(2023)See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap & Ending explained


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See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap & Ending explained

See you in my 19th Life episode 6 :

Ban Ji-Eum doesn’t regret telling Yoon Cho-Won that she is Yoon Ju-Won, because she just wants to be able to spend time with her sister freely. However, revealing her past life to others seems to cause problems, just like when Jing Ai suddenly felt unwell.

Ban Ji-Eum finds time to deal with the debts owed by Pan Dong-Yu. However, this Fang Haozhi person knows Seo-ha because he knows that Seo-ha’s childhood car accident was not an accident at all – he had a hand in it – and therefore he also knows about Yoon Ju-Won’s death.

Yoon Cho-Won asks her mother about her sister and increasingly feels that the person in front of her is indeed her sister. So she decides to believe that Ban Ji-Eum is really her sister.

But In-Gi sees the entanglement between Ban Ji-Eum and their past lives, which worries him because it seems like Ban Ji-Eum doesn’t realize that doing so will only complicate things further.

In-Gi goes on a happy date with Jing Ai while Ban Ji-Eum accidentally touches In-Gi’s witch bell and has a bloody vision shock.

Pan Dong-Yu seizes the opportunity to get close to Seo-ha and tells him the secret about the car accident. This makes Seo-ha realize that something was indeed off back then, so he decides to question Fang Haozhi about who was behind it all.

Later on, they find out that Ha Do-Yun’s father was actually the driver at that time. Seo-ha feels both heartbroken and angry at Ha Do-Yun for not telling him all these years, as well as frustrated with his own ignorance.

Ban Ji-Eum secretly follows them and discovers the hidden truth behind this incident. Representative Lin from 24 Security becomes quite nervous after learning about it and goes directly to find Moon Jung-Hoon. Zhang Lianyu also feels that he looks somewhat familiar.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Ending explained

Ha Do-Yun unexpectedly overhears Ban Ji-Eum and Yoon Cho-Won talking about their past lives. He already doesn’t like Ban Ji-Eum, so he thinks she is just deceiving Yoon Cho-Won. However, Ha Do-Yun does have feelings for Yoon Cho-Won, but because she comes from a wealthy family, he feels inferior and fears being made fun of.