The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 11+12 Recap & 3 highlights Explained, Review


The First Responders Season 2 Episode 11 plot : After the explosion in the camping car, Jin Ho-Gae goes missing and Gongmyung Pil is injured and sent to receive medical treatment. Team Leader Bai has a strong intuition that something must have happened to Jin Ho-Gae, so he doesn’t give up on any clues while investigating Jin Ho-Gae’s whereabouts. Jin Ho-Gae knows that he must confront Dex, so as a crazy person himself, he will never submit obediently to Dex. However, Dex’s cunningness is beyond what Jin Ho-Gae can anticipate. Dex uses people who are important to Jin Ho-Gae as threats and even forces him into the most dangerous corner.

The First Responders Season 2 Episode 12 plot : Kang Do-Ha, Chief Bai, and Gongmyung Pil have been searching for any clues about the killer. The prosecutor believes Jin Ho-Gae is guilty without considering any reasons. Han Se-Jin takes the initiative to approach Song-Seol, but will this put Song-Seol in danger?

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災後調查日誌2第9 10集
The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 9+10 Recap & 3 highlights Explained, Review

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The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 11 Recap

In the continuation of ” The first Responders 2″ episode 10, firefighters found two bodies inside the camping car, causing everyone to worry if it could be Jin Ho-Gae, especially since Song-Seol has been having a bad feeling lately. NFS identified the deceased as Moon Young-Soo and Ma Tae-Hwa.

On the other hand, Han Se-Jin was covered in blood and taken away by Lim Seon-Ryeok. Where is Jin Ho-Gae? He was also taken by Han Se-Jin because when she turned off the lights in the camping car, Ma Tae-Hwa injected something into Jin Ho-Gae that made him pass out. Before this happened, Han Se-Jin had been shot by Jin Ho-Gae himself. Unexpectedly, Ma Tae-Hwa also died from being injected and became a charred corpse in the explosion.

Song-Seol privately hoped that those two charred corpses wouldn’t be Jin Ho-Gae due to her own selfish thoughts. Although Jin Ho-Gae is fine, she blames herself for even having such selfish thoughts of wishing someone else would die instead. However, Dokko Soon advises her not to blame herself too much because these are natural emotions that people have.

Dokko Soon continues to work hard to find out the truth behind the fire at the shantytown and wants to find the real culprit. Dokko Soon speculates that arsonists would have stayed at the scene of arson to confirm their actions since everyone is trying to identify suspicious faces from news reports together. Meanwhile, Jin Ho-Gae wakes up in a public restroom but Han Se-Jin has planted a microphone and an electric device behind his ear as leverage for him to listen obediently.

He talks about how he collaborated with Seok Moon-Gu on performing surgeries on Yang Chi-Young and Ma Tae-Hwa but in order to ensure the plan’s success, Seok Moon-Gu had to be eliminated. Now Han Se-Jin is using Song-Seol as a bargaining chip to threaten Jin Ho-Gae into doing his bidding.

After the autopsy, it was determined that Moon Young-Soo was attacked by someone familiar with him, leading them to suspect Lim Seon-Ryeok. Chief Bai and Kang Do-Ha believe that Lim Seon-Ryeok only helped run errands and wouldn’t have made a bomb. Moreover, in the case of Fang Bi-Jiu, the mastermind also used Lim Seon-Ryeok. Therefore, they conclude that it must be the same person behind both cases.

However, this time the camping car bomb exploded very close by and was triggered using a toy walkie-talkie. Taking such risks surely means they needed to take someone away from the scene. Chief Bai is shocked because Jin Ho-Gae is likely going to be framed for murder again so he instructs his team to treat Jin Ho-Gae’s disappearance as a kidnapping case.

The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 11 Ending:Don’t betray even the last shred of faith.

Woo Sam-Soon tracks down last night’s police recorder used for breathalyzer tests and traces it back to Lim Seon-Ryeok’s car. Gradually following Jin Ho-Gae’s footsteps leads them ultimately to the prosecutor’s office.

At this moment, Jin Ho-Gae is instructed to steal data from DNA database room and delete everything there. Han Se-Jin claims he wants 300 thousand serious criminals set free and what he wants most is for righteous detective Jin Ho-Gae himself destroy his belief in catching criminals – something he considers naive and meaningless.

Jin Ho-Gae couldn’t do it completely, but when he saw Han Se-Jin threatening with Gongmyung Pil and Song-Seol, he had no choice but to take action. Soon after, Jin Ho-Gae was immediately discovered. However, Jin Ho-Gae told Chief Bai that now is not the time to worry about him. Chief Bai understood that there is someone else to be worried about, which is Gongmyung Pil.

This made Jin Ho-Gae angry enough to swallow the memory card as a bargaining chip for negotiations with Han Se-Jin. Unfortunately, the prosecutor heard about the shooting incident involving Jin Ho-Gae at NFS and believed that he had killed someone, leading to a warrant being issued for his arrest. Meanwhile, Jin Ho-Gae secretly sought Kang Do-Ha and Song-Seol’s help in removing the electric device behind his ear while keeping the microphone intact to avoid detection.

what Jin Ho-Gae saw at the station was not Han Se-Jin, but his father who was also being threatened and used by Han Se-Jin. In order to save Jin Cheol-Joong’s life, Jin Ho-Gae had to spit out the memory card. However, Jin Ho-Gae pleaded with his father not to betray even their last belief, or else Han Se-Jin would succeed. In the end, the memory card was taken away by Jin Cheol-Joong.

Kang Do-Ha discovered that the explosive device on Jin Cheol-Joong’s head would explode as soon as he reached a high place. So they hurriedly went to the top floor of Yang Chi-Young’s deceased shopping center, but it was too late. When the bomb exploded, Jin Ho-Gae was also next to Jin Cheol-Joong. Ultimately, both of them were brought back to NFS.When Yoon Hong examined Jin Ho-Gae’s body, Han Se-Jin deliberately confirmed it at the scene.

The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 12 Recap

🔥 “The First Responders 2” Episode 12, Song-Seol tells Han Se-Jin that she always watches Jin Ho-Gae running around to investigate cases, always acting faster and working harder than anyone else. That’s why he is always more reliable than anyone at the scene.

Song-Seol knows that Jin Ho-Gae will never give up, so when she saw the explosion on the rooftop, she briefly believed that Jin Ho-Gae would be fine. Now Song-Seol also hates the culprit just like Jin Ho-Gae hates criminals. If possible, Song-Seol would definitely take revenge on the culprit given the chance.

The prosecutor doesn’t understand why the culprit wanted Jin Ho-Gae to steal and delete data only to blow it up in the end. And after managing to save Ma Tae-Hwa’s life, why did they want to blow him up in a camping car? Kang Do-Ha believes that what the culprit wants is “enjoyment through destruction,” leading investigators into a dead end and proving that their lives are self-inflicted targets.

Chief Bai goes to find Im Sun-Yeol’s wife as a final clue in hopes of finding out where Im Sun-Yeol is hiding and ultimately discovering who Dex is. However, when he finds Im Sun-Yeol, he realizes that he has been shot dead with Jin Ho-Gae’s service pistol.

It is clear evidence of Han Se-Jin framing Jin Ho-Gae as a perfect criminal mastermind. This naturally leads to even if Jin Ho-Gae dies now, the prosecutor still refuses to give up convicting him and delusionally interprets this as Jin Ho-Gae being angry about Moon Young-Soo’s murder and killing Im Sun-Yeol.

Gongmyung Pil discovers there was a thirty-minute gap after Jin Ho-Gae stole the motorcycle before reappearing at the station without his mini camera anymore. Finally, along the way, he finds evidence of this camera’s existence! Kang Do-Ha finally narrows down the possible locations where Im Sun-Yeol might have been based on the crime scene car and Woo Sam-Soon’s data analysis.

NFS roughly recovers one segment from the camera footage, showing Gongmyung Pil lying in a hospital bed. He realizes that Jin Ho-Gae was threatened by the culprit because of his relationship with him. Song-Seol has also encountered the criminal and everyone immediately deduces that she must be in danger at Jin Ho-Gae’s funeral.

As expected, Han Se-Jin can no longer resist confessing to Song-Seol that she is indeed the culprit and threatens her using their colleagues at Taewon Fire Station, telling her not to do anything.

Song-Seol was forced to leave with Han Se-Jin. Han Se-Jin took Song-Seol to visit his design works and tried to provoke her anger towards him as a murderer, encouraging her to take action and experience the fulfilling sensation of a soul leaving the body.

However, due to Song-Seol’s resistance, Han Se-Jin became unhappy and decided to harm her. Gongmyung Pil and Kang Do-Ha arrived at Han Se-Jin’s secret base. Kang Do-Ha noticed that they accidentally stepped into a minefield but thought it was convenient because at least Jin Ho-Gae would know not to enter this area. When Jin Ho-Gae arrived, Kang Do-Ha would have time to defuse the bomb. However, unexpectedly, Gongmyung Pil chose the wrong wire and caused an explosion XD

The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 12 Ending

🔥Han Se-Jin was successfully arrested, but Yoon Hong was unhappy when he saw the repaired camera footage. He wondered why Jin Ho-Gae didn’t inform everyone earlier that Han Se-Jin was the culprit. Jin Ho-Gae explained that this way, everyone could express their true emotions without having to act towards Han Se-Jin deliberately.

Also, Jin Ho-Gae’s expertise in forensics allowed him to deceive everyone by making it appear that Han Se-Jin had been replaced with a dummy. In front of everyone, Jin Ho-Gae admitted that his plan had a serious mistake – putting Song-Seol in danger or causing her extreme sadness and worry. However, Jin Ho-Gae also found fortune amidst the disaster as he won Song-Seol’s heart.

Chief Bai finally uncovered the corruption behind the entire arson case in the shantytown and discovered collusion between officials and businessmen resulting in loss of lives. Ultimately, they found a witness willing to testify against Judge Song Jae-Jun and prosecutor for their corrupt practices and cleared Dokko Soon’s name. Han Se-Jin received a death sentence in court, which was met with applause from onlookers. Due to her American citizenship, she would be extradited back to the United States for execution.

As for Jin Ho-Gae’s feelings at this moment, he felt fortunate that his father could be a competent prosecutor until the very end. The father-son bond finally found redemption~ Of course, due to some recklessness during Jin-Ho Gae’s investigation process, he received reprimands~

Chief Bai and Gongmyung Pil were already used to it though; moreover, during disciplinary committee meetings when it came down to catching criminals as a detective rather than following procedures meticulously like others did not matter much to them either; this time even earning applause from colleagues who recognized his achievements including superiors’ acknowledgment.

The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 11+12 – highlights Explained,Review

the first responders season 2 episode 11-12 recap and ending explained

The First Responders Season 2 –Han Se-JinVSJin Ho-Gae

“The most unfortunate news is always the slowest to reach us, especially when it involves someone we care about. In episode 11 of “The First Responders season 2,” the writer portrays Song-Seol’s concern for Jin Ho-Gae, highlighting how firefighters, just like anyone else, selfishly hope that their loved ones won’t be mentioned in disaster situations.

This selfishness stems from their humanity and emotions; they too wish that those they worry about won’t be among the casualties. Therefore, the writer depicts Song-Seol’s feelings of self-blame and guilt to show that firefighters are not so different from ordinary people.

The final two episodes of “The First Responders season 2” feature a great showdown between Jin Ho-Gae and Han Se-Jin, echoing the Fang Bi-Jiu case. Initially, Han Se-Jin planned to frame Jin Ho-Gae by planting evidence but was thwarted by him. So this time, Han Se-Jin resorts to a foolproof method of framing Jin Ho-Gae: making him commit a crime directly and leaving behind evidence.

Han Se-Jin’s strategy hits Jin Ho-Gae where it hurts most because he despises criminals who escape punishment. Among those released were also some whom Jin Ho-Gae had personally sent to prison—this serves as significant punishment for him. Ironically, these criminals were set free by none other than Jin Ho-Gae himself.

That’s why Han Se-Jin says, ‘This is a segment specially designed for you—a reminder that arresting criminals is the only justice according to Detective Jin Ho-Gae who destroyed his own beliefs.’

The writer skillfully portrays Han Se-Jin as an intelligent character in “The First Responders season 2.” I quite like how the writer gives him this kind of ‘obsessive cleanliness.’ He embodies a villain who appears pure on the surface but possesses immense destructive power. Destroying someone doesn’t require physically harming them; it only takes shattering their beliefs.

In the psychological battle between Han Se-Jin and Jin Ho-Gae, the writer puts in great effort to showcase Han Se-Jin’s victory as a means of proving his superiority over Jin Ho-Gae and mocking the beliefs that Jin Ho-Gae holds dear. Moreover, this time Han Se-Jin truly corners Jin Ho-Gae without any room for struggle—a signature move by the writer of “The First Responders season 2″ when it comes to playing with Jin Ho-Gae.”

The First Responders Season 2 –He will be fine, he should be chasing after the criminals somewhere.

“The 11th episode of ‘The First Responders 2’ was a great opportunity for the screenwriter to showcase Bai Xiong’s performance. Throughout the process of investigating Im Sun-Yeol, we can see that Captain Bai also possesses the same determination as Jin Ho-Gae, especially in the meticulous investigation and deciphering of small details.

The continuous pursuit to understand where Jin Ho-Gae would go and to grasp the habits of the culprit created a tense atmosphere in the 11th episode of ‘The First Responders 2’. However, what I liked even more was Captain Bai’s belief in Jin Ho-Gae and their unspoken understanding. It demonstrated how Jin Ho-Gae silently sought help and gave signals for assistance. The phrase “I know something must have happened to you, Jin Ho-Gae” is truly heartwarming.

Jin Ho-Gae is indeed an unpredictable character. In the 11th episode of ‘The First Responders 2’, I was eagerly waiting to see how he would escape and counterattack. His transformation in this episode was truly impressive when he confidently declared, “Now it’s my turn to give orders,” using a memory card as his bargaining chip.

With this change in position and momentum, it all relied on what Song-Seol said: “He will be fine; he must be chasing after the criminal somewhere. When he catches them, he will appear before us just like always.” Similar to Captain Bai, Song-Seol’s trust and belief in Jin Ho-Gae provided him with motivation to continue fighting.

These characters who believe in Jin-Ho Gae’s judgment follow his plans without questioning why because they are certain that something has happened to him. I think this trust everyone has towards Jin-Ho Gae is best portrayed throughout this case.

And why everyone believes so strongly in him can be understood from that conversation between Jin-Ho Gae and Jin Cheol-Joong: “He wants to destroy the fundamental justice we should defend, Dad, please don’t betray even the last bit of faith.” Until the very last second, Jin-Ho Gae hopes to uphold his beliefs. It’s like a concept where one can give up their life but not compromise their soul.”

As for whether Jin Ho-Gae is really dead or not? The foreshadowing in the first two episodes of “The First Responders 2” initially made me think that the writer might be cruel enough to kill him off, but it seems like he faked his death. After watching the preview, there are still some scenes of Jin Ho-Gae that haven’t been shown yet.

So if this is a collaboration between Kang Do-Ha and Jin Ho-Gae to deceive Han Se-Jin, then it’s the best plan. Otherwise, Jin Ho-Gae told Kang Do-Ha to meet him at the station ten minutes later, indicating that he had already planned a series of actions for them to cooperate with each other using the explosion case as an opportunity for him to fake his death.

Moreover, in the preview of “The First Responders 2,” there’s a line saying “I’ve come back from hell” which hasn’t been acted out yet. This line should confirm that Jin Ho-Gae indeed faked his death.

The First Responders Season 2 –If possible, I will definitely revenge.

In the first half of episode 12 of “The First Responders 2,” the plot continues with the police tirelessly searching for Dex’s true identity. The writer reveals that Im Sun-Yeol has already died, and Dex framed Jin Ho-Gae for his murder, similar to what happened in the Fang Bijiu case. However, this time Han Se-Jin uses more direct evidence to frame Jin Ho-Gae.

I understand that the writer intentionally made Jin Ho-Gae fake his death in order to make Han Se-Jin relax a bit. After all, as a psychopathic killer, he would be satisfied and enjoy his own success. So in “The First Responders 2,” the writer designs a prosecutor who keeps investigating and pursuing Jin Ho-Gae, which makes Han Se-Jin believe that Jin Ho-Gae cannot escape from this perfectly planned crime.

In this atmosphere, Han Se-Jin counterattacks against Jin Ho-Gae when she is completely defenseless. In summary, the role of the prosecutor tightly holding onto Jin Ho-Gae is meant to portray a character whom Han Se-Jin believes has successfully executed her plan.

However, what I find impressive about the writing is that even though it seems like it’s just between Jin-Ho Gae and Han-Sejin in terms of their cases, the writer also emphasizes how Han-Sejin forgets that her team is also closely following and not letting go of Jin-Ho Gae – this was an oversight on her part.

Especially when Gongmyung Pil finds the mini camera dropped by Jin-Ho Gae; now that Gongmyung Pil has found it, it immediately changes its purpose from being discarded by him – originally intended as a challenge against Han-Sejin – into important evidence that will surely be discovered by his team! (Just like Song-Seol deliberately dropping a paper crane outside of Han-Se-jin’s secret base; these are all silent signals of understanding.)

I think the writer of “The First Responders 2” really has a good grasp on the ending. Not only does it give the audience a sense that the police are constantly hitting a dead end, but it also shows NFS, Taewon Police Station, and Song-Seol’s belief in Jin Ho-Gae – just like how his team believes in him, Jin-Ho Gae also believes they will help him in return.

Based on what was said in episode 11 of “The First Responders 2,” I feel that this belief held by Jin Ho-Gae extends to everyone around him. In this final episode of “The First Responders 2,” Song-Seol says that he will definitely take revenge against the killer; Gongmyung Pil also says that he will bring down this bastard.

Everyone around Jin-Ho Gae seems to have absorbed his spirit and is investigating every detail with great determination. Indeed, there is no perfect crime in the world, as Jin Ho-Gae once said because there will always be traces left behind. This perfectly aligns with what Jin Ho-Gae previously mentioned: “Serial killers always make mistakes because they become complacent with their actions.”