2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 10+11 Recap & 3 highlights Explained

moving異能第10 11集劇情 moving ep10 11

Episode 10 of “Moving” Plot: In 1990, Jang Ju-Won, who led the organization with monstrous abilities, was betrayed and became a fugitive. Hwang Ji-Hee appeared in front of him as he headed towards an exit.

Episode 11 of “Moving” Plot :While talking to Jang Ju-Won, Hwang Ji-Hee gradually opened up her heart. One day, as Jang Ju-Won was about to go back to his room, he heard Hwang Ji-Hee’s screams of agony.

“In the 8th and 9th episodes ofMoving,” the beautiful love story between Kim Doo-Sik and Lee Mi-Hyun already amazed me. But I was even more astonished by the story of Jang Ju-Won in episodes 10-11! The style is different from the previous two episodes, combining martial arts fiction with a love story in a creative way. These two episodes have more action scenes, and the writer/director portrayed Jang Ju-Won’s power with bloody and shocking intensity. I think viewers who enjoy action scenes will love these two episodes.

Of course, my favorite aspect is character development. In “Moving,” the writer did an excellent job portraying Jang Ju-Won as a multidimensional character. They depicted his mindset as someone who possesses monstrous power, emphasizing that having such power doesn’t necessarily mean being accepted by this world. The world’s evil will exploit your power but also fear it. Power can bring benefits but also bring destruction.

Kim Doo-Sik and Lee Mi-Hyun fell in love because of their similar human nature, while Jang Ju-Won and Hwang Ji-Hee connected due to their imperfections and troubled pasts. They don’t care about what they’ve done; instead, they focus on each other’s struggles. That’s why both of these love stories are deeply memorable.”

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2023 K-drama Moving – episode 8+9 Recap & 2 highlights Explained

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Kdrama – Moving – episode 10 Recap

In 1990, at the Guobin Hotel Nightclub in Ulsan, Jang Ju-Won was known as “Monster Brother.” He collected money and dealt with fights, disputes, and underworld matters. With his excessively strong physique, Jang Ju-Won found it easy to handle these tasks. Whenever he intervened, everything could be resolved through bloody means. As a result, the gang that Jang Ju-Won associated with liked and respected him very much. After all, thanks to Jang Ju-Won’s power, they were able to rise from a small port to Ulsan.

Not long after, Jang Ju-Won went to a nightclub looking for Kwang Jin but discovered that Kwang Jin was actually chatting and drinking with their archenemy from Ulsan. It wasn’t until then that he realized Kwang Jin didn’t want to take over Ulsan; instead, he wanted Ulsan merged into something bigger for more money. This merger also led to Jang Ju-Won being betrayed gradually. Consequently, his opportunities for making money became increasingly scarce.

Six months later in Incheon, Jang Ju-Won was hit by a drunk driver while driving. He insisted on settling for compensation without involving the police. One day by chance, Hwang Ji-Hee happened to deliver coffee here and was harassed by customers. However,Hwang Ji-Hee had a strong personality and didn’t need any help from Jang Ju-Won.

Because of his lack of money,Ju Won resorted to fraudulent tactics such as causing accidents in order not pay rent at motels.Just one day,Ju Won coincidentally met Hwang Ji-Hee briefly in the hallway.Her impression of him is that she finds him special because he spoke politely even though she is just a waitress at the cafe~

Kdrama – Moving – episode 10 Ending

Eventually,Ju Won discovered that he had been abandoned by the organization and saw Kwang Jin happily drinking with Ulsan’s boss, even calling him “boss.” Ju Won was unhappy that he had taken so many stabs for Kwang Jin all this time. Kwang Jin said that Ju Won wouldn’t feel pain anyway because he was just a monster. This greatly saddened Ju Won, and even his plan to make money through fraudulent means wasn’t going smoothly. Life really seemed to be extremely unlucky.

Later on,Bae Min-Ki arranged a meeting between Jang Ju-Won and Kwang Jin, taking the opportunity to get them drunk. However,Kwang Jin sensed something was wrong and unexpectedly learned that Bae Min-Ki had secretly sided with Ulsan’s boss and planned to eliminate both him and Jang Ju-Won.

In the end,Ju Won was thrown into the sea.Before this happened,Ju Won realized that it was actually Kwang Jin whom he trusted who provoked Ulsan’s boss,and used his power all along until today.Ju Won struggled to climb ashore before returning to the nightclub to teach Bae Min-Ki and Ulsan’s gang a lesson.

Kdrama – Moving – episode 11 Recap

Jang Ju-Won developed feelings for Hwang Ji-Hee, so he took the initiative to meet her. However, every time he went to the café, it wasn’t Hwang Ji-Hee who showed up. Until one day, Jang Ju-Won finally met Hwang Ji-Hee.

She noticed that his room was clean and that he enjoyed reading martial arts novels. They started talking about how martial arts novels are actually love stories where good triumphs and lovers end up together. They also discussed wrestling on TV. Jang Ju-Won talked about his favorite wrestler always winning, but Hwang Ji-Hee didn’t seem interested and wondered if good people always win in real life too.

In the end, Hwang Ji-Hee refused to continue their conversation and left because she felt that men only pretend to be romantic with café girls without genuine intentions. Later on, she found out that Jang Ju-Won had quickly sent all previous café girls away except for her. The café owner thought their story was like a romance novel.

And so it went on day after day; Jang Ju-Won deliberately spent money to have conversations with Hwang Ji-Hee in his room. Due to Jang Ju-Won’s special abilities, Min Yong-Jun came looking for him but couldn’t find him because he had been hiding in his room with Hwang Ji-Hee for a long time~

Until one day, when Jang Ju-Won went out to borrow more martial arts novels, he accidentally discovered that Hwang Ji-Hee had been called to room 403 (the room where those gamblers were), and upon hearing Hwang Ji-Hee’s screams of resistance, Jang Ju-Won broke through the wall from the adjacent room to rescue her. Afterwards, while waiting for Hwang Ji-Hee’s call in the room, Jang Ju-Won realized that people from the neighboring room were seeking revenge.

After a fierce fight, it turned out that these people were all sent by Bae Min-Ki. After all, he had promised Min Yong-Jun to capture Jang Ju-Won. Min Yong-Jun wanted Bae Min-Ki to push Jang Ju-Won into a corner so he could observe him closely.

Along this journey, Jang Ju-Won endured countless painful attacks with knives until finally being found by Hwang Ji-Hee and taken away from this dangerous place. On their way, Jang Ju-Won confessed that he was not a good person because he had once killed someone. However, Hwang Ji-Hee simply understood and said one sentence: “You must have your reasons.”

Kdrama – Moving – episode 11 Ending

However, on the way, the two of them were hit by a car. Jang Ju-Won did everything he could to protect Hwang Ji-Hee’s body and used all his power to save her from harm. Jang Ju-Won fell off a cliff with the truck. Just when Bae Min-Ki was happily thinking that he could get rid of Jang Ju-Won, Kim Doo-Sik ultimately got rid of Bae Min-Ki first in order to save Jang Ju-Won and brought him back.

Hwang Ji-Hee was sent to the hospital for treatment, telling her fellow patients about her experience of fighting but also a love story. Jang Ju-Won joined the National Security Planning Department in order to clear his name for murder and started participating in missions for the country, becoming an important member codenamed “Kowloon Port” and partnering with Kim Doo-Sik. Jang Ju-Won also took the opportunity to visit Hwang Ji-Hee’s café and have coffee together, starting anew and catching up on old times.

2023 Kdrama – Moving – episode 10+11 : 3 highlights Explained

2023 Kdrama - Moving - episode 10+11 Recap & 2 highlights Explained

kdrama – Moving review :I want to prove how strong I am, but power hasn’t made my life any better.

In this week’s two episodes of “Moving,” the storyline connects to Jang Hui-Soo’s father, Jang Ju-Won. From the first seven episodes, we can clearly see the financial problems that Jang Ju-Won faces. Despite opening a new fried chicken restaurant, Hui-Soo is worried about her father’s ability to manage it.

The drama uses Hui-Soo’s perspective to portray Jang Ju-Won and empathize with his hardships and kindness. For example, Hui-Soo wants to go to cram school but doesn’t want to take money from her father. Initially, she didn’t want him to spend money on new uniforms either. She also kindly tells Jang Ju-Won not to worry about money issues in their conversations and worries – all revolving around “money.”

The storyline of Jang Ju-Won starting in 1990 becomes the main focus for “Moving” as the writer shifts perspectives and divides it into two timelines: 1) In 1990 when Jang Ju-Won used his power to join the underworld and make money; and 2) Six months later when he was betrayed by the organization and encountered Hwang Ji-Hee.

From a narrative standpoint, power becomes Jang Ju-Won’s way of making money (which he considers the easiest route). However, due to mergers and reorganizations within the underworld, he even gets betrayed. “Money” becomes something that troubles him every day until now.

I would like to discuss various emotions that arise within Jang Ju-Won regarding power. The writer cleverly portrays his pride, confusion, loss, and bewilderment towards power at different times throughout “Moving.”

I particularly enjoyed how at the beginning of this episode, through voice-over narration in a nightclub scene with an air of confidence where only he stands out among others present there; viewers can understand that even though Jang Ju-Won himself doesn’t know why he is so special, he uses power to gain a sense of existence by joining the underworld.

Many brothers in the scene respect him and even call him “Monster Brother.” This scene showcases Jang Ju-Won’s fearless self-confidence that comes from having power within him. In contrast, six months later, we see a destitute version of Jang Ju-Won where power has become a more humble way for him to make money.

Jang Ju-Won realized that society can abandon him at any time. It seems that Jang Ju-Won also discovered that his power is not so great, because invisible influence, power, and greed for money always prioritize power as the last thing. I have been wondering why Jang Ju-Won is so unhappy about the merger of Gwangjin by the boss of Ulsan.

Moreover, Jang Ju-Won is angry that Gwangjin has forgotten about their past brothers who were beaten up by members of the Ulsan faction and sent to the hospital. Jang Ju-Won is a very loyal character; in other words, he is someone who cherishes old memories and emotions. Every blow he takes for Gwangjin represents his faithful dedication.

The reason why Jang Ju-Won feels betrayed is because his power suddenly becomes useless and unwanted, like being thrown away like garbage: “You won’t feel pain anyway; you’re just a monster.” I think originally power was meant to be a “guardian” for Jang Ju-Won, but what pains and shocks him is that his power has only been used for “selfish gain”. From episodes 10-11 of “Moving”, until episode 11 specifically, Jang Ju-Won’s confidence in his power gradually turns into a belief in protecting others.

Power brings many twists and turns to one’s destiny; it can protect others but also bring forth deathly pursuits. Just like in the first two episodes of “Moving”, the powers depicted by the writer-director are simple without any fancy or flashy effects – there’s Kim Doo-Sik’s flying ability, Lee Mi-Hyun’s sensory perception ability, and Jang Ju-Won’s regenerative ability.

These powers are portrayed as singular traits; however, what makes this drama impressive is how these powers are used to expand on storytelling elements – revealing both the good and bad aspects of having power, as well as the struggles, conflicts, and choices in human nature. In episode 11 of “Moving”, the director uses an extended action scene to depict Jang Ju-Won’s regenerative ability.

From this scene, I believe what the audience sees is not how powerful Jang Ju-Won’s power is but rather how intense his pain is when he uses his power to fight against the evil world (while also showing the guilt brought by his power through acts of killing). There’s a line that says “You’re not without pain; you’re enduring it.” This means that Jang Ju-Won endures hundreds of wounds, with each cut exposing bone – all while using his power to combat this wicked world. No one can help him or care for him except Hwang Ji-Hee.

kdrama – Moving review :There are so many roads, of course it’s easy to get lost.

Carrying a sense of destitution and confusion about life, Jang Ju-Won encounters Hwang Ji-Hee who says, “You’re special, being able to have a polite conversation with someone like me.” I think Hwang Ji-Hee is the direction of Jang Ju-Won’s life. I really like the scene where Jang Ju-Won walks on the complicated path. Hwang Ji-Hee says, “There are so many roads here, of course it’s complicated.”

Usually, crosses and churches symbolize guidance or hints in one’s heart. They can also represent inner redemption or a direction. This scene reflects Jang Ju-Won’s current state of mind. These chaotic paths are just as bewildering and confusing as his inner self. I really enjoy this part of getting lost because in “Moving,” the writer cleverly interweaves Jang Ju-Won’s torment from six months ago when he was abandoned, betrayed, used by an organization until now when he regains consciousness and sees Hwang Ji-Hee on his lost journey.

The editing of this scene is truly beautiful! When Jang Ju-Won cries uncontrollably in this moment compared to how he beat up the bad guys at the beginning of episode 10 in “Moving” and now collapses like a child in front of Hwang Ji-Hee saying, “I can’t find my way,” it skillfully allows all the accumulated grievances and impact from betrayal that Jang Ju-Won has experienced during this time to be released at once!

And this segment actually implies original sin within Jang Ju-Won’s heart; the cross before him symbolizes “atonement.” The image of the cross is truly beautiful because it resonates with what happens at the end of episode 11 when Jang Ju-Won says, “I’m not a good person; my current situation is caused by what I did in the past. I have even killed someone.” Jang Ju-Won, looking at the cross while lost, is like him not being able to find the path of redemption within his heart because he has eliminated the boss of Ulsan and harmed Bae Min-Ki.

Such sins make Jang Ju-Won feel confused. I think that’s why when Jang Ju-Won sees Hwang Ji-Hee after regaining consciousness, he cries and says, “I can’t find my way.” And in episode 11 of “Moving,” Jang Ju-Won finally finds an outlet for redemption, which is what Hwang Ji-Hee said: “You definitely have your reasons.”

There’s another perspective that I must discuss as well. When Jang Ju-Won is trapped under a car and looks up at Kim Doo-Sik in the sky, this perspective is just like when Jang Ju-Won looks at the cross that represents redemption! This scene gives me goosebumps~ Kim Doo-Sik becomes the path of redemption that Jang Ju-Won has been searching for all along. I believe that ultimately, after constantly seeking and saying “I can’t find my way,” Jang Ju-Won has finally found it!

2023 Kdrama - Moving - episode 10+11 Recap & 2 highlights Explained

kdrama – Moving review :”Matial art novels are actually inseparable from love stories, where the good guys triumph and ultimately live happily ever after with their beloved ones.”

I really like the character development of Jang Ju-Won in “Moving” by the screenwriter. Jang Ju-Won himself is a chivalrous character from martial arts novels, and his belief in being a good person with power is subtly portrayed in Episode 10 of “Moving”. The writer’s idea for Jang Ju-Won is truly pure.

This resonates with Jang Ju-Won’s line at the end of Episode 10, where he says, “I always choose the simplest path.” This explains why he can’t find his way because this metaphor beautifully reveals the innocence and naivety within Jang Ju-Won’s heart. He faces situations directly and straightforwardly, such as creating fake car accidents to get money when he has none.

However, Jang Ju-Won doesn’t understand the complexity of human nature and often loses himself amidst people’s complicated intentions – betrayed, deceived, and used. His love for martial arts novels reflects his desire for a fictional happy ending in his own life. It gives him hope amid confusion.

I believe that through Hwang Ji-Hee, Jang Ju-Won finds a glimpse of his own martial arts dream. Especially after becoming known as “Mr. Hulk,” he becomes more accepting of the usefulness of his power.

I particularly loved the scene at the end of Episode 11 where Hwang Ji-Hee finds Jang Ju-Won covered in blood; he embraces her waist with both hands and says, “I’m not a good person. The current situation is caused by what I did before… I have even killed someone.” His hands that want to let go are pulled back by Hwang Ji-Hee.

This scene echoes what was mentioned earlier; it represents redemption for the guilt within Jang Ju-Won’s heart. In addition to that, I feel that it perfectly fulfills what Jang-Ju Won hopes for in a martial arts novel. He gets his love story and even becomes a good person by using his position as a black operative to clear his own crimes.