The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & 2 highlights Explained, Review


The First Responders 2 Season 2 Episode 3 plot : “We must catch the culprit!” Firefighters, police officers, and NFS are faced with the loss of their loved ones, immersed in feelings of sadness and anger. Everyone collaborates at the risk of their lives to find crucial evidence.

↓Last Episode (Episode 2) Review and Recap, Explained↓

The First Responders Season 2 – Episode 2 Recap and 2 highlights Explained, Review

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The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Continuing from the second episode of “The First Responders season 2,” Jin Ho-Gae arrives at the scene where Bong Do-Jin extinguished the fire, only to find out that he has tragically passed away! This is a heartbreaking moment for everyone. Meanwhile, Song-Seol’s life was also in danger while she was in the hospital. Although she has been rescued, she remains unconscious.

Jin Ho-Gae returns to the police station to investigate any clues related to the fire and believes that there is a connection between the material warehouse and the shadowy underground street.

While it was determined that the fire in the underground street was caused by an overheated pot, due to its crowded nature, all firefighting efforts were concentrated there, leaving insufficient manpower at the material warehouse. The simultaneous occurrence of these incidents is quite perplexing, and Jin Ho-Gae does not rule out possible accomplices.

At this time, Bong An-Na brings forth a clue – mentioning that there was still oxygen inside Bong Do-Jin’s oxygen tank when he was found without it attached. So why did Bong Do-Jin remove his oxygen tank?

Especially after hearing Ki-Soo say that Bong Do-Jin saw a star-shaped flame; Jin Ho-Gae realizes that Bong Do-Jin’s death must have been intentional murder. The next day, he immediately goes with them for Bong Do-Jin’s autopsy examination. Through examining results, Jin Ho-Gae becomes aware that Bong Do-Jin’s death may not be as simple as an accident: Why was his mask removed? Why were there unidentified crystalline substances in his stomach?

Later on, Song-Seol wakes up and is devastated upon hearing about Bong Do-Jin’s death news. While organizing Bong-Do Jin’s locker belongings, they discover a pre-prepared farewell letter addressed to Song-Seol, which Bong Do-Jin had written in the past. In it, he tells her that if he doesn’t return from a mission, she should ask their colleagues for help.

🔥One of the farewell letters is for Song-Seol, which plunges her into a state of despair once again. The contents found in Bong Do-Jin’s stomach during the autopsy turned out to be candle wax. If he was forcefully fed these substances before his death, there would surely be signs of struggle on Bong Do-Jin’s body.

However, all this evidence was destroyed in the fire, so it is currently impossible to determine the process of ingestion. Ma Tae-Hwa has been arrested again and during the escort process, he pretends to have a stomachache and takes medication in the restroom that can cause acute kidney failure.

This is Yang Chi-Young’s way of helping Ma Tae-Hwa avoid prison time. Song-Seol arrives at the scene of the warehouse fire and encounters Yoon Hong, a forensic expert. Yoon Hong analyzes that not only was the second explosion far from the initial point of ignition but also occurred an hour after the first explosion.

How did the culprit manage to cause a second explosion without being detected? Yoon Hong believes it was done using candles that could control when they ignite or explode. At this moment, Bong An-Na also arrives at the scene and suggests reenacting how arson took place in order to find clues about how it was done.

On the other hand, Jin Ho-Gae found out that the suspicious phone appeared at the scene of the warehouse fire thirty minutes before it broke out. It was traced back to Dokko Soon, who also happened to arrive later than the rest of the team on the day of the underground street fire, making her movements suspicious.

Now Song-Seol understands that Bong Do-Jin intentionally swallowed those candles because he knew he couldn’t escape and needed to leave evidence for everyone to investigate. He kept the evidence in a safe place~ Dokko Soon claimed during questioning that her phone had been stolen and she went to retrieve it from where someone said they had left something thirty minutes prior to the fire.

Furthermore, it turned out to be an heirloom belonging to her mother-in-law. Song-Seol can vouch for Dokko Soon not being involved in any way as neither arson case was committed by her; both were orchestrated by someone using candle timing as a method.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 3 Ending

Kang Do-Ha reported about a stolen explosive device (a military barrel) to his superior officer in camp, but his officer dismissed it as unrelated theft and showed no interest in Kang Do-Ha’s concerns regarding arson cases.

Song-Seol took all of Bong Do-Jin’s belongings and went over them at his house when she suddenly noticed a photo taken ten years ago today with someone familiar in it! At the same time, Jin Ho-Gae discovered some suspicious individuals who ordered candles online; their address coincidentally matched Wuyingdong (Shadowless Cave).

Eventually, they tracked down Liang Shangwan, one of those rescued by Song-Seol in underground street incident – ironically enough, he encountered Song-Seol in an elevator and even prepared to attack her.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 3 – highlights Explained,Review

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & 2 highlights Explained, Review

The First Responders Season 2 – I have recently become very afraid of entering a fire scene.

“I’ve recently become very afraid of going into a fire. Do you know why? If I can’t come out, then I won’t be able to see you anymore, and that’s what scares me.”

Oh no! I really didn’t expect the writer to actually kill off Bong Do-Jin. In the ending of Episode 2 of “The First Responders season 2,” I thought maybe the writer-director was playing with a twist, but I never imagined they would pull such a plot twist at this crucial moment!

The writer of “The First Responders season 2” made Ha Young-Doo’s theories from Episode 1 come true one by one, highlighting the cruelty and horror of serial arsonists, just like serial killers – chillingly cold-blooded. The opening scene in Episode 3 of “The First Responders season 2” created a heart-wrenching atmosphere full of tension.

No one speaks in this scene; there is only silence except for Bong An-Na’s heartbreaking cries. Bong An-Na’s crying cleverly becomes the most important sound in this scene, conveying everyone’s inner sadness.

In the next scene, Jin Ho-Gae hears nothing but the sound of Song Xue crying outside the hospital room. I think Jin Ho-Gae’s internal struggle is portrayed perfectly here, and the writer-director skillfully uses the origami crane from Season 1 to connect it with Jin Ho-Gae’s current state of mind in “The First Responders season 2.”

The story of the paper crane is a reflection on the promise made by Song-Seol and Jin Ho-Gae in Season 1 of “The First Responders.” Every time Jin Ho-Gae catches a criminal, she folds a paper crane, with the goal of collecting one thousand cranes. Through the symbolism of the paper crane, it seems that the writer implies a hope for justice in the world, which is Song-Seol’s aspiration.

In Episode 3 of “The First Responders Season 2,” when Jin Ho-Gae sits beside Song Seol’s hospital bed, her paper crane is only half-folded. The director portrays Jin Ho-Gae’s sadness through this silent scene, which holds significant meaning. It symbolizes that Jin Ho-Gae has not yet caught the serial arsonist and even allows Bong Do-Jin to become a victim.

Faced with Song-Seol, he is a detective who only catches half of his suspects. The half-folded paper crane silently reveals Jin Ho-Gae’s self-blame and unfinished mission. However, an unfinished paper crane also represents Jin-Ho Gae’s determination to catch the culprit; it signifies that she will complete this crane once she apprehends them.

“The First Responders Season 2” successfully utilizes each character’s emotions to enhance their investigative intensity. As Chief Bai says: “You left like this; how can those who are left behind be okay?” The accumulated sorrow in “The First Responders Season 2” is powerful, especially in scenes such as when Yoon Hong performs an autopsy on Bong Do-Jin.

It demonstrates strong emotional connections between all characters involved. The way Yoon Hong meticulously stitches up Bong Do-Jin at the end creates an incredibly moving atmosphere—truly remarkable! I didn’t expect Yoon Hong and Bong Do-Jin to have much interaction since they are relatively unrelated characters but seeing their portrayal as the most emotionally impactful is quite surprising.

The First Responders Season 2 – Could there be accomplices involved?

Concerns about Bong Do-Jin:

  • Why did Bong Do-Jin remove the oxygen tank while still breathing after removing the respirator?
  • Before dying, why did he take off his mask? And why didn’t he close his eyes until the end?
  • There were white crystalline substances of unknown composition in his stomach (after analysis, it was found to be candle wax). These substances were distributed from the esophagus to the stomach, indicating that they entered his body before death. (Bong Do-Jin knew he couldn’t escape, so he intentionally ingested these candles as a final clue for everyone. After all, without these candles in his stomach, NFS wouldn’t think about arson with candles)
  • The ring on Bong Do-Jin’s hand was only removed after his death when he was completely burned. So where did the ring go? Who took it? (Because at the time of explosion, that ring was still on Bong Do-Jin’s hand. In other words, someone immediately went to get that ring after the explosion. Initially, this seemed like a big question mark but it turns out Jin Ho-Gae wanted to fulfill Bong Do-Jin’s dream of confessing to Song Seo)

“The scene in “The First Responders Season 2” where they conduct the autopsy raises many doubts and is a heart-wrenching moment in the entire storyline. When Yoon Hong, the forensic pathologist, narrates each of Bong Do-Jin’s autopsy findings, it unconsciously makes the audience think about the painful experiences Bong Do-Jin went through before his death. Such as taking off his mask, removing his oxygen tank to inhale thick smoke, and ingesting an unknown crystalline substance. This increases the viewers’ sorrow for losing Bong Do-Jin.

Especially in the last ten minutes when it is revealed that Bong Do-Jin himself swallowed a candle, The First Responders 2 screenwriters portray Bong Do-Jin’s death not as having accomplices as originally thought but rather depict him heroically sacrificing himself. It also portrays how until his final moments, Bong Do-Jin remained a firefighter at heart.

From this perspective, it seems unlikely that anyone within the fire department was an accomplice (it is highly likely that they were framed by the culprit). Because all those doubts raised during Bong Do-Jin’s autopsy have been debunked one by one and were not forced or manipulated by the killer.

However, it appears that the identity of the real culprit is about to be revealed – someone who was a firefighter at Taewon Fire Department ten years ago and was also seen in season one of “The First Responders Season 2″ at bedside of another patient (someone who kept staring at Bong Do-Jin but feared being recognized). If this holds true, does it mean Kang Do-Ha is not actually guilty???? But still, his presence at Bong-Do Jin’s fire scene remains suspicious especially after making that phone call.”