The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 1+2 Recap & Review, Ending explained

驅魔麵館第二季1 2集the uncanny counter 2 ep1 2

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The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

A demon possessed a stroller driver and drove recklessly in the city, endangering everyone. Do Ha-Na immediately sensed the presence of the demon in her territory, so all the exorcists from her sisters’ noodle shop mobilized to chase after this demon. It was not easy for Do Ha-Na to get on this stroller and she managed to subdue the demon temporarily.

However, the stubbornness of the demon exceeded her imagination. Fortunately, they entered her territory just in time for Do Ha-Na to enhance her powers within it and defeat the demon. The brakes of the stroller broke, but Ga Mo-Tak used his super strength within their territory to stop it barehanded.

At that moment, unexpectedly, the demon took a child hostage. So Mun arrived at the scene just in time and with little strength he managed to subdue the demon and summon it as well. The host that they captured turned out to be a robber and murderer whom even law enforcement couldn’t catch. Everyone at the police station was surprised that Ga Mo-Tak had caught another criminal again, especially since he always seemed to catch them whenever he went to use restroom.

In this border area between realms (Ryeong), they were severely understaffed. Ga Mo-Tak had also taken on police duties dealing with aftermaths when exorcists caught demons which added more pressure on him until he couldn’t even have regular bowel movements anymore due stress constipation issues caused by work overload .

Wi-Gen said they were actively looking for new recruits but finding someone suitable who could cooperate effectively between exorcists and Ryeong people was proving difficult because Jong-Guk was extremely picky during selection process.

So Mun trained everyone in “telekinesis” abilities which resulted in rapid progress for everyone except Ga Mo-Tak who would start bleeding profusely from his nose every time he tried moving an ant. On their day off, the exorcists happily made kimchi with their grandparents and firefighter Ma Joo-Seok joined this joyful family gathering.

So Mun’s grandmother had dementia due to her daughter’s car accident in the past, but two years ago she climbed up to the rooftop wanting to get closer to her daughter and it was Ma Joo-Seok who saved her. Since then, she has been calling him “dear”. As for what Ma Joo-Seok said to her on the rooftop, he never revealed it, but he secretly shared his joy of becoming a father soon.

While delivering food to elderly people with Do Ha-Na, So Mun noticed a child venting anger at a doll along the way. He also noticed that the child had an injury on his forehead which turned out to be caused by his abusive father who constantly beat his mother and demanded money from them.

Jun-Hui was also a victim of abuse. Later they discovered that Jun-Hui’s father was involved in illegal gambling and domestic violence issues so Ga Mo-Tak took charge of handling it as a police officer while they brought mother and son back to their noodle shop for a meal.

The mastermind behind the real estate fraud case that affected over 800 victims two years ago, Park Seong-Uk (the person responsible for managing funds), is going through its third public trial now.

The representative CEO Lee Chung-Jae of the construction company committed suicide during investigation causing funds flow direction become unclear thus affecting Min-Ji as well who became another victim leading both Ma Joo-Seok and herself into difficult times these past two years . Hwang Pil-Gwang in China is also keeping an eye on this case while Gelly says she feels relieved that this case will finally come to an end.

Meanwhile, exorcists in China are about to deal with three demons before planning their return trip back Korea where they intend to find Chu Mae-Ok. However, the power of their territory in China is weak and it limits their abilities. Mrs. Su noticed that the demons there are not ordinary ones as there were many corpses around, so she helped heal the injured while being observed by one of the demons

These exorcists were killed one by one by the demons who also absorbed their souls. The level of these demons kept increasing and they even gained the ability to absorb exorcists’ souls. Wong acquired healing powers, Gelly gained the ability to read and erase others’ memories, Hwang Pil-Gwang possessed powerful telekinesis abilities, and now they are preparing to return to Korea.

So Mun feels uneasy about these powerful demons because there are fewer exorcists now compared to before while more powerful demons have emerged. It’s not as simple as dealing with Ji Cheong-Sin or Baek Hyang-Hi anymore.

At this moment, Do Ha-Na senses the approaching evil spirits targeting Jun-Hui and his mother. It turns out to be a debt collection group coming to collect the debts owed by her husband. They intend to harvest organs from Jun-Hui’s mother and sell off Jun-Hui himself. The exorcists easily deal with these troublemakers.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Na Jeok-Bong longs for love, so he asks the supermarket auntie to help him find a partner. However, because Na Jeok-Bong keeps talking about his cows, it makes the other person very disgusted. Na Jeok-Bong is in a hurry to return the phone that the other person forgot to take with them and ends up getting into a car accident while trying to save his blind date.

Ga Mo-Tak sees this act of risking his life to save others and his filial piety, and thinks that he is suitable to be an exorcist. So immediately reports it to Wi-Gen. Of course, Na Jeok-Bong wants to wake up from his coma, but he seems to think being an exorcist is just a normal job where he can go to work as usual. It takes Wi-Gen a lot of effort explaining it.

The trio of evil spirits approaches Park Seong-Uk who was only given probation and demands money from him. But because CEO Lee Chung-Jae suddenly died without revealing where the money was hidden, no one knows where it is. Just when Gelly wants to use her supernatural powers to read Park Seong-Uk’s memories, Min-Ji happens upon them by chance.

On the other hand, victims of real estate fraud express their dissatisfaction with Park Seong-Uk’s lenient sentence in extreme ways. Ma Joo-Seok understands these victims’ feelings as another victim himself but now all he wants is for him and his wife and child survive strong together. However, unexpectedly tragedy strikes when Ma Joo-Seok’s wife and child are involved in an elevator accident which results in their death despite medical efforts made afterwards completely shattering Ma Joo-Seok’s hopes for life.

Park Seong-Uk also loses consciousness due self-harm leaving Ma Joo-Seok resentful why someone like Min-Ji who tried so hard to live died, while those who wanted to die survived. Ma Joo-Seok resents not being able to see his wife one last time. For So Mun, he can understand the sudden feeling of losing family members, so if Min-Ji can go to the afterlife, then someday she will meet Ma Joo-Seok.

Gelly knows the whereabouts of the money and even the bank password by reading Park Seong-Uk’s memories. At the same time, Hwang Pil-Gwang sees a territory outside and realizes that there are exorcists in Korea too. Na Jeok-Bong is excited about becoming an exorcist and Chu Mae-Ok immediately takes a group photo for everyone with an agreement that no one in the photo will disappear.

On the other hand, Ma Joo-Seok’s life collapses after losing Min-Ji. Na Jeok-Bong’s training feels more like getting beaten up rather than actual training according to Do Ha-Na who thinks Na Jeok-Bong is too weak and suggests giving up on him as an exorcist altogether. Suddenly Do Ha-Na senses a third-level evil spirit invasion and feels Wong’s presence which surprises her because he can also see territories just like them making So Mun think this evil spirit comes from China.

Chu Mae-Ok also unexpectedly discovers that evil spirits have healing abilities. When Do Ha-Na fights with Wong, she realizes that he is responsible for killing Ms. Su and even though Ga Mo-Tak has enough strength to fight against Wong, Wong has healing abilities which allows him to heal himself during battle making it difficult for them defeat him easily.

So Mun decides not to defeat Wong first but instead save Ga Mo-Tak from falling off a building allowing Wong escape during their fight witnessed by Hwang Pil-Gwang.

The exorcists now find things more challenging because these evil spirits can see territories which means they can know the exorcists’ locations through territories and will avoid them. Do Ha-Na mentions that she saw Min-Ji begging for mercy in the evil spirits’ memories, so they realize that Park Seong-Uk is not the real culprit. By reading Park Seong-Uk’s memories, they discover that Min-Ji was killed by three evil spirits and even Park Seong-Uk suffered at their hands but traces of his memory were erased.

Finally, they see the true face of the evil spirits. The truth about what happened in the elevator is that Hwang Pil-Gwang used telekinesis to make Park Seong-Uk attack Min-Ji with a knife intentionally targeting her stomach.

The exorcists can sense that these evil spirits are difficult to deal with, but their loved ones have died because of them, so naturally they want revenge. On the other hand, Wong says So Mun’s summoning ability is definitely stronger than Hwang Pil-Gwang’s which leads Hwang Pil-Gwang to visit So Mun’s sister’s noodle shop immediately on the next day where So Mun realizes something is wrong and recognizes Hwang Pil-Gwang.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Review Episode 1+2

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Recap and Review Episode 1+2

In the first half of Episode 1 of “The Uncanny Counter 2,” there isn’t much significant progress in the plot. The main focus is to provide viewers with a recap of the characters and storyline. So Mun’s mom, whom So Mun’s grandmother mentions, is indeed So Mun’s mother and also the central figure in So Mun’s storyline in Season 1 of “The Uncanny Counter.”

In Season 1, So Mun and the Counters investigate the evil spirits responsible for his parents’ death in a car accident. As a result, after So Mun’s mom passes away, his grandmother develops dementia. This explains why she continues to call out her daughter’s name on the rooftop in “The Uncanny Counter 2.”

Additionally, let me explain about “Spirits Immigration Office” and “Counters”. Spirits Immigration Office refers to individuals who partner with human Counters. Whenever a Counter gets injured, theirpartners counterpart also suffers from its effects. In Season 1 of “The Uncanny Counter,” there are detailed stories about the relationship between partners and Counters. One particularly touching story involves Su-Ho and Chu Mae-Ok. To fully understand this aspect, it is necessary to watch Season 1 of “The Uncanny Counter.”

In terms of world-building within “The Uncanny Counter,” Counters exist all over the world but only those within their circle are aware of their existence; evil spirits do not know about them. This concept forms an important part of Season 1’s worldview.

There is a line spoken by Chinese Counters that says: “‘Noodles, Chu Mae-Ok makes them taste best.” This indicates that they are acquainted with the Counters at Sister Chu’s Noodle Shop as well. Here I have briefly summarized some information about the abilities possessed by Counters for everyone’s review.

So Mun :Ability as a Counter: Able to summon territory. The Ghost Hunter in the Spirit Realm has enhanced physical abilities, giving them an advantage in combating evil spirits. In “The Uncanny Counter season 2,” it seems that they have even more powerful and effortless telekinetic abilities.

Do Ha-Na: Ability as a Counter: Possesses keen reflexes and hearing, able to locate the Spirit Realm and deduce the whereabouts of evil spirits miles away. Can also discern the hierarchy of evil spirits with great sensitivity. Their quick reactions make them elusive and greatly assist in fighting against evil ghosts. In the drama “The Uncanny Counter,” their action scenes are usually designed to be cool~

Ga Mo-Tak: Ability as a Counter: He is the strongest member of the team, having once knocked down an evil spirit with just one punch. In “The Uncanny Counter season 2,” he suffered amnesia after a falling incident while chasing after a villain but regained consciousness when he became a Counter. Since then, Ga Mo-Tak has been searching for his memories and discovered that he used to be a police officer. Therefore, in “The Uncanny Counter season 2,” Ga Mo-Tak returns to join the police force while helping with post-mission clean-up for the Counters.

Chu Mae-Ok: Ability as a Counter: The only healer within the team who can heal all injured individuals; however, severe healing may deplete her own lifespan. In Season 1 of “The Uncanny Counter,” she sacrificed her life span to heal So Mun’s serious injuries. Chu Mae-Ok can also erase human memories, removing traumatic or negative experiences from their minds and making humans unaware of the existence of Counters. She serves as both motherly figure and leader among the Counters.

Ro Ji-Chung : A newly recruited counter who can detect malevolent energy through smell; he is a straightforward hero in exorcising evil spirits. Due to the ongoing issue of insufficient manpower among the Counters in Season 1 of “The Uncanny Counter,” that’s why in Episode 1 of “The Uncanny Counter season 2,” there is a new recruit named Jong-Guk who joins them as his partner~

Choi Jang-Mul: The owner of the Exorcism Noodle House~

The Uncanny Counter season 2 Evil Spirits Group

Hwang Pil-Gwang: A malevolent spirit with powerful psychic abilities.

Gelly: A pure evil being who uses methods such as grabbing, stabbing, and cutting to kill others. Gelly has the ability to read and manipulate memories, which makes them a target for exorcists.

Wong: A cunning psychopath with a chilling smile. Wong finds pleasure in killing and became even more ruthless after gaining healing abilities by killing a Chinese exorcist. Afterward, Wong returned to Korea and continued his brutal spree of murders.

Ma Joo-Seok: A passionate firefighter and an everyday hero who walks the line between good and evil.

Hwang Pil-Gwang, Gelly, and Wong are organized individuals. They were mentioned in the first episode of “The Uncanny Counter Season 2” regarding Hwang Jong-Jae’s suicide case that helped cover up money from real estate scams.

Based on the information provided, we can infer that the trio of malevolent spirits sought refuge in China two years ago until Park Seong-Uk’s case involving CEO Lee Chung-Jae is about to conclude before returning to Korea.

The death of CEO Lee Chung-Jae made it impossible for them to locate the stolen money from their initial scam. Therefore, in Episode 2 of “The Uncanny Counter Season 2,” they come looking for Park Seong-Uk who was only given a suspended sentence in order to retrieve their money.