Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 5+6 Recap & Review,Explained

舊案追兇第5 6集劇情 shadow detective 2 ep5 6

Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 5+6 plot , an unknown armed force emerges. They are different from ordinary gangsters, their well-trained appearance makes Taek-Rok nervous. With the help of Chief Han’s testimony, he manages to uncover the identities of some individuals and then devises a plan with Sung-A, Kyung-Chan, and others to lure them out.

On the other hand, as the election approaches, Lee Young-Ho launches an attack on Choi Do-Hyung’s camp. Taek-Rok feels frustrated by unexpected circumstances. Yeon Ju-Hyun is seriously injured and Taek-Rok faces even greater danger.

The closer he gets to the enemy, the more he realizes their strength which leaves him feeling powerless. However, seeing that those around him never give up gives Taek-Rok renewed determination to investigate further. Finally, the identity of the masked enemy is revealed and Taek-Rok confronts his forgotten past which deeply affects him emotionally.

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Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

🔹”Shadow Detective Season 2″ Episode 5 Plot: One year and six months ago, Han Gi-Yong was called by Baek Sung-Il. Baek Sung-Il already knew that Han Gi-Yong was spying for Chairman Zhang, so it’s impossible for him not to know the whereabouts of Chairman Zhang. Continuing from Episode 4 of “Shadow Detective Season 2,”

Han Gi-Yong planned to collect an introduction fee with Seo Gwang-Su, but Kim Taek-Rok had already informed Yeon Ju-Hyun to arrest and protect this important witness. However, they encountered people who wanted to kill Han Gi-Yong.

Lee Sung-A fired a shot that made everyone stop, including the sniper who was also startled. Finally, he aimed at Kim Taek-Rok and caught his attention. Yeon Ju-Hyun told Kim Taek-Rok that her mission is to investigate the “underground organization within the police force.”

The members inside are very mysterious, and those people just now were armed forces specifically targeting Han Gi-Yong. This led Kim Taek-Rok to confess that Baek Sung-Il works for Lee Young-Ho and wants to eliminate Han Gi-Yong.

🔹Arriving at the safe house, Han Gi-Yong refuses to cooperate during questioning. But Kim Taek-Rok reminds him that he can’t escape far because if he goes out, Lee Young-Ho’s men will kill him since he knows a lot about the organization.

In a previous plot in “Old Case Hunter,” it was revealed that Han Gi-Yong caused Kook Jin-Han’s car explosion (fortunately Kook Jin-Han survived). Chairman Zhang was killed because of information provided by Han-Gi Yong regarding his whereabouts which led Lee Young-Ho’s faction to take action against him.

Although claiming not knowing much himself and only following orders from Baek Sung-Il, Han Gi-Yong hesitated when it came to mentioning “Jinjinghui.” Kim Taek-Rok is certain that the sniper they saw today (Kwon Ju-Hywan) must be connected to both the shooting deaths of Guo Zhenhan and Chairman Zhang since he appeared at both crime scenes. He is the one giving orders to the armed forces and seems to have received training from a police SWAT team.

🔹As for Yeon Ju-Hyun’s reaction to the term “Jinjinghui,” it’s because she received a photo half a year ago with “Jinjing?” written on the back. Yeon Ju-Hyun’s father was also acquainted with Baek Sung-Il. The next day, Choi Do-Hyung and Kim Jin-Sun publicly announced their collaboration, exactly as Lee Young-Ho wanted.

Won Jae-Gu led a team to search and detain Choi Do-Hyung while Baek Sung-Il intentionally assigned Yeon Ju-Hyun to investigate Choi Do-Hyung’s case, indicating that he may have discovered her true identity and mission. Kim Taek-Rok’s current plan is deliberately provoking those people from yesterday by targeting Lee Young-Ho’s weakness – his nephew’s drug scandal – in order to affect his election campaign.

This will surely force Lee Young-Ho and others out into the open. Cha Kyung-Pil and Baek Sung-Il suspect that Seo Gwang-Su was sent by Kim Taek-Rok but were deceived by his astonishing acting skills. Seo Gwang-Su presents them with a “gift” given by Kim Taek-Rok as proof of his loyalty, which convinces Lee Young Ho to take action against Yong Hwan-Ju.

🔹Kim Taek-Rok learned that Yeon Ju-Hyun’s father took a month off without any specific reason before his death. Although the autopsy results showed no abnormalities, the case was closed as a hit-and-run accident. This made Kim Taek-Rok suspect that Yeon Ju-Hyun’s father also died while carrying out his duties in the Inspection Department.

Yong Hwan-Ju fell into the trap set by Kim Taek-Rok, causing a big stir. On the other hand, Choi Do-Hyung seems to have caught something on Won Jae-Gu, making Won Jae-Gu stop investigating Choi Do-Hyung’s foundation. As a result, Baek Sung-Il ordered for Won Jae-Gu to be eliminated. Cha Kyung-Pil objected to Lee Young-Ho’s reckless actions and received a slap in return.

At the harbor, Kim Taek-Rok waited for the right moment to act but discovered another “drug search team” sent by Baek Sung-Il. Kim Taek-Rok realized that there might be something missing from his reasoning and felt that something was not right. Meanwhile, Choi Do-Hyung encountered a group of thugs who were planning to kill him and found out that the transfer team did not arrive at the safe house as planned.

Han Gi-Yong warned Yeon Ju-Hyun not to get too involved with them or she would end up short-lived. Han Gi-Yong mentioned that it seems like Lee Young-Ho does not own Today Justice Association entirely because what they value most is their organization itself. Therefore, Lee Young-Ho’s life or death is irrelevant; what matters is concealing their organization. That’s why Han Gi-Yong is actually the person whom they need to eliminate most urgently.Sure enough, trouble has already occurred at the safe house and Han Gi-Yong has disappeared.

Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

🔹”Shadow Detective Season 2″ Episode 6 Plot: Two years ago, Choi Do-Hyung and Lee Young-Ho worked together. Lee Young-Ho sent Kook Jin-Han to deal with the rival group led by Seo Gwang-Su in order to secure urban redevelopment. However, Choi Do-Hyung wanted to rely on Lee Young-Ho to get nominated within the party.

In Episode 6 of “Shadow Detective Season 2,” the timeline returns to the present. Kim Taek-Rok discovers that Yeon Ju-Hyun is injured, and Kwon Ju-Hywan knocks him out, causing a delay in getting Yeon Ju-Hyun medical attention. Kim Taek-Rok feels guilty for putting Yeon Ju-Hyun’s life at risk because of himself.

In August 2005, at the Joint Investigation Headquarters, both Kwon Ju-Hywan and Choi Do-hyung are arrested by Lee Young-ho. Choi Do-hyung is shocked as he was assigned to investigate a drug trafficking group but ended up being framed instead.

It was this incident that planted resentment in Choi Do-hyung towards Lee Young-ho who referred to them as “a bunch of lowly cops.” To protect his subordinates, Choi Do-hyung takes responsibility for all charges and crimes committed. Surprisingly, Lee Young-ho spares him and even wants Choi Do-hyung’s investigative skills for framing others.

🔹All these actions were part of Lee Young Ho’s plan to enter politics while forcing Choi Do Hyun into playing along with his police games. Now back in the present time frame, Choi Do Hyun no longer cares about Lee Young Ho’s threats; instead, he plans on having him arrested for drug trafficking and instigating murder so that everyone will distance themselves from him.

The head of the Inspection Department arrives at the hospital to check on Yeon Ju-Hyun’s condition. Kim Taek-Rok learns that Yeon Ju-Hyun’s father was killed while investigating the Today Justice Association, and it happened just when they were about to make a breakthrough. He died in a hit-and-run accident caused by someone from an underground organization.

The head of the Inspection Department confirms that Yeon Ju-Hyun’s father was eliminated by this secret group. However, Kim Taek-Rok cannot agree with dragging Yeon Ju-Hyun into seeking revenge for her father.

🔹Choi Do-Hyung implies that Kim Taek-Rok should stop here because having police officers like him only leads to injuries or death due to their sense of duty alone. These words make Kim Taek-Rok feel uneasy as it is not the Choi Do Hyun he used to know in the past.

Lee Sung-A and Son Kyung-Chan discover Han Gi-Yong burning charcoal inside his car, along with a letter confessing that he killed Woo Jang-Ik under Lee Young Ho’s orders. Immediately, Kim Taek-Rok realizes that Lee Young Ho is just a pawn and Baek Sung-Il has also betrayed him; there is someone else pulling the strings behind all this.

The next day, Lee Young-Ho is promptly arrested, and Won Jae-Gu, who was recruited by Choi Do Hyun, plans on betraying him as well. It seems like Kim Jin-Sun will be elected as well, thanks to his positive image which caught attention within the party through Choi Do Hyun’s efforts. This way, Choi Do Hyun can embark on his political career path.

🔹Seo Gwang-Su knows that he will soon be arrested, so he plans to go all out and capture an important person to accompany him in death. Gu Dong-Bum investigates a person named Kwon Ju-Hywan, who has a previous conviction for drug offenses, and the prosecutor who indicted him is Lee Young-Ho.

Kim Taek-Rok deduces that Kwon Ju-Hywan stole drugs from the narcotics team and sold them on the market but was caught by Lee Young-Ho. Currently, Kwon Ju-Hywan is following Baek Sung-Il’s instructions. Later on, Kim Taek-Rok learns from Lee Young-Ho that there is indeed another mastermind involved, but Lee Young-Ho reminds Kim Taek-Rok that their actions only benefit others.

Yeon Ju-Hyun hopes that if Kim Taek-Rok captures Kwon Ju-Hywan, they will have a chance to find the hidden puppeteer behind it all. After all, Yeon Ju-Hyun’s father left behind a photo of Kwon Ju-Hywan as his last clue. However, Yeon Ju-hyun mentions her father also left behind a final report.

🔹This is why Kwon Ju-hywan must kill Yeon Joo-hyeon because Baek Sung-il fears that she possesses evidence related to her father’s investigation which could jeopardize Geumo Group. Therefore, he orders her assassination.

Kim Taek-rok obtains the final report left by Yeon Joo-hyeon’s father and hears from Lee Sung-Ah that one of the tenants in a commercial building owned by Kwon Joo-hyeong is Hwang Jin-seok. Immediately after hearing this information,Kim Tae-rok suspects Choi Do-hyeong who has been around him all along as being the true mastermind of Geumo Group.

Hwang Jin-seok claims that he got to know Kwon Ju-hywan through Choi Do-hyeong. Kwon Ju-hywan has been very helpful to him because they are both members of Geumo Group (which means “peace and safety today”). This group was established by Kim Taek-rok in the past, but after he came to Geumo City, Kwon Ju-hywan joined the group. So, the group did not disband but changed its name to Geumo Group.

Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 5+6 Review & Explained

shadow detective season 2 episode5+6
Shadow Detective 2

Just let me take care of you until you’re sixty!

I’m glad that Lee Sung-A, Kim Taek-Rok, and Son Kyung-Chan are working together again in “Shadow Detective Season 2”. The storylines of the three characters finally intersect in Episode 5 of “Shadow Detective 2”, allowing the audience to experience the hidden truths that Kim Taek-Rok and Son Kyung-Chan have been keeping from Lee Sung-A throughout the first four episodes.

They didn’t want to put her in danger, just like how Lee Sung-A almost got shot by a sniper at the beginning of Episode 5. But that’s how “Old Case Hunter” works – it requires all three of them, Kim Taek-Rok, Lee Sung-A, and Son Kyung-Chan, to collaborate for it to be a classic.

I really like how much care Lee Sung-A shows towards Kim Taek-Rok. Her line “So let me take care of you until you’re sixty” adds depth to their relationship. In “Shadow Detective Season 2”, the writers bring out their past storyline between Lee Sung-A and Kim Taek-Rok, adding more emotions into this drama instantly. I think this echoes back to Kim Taek-Rok’s character development and his psychological trauma from season one of “Old Case Hunter”.

In “Shadow Detective Season 2”, Kim Taek-Rok is still taking medication for his panic disorder. He developed this disorder after catching a criminal who nearly killed his daughter. As a result, he chose to divorce his wife and distance himself from his daughter before moving into an examination institute. His personality is such that he fears bringing danger upon those around him.

Therefore, in “Shadow Detective Season 2″, Kim Taek-Rok keeps everyone at arm’s length and even gets angry when Lee Sung-A acts recklessly because he can’t bear losing another person dear to him. When she says,”So let me take care of you until you’re sixty”, it’s such an emotionally charged statement!

Why did you have to go this far?

“Why did you go this far?” “What about you?” Kim Taek-Rok has reached this point because he has been threatened since the first season of “Old Case Solving” and knows that there is more than one “friend”. Another important factor that motivates Kim Taek-Rok to continue investigating despite the threats in “Shadow Detective Season 2” is his desire to be a police officer who lives up to his position, as he has a strong sense of duty.

I believe this needs to resonate with the first season of “Old Case Solving”. In the first season, Kook Jin-Han uncovered Kim Taek-Rok’s mistakes in catching criminals and even his dark history of making mistakes in his police career.

The focus of the first season was on Kim Taek-Rok’s attitude of just getting by in his law enforcement career. Therefore, through the friendship between Kim Taek-Rok and Kook Jin-Han, it deepened Kim Taek-Rok’s regret for what he had done in the past. In episode 5 of “Shadow Detective Season 2”, when Yeon Ju-Hyun asked why he went so far, Kim Taek-Rok gave a clever answer: “We are all public servants paid by our country.

Isn’t it natural for us to do so?” This answer designed by the writer accurately implies Kim Taek-Rok’s inner growth and his desire for redemption from the past. Even though he is already retired with little time left, he still chooses to catch corrupt forces that have not been completely eradicated. This is how Kim Taek-Rok makes himself worthy as a police officer and also expresses his longing for Kook Jin-Han because after all, it was at great cost that Kook Jin-Han taught him not to live with regrets.

Choi Do-Hyung is indeed the antagonist! But he also has a story.

Choi Do-Hyung is currently considered another “friend” of mine because his character seems to fit the role of someone who likes to play police games through Kim Taek-Rok’s past. Choi Do-Hyung has a sense of justice and dislikes the formalities and pretentiousness of police officers, especially when he said in a previous episode of “Shadow Detective 2” that it is wrong to label teenagers as delinquents or normal.

Why does Choi Do-Hyung get so angry at society’s distorted values? It doesn’t seem like he is acting or putting on a show, especially when he constantly criticizes Baek Sung-Il’s official statements in front of reporters. It feels like he wants to challenge the actions within the police system.

Previously, I classified Choi Do-Hyung as part of Group B, and at that time I speculated two possible reasons for his motives: 1) He might be after redevelopment benefits; 2) Or maybe not for redevelopment benefits but to expose Lee Young-Ho. Episode six of “Shadow Detective Season 2” seems to suggest both possibilities.

Choi Do-Hyung has his own interests at stake – he possesses Jinjinghui (Today Justice Association). Whether it was sending Kook Jin-Han to eliminate those blocking Xu Guanghao’s path, using Baek Sung-Il to remove Chairman Zhang, or now targeting Lee Young-Ho, step by step he eliminates those who stand in his way. However, his goal is not redevelopment.

Nevertheless, Choi Do-Hyung leans more towards “using Lee Young-Ho.” In 2005, Lee Young-Ho intentionally targeted Choi Do-Hyung in order for him and his underground organization Jinjinghui to frame others for wrongdoing and eliminate obstacles from Lee Young Ho’s perspective. Police are indeed lonely beings.

The writer behind “Shadow Detective Season 2” portrays this theory not through Kim Taek-Rok, but through the character of Choi Do-Hyung. Choi Do-Hyung’s experience is similar to Kook Jin-Han’s in this police game – they are forced to play this dirty game. Like his friend Yu Hyun-Seok from the past, they are both compelled to jump into this dirty game and ultimately cannot escape. They sink deeper and gradually lose themselves.

The sense of duty that once existed when they were police officers has vanished. This echoes what Kook Jin-Han and Kim Taek-Rok said: “In the next life, let’s not become police officers again because it is too lonely.” It is because those who have a sense of duty as police officers end up living the most dangerous lives. In episode six of “Shadow Detective Season 2,” Choi Do-Hyung says, “I hate cops like you who get injured or killed just because of a sense of duty.”

However, Choi Do-Hyung isn’t truly evil; he embodies the concept of fighting fire with fire and using evil against evil. Because he mentioned something along the lines of “I want to show you how far these insignificant people can go once they gain power” – after all, without power, your anger and justice are powerless. That’s why Choi Do-Hyung says, “To achieve my goals, I need strength.” He should be trying to fulfill his own sense of justice in his own way since society and its system are like that – making every path difficult.