Kdrama Numbers episode 3 Recap & Review:Why save people who make mistakes?


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Kdrama Numbers Episode 3 Recap

Kdrama Numbers Episode 3 : Kang Hyun’s “inability to express opinions” ruling has greatly affected the reputation and evaluation of Taeil Law Firm, contradicting last year’s outcome. Therefore, Han Je-Kyun wants to shift the blame onto Kang Hyun’s team members and have them forge meeting records (which can prove that the son of Wanjong Entertainment is not guilty of misconduct but only suffered from investment failure), making them bear the consequences themselves.

In order to survive, they will naturally comply with this request. Sim Hyeong-Woo also sought Jang Ho-Woo’s help in handling this matter. Jang Ho-Woo first shared his views and theories with Han Je-Kyun, which proved effective. However, Sanga Group’s chairman is very fickle and suddenly does not want to cooperate in acquiring a struggling company.

Jang Ho-Woo accidentally came across important information from Jin Yeon-A in the sales department. Holding onto his integrity and moral principles, he did not want to look at the confidential contents to help win the bidding for the acquisition team.

This principle once again touched Han Seung-Jo’s heart. Han Seung-Jo discovered his father’s involvement in a scheme to offload bad debts and decided to intervene by deliberately reminding Han Je-Kyun that having Chairman Lee Chan-Joo’s brother buy it would cause an even bigger storm.

This led Chairman Lee Chan-Joo willing to spend any amount of money necessary to repurchase it so that it wouldn’t become a bad debt case anymore. Han Seung-Jo asked Jang Ho-Woo to join his team because he was afraid that Jang Ho-Woo would be implicated without anyone there to protect him.

Surprisingly, Jang Ho-Woo felt sincerity from Han Seung-Jo and pondered over what he said overnight. He intentionally staged a scene with the help of friends so that Sanga Group fell into their trap and intentionally spent a large sum of money to buy Wanjong Entertainment. However, Jang Ho-Woo accidentally overheard someone from the bank saying that it was Han Seung-Jo who decided to have Sunshine Construction liquidated.

Kdrama Numbers Episode 3 Review


In episode 3 of “Numbers” the reviewers shared their thoughts: “No one is helping the small shareholders, but so many people are trying to save that person who made a mistake. It’s really unfair.” I really liked this episode because it showcased such a contrast. It not only highlighted the darkness of this market but also portrayed an accountant as a hero who can save the right people. Meanwhile, accountants like Taeil have been trained to calculate every step and weigh how much money they can earn and which side to stand on.

However, Han Seung-Jo’s manipulation against Sanga Group in this episode was brilliant. But in the end, it turned out that Han Seung-Jo was actually the key figure behind Yangguan Construction’s collapse. However, I think this is a misunderstanding because the bank representative mentioned that rumors were spreading throughout the company. So following Han Je-Kyun’s actions would have caused others to get their hands dirty too. Therefore, Han Seung-Jo must have just been used as a scapegoat.