Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review,Explained


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Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

🔹Continuing from the plot of Shadow Detective 2 Episode 1, Lee Sung-A gets injured in the explosion case. Kim Taek-Rok rushes to the scene to investigate and naturally blames himself and becomes angry. Han Ki-Young is puzzled by why Lee Sung-A came here in the first place, especially when he sees Kim Taek-Rok appearing at the scene.

The sense of danger is growing, and Kim Taek-Rok learns that the cause of the fire was a gas leak, which resulted in Woo Jang-Ik’s death. Son Kyung-Chan doesn’t understand why Kim Taek-Rok asked him to stop Lee Sung-A.

What could be behind all this? But Kim Taek-Rok remains silent~ In the hospital, a reporter relentlessly questions Ha-Na about details of the case until Yeon Ju-Hyun notices it. Choi Do-Hyung also does not want to use this incident for publicity regarding their newly established foundation.

🔹Kim Taek-Rok and Choi Do-Hyung finally have a chance to catch up with each other. They talk and laugh together, but Choi Do-Hyung clearly knows that Kim Taek-Rok feels guilty about Lee Sung-A’s injury.

He hopes that Kim Taek-Rok can let go and change his tendency to blame himself for everything before he goes crazy. Gu Dong-Bum says that Woo Jang-Ik’s safe deposit box has been targeted from the beginning, while Son Kyung-Chan sees someone downstairs spying on them but loses track after chasing them down; it seems like that person knows Son Kyung-Chan personally.

At night, Kim Taek-Rok has a nightmare where both Lee Sung-A and Kook Jin-Han blame him for everything that went wrong and caused harm to those around him. The next day, due to public suspicion following the explosion case, there are delays in urban renewal in Jinwoo City.

As a result, the chief requests that the Serious Crimes Division and Women and Juvenile Affairs Investigation Department collaborate immediately to investigate the arsonist, so as not to be ridiculed for incompetence. Son Kyung-Chan speculates that although it was an explosion at the scene, there is a possibility that Woo Jang-Ik died before the explosion even occurred~

🔹Yeon Ju-Hyun refutes her team members’ theory of revenge by delinquent youths causing the fire. She believes they are innocent until evidence is found. Meanwhile, she finds a suspicious man wandering nearby on surveillance footage from 12 hours before the explosion (different from what Son Kyung-Chan saw), and he identifies Yang Gi-Tae.

Consequently, he is quickly arrested and taken to the police station. On another note, Ha-Na tells Kim Taek-Rok that she saw someone wearing black clothes before going to steal on that day. Kim Taek-Rok immediately goes to question everyone at the police station about any evidence against Yang Gi-Tae.

He becomes angry when everyone suspects him solely because of Yang Gi-Tae’s previous record of arson crimes; however, Han Ki-Young questions why Kim Taek-Rok would speak up for Yang Gi-Tae, especially since Sung-A’s last call was with Kim Taek-Rok and Yang Gi-Tae is someone familiar to him. In short, Kim Taek-Rok’s behavior throughout this whole situation seems very strange.

🔹In fact, Kim Taek-Rok had been hiding the fact that he brought back a pinhole camera from the explosion site. Son Kyung-Chan felt that Kim Taek-Rok was hiding something and also believed that Yang Gi-Tae would go to where Kim Taek-Rok should have known the reason for. It wasn’t until Son Kyung-Chan mentioned seeing another person in black downstairs at the explosion site that Kim Taek-Rok became even more nervous and uneasy.

That night, Kim Taek-Rok saw Gu Dong-Bum recover the footage from the pinhole camera, which made Gu Dong-Bum realize how serious it was as well. Son Kyung-Chan traced the location of where explosive device parts were sold, but the surveillance cameras there had already been taken by another police officer, and upon investigation, it was discovered that they were not evidence but rather hidden.

🔹Son Kyung-Chan found Kim Taek-Rok too suspicious, so he secretly investigated him because Yang Gi-Tae revealed that it was Kim Taek-Rok who asked him to install spy cameras in an investment company.

This is also why Yang Gi-Tae himself appeared 12 hours before the explosion case (just after learning about Ha-Na’s arrest). After secretly listening to Ha-Na mentioning that she saw a person in black with only two fingers opening doors, Kim Taek-Rok conducted a secret investigation and discovered Yeon Ju-Hyun’s past judo competition injury.

At the same time, Son Kyung-Chan sneaked into Kim Taek-Rok’s room looking for clues and found out that Kim Tae-Krok had been investigating corruption cases all along, and Han Ki-Yong was also involved in covering up by taking away surveillance video files from an equipment store.

Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 2 Review & Explained

Shadow Detective Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Review,Explained

Lee Young-Ho, a candidate for city councilor, aims to build Geumo City into the largest port metropolis in Asia. Based on the information available from episodes 2 of “Shadow Detective 2” this is a rough outline of the current case relationship diagram. However, please note that this deduction is subject to revision and modification as new information clues emerge in subsequent episodes .

Currently, I speculate whether it will be similar to Season 1 of “Shadow Detective Season 2” where two factions were in opposition. It’s also possible that someone who claims to be a “friend” wants Kim Taek-Rok to reinvestigate Chairman Zhang’s political allies by stealing the USB drive.

In Season 1 of “Shadow Detective Season 2” Kook Jin-Han helped the “mysterious phone friend” eliminate the director because there were rival factions with conflicting interests. In “Shadow Detective 2,” although members of Chairman Zhang’s faction have already surrendered or been arrested and Chairman Zhang himself has died, there are still remnants of his political allies led by Lee An-ho. I believe that currently there are two factions due to the theft of the USB drive.

The theft of the USB drive seems related to urban redevelopment secrets since Woo Jang-Ik came specifically to Gingu City unrelatedly and interrupted Chairman Zhang’s redevelopment area. Woo Jang-Ik must have been instructed by someone higher up when he invested here personally.

However, we don’t know if Lee Young-Ho is responsible for stealing the USB drive because he was one of Chairman Zhang’s political allies while Woo Jang-Ik disrupted Chairman Zhang’s redevelopment area acquisition zone; both individuals are connected to Chairman Zhang. Therefore, besides Lee Young-Ho, there is a high possibility that another mysterious person exists.

In the second episode of “Shadow Detective 2,” it is mentioned that the professional opened the safe, and the initial target was the “USB flash drive” inside the safe. The money inside was not stolen, so it can be inferred that the person who stole Woo Jang-Ik’s USB flash drive is in opposition to his instigator.

Currently, it cannot be confirmed whether Lee Young-ho is Woo Jang-Ik’s boss, but it can be confirmed that Lee Young-ho is involved in corruption with Doo-geng. However, there are others who oppose Lee Young-ho as well. The person who stole the USB flash drive may not necessarily have done so for personal gain in relation to Doo-geng (although it could also simply be for monetary benefits).

Kook Jin-Han mentioned a large-scale corruption case involving politics and business in Geumo City. It is still uncertain whether this involves law enforcement or not. Currently, we do not know who made that call at the end of Season 1 of “Shadow Detective” However, the last sentence said, “Friend, now it’s your turn.

The presence of this “friend” does not seem to be solely driven by financial interests. In Season 1 of “Shadow Detective ” this friend existed because they despised the dark abyss within this police system and wanted to uncover Kim Taek-Rok’s hidden past history. Therefore, stealing Woo Jang-Ik’s USB flash drive might have been done by this friend to get Kim Taek-Rok’s attention – although their actions were wrong – due to their disdain for this police system.

Yeon Ju-Hyun’s behavior in Episode 2 of “Shadow Detective Season 2” raises suspicions. Not only did she investigate Kim Taek-Rok’s personal background but she also had a conversation with someone whose number was withheld (likely referring to the mysterious caller at the end of Season 1 of “Shadow Detective“).

The content of the call suggests that they already knew about Lee Sung-A’s injury because Yeon Ju-Hyun mentioned, “There is currently no life-threatening danger.” This indicates that the other person had not yet visited Lee Sung-A but was aware of what happened to her. Therefore, it can be inferred that the person on the call is someone within their department who knows about Lee Sung-A’s situation but has not seen her yet (personally, I suspect this person might be Choi Do-Hyung, whom I also suspect to be another “friend”).

Kim Taek-Rok being transferred to the Women and Juvenile Affairs Investigation department seems to be a deliberate arrangement, perhaps because Yeon Ju-Hyun’s character can monitor him. Yeon Ju-Hyun even mentioned that she might continue investigating Detective Kim Taek-Rok to find out what he knows.

The case they are investigating is related to the incident involving Chairman Zhang. (I also believe that it was Yeon Ju-Hyun who stole the USB drive, as indicated by the way Ha-Na mentioned opening the door. It strongly suggests that she is the one who took it. She was also the person spying on Son Kyung-Chan downstairs.) hoi Do-Hyung is currently considered another “friend” of mine because his character aligns well with someone who would play police games with Kim Taek-Rok based on his past experiences.

Choi Do-Hyung has a sense of justice and dislikes fake and pretentious behavior from police officers, especially when he expressed his anger towards society’s distorted values regarding teenagers in Episode 2 of “Shadow Detective.”

His genuine concern for injured teenagers during his discreet visits doesn’t seem like an act, particularly when he constantly criticizes Baek Sung-Il’s official statements in front of reporters. It feels like he wants to challenge the actions within the police system itself.

Son Kyung-Chan mentioned that Choi Do-Hyung came to Jinwoo City after retiring and immediately sought out Kim Taek-Rok, indicating a deep connection between them in their past. They seem to share a history that Kim Taek-Rok does not want to bring up, so I personally think there is a good chance that Choi Do-Hyung holds another role as a “friend.”