2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 12+13 Recap & 4 highlights Explained


Episode 12 of “Moving” Plot: In 1994, Kim Do-Sik, who disappeared without a trace, approached Lee Mi-hyun with a plan to permanently escape Min Yong-joon. Will Kim Do-jik’s plan succeed? Will Lee Mi-hyun also be able to get away unscathed?

Episode 13 of “Moving” Plot :After the disbandment of the Black Team, Zhang Zhiyuan transitioned into a desk job. One day, Min Rongjun approached him and expressed his intention to reassemble the Black Team, assigning Zhang Zhiyuan a mission. However, faced with Zhang Zhihe’s desire for a complete family, Zhang Zhiyuan felt conflicted and uncertain in his heart~

Moving” this week’s two episodes are still filled with bitterness and sorrow. In addition to the stories revolving around “Lee Mi-hyeon + Kim Do-jeok” and “Jang Ju-won + Hwang Ji-hee”, these two episodes gradually delve into the complex love-hate relationships between Min Yong-jun and the ability holders. I believe that viewers will also notice that although “Moving” is about supernatural abilities, it focuses more on depicting the characters’ humanity and their struggles with having these abilities. This is what makes “Moving” unique because every week, we are moved and brought to tears by the emotions and stories of the characters.

I feel that these two episodes of “Moving” portray more about the concept of “ordinary happiness”. Just when it seems like the characters are gradually finding balance in their lives or moments of happiness, such desires are shattered by fate. For ordinary people like us, having a family is something relatively simple to achieve, but for those with supernatural abilities, it is filled with obstacles and hardships. Why is it so difficult for them to attain simple happiness?

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Kdrama – Moving – episode 12 Recap

In 1992, in Russia, Jang Ju-Won and Kim Doo-Sik were on a mission to obtain the password for Dr. Kang’s briefcase. At that time, Dr. Kang was being threatened by Russians to hand over the password. The two of them worked together as usual – Jang Ju-Won rescued people from below while Kim Doo-Sik fired shots from the sky. The plan was successful.

In 1994, Kim Doo-Sik fell into Min Yong-Jun’s trap. Min Yong-Jun wanted Lee Mi-Hyun to cooperate in capturing Kim Doo-Sik. When Kim Doo-Sik met with Lee Mi-Hyun, he never expected her to steal his gun and point it at him, leaving him shocked and betrayed.

Jang Ju-Won felt devastated seeing his partner captured. While being interrogated by Min Yong-Jun about what happened in North Korea and whether their mission was successful or not, Kim Doo-Sik realized that this mission was secretly assigned by Min Yong-Jun himself and understood that he had been betrayed.

Kim Doo-Sik demanded that Min Yong-Jun hand over Lee Mi-Hyun so he could deal with her himself while finding a way to survive and make both North and South Korea chase after him.Kim Doo-Sik took Min Yong-Jun hostage while searching for Lee Mi-Hyun outside. He shot at her but Jang Ju-Won intercepted the bullet just in time.

It turned out that when Kim Doo-Sik appeared at Lee Mi-Hyun’s house, he had already planned everything. He wanted Lee Mi-Hyun to hold his gun pretending to threaten him while giving Jang Ju-Won his knife so that he could help her escape (when Min Yong-Jun called Kim Doo-sIk for an assignment in North Korea earlier on, he had already hinted at Jang Ju-won to protect Lee Mi-hyun).

The next day, Min Yong-Jun was found near the Blue House. Unable to explain the situation to the Blue House, he was demoted while Kim Doo-Sik disappeared.The Agency for National Security originally had absolute power but gradually transformed into the National Intelligence Service as the barbaric era came to an end. Lee Mi-Hyun’s father died in a hospital, allowing her to leave the organization without any restraints and switch units.

Although Lee Mi-Hyun found the life she wanted, she could never wait for Kim Doo-Sik’s return. She developed a habit of looking up at the sky until one day when Kim Doo-Sik appeared – not flying but walking towards her.Kim Doo-Sik wanted to fulfill his promise with Lee Mi-Hyun of seeing a snow-white world from above. The two secretly lived a peaceful farmer’s life and gave birth to their son, Kim Bong-Seok.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 12 Ending

Although their lives were tiring, they were happy until one day when Kim Bong-Seok unexpectedly flew up in silence, frightening his parents and causing them more worry.During this time of signing a joint declaration for peace between North and South Korea, Min Yong-Jun returned to an empty National Intelligence Service (still wearing his nameplate from his previous position at AQB). He planned on gathering all those with power except Jang Ju-Won specifically.

Lee Mi-Hyun and Kim Doo-Sik initially planned on opening a pork cutlet restaurant in Seoul after things settled down. However, this dream was quickly hindered by Kim Bong-Seok’s ability to fly.In episode 12 of “Moving,” because young Kim Bong-Seok suddenly disappeared while flying around, unease began growing within Lee Mi-Hyun as if things weren’t yet over. Their whereabouts had been discovered; they were even surrounded late at night.

Kim Doo-Sik decided that he would distract them so that Lee Mi-Hyun could escape with their son. He specifically instructed her not to let anyone know about Kim Bong-Seok’s ability because he didn’t want him to live a life like his.During this pursuit, the people sent on the mission to capture Kim Doo-Sik were “Jung Sang-Jin (Jin-Cheon),” “Jeon Young-Seok (Bongpyeong),” and “Hong Sung-Hwa (Na-Ju).” Meanwhile, Lee Mi-Hyun fled with her son, but there were already agents tracking her.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 13 Recap

Episode 13 of “Moving”: After Kim Doo-Sik’s arrest in 1994, Jang Ju-Won was reassigned to a different unit after the organization restructuring (as the blacklisted unit had been abolished). Everything was unfamiliar to him, but he still had to survive. Fortunately, Jang Ju-Won had Hwang Ji-Hee by his side. However, deep down inside, this wasn’t the job he wanted. He felt useless in this world. Hwang Ji-Hee encouraged Jang Ju-Won to do what he wanted and pursue his dreams. So Jang Ju-Won thought about resigning.

But when he saw the guidelines for renting government housing, he realized that in order for Hwang Ji-Hee to have a place to live, they needed proof of property tax payment and family relationship documentation. Most importantly, they needed proof of employment as a government employee. This made Jang Ju-Won hesitate about whether or not to quit.

For the sake of Hwang Ji-Hee, he decided to continue working as a civil servant. Days went by and one day they discovered signs of armed spies from North Korea infiltrating their territory. Min Yong-Jun approached Jang Ju-Won and convinced him that his skills were not meant for an office job and proposed something else instead.

After careful consideration, Jang Ju-Won accepted the proposal because it was what Hwang Ji-Hee wanted him to do – something he loved doing – giving him courage along with her support.

Of course, since joining this mission meant leaving Hwang Ji-Hee alone in her daily life without his company anymore… During the mission briefing session with Jo Rae-Hyuk (another important member), Min Yong-Jun expressed his intention to rebuild their organization by finding all those who possess power within them so that they can start anew on solid ground.

Jo Rae-Hyuk admitted that he didn’t possess any power himself, but his ability to find people was recognized by Min Yong-Jun. As a result, Jo Rae-Hyuk became part of Min Yong-Jun’s team. Leading the military forces, Jo Rae-Hyuk searched for traces of North Korean armed spies. He secretly informed Jang Ju-Won that there were also powerful individuals among the North Korean spies and that was why Jang Ju-Won had been sent over.

Jo Rae-Hyuk warned Jang Ju-Won not to act recklessly as a gunfight would soon break out. However, Jang Ju-Won couldn’t allow innocent lives to be lost in order to help Min Yong-Jun rebuild their organization. So he charged into battle.

During this process, large rocks suddenly fell from the mountain causing more soldiers to die. This made Jang Ju-Won furious and he went directly after the North Korean power holder who promised revenge on behalf of North Korea before escaping.

Jo Rae-Hyuk was pleased because now they had a reason to rebuild their organization. But Jang Ju-Won warned him never to appear in front of him again – someone who lacked empathy and emotions.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 13 Ending

In the ending scene of Episode 13: Hwang Ji-Hee was relieved when she saw Jang Ju-Won return home safely. On the other hand, Min Yong-Jun wasn’t happy with Mark for not informing him about North Korea cultivating powerful individuals within their ranks.Now that Min Yong-Jun knew about this information, it was certain that unexpected conflicts would arise between South and North Korea – especially since one of those powerful individuals managed to escape from them this time.

Jang Ju-Won joined a new organization’s black ops team and started going on business trips almost every day until one day Hwang Ji-Hee expressed her desire for a daughter like him. She had been hesitant because she hadn’t been able to get pregnant for a long time and felt it was her own fault due to her past work, fearing that she might be defective.

Only now did Jang Ju-Won realize Hwang Ji-Hee’s worries and empathized with his wife. Eventually, they had a daughter named Hui-Soo. Even after Hui-Soo was born, Jang Ju-Won still went on frequent business trips, but their family became more complete.Until one day when Jang Ju-Won returned from a mission in Korea, he learned that Hwang Ji-Hee and their daughter had been involved in a serious car accident. Despite the rescue efforts, Hwang Ji-Hee didn’t survive. However, because Hui-Soo inherited Jang Ju-Won’s power of regeneration, she quickly recovered.

2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 12+13 : 4 highlights Explained

2023 Kdrama - Moving - episode 12+13

1987: Kim Doo-Sik failed to prevent the airplane explosion mission.

1990: Jang Ju-Won was betrayed by the gang and encountered Hwang Ji-Hee. He was recruited by Min Yong-Jun to become a partner of Kim Doo-Sik.

1992: ➊ The mission to find Dr. Jiang in Russia; ➋ Kim Doo-Sik discovered Lee Mi-Hyun, who executed Operation Seagull. Kim Doo-Sik is known as Bald Eagle.

1993: Hong Kong

1994: Lee Mi-Hyun was assigned by Min Yong-Jun to get close to Kim Doo-Sik, and eventually, he set up a trap for him. It is rumored that North Korea gained intelligence on power trainers after July.

1996: North Korean armed spies infiltrated South Korea. Jang Ju-Won, feeling useless in this world, decided to do what he wanted with encouragement from Hwang Ji-Hee. He joined the military to capture the escaped armed spy and also joined a new black team.

kdrama – Moving review :Why don’t you mind your own business and let the person involved answer whether there is any issue or not? What gives you, an outsider, the right to make random comments?

Before the intervention of Lee Mi-Hyun in episodes 8 and 9 of “Moving”, we couldn’t see the interesting atmosphere between Kim Doo-Sik and Jang Ju-Won. But now, in episode 12 of “Moving”, the scene where they go to Russia for a mission in 1994 is really cute~ There’s also a small echo here, when Jang Ju-Won shouts, “How do I get back to Seoul from Russia? I don’t even know how to get home!” This is a joke about Jang Ju-Won being a “directionally challenged” person in the first two episodes of “Moving”.

Jang Ju-Won is not only someone who feels lost inside; he’s literally directionally challenged. We could tell that from before when he spent three hours wandering near the church without finding his way XD

I really like how Jang Ju-Won’s character cherishes his brothers’ lives from the past, which remains intact in these two episodes. In episode 12 of “Moving”, I saw Jang Ju-Won’s maturity, especially at the beginning when he returned Kim Doo-Sik’s borrowed knife and even respectfully thanked him after wiping off the blood on it.

This contrasts with Jang Ju-Won’s different emotions towards power during the first half of 1990 cleverly shown in previous episodes – pride, confusion, loss, bewilderment – all completely different. Originally having an arrogant attitude due to his regenerative abilities, now he possesses maturity and unwavering kindness.

The politeness and kindness displayed by Jang Ju-Won in episode 12 of “Moving” echoes his encounter with Hwang Ji-Hee at a café as seen in earlier episodes. At that time, Hwang Ji-Hee was surprised by Jang Ju-Won saying: “You’re special; you talk politely with someone like me.”

In these two episodes of “Moving”, I still see Jang Ju-Won’s expectation for his life to be like a martial arts novel, where the good guys survive. After all, now that Jang Ju-Won has become an important figure, it is a prerequisite for him to serve the country well in order to redeem himself from his past as a bad person.

The martial arts novel that Jang Ju-Won hoped for – he got a love story and even became a good person by washing away his sins through being a black operative! The emotional bond between Jang Ju-Won and Kim Doo-Sik is the result of the maturity left behind after being polished in 1990, as well as their mutual appreciation. The friendship between Kim Doo-Sik and Jang Ju-Won was initially cute and funny.

After watching episode 12, I finally understand why Jang Ju-Won said at the beginning: “If there’s something going on, let the people involved answer; what right do you have to speak out?” Upon careful consideration, this line is actually cleverly designed by the screenwriter and director! It’s because they are “partners” who have an understanding of each other’s thoughts and inner struggles that Kim Doo-Sik would help answer for Jang Ju-Won!

This echoes our usual great brotherhood or sisterhood where we have telepathic connections with each other and can talk nonsense on behalf of one another, don’t you think? XD

kdrama – Moving review :Because it is not hard, it is very hard.

“In the 13th episode of ‘Moving,’ Hwang Ji-Hee repeatedly says to Jang Ju-Won, ‘I feel useless in this world.’ And Jang Ju-Won replies, ‘You are my purpose for existing, and I am your purpose for existing. Go do what you want to do.’ In this episode, the story mainly focuses on Jang Ju-Won, who feels worthless because he can’t use his power.

Hwang Ji-Hee continues to be an important driving force supporting Jang Ju-Won’s thoughts (she even fixes the sensing light herself). In the 13th episode of ‘Moving,’ we see that the writer-director spends half of the time depicting how Jang Ju-Won loses his reliance on Kim Doo-Sik. However, this episode once again shows Jang Ju-Won’s process of choosing a difficult life.

If viewers remember episodes 10-11 of ‘Moving,’ Jang Ju-Won mentioned that he always chooses the easiest path. From my own interpretation, the easiest path for him is using his power to make himself useful. But interestingly enough, viewers know that in the end, Jang Ju-Won chooses to leave NIS (National Intelligence Service).

He chooses a “difficult” path because of what comes after… Hwang Ji-Hee’s death and his promise to take care of their daughter properly. Hwang Ji-Hee’s line “Thank you for coming back” implies a deeper meaning. In Episode 13 of ‘Moving,’ she demonstrates her understanding towards Jang Ju-Won’s inner turmoil starting again.

He gets lost in his mind at that church town and can’t find a way out. In previous episodes, we have already discussed how easily Jang-Ju Won becomes confused due to his sense of existence; getting lost not only refers to him being directionally challenged but also to his inner confusion about finding redemption. So, when Hwang Ji-Hee says “Thank you for coming back,” it not only expresses her joy that Jang Ju-Won is alive but also her happiness that he hasn’t lost himself during this time. I believe this is why Hwang Ji-Hee keeps telling Jang Ju-Won to ‘do what you like.'”

I have always felt that Jang Ju-Won’s life, as portrayed by the screenwriter, is full of hardships, but it still revolves around Jang Ju-Won’s inherent kindness. In episode 13 of “Moving,” Jang Ju-Won once again becomes the most dazzling and tear-jerking character in my mind.

On the surface, Jang Ju-Won appears strong, but when he encounters Hwang Ji-Hee, he transforms into a gentle person who can cry like a child (as seen in episodes 10-11 when Jang Ju-Won cried to Hwang Ji-Hee saying he couldn’t find his way; and in episode 13 when Jang Ju-Won and Hwang Ji-Hee were discussing life).

In episode 13 of “Moving,” there is a scene where Jang Ju-Won cries uncontrollably in an elevator due to Hwang Ji-Hee leaving. This scene truly showcases Yoo Seung-Ryong’s ability to release such sadness with great intensity. In Jang Ju-Won’s martial arts novel, he strives to be a good person who can attain happiness.

However, with Hwang Ji-Hee leaving him behind, I believe that Jang Ju-Won chooses not to become a hero (nor use his own power), but rather just wants to be an ordinary person who can get drunk and wishes for his daughter Hui-Soo to have a normal family.

Therefore, I think the reason why Jang Ju-Won leaves the Black Team later on is because he doesn’t want Hui-Soo to live a life similar to his own. It is similar to Kim Doo-Sik choosing to protect Kim Bong-Seok and Lee Mi-Hyun.

Jo Rae-Hyuk has the power of “detection.” His power allows him to sense where other individuals with powers are located. When Lee Mi-Hyun escaped with Kim Bong-Seok, Jo Rae-Hyuk followed them (his eyes also changed color). Furthermore, he had previously discovered the whereabouts of Kim Doo-Sik in the countryside (he was the person buying apples).

The power of the North Korean spy’s father, who is a power holder, includes rapid movement and immense strength (as seen when he effortlessly crushes aluminum cans with his bare hands and can even break a tree along with his son).

kdrama – Moving review :The issue is not about believing or not, but about how you choose.

Did Lee Mi-Hyun betray Kim Doo-Sik? In episode 12 of “Moving,” we see Lee Mi-Hyun stealing Kim Doo-Sik’s gun and pointing it at him. This is a beautifully designed and twisted plot by the writer, showcasing the helplessness of being an important figure. It also demonstrates how an important figure can cleverly deceive Min Yong-Jun in order to save both Kim Doo-Sik and Lee Mi-Hyun. It is a beautiful deception that initially makes us believe in Lee Mi-Hyun’s instant betrayal of Kim Doo-Sik, but then reveals the deep and intense love between them.

Kim Doo-Sik: Will you come with me to South Korea.
Dr. Kang: How can I trust you?
Kim Doo-Sik: The question isn’t about trust, but rather how you choose.

The nature of being an important figure is playing a game of trust, where sometimes trust is genuine and other times it is merely a facade for manipulation. So when Lee Mi-Hyun raises the gun in this scene, both Kim Doo-Sik and Lee Mi-Hyun ingeniously perform a game of trust in front of Min Yong-Jun, deceiving him and everyone else. On the surface, it appears that Lee Mi-Hyun betrays Kim Doo-Sik by helping Min Yong-Jun catch him.

However, in reality, this act by Lee Mi-Hyun is also a way to protect Kim Doo-Sik because on screen we see that he intends to resist using his flying abilities. He originally wanted to grab the gun from his pocket but since it was already in Lee-Mi Hyun’s hands, I believe her choice was made so that as long as she took away the gun from him, Kim-Doo Sik wouldn’t harm anyone or cause casualties (this echoes with the humanitarianism and kindness shown by Lee-Mi Hyun in episodes 8-9 of “Moving”).

In this love story, Lee Mi-Hyun and Kim Doo-Sik played a perfect game of trust. Through Lee Mi-Hyun’s monologue, she fully understood that Kim Doo-Sik came back because of her: “He could have disappeared directly, but he came back for me.

If he had disappeared, everyone would come looking for me. He came back despite the danger, all for me. Why did you meet me, Mr. Kim Doo-Sik?” This scene where Kim Doo-Sik returns sets the stage for the future path that Lee Mi-Hyun, Kim Doo-Sik, and Jang Ju-Won will take to avoid Min Yong-Jun’s attention.

I really like how episode 12 of “Moving” is titled “Partners.” The audience will discover that these three characters don’t need many words; they only need their usual understanding and unspoken communication to understand each other’s thoughts.

Trusting someone isn’t about whether you believe them in your heart or not; it’s about how you choose to act. I think this statement carries a meaningful message because often our eyes are blinded by past events which make us hesitant to trust again when sometimes we just need to make choices for ourselves.

What I appreciate is how the writer-director leaves the decision-making power regarding helping Kim Doo-Sik up to Lee Mi-Hyun and Jang Ju-Won themselves. Throughout their dialogues with him, we see that Kim Doo-Sik only hints at key points without forcing them into any specific actions. Therefore, the writer-director uses such scenes to depict Jang Ju-Won and Lee Mi-Hyun’s internal struggles with making choices.

Oh yes! Let’s not forget about Jang Ju-Won’s gunshot wound on his hand which echoes an earlier episode where he encountered a troublemaker who didn’t pay for chicken in some building before getting shot himself. At that time, he mentioned how impressive his gunshot wound was.

Contrasting this with episode 12 of “Moving,” Jang Ju-Won didn’t remove the bullet. Kim Doo-Sik had said that leaving the bullet in would leave a scar. By deliberately keeping this scar, I believe Jang Ju-Won wants to carry Kim Doo-Sik’s actions with him forever. This is why Jang Ju-Won says, “We are both called monsters; he is my colleague and also my partner.”

To Jang Ju-Won, this bullet represents Kim Doo-Sik’s presence and leaves an imprint of their friendship and trust on him until episode 13 of “Moving.” The scar from this bullet serves as a reminder for Jang Ju-Won about the usefulness of his superpower in this world (especially considering the battlefield where he didn’t remove another bullet).

Furthermore, I want to highlight when Kim Doo-Sik gets captured by Min Yong-Jun’s men and before the elevator doors close, he tells Jang Ju-Won, “Let’s execute it using our old method.” This is actually a hint for Jang Ju-Won’s final mission! Because next comes Kim Doo-Sik asking Jang Ju-Won to have coffee while Lee Mi-Hyun appears holding Kim Doo-Sik’s small knife.

Without any words exchanged between them, Jang Ju-Won knows that when Kim Doo-Sik said “Let’s execute it using our old method” in the elevator, it was a signal for their upcoming plan. When Kim Doo-Sik takes Min Yong-Jun hostage and shoots at Lee Mi-Hyun, Jang Ju-won will intervene to block that bullet for her – which signifies executing their old method – because their old method involves rescuing from below while shooting from above. What a beautiful indication! It fully demonstrates the partnership understanding between Jang Ju-Won and Kim Doo-Sik.

kdrama – Moving review :I have developed a habit of frequently looking at the sky.

The same vending machine coffee, window seat, and giant pork cutlet rice. The same sky, but the figure of Kim Doo-Sik that I wanted to see was nowhere to be found. “I look up at the sky every day, and yet you come walking towards me.” This scene gave me goosebumps! The director’s camera work and concept were so beautiful!

It silently portrayed Lee Mi-Hyun’s keen senses and superpowers because in this scene where Lee Mi-Hyun hadn’t seen Kim Doo-Sik yet, her eyes were already filled with tears → then a smile → then she turned around. The screenwriter-director never forgot to depict Lee Mi-Hyun’s superpower!

Gradually, starting from episode 12 of “Moving,” the timeline began to intersect with the time when they had interactions with their child. The part where Kim Bong-Seok flies up into the sky is something he mentioned in previous episodes about his impression of his father. He said he dreamt of seeing his dad in the sky and later realized it was a true memory of flying with his father in the sky.

Now seeing this memory again feels even more beautiful and emotional. The screenwriter-director delicately brought the connection between father and son closer together. In the past when Kim Bong-Seok described this memory, we only had a vague impression of their relationship without feeling any resonance on an emotional level.

But after understanding how this event unfolded, the screenwriter-director instantly filled this father-son bond with emotions—especially since this scene was presented from Kim Doo-Sik’s perspective—audiences will notice that there is more emotion infused into it~ A powerful father anxiously searching for his child; I think from Kim Bong-Seok’s point of view as a son, his father should be like a hero figure in his eyes because when he was scared and panicked, it was Kim Doo-Sik who caught him.

And the image of his father became the catalyst for Kim Bong-Seok to accept his own abilities. I don’t know how the future plot will bring Kim Doo-Sik and Kim Bong-Seok back together, but personally, I hope the screenwriter can reunite them in the sky~ because that is their special space, and only someone like Kim Bong-Seok with flying abilities would understand his father’s state of mind.

Looking back now, it turns out that this pork cutlet restaurant opened by Lee Mi-Hyun is not just a dream and memory promise between her and Kim Doo-Sik; it is also a guide for waiting (it has been mentioned online that the signboard has purple lights which symbolize Lee Mi-Hyun’s favorite color and will become a way for Kim Doo-Sik to find her).

The “partnership” depicted by the screenwriter-director in episode 12 of “Moving” is one where they don’t need to say much verbally but can digest each other’s every word into understanding. The pork cutlet restaurant serves as Lee Mi-Hyun’s silent call to Kim Doo-Sik—no words are needed; a signboard and color represent the guidance she created for him.