10 Things about The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review


The Good Bad Mother Ending has finally arrived! This show has accompanied viewers for several weeks with tears, laughter, heart-wrenching moments and healing times. In the final two episodes, we see Kang-Ho’s revenge unfold while the writer and director also focus on the storylines of all characters in Jou-ri Village.

The tear-jerking level reaches its peak in these last two episodes! “The Good Bad Mother” is a miraculous drama that started with average ratings but broke its own records every week until it reached 12% for its finale! This article will summarize the storylines of “The Good Bad Mother” finale and provide some explanations.

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The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-10 Things you need to know

The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review

Jin Young-Soon is no longer alone in pretending to be strong.

The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review

I’ve always envied you. You have a considerate husband who always supports you, and a healthy and understanding son Sam-Sik. I’m so jealous of you.” Almost all the villagers in “The Good Bad Mother” know about Jin Young-Soon’s illness, and the writer deliberately wrote scenes where Sam-Sik’s mother interacts with her.

I really like this scene where Sam-Sik’s mother scolds and hits Jin Young-Soon while still speaking straightforwardly. The writer and director strongly portrayed her as both strong and vulnerable as a mother, using her loud voice and direct words to reprimand Jin Young-Soon but I believe that she was deeply hurt inside because she couldn’t accept what she had just said to Jin Young-Soon.

However, the fragile side of Sam-Sik’s mother is shown when she hugs Jin Young-Soon while hitting her at the same time – this is an expression of love. In my interpretation, Sam-Sik’s mother often has a tough attitude in the drama as a way to protect herself from showing weakness since she raised a son who everyone despises but whom she still loves dearly; therefore, by being tough on others, nobody can see through her vulnerability. So when faced with Jin Young-Soon having cancer, she still uses this tough attitude to express her sadness.

When everyone in the village knows about Jin Young-soon’s condition, the writer also arranged for Son Yong-Rak to interact with her again – echoing back to episode three when Kang-Ho had an accident; at that time Son Yong-Rak also went to care for Jin Young-soon.

What impressed me the most was their conversation – Jin Young-Soon said, “Don’t always be like this. It will make me weak and dependent on others, but I can’t do that. I have to be strong.” Son Yong-Rak’s reply was, “Mother, anything in the world can be replaced except for a mother. We don’t want you to rely on others, of course you have to be tough and strong because you are a mother.

In the end, I think the writer allowed Jin Young-Soon to stop forcing herself to be strong alone and instead learn how to depend on others so she could feel precious about everyone around her and experience happiness – this is what the writer wanted Jin Young-Soon to realize.

Ha-Young:”This time, it’s your chance to be forgiven.”

The writer kept the exploration of “parent-child relationship” tightly woven into all the twists and turns until the end, even with Ha-Young’s relationship with Oh Tae-Soo. Mi-Joo was indeed the most suitable person to negotiate with Ha-Young, as a mother herself she could see through Oh Tae-Soo’s actions towards his daughter and find Ha-Young’s pain points.

The character of Ha-Young did what she did because of her father’s status and power, but Mi-Joo became the one who awakened her conscience. She made Ha-young realize that a true loving father would not use their child as a tool for wrongdoing like Oh Tae-Soo did.

Furthermore, Mi-Joo also stood in Ha-Young’s shoes to catch another pain point – “Kang-Ho”. She said: “You loved Kang-Ho at least once, didn’t you?” As someone who had loved Kang-Ho before, Mi-Joo understood and empathized with Ha-young from a lover’s perspective which allowed her to persuade her.

I think this scene where Mi-Joo convinces Ha-Young was very convincing in terms of writing despite Sam-Sik being extremely noisy earlier on. The writer showed great attention to detail when needed throughout the plot development. In addition, Mi-joo never forgets to defend herself by saying: “If you ignore this moment again then you will become an accomplice again.” However, she reassures that if something happens to Kang-ho then it will be over for them both.

Ha-young played an important role in overthrowing Oh Tae-soo’s plan; he used her but ultimately received retribution for doing so while in court she begged him not continue down this path or hide anything anymore.

Kang-ho said: “You once said that you would rather be an unsatisfied Socrates than a satisfied pig, but you were wrong. Even if the mother pig is hungry, she will not easily get up for fear of hurting her little pigs underneath. Compared with beasts like you who use their children as murder tools and try to kill them mercilessly, that kind of maternal love is simply incomparable.” The writer used Kang-Ho’s rebuke towards Oh Tae-Soo to show Ha-Young’s pain under his manipulation and also criticized Oh Tae-Soo’s inhumane lack of fatherly love.

Sam-Sik and Kang-Ho resolve their differences and become best friends.

The storyline between Sam-Sik and Kang-Ho is really cute and joyful! The writer cleverly resolves Sam-Sik’s debt problem in a lovely way. In the past, Sam-Sik had asked for Kang-Ho’s help to avoid going to jail, but as a prosecutor at that time, Kang-Ho ignored him. When they met again in Seoul, Sam-Sik claimed that they were good friends from school, but Kang-Ho didn’t want to acknowledge their friendship.

In the end, Sam-Sik uses Kang-Ho’s identity as a “prosecutor” to solve his debt problem. Initially, he wanted Kang-Ho to use his position as a prosecutor to help him out of trouble. However, in the final scene, by relying on Kang-Ho’s assistance instead of his status as a prosecutor, it allows both characters’ arcs to come full circle – with this act allowing for redemption on behalf of both characters; especially given how coldly indifferent towards each other they were before.

Sam-Sik also lives up perfectly well with what his mother expected of him: being able to take advantage of successful people around him. It seems like he has unknowingly followed the path paved by his hardworking mother 😎 As for love life? Well… there might be some blossoming romance for Sam-sik too! He says “two years is nothing”, which is quite funny considering he himself has been imprisoned before – so he knows Ha-Young’s two-year sentence isn’t much 😂

The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review

Will Kang-Ho continue to be a prosecutor ?

In “The good bad mother ending”, the writer brought back the Park Cheol-su case that Kang-Ho had covered up at the beginning as a weapon to take down Woobyeok Group, which was a way for Kang-Ho to make up for his past mistakes (the phone in his hand also became evidence).

I really like how Kang-Ho learned about his own bad deeds from Investigator and realized that he had lived his life as an accomplice in order to seek revenge. This became the driving force behind Kang-Ho’s determination to set things right.

Jin Young-Soon said, “The lawsuit we couldn’t finish will be completed by our son.” Finally becoming a prosecutor gave Kang-Ho powerful meaning. In the past, we thought Jin Young-Soon wanted him to become a prosecutor so he wouldn’t be bullied or ridiculed, but in the end, it was through being a prosecutor that Kang-Ho sought justice for his father and completed their unfinished business.

It was beautiful how this echoed what Jin Young-Soon said earlier: “Be brave and live on; our child may come to save me.” The writer allowed Jin Young-Soon to resolve all her regrets before passing away because of what Kang-Ho accomplished.

Kang-Ho used Oh Tae-Soo and Song Woo-Byeok’s mutual distrust against each other as leverage in taking them down. By having them turn on each other, he gained more evidence against both of them. Ultimately, it can be summed up by saying that Kang Ho’s revenge plan wasn’t futile – at least he understood everything about what happened and uncovered all truths – but both he and Jin Young-soon paid dearly.

Regarding revenge, my favorite part is how much emphasis there is on emotions rather than just details of the revenge process. After all, what we want to see is Oh Tae-Soo and Song Woo-Byeok being brought to justice. Jin Young-Soon said in court, “The lawsuit we couldn’t finish will be completed by our son.” This statement deeply echoed the tragedy and regret left behind by Jin Young-Soon and Choi Hae-Sik in the first episode. Even though there were only a few brief scenes of Choi Hae-Sik this time around, viewers could feel the father-son connection between him and Kang-Ho. Although they never met each other, Kang-Ho found out about his father’s past during his revenge plan and realized how important he was to him.

But will Kang-Ho continue to be a prosecutor? I think the writer left it open for interpretation – maybe he became a prosecutor again during his revenge plan but resigned afterwards. However, I don’t think he continued with pig farming because things had changed at Happy Farm (So Ji-suk’s group took away their lettuce truck).

Moreover, becoming a prosecutor gave Kang-Ho an important meaning that no longer made Jin Young-soon worry about him anymore. That’s why she shouted “Hooray!” when she saw that Kang Ho could finally arrest Oh Tae-Soo after waiting 35 years for justice.

Jin Young-Soon passed away with happiness, “See you later”

“In the eyes of others, I may be a woman covered in bad luck. Not only did I lose my parents and husband, but also suffered from an incurable disease when my son was not yet healed. I think there is no one more unfortunate than me in this world. However, life is both magical and precious. When we lose something, we will inevitably be compensated in another way. Losing my parents made me realize the value of my husband; losing my husband made me realize the value of my son; and taking care of my son after he was injured made me understand how precious it is to have him in my life.

Because of the shortness of my life, I understand how valuable those who filled the gaps for me are to me. How many people can understand all these precious things before leaving this world? Being able to live through this precious life makes me a happy person.”

This is the most beautiful farewell that I have ever seen. Jin Young-Soon’s advice on marriage and couple relationships for Kang-Ho and Mi-Joo echoes Choi Hae-Sik’s presence again. The writer brings up Jin Young-Soon’s love for Choi Hae-Sik once again as she faces her death without fear because she wants to see him again.

At the funeral service, Kang-Ho sings “I am very happy” to bid farewell to Jin Young-Soon with tears and laughter – a scene that she would want everyone to see as she feels happiness before leaving us behind.

Jin Young-Soon’s birthday wish was to become a mother again in her next life so that she could make up for her mistakes and improve herself as a good mother since it was her first time being one.

However, does Jin Young-Soon have to wait until her next life? No! The director specially designed a scene where Kang-Ho has a mother by his side, representing that he has already gone through Jin Young-Soon’s second change (when he lost his memory) and made up for his mistakes. Kang-Ho has become a happy child. Jin Young-Soon had already achieved her wish~

Kang-Ho promises to come back

The love storyline between Mi-Joo and Kang-Ho continues to heat up. Mi-Joo is a character who always speaks from the heart, maintaining her consistent personality of “I am good at loving people”. In episode 13, she tells Kang-Ho, “I promised that if you saved me twice, I would marry you. The first time was when I choked on candy and the second time was when I almost got hit by a car. Do you know what saved me the last time? Our child. Even though you are not with us physically, I feel like you are with us every moment. So please come back and stay with us for a lifetime.”

During this moment of waiting for Kang-Ho’s response, Mi-Joo looks particularly nervous because she fears that he will leave again for revenge as he did in the past and may not return safely this time around. If viewers pay attention to this scene, they will notice how anxious Mi-Joo is about Kang-Ho’s answer; therefore, when Kang-Ho promises to come back, it feels like a huge relief.

After recovering his memory, Kang-Ho still has unfinished business that he needs to take care of before returning home. However, Mi-Joo understands him well enough to let him go without being an obstacle in his way once again since she feels guilty about causing him to miss an exam due to her accident in the past.

Kang-ho’s promise brings closure after years of coldness towards leaving abruptly in the past; it is a warm pledge! Of course, at the end of everything both mothers bless their relationship – even Piglet proposes just like Choi Hae-Sik did with Jin Young-Soon in episode one (so cute ❤️).

The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review

Mi-Joo convinces her mother and helps her find happiness

I really admire Mi-Joo’s bravery in continuing to fight for Kang-Ho, especially when she spoke to her mother and said, “Because I am like you, you have lived the life that you did. Dad made you work hard all his life, but you still only love him and wait for him alone.

You know best how sad and painful that feeling is, so now you are angry with me, right? But Mom, the person who understands my feelings best now is also you. I cannot forget Kang-Ho; I absolutely cannot abandon him. And ultimately, I will return to his side.

You understand this because you are my mom; do not you? Thank you; I always wanted to tell you that even though your life has been so difficult, yet dad was never abandoned by us which allowed me to have a father figure in my life just like Ye-Jin and Seo-Jin want from their own mother.” This scene echoes back to episode four where Mi-Joo returns home and helps her mother with her nails.

In that scene, Mi-Joo’s mother says: “This is how it is between parents and children – we can understand each other just by looking at each other’s expressions. When ten months pregnant with child suddenly arrived while husband ran away due to an affair leaving our family broken apart by debtors’ harassment making me feel hopeless about future prospects of raising a child alone… Now seeing the same expression on your face as mine back then makes me realize what kind of hardship must be going through”. The time when Mi-Joo helped her mother with nails became a moment where she realized that things were not going well for her daughter.

Therefore in this episode when Mi-joo speaks those words of comfort towards her mom saying “You understand this because you are my mom; don’t you?” it echoes back to when Mi-Joo’s mother said that she could understand her child’s thoughts at a glance. In the end, Mi-Joo persuades her mother in an excellent way, empathizing with her mother’s worries while also agreeing with her past insistence on marriage.

Mi-Joo highlights her determination not to regret the decision she has made now. At the end of the story, it seems that Mi-Joo’s mother has fallen in love with Baek Hoon-Ah (continuing their past relationship), showing that even Mi-Joo’s mom can accept love again and be healed by her daughter ❤️.

The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review

Baek Hoon-Ah’s Hatred towards Kang-Ho Turns into Gratitude

When it comes to Baek Hoon-Ah’s success, he especially thanks Kang-Ho. The “trespassing” law in this song was encountered by Kang-Ho when he went to pick up balls for the twins. Jin Young-Soon apologized on behalf of Kang-Ho at that time, and Kang-Ho recited the legal provisions of “trespassing”.

Baek Hoon-Ah’s character is gradually changing. He originally wanted to destroy Jin Young-Soon’s pig farm but eventually turned into a feeling of reluctance towards her.

In episode 12, Jin Young-Soon took the initiative to befriend him and invited him to a gathering. Although this character does not have many appearances, during Baek Hoon-Ah’s return to Jou-ri Village, it highlights the influence and power of Kang-Ho and Jin Young-Soon in this small village.

Even people with sharp personalities like Baek Hoon-Ah can become more harmonious due to the warmth from kind-hearted people like Jin Young-Soon and Kang-Ho.

In conclusion, he should end up with Mi-Joo’s mother as a sweet ending~ So is Mi-Joo’s mother falling in love with another man who loves singing and dancing again? XD 😂

The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review

So Ji-Suk & Mr.Cha

The Good Bad Mother Ending Explained-Ep13-14 Recap,Review

It is great that these two characters were redeemed; they are better suited for farming life XD They were geniuses delayed by Song Woo-Byeok but finally realized that their dependence on dominance could also become a double-edged sword that kills themselves instead; they stood against Song Woo-Byeok in turn.

The writer did well in redeeming them~ The director designed them carefully too: when So Ji-Suk and Mr. Cha appeared to save Sam-Sik in episode 12, the weapons they held were farming tools; when they confronted the black-clothed people at the end, they drove a backhoe loader XD It was full of cuteness.

In the end, it seems that the pig farm did not continue operating. So Ji-Suk drove his car carrying lettuce, so Kang-Ho probably went back to become a prosecutor.

The true face of Son Yong-Rak’s wife! Ye-Jin finds a new love.

The good bad mother ep 14 recap, the true face of Son Yong-Rak’s wife is finally revealed! Due to her father reorganizing the gang, she had to leave Son Yong-Rak. However, when she was about to leave, it was discovered that she was pregnant and looked so cute~ Even though Ye-Jin felt jealous that her mother took Kang-Ho away from her, she still found a more handsome new love ❤️. In conclusion, every couple in The Good Bad Mother has their own happy storyline. I think this is why the lyrics “I am very happy” are constantly sung by the characters at the end! Because everyone is happy.