters. When Lee Hyan-Gi found out that she was going to be sacrificed, she made her sister wear the red hair accessory on the following day.

On June 3rd, Lee Mok-Dan went missing while on June 7th all villagers enjoyed a feast at an event in town. Lee Hyan-Gi’s mother was overcome with sadness during this time while Lee Hyan-Gi believed her mother wished it was her who died instead; thus causing anger between them.

Later at home, Lee Hyan-Gi discovered a large sum of money, which made her happy as she planned to buy art supplies. However, upon returning home, her father scolded her and shattered the glass bottles containing the paint on the floor. In despair, Lee Hyan-Gi collected all the broken powder into one jar.After her mother’s suicide, Lee Hyan-Gi stopped going to school but received support and encouragement from her art teacher who visited their home.

With that glass jar in hand, Lee Hyan-Gi felt like life could start anew. She cooked a meal and waited for her brother and father to come home but tragically they died in a boating accident. Lee Hyan-Gi realized she was now alone in this world with no one else left in her family. Determined to save her sister, she decided to return the money taken from their house back to the witch hoping for mercy. However, little did she know that the witch had lured her into a warehouse because she knew Lee Hyan-Gi was actually Lee Mok-Dan’s younger sister.

In front of Lee Hyan-Gi, the witch stabbed Lee Mok-Dan turning her into Demon. Now back in present time, Kim Chi-Won’s grandmother negotiates with Demon once again because only she doesn’t want Demon destroyed.

Grandma had always believed that “As long as I’m alive, you will be too” could be used as a bargaining chip. However, the Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost wanted her to stay alive while Grandma died. Moreover, the Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost didn’t want Grandma to reveal “that matter,” so Grandma had to die.

When the demon appeared in Gu San-Yeong’s body, it was different from those who had desired her in the past out of greed. But Gu San-Yeong was different, and she liked him. She wanted to stay with him forever. However, Gu San-Yeong asked the Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost to return to her family instead. In the end, the Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost demanded that Gu San-Yeong fulfill one last request: finding a corpse.

Yeom Hae-Sang and Lee Hong-Sae speculated that Lee Hyan-Gi’s body was likely in a warehouse and discovered a secret room within it where Lee Hyan-Gi’s corpse was placed. However, Gu San-Yeong felt something was off because the demon had been guiding them all along and led them not only to an object but also ultimately to a corpse. The purpose must have been more than just annihilation; they were trying to find Lee Hyan-Gi’s hairpin which held her final grudge.

Kdrama Revenant Episode 11 review & 2 highlights,Explained

2023 Kdrama Revenant Episode 11 Recap & Review

Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost’s past story + summary of five memorized items.

【About demon】

The demon dislikes children’s unreasonable mischief: it is because she hated her younger sister who embarrassed her when she was alive.

The demon dislikes poverty: it is because her family, a poor fisherman’s family, made her feel ashamed. In addition, she would be chosen for sacrifice because of their poverty. Her parents would receive money or food in return.

The demon once said to Lee Hong-Sae, “Can’t you just like me?”: this is because the demon had feelings for the art teacher when she was alive. However, Lu Mei Lian with wealth had the upper hand, so she longed for love.

After watching Episode 11 of Revenant, the screenwriter provided a lot of background information and character development for Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost. It was truly shocking to see how well her character was portrayed. She used to be human, driven by greed and disdain for poverty. These qualities led Xiangyi towards a more selfish and evil path, ultimately leading to her own demise and transformation into a resentful demon.

In Revenant episode 11 , the writer cleverly twisted our perception of the past fragmented scenes we had seen before. We initially believed that the demon was a victim, but it turns out that she was actually killed by her own greed. However, deep inside her heart, there is also remorse.

On June 3, 1958: A piece of paper that looked like a contract was written with the old Korean won for one billion whole dollars. It indicated that Choi Man-Wol received this amount of money to perform a ritual, and the money came from Junghyeon Trading Company (which is part of the Yeom Hae-Sang family conglomerate). At this time, it was a “plan” to perform the ritual (originally intended for Lee Hyan-Gi), and then on June 7th, everyone in the village gathered together to celebrate with feasting and drinking.

Red hair accessory: Gu San-Yeong saw a little girl sitting in front of the mirror (Lee Mok-Dan) and tied the red hair accessory on her head from his own perspective. This scene originally seemed heartwarming. However, in reality, the witch intended to give this red hair accessory to Lee Hyan-Gi.

But when Lee Hyan-Gi found out that she would be sacrificed and killed, she became angry at her parents. She couldn’t believe she would become a poor sacrifice (her resentment towards poverty reached its peak at this moment). So Lee Hyan-Gi gave this red hair accessory to Lee Mok-Dan and tied it on her head at the dressing table. That’s why when Lee Mok-Dan was playing hide-and-seek with neighboring children on June 3rd, 1958, she was deceived by the witch and went missing.

🩸On June 7, 1958 (the waxing moon), Lee Mok-Dan was kidnapped and disappeared. Gu San-Yeong said, “As compensation for your life, hand over the price that Mok-Dan received.” It was also the day of a village feast, and everyone received a lot of things and money from Yeom Seung-Ok, the village man’s leader.

🩸 On June 20, 1958, Lee Hyan-Gi stopped going to school because her mother passed away. She stayed at home, so her death date is later.

Glass bottle: Lee Hyan-Gi brought food back home from the village feast for her mother. However, her mother fell into sadness and despair. Lee Hyan-Gi resented her mother and felt that she wished it was herself who died instead. So she became angry. At the same time, Lee Hyan-Gi found a large sum of money at home and secretly took some to buy her favorite paint colors.

But she got slapped by her father and dropped the glass bottle containing those paints on the ground where it shattered. This corresponds to Gu San-Yeong’s memory of seeing bottles with different colored powders falling on the ground and shattering into pieces. Then someone appeared with a glass bottle containing red powder at Yeom Hae-Sang’s house (these red powders were mixed together from all the shattered powders in one jar). Because of guilt, Lee Hyan-Gi’s mother chose to end her own life (which is why there are scenes in which demon Yoon Gyeong-Mun seems to be reminiscing about his deceased mother during nighttime).

Black rubber band: Gu San-Yeong saw “a hanging woman” as well as images of the sea (this part should correspond to episode nine when Revenant Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost possesses Gu San-Yeong’s body and goes home after partying all night, saying that she wants to sleep with Yoon Gyeong-Mun. She also talks in her sleep, saying “Mom, don’t go, don’t die”). The image of the sea is because after her mother’s death, her brother and father died in a shipwreck shortly afterward. As a result, she was left alone in this family.

Glass bottle: When Gu San-Yeong touched the glass bottle, it triggered memories of constantly wanting to drink water. She said, “I begged them for something to eat and pleaded with them for a sip of water. I begged them relentlessly and desperately. For seven days, I stayed alive without drinking any water. But do you know what they said? ‘Why haven’t you died yet?'”

The glass bottle has memories from different periods because when Lee Hyan-Gi arrived at the Yeom household, she not only held money but also carried her favorite paint colors that gave her courage. The witch chopped Lee Mok-Dan first before turning into a demon herself. Afterward, Lee Hyan-Gi gradually became weak due to hunger.

🩸 On June 24, 1958 (waning moon): Blue porcelain, a corpse (Lee Mok-Dan’s body was sent back for processing and hung on a tree by the village head in a wooden barrel), as for Lee Hyan-Gi who died later, she was buried in a secret room in her grandmother’s warehouse.

Fragments of blue pottery: Gu San-Yeong saw Man-Wol outside the window and witnessed someone being killed. The scene showed blood splattering before his eyes. Lee Mok-Dan and Lee Hyan-Gi were both murdered during the same ceremony, but Lee Hyan-Gi died after June 24th because she saw Man-Wol outside the window.

Jade hairpin: This belongs to the witch and does not belong to Lee Mok-Dan or Lee Hyan-Gi. The evil spirit Juvenile Ghost continuously guides Gu San-Yeong and Yeom Hae-Sang to find those five items because they need to find the final jade hairpin. However, there is a story behind this jade hairpin – it is where Juvenile Ghost’s lingering resentment resides; it is attached to the “broken jade hairpin”.

Every person who wants to have me is driven by greed, but you are different.

“You clearly feel that it’s unfair. Because you’re young and broke, people always look down on you. ‘One day, I’ll succeed and finally breathe a sigh of relief,’ you think to yourself. Even if you work hard, the world remains unchanged. Even when you’re frustrated and lost to the extreme, no one understands you. Come with me, so that you can also find happiness. Do you think there’s anything different about yourself? The scammers who tricked your money and your grandmother – their deaths were all due to your desires. The thought of revenge and owning this house is hidden deep within your heart.”

I really like the inner struggle between Gu San-Yeong and the demon in Episode 11 of RevenantGu San-Yeong series. Writer Kim always tightly intertwines supernatural themes with human nature.

We can see how Gu San-Yeong fights against the conditions set by the demon with great effort. The writer shows us that demons are closely connected to human desires; even a single thought becomes nourishment for demons to exploit our weaknesses. Demon’s emotions are intertwined with human emotions.

The portrayal of Gu San-Yeong by Revenant writer is very realistic because she is a product of this society with wealth disparity; having only “purity” in her heart is impossible. Humans have seven emotions and six desires, just as ghosts do too.

Any choices or actions made by humans are influenced by emotions.Revenant effectively resonates with viewers through emotional struggles caused by these influences. Demon speaks out about Gu San-Yeong’s unexpressed greed in her heart which isn’t wrong at all because it’s part of human nature.It’s an innate desire that cannot be eradicated.

The environment plays a role in shaping such “instinctive” desires.This makes the confrontation between Gu San-Yeong and demon in Revenant episdoe 11 intriguing.

Especially when demon threatens to target her mother, Gu San-Yeong’s determination to sacrifice herself is a powerful expression of love.Most resistance against fear and dark forces comes from “love”.Love makes people brave, selfless, and willing to abandon their own desires. Love dilutes the emotional turmoil that Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost experiences.Gu San-Yeong uses her love for those around her as the courage to defeat the demon.

In Revenant episode 11, the writer has portrayed the story and characters behind Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost in a more three-dimensional way. Lee Hyan-Gi indeed looks down on poverty, although she likes her art teacher, she feels ashamed because of her poverty.

She even harbors evil thoughts of wishing her sister, parents to disappear, just like how her grandmother killed her husband and son for wealth. What she pursues is “money”, but her experiences are filled with misery and regret.

In the end, the portrayal of Lee Hyan-Gi by the writer in this episode is as mentioned before – Gu San-Yeong has a lot of love around him, which demons lack. I think this is also why Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost says that she really likes Gu San-Yeong and wants to stay with him all the time because these kinds of love are something that Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost has never had before.