The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 1 Recap and 4 highlights Explained, Review


The First Responders 2Episode 1 Plot: A series of arson cases break out in the Taewon district, followed by the discovery of a bound corpse. Firefighters, police, and NFS mobilize to collaborate on pursuing the arsonist and murderer.

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The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

🔥 Continuing from the end of Season 1 of “The First Responders”, The First Responders Season 2 begins by mentioning the elusive “serial arsonist” who was responsible for Jin Ho-Gae’s fall into a fire in the first season. Jin Ho-Gae seeks out Ha Young-Doo, a suspected arsonist with a three-year history, to gain some insights and inspiration regarding the serial arsons in Taewon District.

He believes that the serial arsonist in Taewon District must have lost something significant to fire and that since no lives have been lost yet, it indicates that this person is just getting started and is an experienced individual who will continue to seek attention through larger-scale arsons. Additionally, this person likely has old burn scars.

Furthermore, as a result of the parking lot arson incident at the end of “The First Responders” Cho Il-Jun’s cellphone signal was detected by the police. When Jin Ho-Gae and Bong Do-Jin entered, an explosion occurred. Fortunately, Bong Do-Jin had taken precautions to prevent Jin Ho-Gae from falling down during their argument, allowing them both to survive and extinguish the fire together.

However, Song-Seol’s concern for Jin Ho-Gae once again makes Bong Do-Jin feel like he doesn’t stand a chance with her. The discovery of Cho Il-Jun’s vehicle becomes crucial evidence at the scene; however, when they search it for clues related to the arsonist, they are shocked to find a dead body in its trunk – identified as Cho Il-Jun himself. This revelation indicates that Cho Il-Jun whom they had been pursuing is not actually guilty but rather someone used by another party to deceive law enforcement.

🔥 After investigation, Cho Il-Jun had traces of media attachment in his mouth, nose, and bronchi. There were also marks on his hands indicating that he had been bound. However, there were several marks from restraints, which means that the deceased was actually still breathing at the scene of the fire.

He must have been breathing for a long time and died from suffocation due to inhaling toxic gas. For Jin Ho-Gae, this means it was a homicide. But for Bong Do-Jin, it is self-blame for being too slow and not checking if anyone was inside first.

However, Jin Ho-Gae remembered Ha Young-Doo’s warning: “If the person extinguishing the fire is the target, then who should put out the cluster of flames?” He was afraid that Bong Do-Jin would become a target of an arsonist. Therefore, he advised Bong Do-Jin not to be too reckless.

Jin Ho-Gae discovered that Cho Il-Jun committed a traffic violation on 2nd May 2022 while driving. This was Jin Ho-Gae’s first day in Taewon. The man who blocked the ambulance… Could it be possible that this person has been tracking firefighters and police officers from the very beginning? There must be deep-seated resentment behind all this.

🔥 Jin Ho-Gae thought about Ha Young-Doo’s deduction and felt that the arsonist might be a firefighter. So he asked his former colleague to monitor someone (who is still in Taewon Fire Department). Jin Cheol-Joong was unhappy with Ma Joong-Do’s death, which left him without any backing and got him transferred to an unwanted position. And because Yang Chi-Young had evidence against Jin Cheol-Joong, Bong Do-Jin couldn’t do anything to Yang Chi-Young.

Bong Do-Jin and his team found traces of deliberate damage to the oil pipeline at the arson scene, indicating a need for significant destructive power. Therefore, they asked Bong An-Na to investigate if there is any evidence or clues. The drug test results for Cho Il-Jun came out, showing a large amount of sedatives in his body. Even if he was rescued immediately, it would be difficult for him to survive.

In addition, tools used to damage the oil pipeline were found at Bong Do-Jin’s place. These two pieces of evidence can be used to trace back the suspect(s). They discovered a suspicious person dressed in black who stole the tools; Jin Ho-Gae noticed that this suspect was covering their face tightly so as not to let anyone see.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 1 Ending

🔥 The First Responders Season 2 Episode 1 Ending : Kang Do-Ha has returned to Korea and called Bong Do-Jin. Jin Ho-Gae and Gongmyung Pil have found the tool thief and traced them back to a factory where xylene was stolen from. They also found clothes left behind by the thief at this location – these are clothes worn during each arson incident.

Finally, they learned that the underground street will be the next arson site, so they immediately headed there. Song-Seol didn’t wait for backup support but went ahead with rescuing trapped individuals herself; unfortunately, she ended up being trapped in a collapsing fire scene. Coincidentally, Bong Do-Jin was on his way to another fire scene and couldn’t save Song-Seol in time.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 1 2 highlights Explained,Review

The First Responders Season 2 - Episode 1 Recap and 2 highlights Explained, Review

The First Responders 2:The criminal profile of an arsonist.

In the season finale of “The First Responders” Season 1, several characteristics of serial arsonists were mentioned. For example, ➊ arsonists are usually individuals who cannot control their desires. ➋ They may say things like, “It’s not like we’re killing people, what’s the big deal with setting fires?” and believe that there is always a reason behind each fire, just as there is motive and method behind every murder case.

In the beginning of “The First Responders Season 2″ Jin Ho-Gae goes to find Ha Young-Doo for this very reason. Jin Ho-Gae himself admits to frequently encountering people who stab others with knives but being unfamiliar with arsonists. The writer of “The First Responders Season 2″ has Jin Ho-Gae seek out Ha Young-Doo as a form of criminal profiling conceptually known as “criminal side writing.” This is how Jin Ho-Gae hopes to catch the elusive “Taewon District Serial Arsonist.”

Having previously watched “Interpreting Evil Hearts,” I am familiar with the phrase: only criminals can truly understand other criminals. That’s why in Episode 1 of “The First Responders Season 2″ when serial arsonist Ha Young-Doo says, “[This person] must have had something crucial taken away by fire, leading to immense fear and loss.

Eventually, they develop awe and admiration for fire—a devastating force beyond human control. Fire reduces everything to ashes without leaving a trace—just like it does to one’s heart where all emotions dry up except for joy, pleasure, and delight brought forth by flames.”

In Season 1 of “The First Responders,” at an arson scene, there was a depiction of a star-shaped pattern which Bong Do-Jin discovered as the criminal’s deliberate signature left specifically for firefighters or those types of individuals to see. So these individuals must despise or challenge firefighters, especially in the final episode of “The First Responders” Season 1 when an elderly person injured at an arson scene is being transported to the hospital.

While other victims express gratitude towards Bong Do-Jin, this particular individual secretly observes him. Currently, it is unknown whether he is truly the arsonist, but he certainly appears suspicious and exhibits a similar expression as described by Ha Young-Doo—someone who holds resentment towards firefighters and those who can enter fire scenes.

[Note] The character Kang Do-Ha appears to be suspicious, especially with the deliberate portrayal of his scar. However, if we consider that he is staying in a hotel with luggage, as if he just returned to the country, it seems unlikely that he was involved in past cases. Therefore, he may not be the current serial arsonist. However, I wonder if he could be the person Ma Tae-Hwa mentioned in Season 1 of “The First Responders” who was waiting to return home?

The First Responders 2:Firefighters and police officers are different, but in fact they are exactly the same.

In the first season of “The First Responders,” it was mentioned that while police officers investigate cases involving victims or fatalities, firefighters aim to prevent tragedies from happening in the first place. I really liked how the writers of “The First Responders Season 2″ focused on the inner struggles and redemption of the characters when designing the story.

I remember Bong Do-Jin became a firefighter because he had once escaped from an uncontrolled fire as a child, which resulted in his friend getting injured. However, as a firefighter, he has failed to uphold this commitment several times. For Bong Do-Jin, Cho Il-Jun’s death is particularly self-blaming because he could have prevented it if he had thought one step ahead instead of neglecting his duty.

This echoes what Bong Do-Jin once said about there being only a thin line between firefighters and arsonists – not taking action is equivalent to allowing actions to happen. In the past, Bong Do-Jin used to fear and run away from uncontrolled fires, but now he approaches every fire like a bulldozer constantly moving forward. He somewhat resembles Jin Ho-Gae’s concept of not wanting any regrets in any case.

It feels like arsonists were also once firefighters themselves; they seem to understand what firefighters think and blame themselves for. Especially with Cho Il-Jun’s death case weighing heavily on Bong Do-Jin’s conscience, the arsonist tempts him into staying longer at fire scenes and becoming the last person to come out because this internal struggle is something that Bong Do-Jin does not want to experience again due to self-blame.

This aligns with Ha Young-Doo’s statement: “If those who extinguish fires become targets, then who will put out those flames?” In other words, if firefighters become targets and get injured or attacked, who will be left to extinguish remaining fires?

It would mean no one else is there. To some extent, Ha Young-Doo’s words imply that arsonists intend to put firefighters in life-threatening situations. This is also why Jin Ho-Gae tells Bong Do-Jin not to be so reckless; he worries that Bong Do-Jin might fall into the arsonist’s trap. However, Ha Young-Doo has also mentioned that people like Jin Ho-Gae are also targets.

Through the Cho Il-Jun incident, the writer strengthens the bond and teamwork between Jin Ho-Gae and Bong Do-Jin in “The First Responders Season 2″ It showcases their synergy and enthusiastic collaboration during investigations. The conclusion drawn by the writer in this episode is that both firefighters and police officers must strive to prevent new victims from emerging, highlighting that there isn’t much difference between them after all.

The First Responders 2:Why was Cho Il-Jun killed?

Cho Il-Jun had a traffic violation record on 2nd May 2022. This was the first day Jin Ho-Gae came to Taewon and witnessed him intentionally obstructing firefighters’ rescue operation. Gongmyung Pil mentioned that Cho Il-Jun might have been following the firefighters and police at that time. However, I believe this inference should be related to the reason why Cho Il-Jun was killed.

Jin Ho-Gae mentioned that there seemed to be deep resentment behind all of this. Coupled with Ha Young-Doo’s words implying that the killer has a lot of experience in firefighting, it aligns with my earlier speculation that the arsonist may have been a firefighter before.

This also resonates with Bong Do-Jin’s statement about there being only a thin line between firefighters and arsonists. Therefore, it is highly likely that on 2nd May 2022, the arsonist saw Cho Il-Jun blocking the path of firefighters and harbored resentment, causing them to lose something and eventually become an arsonist (this is just a current hypothesis).

The First Responders 2:Overview of Character Relationships

In “The First Responders Season 2″, we can see that Ma Joong-Do has already passed away (he died suddenly). However, why does Jin Cheol-Joong get so angry at Ma Tae-Hwa as soon as he appears in “The First Responders Season 2″?

It’s because in the first season, Ma Joong-Do was someone who could provide benefits and power to Chen Cheung-Zhong. But now that Ma Joong-Do is dead, Jin Cheol-Joong has lost the opportunity to gain advantages and rise up. Ma Tae-Hwa and Jin Cheol-Joong were already at odds with each other in the first season, which is why Yang Chi-Young says to Chen Cheung-Zhong, “You’ve lost your backing now.”

As for the current situation of Yang Chi-Young’s character, it continues from his storyline in the first season of “The First Responders”. Originally, he worked for Ma Taihua but later switched sides to join Ma Joong-Do after Ma Taihua was imprisoned. However, it turns out that Ma Joong-Do was found dead at home and Jin Cheol-Joong ends up sitting dejectedly in his office.

As a result, Ma Tae-Hwa is able to take care of his father’s affairs and make a comeback. Yang Chi-Young laments that his golden backer suddenly collapsed. But then he unexpectedly receives a large sum of encrypted cryptocurrency from Ma Tae-Hwa, forcing him to switch sides once again. So in “The First Responders Season 2″, it seems like Yang Chi-Young will continue working for Ma Tae-Hwa.