The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 7+8 Recap & 3 highlights Explained, Review: He is Dex!

災後調查日誌2第7 8集劇情心得

The First Responders Season 2 Episode 7+8 plot :Song-Seol returns to Taewon Fire Department, and Jin Ho-Gae and Song-Seol are called to a fight case. However, when they arrive at the scene, everyone is shocked by a suspicious body in a car that appears to have been dead for some time. But during the autopsy, an unexpected and dangerous event occurs, leaving everyone wondering about the true intentions of the mastermind behind it all.

In Episode 8 of Season 2 of “The First Responders 2,” Jin Ho-Gae decides not to wait passively and takes initiative by negotiating with the killer. Through their investigation methods, they uncover the identity of the deceased. The four individuals in the autopsy room desperately try to seek help from outside sources. Gongmyung Pil and Chief Bai visit the home of the deceased and discover astonishing news related to gang activities. After resolving this case, another one arises that catches both Jin Ho-Gae and Song-Seol off guard!

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The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 5+6 Recap & 3 highlights Explained, Review: Who is Dex?

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The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

🔥In the continuation of “The First Responders 2” episode 6, Song-Seol meets with Dokko Soon before returning to her post. They comfort and confide in each other. Song-Seol knows that Dokko Soon is not able to return to the station yet, but she is willing to wait for his return at the fire department. Meanwhile, Jin Ho-Gae moves next door to Song-Seol’s house. He wants her to see him safely coming home from work every day.

News of a large-scale brawl breaks out. Since there are too many people involved, Jin Ho-Gae believes they should at least catch one person. However, they discover a dead body in a car instead of a fight scene. It turns out this is not just a brawl but a premeditated murder that has been concealed for some time. The body is also badly damaged.

At the hospital, Ma Tae-Hwa suffers from acute kidney failure and needs to wait for a kidney transplant. On the other hand, Woo Sam-Soon insists on participating in the forensic examination of this special case. The police suspect that the deceased may be affiliated with organized crime and that it was an attempt by one faction to intimidate their opponents during their clash.

However, no one expected that there would be explosives inside the victim’s abdomen as well as signs indicating foul play when Kang Do-Ha examines an X-ray film promptly identifying something amiss; unfortunately, Yoon Hong did not realize this and got injured when he accidentally triggered the bomb while examining it closely.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator contacts both Jin Ho-Gae and Kang Do-Ha ordering them not to enter or leave because otherwise everything will be destroyed here.Yoon Hong starts experiencing difficulty breathing and Jin Ho-Gae urgently seeks help from Song-Seol on how to handle it over phone call secretly using finger tapping rhythm as hints.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 7 Ending

 🔥Gongmyung Pil held the clothing of the victims whose identities were currently unknown and wanted to find some clues to trace back, but discovered that all trademarks and labels had been cut off. The killer revealed her intention was for Yoon Hong, the forensic doctor, to provide false evidence in the case of a sudden death at a Chinese restaurant. However, everyone couldn’t understand why both the victims and perpetrators in this case were ordinary people.

Why would the killer go to such lengths for the defendant? Woo Sam-Soon happened to have her daughter’s phone which she forgot today, so she could use it to seek help from outside. Jin Ho-Gae suddenly became restless and made a bet with the killer that he could identify who the deceased was within fifteen minutes. Everyone started writing profiles of themselves as victims and began re-examining everything. Finally, they discovered that the deceased had undergone joint replacement surgery.

The problem was that in order to investigate further, they needed to remove it; however, there were explosives nearby and even a slight tremor could cause an explosion. Therefore, under guidance from two forensic doctors, Jin Ho-Gae bravely removed the artificial joint despite cutting off its serial numbe

r himself. As a result, they couldn’t successfully determine who the deceased was.In the finale of Episode 7 of “The First Responders 2,” Gongmyung Pil and Song-Seol have discovered that Jin Ho-Gae is in danger. Woo Sam-Soon urges Gongmyung Pil to quickly track him down in reverse. Meanwhile, Yoon Hong is instructed to go to the courthouse.

However, Jin Ho-Gae intentionally refuses to reveal the serial number of the artificial joint he found, as he doesn’t want the killer to know his progress in the investigation. He also requests for a secretly inserted looped video outside the autopsy room to deceive those who think they are still inside.

During their investigation, they discover that the victim was a detective, meaning this group has even killed police officers. Jin Ho-Gae believes that even if things go their way with the case, their opponents will still eliminate Yoon Hong and blow up NFS (presumably an organization or location). Yang Chi-Young threatens Jin Cheol-Joong into handling Ma Tae-Hwa’s trial for stopping sentence execution while Dex uses Jin Ho-Gae as leverage to make Jin Cheol-Joong cooperate obediently.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

🔥Continuing from Episode 7 of “The First Responders 2,” after tricking the hacker’s surveillance footage, the police successfully evacuated NFS. The fire department also rescued Jin Ho-Gae from the forensic lab. However, Kang Do-Ha decided to stay behind and dismantle the bomb.

After all, NFS contains countless criminals’ DNA and evidence. If these pieces of evidence are destroyed, numerous criminals will go unpunished~ Unfortunately, Kang Do-Ha sustained a head injury during the explosion and is gradually experiencing post-traumatic symptoms. Despite Song-Seol’s request, Kang Do-Ha remains determined to wait until he dismantles the bomb before going to the hospital.

Gongmyung Pil found Detective’s residence and discovered information about Ma Tae-Hwa’s case on the wall (he was investigating “Pan Dong Camp Faction” for illegal gambling and money laundering in politics). However, there was also a brutal crime scene at that location.

Worst of all, it seems that the top leaders of this faction have no traceable identities; they are complete mysteries. Therefore, Detective must have uncovered three key figures and became silenced as a result. Chief Baek remembered knowing a loan shark named Taewon who might be involved since he had previously arrested him for high-interest loans. He mentioned that this incident is part of an inheritance struggle within Pan Dong Camp Faction – their chairman has been killed off; hence now there is a power struggle between second-in-command and third-in-command members resulting in physical altercations.

In other words, Detective was discovered while investigating the death of one faction leader; either second or third-in-command member could be responsible for killing their boss. Meanwhile, court proceedings have already begun with Gong Young-Doo pleading his innocence as he claims not being involved in any way with murder but rather had a close father-son-like relationship with the victim~

Yoon Hong struggles with whether or not to follow the killer’s demands and provide false testimony. However, what she doesn’t know is that regardless of her testimony, it will have fatal consequences as any outcome would displease one party involved. The killer has already discovered the surveillance footage being tampered with and they still hold a child hostage as leverage.

Kang Do-Ha and Song-Seol have successfully dealt with the bomb and are preparing to destroy the circuits and signals using pulse light technology. Just at this critical moment, Jin Ho-Gae enters the courtroom and establishes a connection with Kang Do-Ha, finally destroying the bomb in a hair-raising situation.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 8 Ending

🔥Just now, the appraisal report of Yoon Hong was handed over to the judge. The judge stated that the cause of death was not suffocation by a pillow. Both Jin Ho-Gae and Yoon Hong felt something was off, especially with the judge’s expression. Yoon Hong discovered that the judge was being threatened because his son had been kidnapped, so he had to do this.

Woo Sam-Soon finally found the Chinese restaurant they often ordered from and traced the whereabouts of these people. They launched a large-scale operation with a significant police force and managed to rescue the judge’s son while also arresting Gong Young-Doo and dismantling their entire organization.

At the hospital, Ma Tae-Hwa managed to evade his execution sentence but is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. As expected, he is doing everything in his power to use money to secure an opportunity for a kidney transplant. At the same time, he is planning on using a pager to contact Dex.With Bong An-Na’s consent, Kang Do-Ha moved into Bong Do-Jin’s room and became neighbors with Jin Ho-Gae and Song-Seol~

🔥 In the final episode of “The First Responders 2,” just as Jin Ho-Gae and Song-Seol were talking about safely finishing their shift according to their agreement, Yang Chi-Young suddenly called for help from the police.

The emergency responders were completely shocked when they saw Yang Chi-Young lying in a bathtub filled with blood, with a large wound on his chest. After a chaotic investigation, they finally found Yang Chi-Young in a closed shopping center. However, he had already passed away due to excessive bleeding.

The next day, Han Se-Jin, a new forensic doctor who came to support the team, was responsible for conducting the autopsy. Han Se-Jin mentioned that the Y-shaped incision technique used on the chest is suitable for autopsies and called Song-Seol over to show her how she used a stapler on Yang Chi-Young’s wound.

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 7+8 – highlights Explained,Review

The First Responders – Season 2 Episode 7+8 Recap & 3 highlights Explained, Review

The First Responders Season 2 –We don’t just choose the easy path, and firefighting is no exception.

I also prefer being alone, because the simplest way is to be by oneself. However, we don’t always choose the easy path; firefighting is one such challenging journey.

“The First Responders 2” begins with a beautiful scene, where Song-Seol returns alone to heal. However, Dokko Soon is the one most affected by the case, as the perpetrator is her ex-husband and she also loses one of her beloved firefighters. The incident triggers past traumas and reopens old wounds. Dokko Soon’s storyline portrays a different kind of sadness compared to Song-Seol’s. Her sorrow stems from being a firefighter and having to face such tragedies.

In episode 7 of “The First Responders 2,” Song-Seol delivers a poignant and realistic statement about dealing with these sorrows from the perspective of a firefighter rather than letting personal emotions cloud their grief. This leads into the next scene where all firefighters chant, “Once you become a firefighter, you are always a firefighter.” It signifies that firefighters know they will eventually face the loss of their colleagues but accept it as their destiny and duty.

This resonates with Song-Seol asking Jin Ho-Gae why he came back again. Whether as detectives or firefighters, I believe that what the writer wants to convey in “The First Responders 2” is that both Jin Ho-Gae and Song-Seol cope with their inner sorrows by embracing their identities as law enforcement officers and relying on their comrades instead of isolating themselves when faced with overwhelming grief.

The First Responders Season 2 –Dex appeared? Could it be the new forensic doctor?

Ma Tae-Hwa’s sudden need for a kidney transplant in “The First Responders 2” is quite surprising. I remember that Yang Chi-Young had previously conspired with Ma Tae-Hwa and mentioned obtaining some medication from overseas to help him. The purpose was to assist Ma Tae-Hwa in gaining medical parole, so he wouldn’t have to stay in prison.

This is why Yang Chi-Young told Jin Cheol-Joong that it took a lot of effort to secure this time and asked him to handle the case of suspending Ma Tae-Hwa’s sentence execution. However, I was taken aback by Yang Chi-Young’s death in Episode 8 of “The First Responders 2.”

It feels like Ma Tae-Hwa used BB Call to contact Dex and eliminate Yang Chi-Young. But why would they declare war on the police? Wouldn’t it be safer to secretly resolve the issue without attracting attention? Additionally, the new forensic doctor seems suspicious as if targeting Jin Ho-Gae.

There are several points worth noting here: Dex, who wears a windbreaker, might be someone who has clashed with Jin Ho-Gae before (he even mentioned how close Jin Ho-Gae came to unraveling his plan). This suggests that Dex may have appeared in the first season or possibly orchestrated the arson incident at Bupjib Ju during that time. Could Dex be Han Se-Jin from Episode 8?

In Episode 7 of “The First Responders 2,” we see another formidable killer whose methods catch both law enforcement and forensic experts off guard. The victims’ fingers were cut off beforehand, teeth filed down, clothing labels removed, shoe soles worn out, and pockets punctured—indicating that the killer anticipated every investigative technique employed by the police.

I particularly enjoyed Woo Sam-Soon’s sharp and unconventional questions during autopsies in Episode 7. Her inquiry about whether the perpetrator’s personality could be deduced from the examination was thought-provoking. Yoon Hong mentioned that killers exhibit a certain arrogance, believing they won’t get caught, and treat others as mere tools without regard for their suffering. The writer skillfully provides viewers with an imaginative portrayal through Yoon Hong’s description.

Is there a connection between the gang-related cases in Episodes 7 and 8 of “The First Responders 2” and Dex? Visually, it seems plausible, although Dex might not be directly involved in these cases. However, this investigation reveals some criminal organization ties behind Ma Tae-Hwa.

The motive for eliminating Detective is related to Ma Tae-Hwa (the detective was conducting undercover investigations). Furthermore, the assailant seeks to protect Cheon Tae-Jin, who is someone Ma Tae-Hwa must shield due to his involvement in illegal activities. This reasoning suggests a possible link between Pan Dong-Yeong faction and Ma Tae-Hwa regarding illegal gambling loans and political money laundering operations—a concept that aligns with the case of falsified documents by loan sharks initially uncovered by Bong An-Na at the beginning of Season 1 (which Yang Chi-Young tried to cover up). However, it should be noted that this gang-related case isn’t orchestrated by either Ma Tae-Hwa or Dex; it merely exposes internal conflicts within the gang.

The First Responders Season 2 –Punctuality, working diligently, and leaving work alive – as long as you can achieve these, it’s all good.

“The scene in the forensic laboratory in “The First Responders 2″ is really impressive. The screenwriter combines a lot of knowledge about emergency medical care and forensics, as well as Woo Sam-Soon’s wit, Jin Ho-Gae’s madness and quick thinking. I really like how the screenwriter makes Jin Ho-Gae remember Song-Seol’s advice in this episode of”The First Responders 2”.

Jin Ho-Gae returns to Taewon not only to catch the criminals but also because of Song-Seol, I think~ I remember a few episodes before “The First Responders 2”, Jin Ho-Gae said to Song-Seol, ‘I will be back in Taewon soon.’ Perhaps this sentence is his confession to Song-Seol. Now we finally understand why the screenwriter and director of “The First Responders 2” said it would be a large-scale collaboration between NFS, police, and fire department before its premiere.

The cases depicted by the screenwriter in “The First Responders 2” not only have depth but also require difficulty in deciphering criminal methods. In terms of solving methods, almost all relied on the cooperation between Bong Do-Jin and Jin Ho-Gae in Season 1 of “The First Responders”, but this time the cooperative shots and team coordination expanded to more characters.

I feel that what the screenwriter said through Song-Seol’s words ‘Be punctual at work, work diligently, go home alive’ applies not only to Jin Ho-Gae but also to every member of each unit~ Catching criminals, saving lives, self-preservation – every character is like that~ The screenwriter no longer has heroic ideas about characters sacrificing themselves gloriously; instead after Bong Do-Jin died he made everyone realize how important it is for them to stay safe.”