Korean Drama ‘See You in My 19th Life’ Episode 2 Recap


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See You in My 19th Life Ep 2 Recap

Korean Drama See You in My 19th Life Ep2 Recap

Ban Ji-Eum went straight to Seo-ha during her job interview and asked, “Would you like to date me?” This made Seo-ha feel confused, especially when Ban Ji-Eum said that they had met before. Meanwhile, Yoon Dae-yuan found out that Seo-ha had returned home and kept in touch with him.

However, there were still some shadows in Seo-ha’s heart that he didn’t want to face (such as not daring to sit in the back seat). The next day, while walking through a busy shopping district, the sound of a car triggered painful memories for Seo-ha and caused him to have a panic attack.

Ban Ji-Eum immediately took him away and ran frantically with him. She shared that this was her way of coping with panic attacks since she experienced them during the 10th life cycle due to seeing terrifying corpses and war scenes during the Imjin War.

This story made Seo-ha instinctively think that Ban Ji-Eum might have delusional disorder or be making up stories. But then Ban Ji-Eum suddenly proposed marriage again which left Seo-ha feeling confused once more. However, it turned out that this was something he had said as a child to Yoon Ju-Won; Ban Ji-eun wanted to give him a hint so he could remember it himself.

In order for Ban Ji-eum’s application process at the hotel to go smoothly, she went out of her way by presenting her plan on how not let the hotel go bankrupt directly to Seo-Han who is now working there.

She even gave him an illustration depicting his mother’s memory at the hotel which finally convinced him into accepting her proposal but also led them both into meeting his sister Yoon Dae-yuan who seemed interested in dating Seoh-Han.

Ban-Ji Eun discovered Zhang Lianyu is now the director of the hotel. During his 18th life cycle, Yoon Ju-Won saw an intimate relationship between her and Mun Jung-Hoon. Of course, Seo-ha also knew about Zhang’s ambition for this hotel so he quickly made his position clear.

That night, Seo-ha finally remembered the hint “Marry me” and recalled a little girl who said it to him in high school. Ban Ji-Eum was someone who brought happiness to him on one of his most chaotic days; she had happily proposed marriage to him while caring for his wounds. Although Seo-ha still thought that Ban Ji-eum was a weird person, he felt somewhat happy with her around.

Mun Jung-Hoon assigned Ha Do-youn a task to make sure that Seo-han would give up staying at the hotel. The next day, Seo-han asked Ban Ji-Eum to take him to a secret cemetery where she learned about his sadness and wanted him to vent out all of those emotions but instead he mentioned how Yoon Dae-yuan could do it better than anyone else which surprised her greatly.

It was here where Ban-Ji Eun realized that Seoh-Han had been thinking about her all along as he cried by the grave site which reminded her of past lives when she always felt sad but in this 19th life cycle, she finally experienced someone feeling sad for her too although she couldn’t bear seeing Seoh-Han cry over something like this again.