2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 14+15 Recap & 3 highlights Explained


Episode 14 of “Moving” Plot: In 2003, Lee Jae-Man’s wife was arrested during a protest march. He attempted to use force to rescue her, but Jang Ju-Won intervened and subdued them.

Episode 15 of “Moving” Plot :After watching the unexpected video in the auditorium, Lee Mi-Hyun and Jang Ju-Won set off to Jeongwon High School with doubts. Meanwhile, Jeon Gye-Do noticed a suspicious man who was following Hui-Soo and Kim Bong-Seok.

Moving“In this week’s two episodes, the storylines of Power Generation 1 and 2 finally intersected, bringing forth the story of the last power holder, “Lee Jae-Man”. The screenwriter tightly grasped the element of family as usual in these two episodes, depicting the past and present faced by these power holders.

Although the tone of these two episodes is completely different from when Kim Doo-Sik, Lee Mi-Hyun, and Jang Ju-Won’s stories were portrayed in the past, Lee Jae-Man’s story is an important character that connects Power Generation 1 and 2.

Moreover, now that it has been connected in this way, I feel that it complements and enhances the content of the first seven episodes! Previously, I only saw their stories as children without feeling much impact. However, now that their parents’ stories are combined with theirs, the screenwriter and director have created a wonderful blend of emotions and sentiments!

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Kdrama – Moving – episode 14 Recap

Episode 14 of “Moving”: Continuing from Episode 13, Jang Ju-Won is now taking care of his daughter alone after losing Hwang Ji-Hee. He has also decided to transfer to an office job because he can’t let his child stay overnight alone and he needs to take her to school. Min Yong-Jun temporarily agrees to Jang Ju-Won’s request, but he still insists that if Jang Ju-Won wants to keep the office job, he must respond when called upon.

In the summer of 2003, during the restoration project of Cheonggyecheon Stream, it is said that the elevated road will be demolished and underground passages will be dug up. All business owners in this area will be forced out, so everyone hopes that Lee Jae-Man, a strongman, can lead the resistance.

However, Shin Yoon-Young knows that everyone is using innocent Lee Jae-Man and confronts them for it. She constantly advises Lee Jae-Man not to get involved in such matters since they now have Lee Gang-Hoon attending kindergarten and living a trouble-free life would be best.

At regular intervals, Lee Jae-Man’s watch rings and he immediately goes to pick up Lee Gang-Hoon~Lee Jae-Man himself takes on the responsibility of taking care of his child because he wants to do so. Three years ago, when Shin Yoon-Young’s stall was provoked by someone looking for trouble, Lee Jae-Man used his strength to knock him down and ended up getting arrested.

But at that moment their car suddenly caught fire which almost killed Lee Gang-Hoon. By the time Lee Jae-Man was released from prison, Lee Gang-Hoon had already started attending kindergarten. Filled with guilt and reluctance towards injured Lee Gang-Hoon since then onwards,Lee Jae-Man firmly decides to take care of him himself – picking him up from kindergarten every day,to build a bond with him. Until one day, Lee Gang-Hoon voluntarily holds Lee Jae-Man’s hand, which makes Lee Jae-Man very happy.

On the other hand, Jang Ju-Won must do his best to keep his current government housing and job. At this time, there is a protest in Cheonggyecheon Stream demanding protection of the rights of street vendors. Shin Yoon-Young is afraid that if Lee Jae-Man participates in the protest due to his violent past record, he might get arrested and won’t be able to see Lee Gang-Hoon. So she sends him away.

However, the demonstration becomes intense and even violent as enforcers forcefully remove and destroy all vendor stalls. Feeling uneasy about Shin Yoon-Young not returning home,Lee Jae-Man had made an agreement with her that she would come back before their son goes to sleep,and he emphasized it multiple times.Lee Jae-Man discovers that Shin Yoon-Young has been arrested by the police.

He disregards whether or not his powers will be exposed because he wants to save his wife.He rushes forward because Shin Yoon-Young told him to escape quickly.That’s why Lee Jae-Man disappears.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 14 Ending

In episode 14 of “Moving,” Jang Ju-Won receives a message from Min Yong-Jun asking him to capture Lee Jae-Man. The two engage in a power struggle in the sewer, as Jang Ju-Won knows that Lee Gang-Hoon is Lee Jae-Man’s weakness and wants to use this to his advantage.

Despite Lee Jae-Man’s resistance, he is ultimately captured by Jang Ju-Won. However, Sung-Woo also ends up in the sewer and becomes trapped as the water level rises. Jang Ju-Won lacks the strength to break through the wall until Lee Jae-Man regains consciousness and breaks it himself. In the end, Jang Ju-Won releases Lee Jae-Man and carries Sung-Woo out.

Jang Ju-Won admits that he let Lee Jae-Man go home to find his son because he made a promise to him. Eventually, Min Yong-Jun finds Lee Jae-Man’s home but realizes that he is intellectually disabled and decides not to recruit him.

However, Min Yong-Jun discovers that Lee Gang-Hoon has inherited some powerful abilities from Lee Jae-Man, leading him to wonder if power can be inherited as well. This worries Jang Ju-Won because it means that Hui-Soo might also become a target for Min Yong-Jun. As a result, Jang Ju-Won flees with Hui-Soo overnight.

Returning to the present timeline, Hui-Soo tells Jang Ju-Won about meeting a boring but kind-hearted friend and they both realize something about her mother’s memories. She remembers her mother smiling during a car accident when she saw that Hui-Soo was unharmed. This memory brings tears to Jang Ju-won’s eyes as he thinks of Hwang Ji-Hee.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 15 Recap

In episode 15 of “Moving”, after Jang Ju-Won’s escape, there were no traces left behind. Jo Rae-Hyuk confirmed once again that Hui-Soo has inherited Jang Ju-Won’s power because he recovered from the car accident in less than a week. Especially since Jo Rae-Hyuk caused the accident himself, he understands that it was impossible for anyone to survive such severity. Therefore, Hui-Soo has inherited Jang Ju-Won’s power.

That’s why Jo Rae-Hyuk proposed the “National Talent Development Program (NTDP)” to track and train the next generation of power holders. Currently, Lee Gang-Hoon is already under their control, and they can now track down Jang Ju-Won and his daughter as well as Kim Doo-Sik’s son.

Other power holders also have children, especially since Jo Rae-Hyuk is skilled at tracking people. He is confident that he can find these children and prepare for the replacement of the older generation of power holders before they are eliminated due to age.

The story then shifts to Jeongwon High School where during training, a basketball hoop falls on Hui-Soo but Lee Gang-Hoon uses his power to save her. This video shocks everyone – their classmates, parents, even the National Intelligence Service who had been hiding power holders all along; even North Korea takes notice.

Lee Gang-Hoon mistakenly believes this was Bang Ki-Soo playing tricks on him because it was Bang Ki-Soo who got injured by a falling basketball hoop which led him to dislike Lee Gang-Hoon with powers so much.

Hui-Soo knows very well that Lee Gang-Hoon possesses powers and he has already passed the “test”. After graduation, he plans to become a civil servant. For years, Lee Jae-Man had been under surveillance and confined at home until three years ago when Principal approached Lee Gang-Hoon and candidly revealed that he works for the National Intelligence Service. By attending Jeongwon High School, Lee Gang-Hoon not only can alleviate academic pressure but also be close to his parents.

After class, Hui-Soo is called by the homeroom teacher where Bang Ki-Soo secretly warns her to “be careful and not trust anyone”. Later on, Hui-Soo notices that Kim Bong-Seok has been absent-minded. It turns out he feels lost about his own power because after falling in the auditorium, something seems off about him.

This worries Hui-Soo a lot. Jang Ju-Won and Lee Mi-Hyun decide to go to school to protect their children. At this time, a man keeps following Hui-Soo and Kim Bong-Seok which immediately raises suspicion from Jeon Gye-Do who pays close attention. Lee Mi-Hyun goes to school looking for Choi Il-Hwan while Jang Ju-Won also arrives at the school where security guards recognize them both.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 15 Ending

In episode 15 of “Moving,” Lee Mi-Hyun directly asks homeroom teacher Lee Gang-Hoon if he is a power user. The teacher keeps explaining that it’s just the children’s vivid imagination, but it becomes apparent to Lee Mi-Hyun that the teacher is hiding something. She gradually manages to coax the truth out of him and even senses there are hidden cameras in the room.

Meanwhile, Jang Ju-Won visits the school and encounters the physical education teacher. He notices that someone has tampered with the basketball hoops in the gymnasium, realizing that something suspicious is going on at the school.

Back at home, Lee Jae-Man anxiously waits for Lee Gang-Hoon while on another front, agents from North Korea prepare to take away files related to power users or possibly abduct their children directly in order to eliminate them one by one. This puts Hui-Soo and Kim Bong-Seok at risk as well. Fortunately, Jeon Gye-Do discovers this plan and speeds off in his car, realizing that this man can also fly using his powers.

2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 14+15 : 3 highlights Explained

2023 Kdrama - Moving - episode 14+15 : 3 highlights Explained

kdrama – My husband is really not a bad person.

In episode 14 of “Moving,” the writer portrays the lives of two fathers and their children. Jang Ju-Won’s care for Hui-Soo is a learning process from the beginning (such as accidentally breaking the boiled egg, dressing Hui-Soo, forgetting to bring his backpack), while Lee Jae-Man returns from prison after injuring someone and tries to rebuild an unfamiliar father-son relationship with Lee Gang-Hoon.

The director of “Moving” creates a touching portrayal of family love and paternal affection through subtle details in the scenes. I feel that “Moving” conveys the message that love doesn’t require complicated language; frying an egg for you or buying clothes for you are all expressions of love. They are all learning how to be fathers.

The writer-director of “Moving” perfectly depicts fathers as typically not being good with words, but their love for their children is incredibly strong. Especially when they see their children respond emotionally to them, they become overjoyed even by small things.

For example, when Lee Gang-Hoon voluntarily holds Lee Jae-Man’s hand on their way to school, it brings out the biggest smile ever seen on Lee Jae-Man’s face. Similarly, when Hui-Soo gives Jang Ju-Won a large popsicle, he is pleasantly surprised by her thoughtfulness. These little gestures touch these two fathers deeply.

In episode 14 of “Moving,” the writer shows that power only brings trouble for these two fathers who desire an ordinary life – or rather, a life without disturbances – especially for their children. Amidst scenes depicting both fathers taking care of their children in this episode, there is a calm and ordinary atmosphere.

But for those who possess power like them, this kind of normalcy is what brings true happiness and longing in life. This may be why Shin Yoon-Young constantly advises Lee Jae-Man not to get involved in anything because if his power is revealed, their son’s ordinary life will be destroyed.

kdrama – Moving review :I made a promise to my child that I will definitely go back.

In episode 14 of “Moving,” both Jang Ju-Won’s struggle with his family’s livelihood and Lee Jae-Man’s encounter with the destruction of his stall and the abduction of his wife, the choices made by the screenwriter in these two characters revolve around “making decisions for their children.”

Jang Ju-Won must obey Min Yong-Jun’s orders because of his living situation, while Lee Jae-Man has to painfully leave behind Shin Yoon-Young, who was taken away, for the sake of Lee Gang-Hoon.

I have been wondering what that fish Sung-Woo noticed represents. A fish trapped in a fish tank symbolizes an inescapable shackle. Sung-Woo eventually releases this small fish into a wider body of water to set it free. This echoes Lee Jae-Man’s final escape to the sewer (Jang Ju-Won also sees this fish in the sewer), as he tries to find a way out and return home to find Lee Gang-Hoon (echoing Sung-Woo saying that the fish seems like it wants to get out).

And Jang Ju-Won becomes like Sung-Woo, deciding to release Lee Jae-Man as a free man. Interestingly, Jang Ju-Won carries Sung-Woo out, which also symbolizes how Sung Woo not only saves that fish but also helps Lee Jae-Man escape.

The meeting between these two fathers who make choices for their children is the cruelest encounter orchestrated by the screenwriter in “Moving.” The cruel reality is that Jang Ju-won has no choice but to go after Lee Jae-man due to his livelihood and daughter. However, doing so would prevent Lee Jae-man from fulfilling his promise of returning home to Lee Gang-Hoon.

Therefore, Lee Jae-man must fight against Jang Ju-won with all his might in order to go back home. In essence, both fathers share similar pitiful circumstances and understand each other’s situations and the love they have as fathers. (Sung-Woo’s appearance perfectly resolves the conflict between Lee Jae-Man and Jang Ju-Won, or rather, Jang Ju-Won understands Lee Jae-Man’s commitment and love for his child.)

This also highlights the cunning manipulation of Min Yong-Jun’s character (especially how he refers to those in power as monsters and dismisses the matter of saving Sung-Woo).

kdrama – Moving review :Min Yong-Jun considers those in power to be fools.

In the 14th episode of “Moving,” the title is called “Fool.” The most straightforward meaning of this “fool” is that Lee Jae-Man is just a simple-minded person with low intelligence. However, I think there is another layer of meaning to describe how a father loves and protects his child like a fool. This kind of foolishness in loving one’s child can only be understood by those who have children themselves.

This echoes Min Yong-Jun’s statement, “I heard he’s a fool, and now you’re just like him.” Min Yong-Jun doesn’t understand the importance of a father’s commitment to his child. But if we look deeper into it, I feel that it also implies that both Lee Jae-Man and Jang Ju-Won are fools manipulated by Min Yong-Jun. Especially in Episode 15 of “Moving,” it was revealed that Jang Ju-Won’s wife and child were actually victims of an accident orchestrated by Min Yong-Jun through Jo Rae-Hyuk.

In terms of purpose, I believe Min Yong-Jun intentionally wanted Jang Ju-Won to lose his family so that he would have no ties in his work and could carry out missions without any restraints. For a long time, Jang Ju-Won has been nothing more than a puppet being controlled.

In Episode 15 of “Moving,” finally, the storylines involving power generation one and two as well as the National Intelligence Service are connected through the character Jo Rae-Hyuk, who serves as Jeongwon High School principal. It also links back to the content covered in the first seven episodes of “Moving.”

It turns out these children from powerful families were gathered together like this; naturally, it means these children and their parents had no idea their enemies were always close by. However, watching Episode 15 reveals that not only is Min Yong-Jun an enemy to these powerful individuals but also North Korea, which believes that South Korea should not have powerful individuals.

Especially Mark mentioned that North Korea is aware of and even involved in cultivating power generation individuals. Additionally, Episode 13 mentioned that North Korea had already obtained information about training power generation individuals since July 1994. Therefore, when Lee Gang-Hoon used the power to save Hui-Soo in his video, it would indeed attract the pursuit of North Korea. As a result, they sent people to South Korea.

In Episode 15 of “Moving,” the writer’s nervous focus is on Jang Ju-Won and Lee Mi-Hyun. I really like Lee Mi-Hyun’s calm monologue coming back again! “The same school, the same class, and other students with powers—could this be a coincidence? No, maybe there’s even more.” Hearing this voice brings back touching stories about these powerful individuals for the audience.

I particularly enjoyed watching how Lee Mi-Hyun and Jang Ju-Won made their decision to act in Episode 15 of “Moving.” For them, it was a struggle because they had been hiding their powers to protect their children but now must face their unfortunate powers once again for the sake of their children.

Especially before setting off, Jang Ju-Won put his hand into hot oil as he weighed various considerations regarding his power. But for the sake of his child, he will also use his power to fight against everything. The ending of Episode 15 leaves a strong suspenseful atmosphere; it will be a long night for Jang Ju-Won, Lee Mi-Hyun, and Lee Jae-Man. And I believe Kim Doo-Sik is not dead; looking forward to seeing him appear handsomely in some episode to save his son!