Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 8 Recap & Review

dr.romantic3 episode 8 recap review

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Dr. Romantic 3 is a Korean drama series broadcasted by SBS starting from April 28, 2023. It is directed by Liu Renzhi, who also directed “Doctor Romanctic”, “Dr. Romantic S2”, and written by Kang Yin-kyung, who wrote for “Dr. Romantic 3 Romanctic”, “Doctor Romantic S2”, and “Fox Bride Star”. The story revolves around Kim Sabu, a genius doctor working at Doldham Hospital in a local city, and his interactions with passionate young doctors. In the Asia-Pacific region, it will be exclusively available on Disney+ every Friday and Saturday at 22:30 starting from April 28th. ( Source: Wikipedia)

Most of the cast members in Dr. Romantic Season 3 are returning from Season 2, and the storyline continues where Season 2 left off. If you haven’t watched previous seasons yet but don’t have enough time to catch up on everything before watching this season, we recommend at least starting with Season 2 so that you can follow along more coherently~ However, there may be some connections between certain characters in Episode Four of Doctor Romantic Season Three and an incident in Season One; therefore if possible it would be better to watch all three seasons!

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浪漫醫生金師傅3第7 集劇情心得
Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 8 Recap

🩸 In continuation of Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 7, Nurse Eun-Tak was taken away by two thugs and Choi Seok-Gu beat her up. He threatened to add false information to a video and ruin both Nurse Eun-Tak and the hospital unless she gave him drugs to satisfy his addiction. Jang Gi-Tae watched news reports about a soldier who caused a shooting due to gambling debts, leading him to suspect that the shooter may have come to the hospital seeking revenge (and this shooter is the patient Seo Woo-Jin encountered on the street).

🩸Suddenly, there was an influx of patients from a bus accident in the emergency room. Seo Woo-Jin calmly began triaging and giving orders while Cha Jin-Man dealt with a patient bleeding heavily in surgery before handing it over to Kim Sabu. Outside, Cha Jin-Man learned from Dr. Nam that he had influenced Cha Eun-Jae’s judgment during treatment earlier that day; it was actually Kim Sabu who saved both the patient and Cha Eun-Jae during surgery.

🩸Jung In-Soo started doubting himself after Kim Ha-Nul’s death incident, losing confidence in his own judgment as all logical thinking went awry. Meanwhile, chaos erupted in the emergency room as Jang Gi-Tae finally learned about the shooter’s identity from a nurse. After returning with injuries on her face, Nurse Eun-Tak received careful treatment from Seo Woo-Jin who offered help if needed.

🩸The hospital staff searched for the shooter while military personnel ordered everyone moved somewhere safe due to weapons still being present on him/her – even forcing Kim Sabu into compliance. Eventually, Seo Woo-Jin encountered and held at gunpoint by the shooter but refused any mercy plea instead walking out holding up his phone causing chaos when several shots were fired inside ER injuring Choi Seok-Gu’s arm.

🩸Kim Sabu couldn’t find Seo Woo-Jin and heard gunshots in the hallway, fearing for his safety. However, Seo Woo-Jin emerged unscathed and gave him a hug. Jang Dong-Hwa even went to confirm that Seo Woo-Jin was okay. Choi Seok-Gu’s arm injury caused excruciating pain despite medication due to his addiction; Nurse Eun-Tak reported him to the police after refusing to be intimidated.

🩸Lee Sun-Woong successfully performed surgery on Heo Byung-Bae while Bae Moon-Jung asked him not to reveal their secret yet. Oh Myung-Sim privately wanted to know how severe Kim Sabu’s hand condition was as she suspected it led him to appoint Cha Jin-Man as trauma center director. Nurse Eun-Tak blamed herself for her best friend’s death but regained confidence after being saved by Kim Sabu following a car accident – Yoon A-Reum reminded her that everyone has a past and it shouldn’t define them.A delivery arrived with court documents from Ko Kyung-Sook suing Cha Jin-Man and Jung In-Soo.

Dr. Romantic 3 Episode 8 Review

dr.romantic3 episode 8 recap review
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The storylines of Choi Seok-Gu and the military shooting case both present the existence of people who blame others for their misfortunes. Continuing from episode 7, Nurse Eun-Tak’s self-blame resurfaces despite Choi Seok-Gu’s violent and bullying behavior being a common theme in Korean dramas. However, I think Nurse Eun-Tak’s storyline is well-done as it highlights her reasons for wanting to become a nurse.

Nurse Eun-Tak was saved by Kim Sabu and brought back on track after having killed someone before. In episode 7, it is revealed that she did not kill anyone directly but failed to save a friend who asked for help. This guilt drives her desire to become a nurse as she sees it as redemption for failing to save her friend.

Choi Seok-Gu’s desire to destroy Nurse Eun-Tak is pitiful as he plans to use videos to ruin her reputation and the hospital where she works. This shows how important Nurse Eun-Tak is in Kim Sabu’s life and at the hospital, making her resistance an act of protection towards those close to her.

Choi Seok-Gu says “It’s so easy in this world to destroy someone’s life because you have too much that you can lose,” highlighting how some people are just sad individuals who blame others instead of taking responsibility themselves. The writer wants us to understand that redemption comes from personal growth rather than blaming others or resorting to violence.

The two cases presented in these episodes echo each other with both Seo Woo-Jin and Nurse Eun-Tak being individuals who have worked hard against all odds. Their positions as healthcare professionals are precious things they want desperately protect which contrasts with Choi Seok-Gu and the military shooter using low-level violence out of frustration with their own lack of success.

The writer uses these characters’ stories throughout the episodes to show that even if we start from unequal beginnings, life’s challenges are not overcome by hurting others. Instead, it is through genuine effort and kindness towards others that we create a nurturing environment for ourselves.

The conclusion of these episodes is that life’s difficulties can be solved with the help of warm-hearted people. Seo Woo-Jin now lives at the hospital where Bae Moon-Jung tells him to ask for help whenever he needs it. When Nurse Eun-Tak gets beaten up in this episode, Seo Woo-Jin offers his assistance anytime she needs it. Kim Sabu also gives him a hug when he sees that he is okay.

Seo Woo-Jin used to be self-destructive and resentful towards everyone but has since found happiness through hard work and perseverance. The writer wants us to understand that every person can change someone else’s life as well as their own.

In summary, these two episodes use Nurse Eun-Tak and Seo Woo-Jin’s past struggles to show viewers facing similar hardships how they too can overcome them.