(2023)See You in My 19th Life Episode 4 Recap & Ending explained


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See You in My 19th Life Episode 4 Recap & Ending explained

See You in My 19th Life Episode 4 Recap & Ending explained

 🐢[See you in My 19th Life Episode 4 Plot]

Ban Ji-Eum, in her third life, remembers that she has past life memories and reincarnation. Despite being afraid, she is determined to see her mother from her previous life again. Until Yoon Ju-Won’s life, she fears that her mother will not recognize her in the next life or even love her.

That’s why she loves the mother from the 18th life so much and promises herself that if there is a chance, she will reincarnate to find her. Ban Ji-Eum hurriedly clarifies to Seo-ha that it’s just lovesickness between them.

Later on, they go on a date together and Ban Ji-Eum notices that Seo-ha has been smiling at her frequently lately. Seo-ha picks up on Ban Ji-Eum’s hint in their conversation about this not being their first lifetime together and recalls Yoon Ju-Won. Initially, Ban Ji-Eum didn’t want to use Yoon Ju-Won’s identity to make Seo-ha fall for her but Jing Ai thinks it would be better to tell the truth.

🐢Seo-ha decides to hire Yoon Cho-Won as the landscape contractor for MI Hotel. Yoon Cho-Won remembers being sent back home last night but usually doesn’t go there when drunk.

However, Ban Ji-Eum knows about that place because last night she felt like Yoon Ju-Won gave off a similar vibe as herself. Seo-ha realizes Zhang Lianyu has ulterior motives regarding the hotel and asks Ha Do-Yun to investigate the past three years’ financial records. Kang Min-ki discovers Ban Ji-Eum’s existence and gets close with Han Na too.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 4 Ending explained

Seo-ha finds out Dong Woo is chasing after Ban Ji-Eum for money which makes Seo-ha feel sorry for her. Seo-ha invites Ban Ji-Eum to have a drink and listen to her vent about the problems at home.

Of course, Ban Ji-Eum takes this opportunity to confess her feelings but under the influence of alcohol, Seo-ha sees Ban Ji-Eum as an older sister and talks about missing her sister and past traumas.

When they are sent back home, the person in front of Seo-ha is once again Yoon Ju-Won’s appearance which brings back sadness for Seo-ha. She tightly holds onto Ban Ji-Eum’s hand.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 4 Recap & Ending explained

It seems that Ha Do-Yun was the driver who caused the accident involving Yoon Ju-Won and Seo-ha in the past, so when Ban Ji-Eum mentioned dying this time and quickly reincarnating, it must mean she died at a young age (e.g., being murdered) before reaching a certain age. Therefore, Ha Do-Yun also feels that finding out about the death of the driver is crucial because it implies that Yoon Ju-Won’s car accident was premeditated murder.