2023 Kdrama Revenant Episode 6 Recap & Review,4 highlights


Korean drama “Revenant” Episode 6 : the plot revolves around Hae-Sang , who goes to find Grandma with a blue pottery shard. After learning that a large inheritance left by Kim Seok-Ran has been taken by Yoon Gyeong-Mun, San-Yeong becomes extremely angry. She discovers a photo in an old negative at grandma’s house. Meanwhile, Hong-Sae is investigating a peculiar murder case.

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Kdrama Revenant Episode 6 Recap

🎀Continuing from Revenant episode 5, LJR dies in the restroom. Lee Hong-Sae goes to check on Gu San-Yeong and mentions that Gu San-Yeong just confessed to killing someone. Gu San-Yeong tries to explain but can’t make it clear, only saying that it was done by a demon. On the other side, Yeom Hae-Sang takes the rope he found and goes to find his grandmother.

He also discovers that this place is filled with surveillance cameras. In 1995, Yeom Hae-Sang asks his grandmother why his mother buried those things and took him to such a place where she even died, but his grandmother refuses to answer and only says that there was no red hair accessory where his mother died. Yeom Hae-Sang is scared because ever since then he has been able to see strange things, but his grandmother forces him not to talk about it like a lunatic. Back in the present time, when his grandmother sees what Yeom Hae-Sang brought and mentions their mother, she angrily kicks him out.

🎀Gu San-Yeong returns home and finds out that her mother accepted her grandmother’s inheritance and rented a clothing store. This makes Gu San-Yeong think again about how her own desires caused her grandmother’s death; she fears that it was because of her inner desires that she killed her grandmother. In anger, Gu San-Yeong suddenly thinks “Should I help you kill her?” which frightens herself greatly; when she wakes up the next day, Gu San-Yeong actually believes for a moment that she really killed her mother.

Meanwhile, Yeom Hae-Sang finally understands the purpose of the blue porcelain shard as a means to eliminate demons; thus he begins to understand why his mother did what she did back then. At the same time, Gu San-Yeong returns all the money to Yeom Hae-Sang, who feels that something is not right and suspects that Gu San-Yeong is hiding something. He investigates what happened to Gu San-Yeong yesterday by following his credit card records. Jin Ji-Won, under orders from Yeom Hae-Sang’s grandmother, investigates what Yeom Hae-Sang has been up to recently and sends an informant to be around Seo Moon-Choon.

🎀Lee Hong-Sae and Seo Moon-Choon have a big argument; at the same time, they unintentionally find out about the murder case that happened at the restaurant yesterday. They both feel like they are the only ones who have clues about it, so they decide to investigate the case and prove their abilities.

Gu San-Yeong goes back to live alone in her grandmother’s house and refuses to contact her mother. She has already cleaned every corner of her grandmother’s house but still finds dust no matter how much she wipes away. Suddenly, she hears a voice saying “the third drawer of the dressing table” and discovers a stack of film negatives which contain information about “Hungry Ghost Path.” When Yeom Hae-Sang arrives at the hotel after hearing about the murder case, he immediately sees characteristics of a “hungry ghost” here; he warns Lee Hong-Sae that similar cases will happen again because hungry ghosts will continue harming others until their greed is satisfied. 

🎀Although Lee Hong-Sae initially refuses to believe in such supernatural phenomena, he still searches for related bizarre death cases and actually finds several cases where victims died from heart failure with bloodshot eyes. So on the next day, Lee Hong-Sae goes to find Yeom Hae-Sang while Gu San-Yeong happens to come as well to talk about hungry ghosts; she is surprised when she learns someone actually died.

Yeom Hae-Sang originally planned to find the hungry ghost through photos taken at Seo Yoon-Jung’s banquet, but Gu San-Yeong mentions that Seo Yoon-Jung and Baek Se-Mi were not present when the photos were taken. Gu San-Yeong doesn’t want to suspect Se-Mi, so she immediately goes to find her. Lee Hong-Sae also discovers that valuable items were stolen in other cases, confirming that these incidents are not simply sudden deaths.

🎀But one of the cases was unique, as nothing physical was missing. It was discovered that what had been taken from the deceased was her intangible desire for “marriage.” It just so happened that because of this unfortunate incident involving the female victim, Seo Yoon-Jung and her husband were able to get married at a popular wedding venue.

When Seo Yoon-Jung’s husband was asked about it, it was revealed that Seo Yoon-Jung’s father’s company had been declining and they didn’t have the means to afford the wedding venue. They even needed to sell their house now. However, Seo Yoon-Jung didn’t want to be looked down upon by her friends, so she insisted on having the wedding there. Lee Hong-Sae also noticed that Seo Yoon-Jung’s husband had a watch which she insisted he wear.

🎀Gu San-Yeong has finally told Yeom Hae-Sang that Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost made her watch “Hungry Ghost Path.” But both of them don’t understand why Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost wanted Gu San-Yeong to see it. Now Gu San-Yeong can only find Baek Se-Mi first, who is currently meeting with Seo Yoon-Jung. Her white shirt got stained with red wine yesterday, so she wants to borrow an outfit from Seo Yoon-Jung.

However, she is being mocked by Seo Yoon-Jung for not having money. Gu San-Yeong discovers that a hungry ghost has possessed Seo Yoon-Jung’s body. Although Gu San-Yeong prevented another unfortunate event from happening, when faced with accepting herself in this state, Seo Yoon-Jung runs into the street and gets hit by a car.

🎀Gu San-Yeong confesses to Yeom Hae-Sang that she used his credit card yesterday to buy beautiful clothes and enjoy herself without worries. Therefore, Gu San-Yeong is puzzled if there really are people without desires. Everyone wants to live a better life and be happy, right? Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost said that it was what Gu San-Yeong had desired all her life.

Now Gu San-Yeong seems to truly understand why Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost said that because she can’t completely deny her own greed. After all, she accepted her grandmother’s huge inheritance. Maybe this is the real her? Yeom Hae-Sang tells Gu San-Yeong not to get involved in finding demons anymore because demons will exploit her vulnerability, and continuing on this path could be dangerous. At night, Gu San-Yeong receives developed photos and realizes that the boy in the pictures is the soul she saw at Yeom Hae-Sang’s house.

🎀Yeom Hae-Sang finally finds the place where “ropes” are made and meets the person who makes them. The person reveals that a year ago they made a total of five ropes for someone familiar named Ku Kang-Mo. It was heard that Ku Kang-Mo needed to find five specific items and know the demon’s name; these forbidden ropes were meant to block disasters.

What breaks through as a clue for Yeom Hae-Sang is finally deciphering that his mother did come to see this woman for those five forbidden ropes, and his mother came through an introduction by Ku Kang-Mo himself. So it turns out his mother genuinely wants to eliminate the demon.

Kdrama Revenant Episode 6 review and 4 highlights,Explained

Kdrama Revenant Episode 6 recap and review

Kim Woo-Jin is the son of driver Kim Chi-Won


In Revenant episode 6, there is a scene where Yeom Hae-Sang shows her grandmother a red hair accessory. This scene subtly reveals some information and suspense. In the fifth episode, demon Kim Woo-Jin, who covets Gu San-Yeong’s youthfulness, appears at Yeom Hae-Sang’s house. From the photos, it seems that he is the son of Kim Chi-Won, who is also a driver for Kim Woo-Jin.

In the previous episode of Revenant, Kim Woo-Jin mentioned that he would die because of Yeom Hae-Sang. Currently, it is still unknown how his death occurred. However, based on the content of Episode 6 of Revenant, it can be inferred that Kim Woo-Jin covets Gu San-Yeong’s youthfulness because he died early.

Looking at past photos with Kim Chi-Won in them gives the impression that time stopped when he was still in high school. Therefore, it is possible that he died during his high school years. It cannot be determined at this point how old Yeom Hae-Sang was when Kim Woo-Jin died or how she caused his death.

Yeom Hae-Sang mentioned having a friend who eventually committed suicide due to constantly coveting what others had. Could this friend referred to by Yeom Hae-Sang be Kim Woo-Jin? However, in this episode of Revenant where an evil spirit possesses Seo Yoon-Jung instead of being Kim Woo-Jin himself as a hungry ghost character suggests that the writer may want to use Kim Woo-Jin’s cause of death and past events to depict something that happened in his past. This could potentially connect with the origin of the appearance of the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost.

In the final scene of this episode, Kim Woo-Jin mentioned not knowing anything but seeing the “name” of the person who turned Gu San-Yeong into a demon.

Setting aside whose name it is for now, is it possible that Kim Woo-Jin became a hungry ghost while accompanying Yeom Hae-Sang in investigating his mother’s cause of death and accidentally trespassing into forbidden territory? In one of the film negatives found by Gu San-Yeong, there are photos taken together with Kim Woo-Jin at a place related to “Hungry Ghost Path.”

This place might be a forbidden area. Therefore, during this process, he might have seen who caused Gu San-Yeong to become an unkempt-hair hungry ghost and learned their “name.” I believe such rituals are usually secretive, so it is likely that Kim Woo-Jin stumbled upon this forbidden territory. Thus, Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost wants Gu San-Yeong to know about Kim Woo-Jin as he can possibly lead them to find out about higher-level grudges’ instigator.

As for who this instigator might be, it feels like it could be Yeom Hae-Sang’s grandmother and Kim Chi-Won. I also suspect whether Yeom Hae-Sang’s grandmother is a descendant of Jangjin-Ri witch. So perhaps Kim Chi-Won covered up this secret for her and went from being a handyman in one household to becoming vice president now!?

Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother, where did she get the red hair accessory in her hand? Could it be that her grandmother is possibly a descendant of witches?

Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother, why does she have those dangerous things? Or is it that Yeom Hae-Sang is being haunted by the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost? I am guessing if his grandmother might be a descendant of witches from the past. And she must bear the responsibility of suppressing these demons because her son (Yeom Hae-Sang’s father) also died, and then it was Yeom Hae-Sang who started to be haunted by the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost.

After all, I can’t understand what motivation Yeom Hae-Sang’s grandmother would have to intentionally harm him and his mother. Even if she doesn’t like them, she could just drive them away instead of resorting to using ghosts to harm lives. So it is likely that the curse was accidentally released.

In addition, in Episode 6 “Revenant,” there was a scene where Yeom Hae-Sang’s grandmother became angry when she saw those things. It seemed like an expression of embarrassment turning into anger. Moreover, Yeom Hae-Sang’s grandmother appears to be a composed person who rarely gets angry immediately. This suggests that these two things were once significant matters for her and are considered ominous objects or something similar.

What if Yeom Hae-Sang’s father died because of the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost? Perhaps his grandmother couldn’t resist the generational grudge of the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost (as Ku Kang-Mo mentioned that Jangjin-Ri has had incidents where they sacrificed living people during inauspicious events). This implies that such practices are traditional and have been done more than once, not just killing one little girl). As a result, her son fell victim to the curse of the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost as well.

Furthermore, this makes me think about how in Episode 1 “Revenant” when Yeom Hae-Sang was a child, he immediately went to his grandmother to ask why his mother died. And now, when Yeom Hae-Sang discovered the forbidden rope incident, he again went straight to his grandmother. Why did he choose to ask his grandmother instead of others? It means that deep down, Yeom Hae-Sang believes that his grandmother knows about the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost and its connection to their family.

Therefore, I strongly suspect that his grandmother might be a descendant of witches from Jangjin-Ri. Moreover, in this episode “Revenant” Yeom Hae-Sang told Gu San-Yeong that “if you find the specific person responsible for injustice, demons can be eliminated.” So it is highly likely that Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost involved Yeom Hae-Sang because of his grandmother’s witch lineage. That’s why she never leaves her house; there may be specific reasons behind it.

This could also explain why Gu San-Yeong mentioned in this episode about seeing “Hungry Ghost Path” through demons’ eyes. Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost must have wanted Gu San-Yeong to know something through this method, and Hungry Ghost Path is related to Kim Woo-Jin.

My intuition tells me that Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost wants to tell Gu San-Yeong that its origin comes from Yeom Hae-Sang’s family home. That’s why it involves Yeom Hae-Sang; it may have something to do with the grandma’s lineage or even the source of grudges itself. As for why Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost doesn’t go after the grandma if she is indeed a descendant of witches? Perhaps it has something to do with the saying “the second one must die”? (This is just speculation; take it as a reference.)

How did Ku Kang-Mo get the red hair accessory? How did he meet Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother?

In this episode of Revenant, it is mentioned that Ku Kang-Mo introduced a witch who specializes in forbidden ropes to Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother. This implies that Ku Kang-Mo and Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother knew each other before 1995 or even earlier. The events of 1995 are significant because they shed light on how the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost was able to break free from its seal and possess others. It seems that inexplicable suicides started occurring after 1995, so I suspect that the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost may have been unearthed by Ku Kang-Mo during his autumn research trip in 1995.

Subsequently, the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost sought out those who had wronged it, starting with Yeom Hae-Sang’s family. First, Yeom Hae-Sang’s father died, then something happened to Yeom Hae-Sang herself which led her mother to bury certain items in an attempt to eliminate the demon. Through Ku Kang-Mo, they sought out a witch to create forbidden ropes.

However, their attempts at banishing the demon were unsuccessful and left Ku Kang-Mo feeling guilty. He obtained a red hair accessory from Seo Moon-Choon as part of his investigation into the matter. Therefore, it is likely that Seo Moon-Choon and Ku Kang-Mo became acquainted around this time period. Afterward, Ku Kang-Mo focused solely on investigating cases related to the red hair accessory; as seen in the timeline below where he came into contact with it after 1995 and diligently investigated both the accessory itself and Jangjin-Ri.

🎀 In 1995:

A) During an autumn field study conducted by students under his guidance for folklore studies (speculated as when he accidentally triggered the release of Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost’s seal leading to Yeom Hae-Sang’s father’s death and her subsequent encounter with the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost).

B) Seo Moon-Choon’s first case was actually Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother’s case. Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother was also a victim of the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost, and Ku Kang-Mo introduced her to the witch who made forbidden ropes. At that time, Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother made five forbidden ropes, but because Yeom Hae-Sang opened the door, the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost was not eliminated.

🎀 In February 1997: A paper titled “Korean Folk Beliefs” was published for the first time mentioning the Evil Spirit Juvenile Ghost; however, it went unnoticed by academia and received little attention.

🎀 In 1998: Ku Kang-Mo met Yoon Gyeong-Mun, who took him on field investigations related to Jangjin-Ri where children were dying one after another. After publishing a book that year, Ku Kang-Mo stopped writing books altogether and only focused on publishing papers (indicating his increased focus on investigating cases related to Jangjin-Ri).

The method to eliminate demons is hidden in Ku Kang-Mo’s thesis.

In this episode, Revenant has already consolidated and confirmed five items that can eliminate the Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost. However, there is a slight change in my previous reasoning about Revenant. Let’s talk about the methods to eliminate demons first: Originally, I thought Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother was asked by the Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost to dig out those things.

But in Episode 5 of Revenant, it shows that they were “buried.” So when Revenant mentions in Episode 5 that “only the breath of the victim can suppress the breath of the Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost-infested items,” it means that what Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost did was actually seeking revenge on the people in the village, just as we deduced in Episode 4 of Revenant. This point should be correct according to Gu San-Yeong’s statement: “Lee Mok-Dan, I’m sure that child is a demon. If I had experienced such a thing, even if I became a demon myself, I would also want to seek revenge on those people.”

But how should we interpret Ku Kang-Mo’s thesis statement: “only the breath of victims can suppress items filled with Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost’s breath”? Through Episode 5 of Revenant revealing Yeom Hae-Sang’s mother burying these five things instead of digging them out, we can infer that other things might have been buried as well; only red hair accessory may not have been buried in time because Yeom Hae-Sang opened the door and then Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost killed her mother.

So now it seems certain that if these five things are buried in their designated places, they can seal demons away. However, someone must die near where these buried objects are located—this seems to correspond with Ku Kang-Mo’s statement about only victims’ breath being able to suppress items filled with Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost’s breath. Therefore, by burying these things in the ground, the breath of those who died here can suppress the items filled with Evil spirit Juvenile Ghost’s breath (such as grudges on the red hair accessory).

In this episode, Yeom Hae-Sang mentioned that all these things belong to Lee Mok-Dan, so it overturns my previous theory that there might be more than one Juvenile Ghost (I originally thought there should be five demons or something like that, but based on what Yeom Hae-Sang said, it seems not). However, I still cannot explain why Gu San-Yeong heard a third-person voice saying “she received it” when he got hold of the red hair accessory. So I still personally believe that there are other demons coexisting.