See You in My 19th Life Episode 3 Recap


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See You in My 19th Life Episode 3 Recap

See You in My 19th Life Episode 3 Recap

 🐢[Episode 3 of See you in My 19th Life Plot]

Ban Ji-Eum can’t bear to see Seo-ha crying for her death. She seizes the opportunity to show him beautiful scenery and help him forget his troubles. She even says that she will make Seo-ha fall in love with her.

However, Seo-ha makes it clear that Ban Ji-Eum is not his type. On their way back, Seo-ha has a panic attack when they encounter a large truck approaching them. Ban Ji-Eum realizes that her own death has become a burden for everyone, which was unexpected.

Ae-Gyeong remembers how her uncle promised before he died that he would be reincarnated to protect her. So Ae-Gyeong has been waiting all this time, and now Ban Ji-Eum takes on the role of Ae-Gyeong’s uncle and promises to protect her as well.

Ae-Gyeong thanks Ban Ji-Eum for living strong despite everything she went through. Jing Ai reminds Ban Ji-Eum that today is the anniversary of her death, which also happens to be Seo-ha’s birthday.

So despite the heavy rain, Ban Ji-Eum goes out to confess his feelings to Seo-ha because this day has become the saddest day for him since his birthday turned into a reminder of losing someone dear – himself from past lives~Ban Ji-Eum wants things to change and doesn’t want history repeating itself by missing out again; however, Yoon Cho-Won arrives earlier than expected causing misunderstandings.

🐢Seo-ha dislikes Yoon Cho-Won trying to celebrate his birthday for him so he drives her away instead.Ban-Ji Eun feels troubled after realizing Yoon Cho-Won likes Seo-Ha too.He tells Jing Ai about how dying immediately after being reborn is not a normal situation and that maybe he didn’t live long enough to reach the age he was supposed to.

The next day, before going to work, Seo-ha finds the cherry blossom petals Ban Ji-Eum brought back yesterday at home. It reminds him of Ban Ji-Eum’s confession and makes his birthday less sad.Seo-ha seeks help from his uncle in dealing with financial issues regarding the hotel business.At the same time,

Ha Do-Yun coincidentally meets Lee Ji-seok who mocks him for still being a secretary and for his background. Seo-ha can’t stand it and defends Ha Do-Yun.The next day, Seo-ha notices that the flowers in the lobby have been replaced with rare orchids which happen to be loved by someone important from their past.Yoon Cho-Won arrives as a flower decorator at this moment but feels hurt when Seo-Ha rejects her offer to help.

🐢Ban-Ji Eum feels sorry for her sister so she arranges a dinner meeting with Yoon Cho-Won.They talk about Yoon Cho-Won’s beloved person whom she fell in love with at first sight.Ban-Ji Eum also contemplates her own feelings towards Seo-Ha.However, towards the end of their conversation,Ban-Ji Eum realizes that Yoon Cho-Won actually likes Ha Do-Yun.

Ha Do-Yun’s father and Yoon Ju-Won died on the same day,and they were both laid out in funeral halls located side by side.That’s how they had an encounter then.In high school,Had-Do Yun took care of Yoon Cho-won while helping out Seo-Ha.This is when Yoon Cho-won developed feelings for Ha Do-yun.Ban Ji-Eum takes her drunk sister home only to be caught by their mother.

Mother immediately recognizes Ban Ji-Eum because she knows her daughter promised to reincarnate and come back to find her.However, it turns out that this was just Ban Ji-Eum’s drunken fantasy. Seo-ha arrives at the scene and seeing Ban Ji-Eum with tear-stained face reminds him of Yoon Ju-Won from their past.