Kdrama ‘Longing for You’ episode 2 recap and theory, ending explained


Korean drama ‘Longing for You’ Episode 2 Plot

Longing for You” episode 2 plot : Oh Jin-Sung requests to join the investigation team in Seoul due to a series of consecutive murders in his hometown. He diligently investigates Bae Min-Gyu’s alibi and proudly showcases his logical analysis skills. However, despite their efforts, they are unable to find any evidence that proves Bae Min-Gyu’s guilt.

At this time, Yook Jung-Tae becomes suspicious of Oh Jin-Woo. Naturally, Oh Jin-Sung does everything he can to prove his brother’s innocence. Although the suspicion is somewhat alleviated through cross-referencing witness testimonies, Cha Young-Woon discovers a suspicious photo implicating Oh Jin-Woo as the culprit in the end.

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Kdrama ‘Longing for You’ episode 2 recap and theory, ending explained
Kdrama ‘Longing for You’ episode 1 recap and theory, ending explained

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Korean drama Longing for You episode 2 recap

🔺  “Longing for You” Episode 2 recap : Following the events of Episode 1, another murder occurs near Oh Jin-Sung’s house, prompting Go Young-Joo and Cha Young-Woon to rush back to the scene. They confirm that this case is indeed the third in a series of serial killings.

Oh Jin-Sung believes that this is the work of an outsider. Since the crime was committed recently, he requests a search of the mountainous area and nearby surveillance footage. Just as this case is about to be transferred to Seoul, Oh Jin-Sung insists on joining the investigation team.

Go Young-Joo worries that his “abnormal” and impulsive personality may cause trouble, but Cha Young-Woon thinks having a local police officer could be beneficial and potentially lead to a breakthrough.

Oh Jin-Sung mentions that there have been eight major cases in Yujin jurisdiction, but none as severe as murder. In fact, no homicides have occurred in fifty years. Therefore, Oh Jin-Sung believes statistically it is unlikely for the perpetrator to be a local resident.

He even discovers that Bae Tae-Ook owns a luxurious villa at one of the crime scenes in Yujin area, suggesting a connection between Bae Min-Gyu and these murders. However, Cha Young-Woon suggests investigating Bae Min-Gyu’s alibi first before jumping to conclusions.

Go Young-Joo hopes Oh Jin-Sung can break through Bae Min-Gyu’s alibi because she has no evidence but feels he is lying. As expected by Go Young-Joo, Oh Jin-Sung notices something strange about one of the dental clinic nurses when she becomes tense upon realizing he is a police officer. The village chief also mentions an incident involving an external delivery driver colliding with another vehicle (Bae Min-Gyu’s car) which left scratches.

Aware of Bae Min-Gyu’s eccentric personality, Oh Jin-Sung deliberately provokes him to get his female companion to admit that he wasn’t with her on Tuesday night. However, due to Bae Min-Gyu’s lack of cooperation, Oh Jin-Sung arrests him. Bae Min-Gyu nonchalantly claims he owns multiple cars and has no idea who might have taken them. Furthermore, Bae Min-Gyu provides an alibi by mentioning his participation in a live medical research event. This puts the case back at square one.

Yook Jung-Tae discovers strange behavior from Oh Jin-Woo in Yujin village and witnesses him burning something. He was also the person who exchanged text messages with Hye-Ju an hour before her disappearance and called her ten minutes later.

Cha Young-Woon immediately recalls that Oh Jin-Woo possesses a set of knives and proceeds to arrest him based on these suspicions. The reason being that Oh Jin-Woo had been present at all three crime scenes recently, and even his name appeared on the drug dealer’s purchase list.

Oh Jin-Woo claims that he bought the knife online and had an agreement with Hui Zhu, but later called to cancel the appointment. Oh Jin-Sung got into a heated argument with Cha Young-Woon, causing Cha Young-Woon to have irregular heartbeats.

Yoo Jung-Sook was very worried when he found out about it remotely, but fortunately, Cha Young-Woon’s condition was brought under control in time. Go Young-Joo also believes that Oh Jin-Woo has always been kind since childhood and doesn’t seem like someone who would commit a crime, especially using his beloved knife and not hiding it.

Zheng Yu-Lu reported on Cha Young-Woon’s condition and also mentioned that Bae Min-Gyu is no longer a suspect. However, Yoo Jung-Sook is concerned about “another suspect” as well, saying how difficult it was to raise him safely all these years only for him to be involved in a murder case now.

Oh Jin-Woo stated during the investigation that he went to the art museum in May and visited an exhibition. The second murder occurred after he finished viewing a photography exhibition and went to a café.

However, it is suspicious that both the café and the surveillance cameras outside of his accommodation were turned off. As for the knife, Oh Jin-Woo purchased it online from someone called “Lemon Tree” in May.

Lemon Tree also informed him about the photography exhibition, which is why he agreed to meet at the café. However, on that day, Lemon Tree did not show up either. Go Young-Joo brought Oh Jin-Woo’s mother and Chu Young-Choon as witnesses.

Chu Young-Choon and his mother testified that they played cards with Oh Jin-Woo at a restaurant from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m., and their drawings of their respective positions were identical. However, they did briefly move away to make spicy noodles during this time, which matches Oh Jin-Woo’s statement.

During this period of time when Oh Jin-Woo was indeed out, he received a text message from Hye-joo asking to meet at the pavilion. However, halfway there, Oh Jin-Woo turned back because his mother wanted to eat noodles. He intended to call Hye-joo and cancel their meeting but ended up going home instead.

Go Young-Joo cross-referenced all testimonies and found them reasonable and accurate. Even if Oh Jin-Woo had gone out during this time frame, considering walking back-and-forth plus cooking noodles would leave no opportunity for committing the crime—it simply wouldn’t be possible.

Ultimately, through lie detector tests conducted on Oh Jin-Sung as well as expert analysis comparing knives used by both brothers—proving inconsistency between Oh Jin-Woos’ knife and the wounds inflicted—it was determined that there was no evidence against Oh Jin-Woos’. Therefore, he was released without suspicion. However, Cha Young-Woon still maintains a skeptical attitude towards Oh Jin-Woo.

Longing for You episode 2 ending explained

🔺 In the finale of “Longing for You” Episode 2, Cha Young-Woon is puzzled as to why Oh Jin-Woo would initialize important phone data. Cha Young-Woon believes that they need to find the person called “Lemon Tree,” who is likely framing Oh Jin-Woo. As for Hye-Ju sending text messages to Oh Jin-Woo, it is now speculated that she intentionally sent them after the culprit committed the crime in order to frame him.

Oh Jin-Sung receives a message from Lee Eun-Byul’s manager regarding discussing Bae Min-Gyu’s absence as evidence, but they haven’t discussed this yet. Cha Young-Woon mentions that many photos of someone’s ankle were deleted from Oh Jin-Woo’s phone, and it turns out those were the photos burned by Oh Jin-Sung in the blue box.

Longing for You Review and Theory Episode 2

Kdrama ‘Longing for You’ episode 2 recap and theory, ending explained
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In Korean drama “Longing for You Episode 2” there are evaluations and deductions made.

  • 1. The murderer injected the victim with an anesthetic drug (chloral hydrate, a medication used in dental clinics for sleep treatment) before killing them.
  • 2. The murderer also severed the victim’s Achilles tendon. This indicates that the murderer is skilled in using knives or may have a profession related to knife handling.
  • 3. Additionally, blood was drawn from the victim’s body, and their corpse was hung on a railing as if it were clothes being displayed for others to see.

From the scenes in “Longing for You” we can infer that someone has been secretly filming Oh Jin-Woo and documenting his daily activities and incidents. There is a scene showing this person recording (the hands appear to be those of a man).

It seems like they are trying to frame Oh Jin-Woo (although I also noticed some strange expressions on Oh Jin-Woo’s face during certain moments in Episode 1 of “Longing for You.” It seemed like he had something unsaid or deliberately observed others).

The following record is written in third-person perspective, indicating that there really is someone observing Oh Jin-Woo (based on the content so far, it is highly likely that this person behind Lemon Tree online), creating opportunities to frame Oh Jin-Woo.

In the first episode of “Longing for You,” Oh Jin-Woo tells his mother that he is going to see a photography exhibition, but it seems like he is lying. In the scene, there is a promotional poster for the exhibition, but there is no actual footage of Oh Jin-Woo at the exhibition (although it could be a deliberate misdirection by the director to confuse the audience about the timeline).

However, Oh Jin-Woo does go to a café and wait for someone (it feels like he has been waiting for a long time without meeting the person or maybe he is “waiting for time”). The surveillance footage from his accommodation has also been cut off, as if someone doesn’t want evidence of him not being present to be discovered. So it’s possible that Oh Jin-Woo is actually being followed and we don’t know if he might be in danger.

The director deliberately uses certain shots to show Oh Jin-Woo’s eerie expressions, especially when certain investigators speak. So if he is truly innocent and framed, it means that he himself doesn’t know what’s happening and wouldn’t have such strange expressions. Therefore, Oh Jin-Woo himself may not be so simple~

Especially in Episode 1 of “Longing for You,” when Oh Jin-Woo takes out ten million Korean won to save Oh Jin-Sung, his mother says, “It looks like our Jin-Woo has money.” Although ten million Korean won converts to less than three hundred thousand Taiwanese dollars which isn’t much money actually.

But based on how strange Oh Jin-Woo appears at this moment, I speculate that he may be involved in a murder case (he may not necessarily be the perpetrator but could possibly help create an alibi), and I also suspect some connection with Bae Min-Gyu’s family. As for why Oh-Jin Woo would have such motivation to get involved, perhaps it’s because of money.

In Episode 1 of “Longing for You” Oh Jin-Sung complains to his mother that she keeps asking his younger brother for money and doesn’t let him go to college, even keeping him locked up in a restaurant without paying him a salary.

Go Young-Joo also says that our parents are people who desperately try to take all the money from their children. So Oh Jin-Woo’s motivation likely stems from his mother or family factors, possibly within this household.

My current speculation is that:

➊ Oh Jin-Woo either is the culprit and deliberately planted clues to frame Bae Min-Gyu, causing the police to suspect him;

➋ Or Oh Jin-Woo himself is an accomplice who helped create an alibi. I have always found it suspicious that Bae Min-Gyu conveniently has alibis for each incident, as if they were premeditated. Furthermore, each alibi seems ambiguous:

🅰 Victim 1 (2022/5/12): Liu Shu-Xian, museum curator (Bae Min-Gyu’s wife): Bae Min-Gyu’s alibi was singing with an actress. There was footage of the actress singing, but Bae Min-Gyu’s face was not shown in the video.

🅱 Victim 2 (2022/9/7): Park Ji-Hee: Coffee shop owner. The deceased had traces of “salt” and “microscopic blade material powder made from Japanese steel,” similar to a knife used for slicing raw fish. Cha Young-Woon discovered that Bae Min-Gyu also owned a similar set of knives, but he claimed they were stolen and had previous records of reporting thefts.

🅲 Victim 3 (2022/9/8): Hui-Zhu, student. At the crime scene, there were bloody footprints inside shoes suspected to belong to the student herself walking towards the railing of a pavilion before taking off her shoes. On the night of the incident, Bae Min-Gyu’s car collided with a delivery driver in town. He claimed his car was taken without his knowledge and also appeared in an online live course.

And I’ve been wondering why this drama is called “Longing for You”? Is it waiting for something for a long time? Is it seeking revenge? Looking at the English title of this drama, “Longing for you,” who is longing for whom? Based on the preview of episode three, it’s Yoo Jung-Sook who is waiting for an opportunity! She says, “We’ve waited so long, let’s begin.”

Assuming that Oh Jin-Woo is the culprit, looking at the motive of the case, could it be that Oh Jin-Woo himself has a twisted mind due to not receiving genuine care or “inner inferiority” as a son in his own home?

In episode two of “Longing for You,” why does Yoo Jung-Sook show special concern about whether Oh Jin-Woo has cleared his suspicion? She even mentions, “It was so hard to raise him safely until now. Now we really have to keep him away from this murder case.” This seems to imply that someone has been observing Oh Jin-Woo and possibly for some time.

Therefore, Yoo Jung-Sook herself should be the one who hired someone to observe Oh Jin-Woo from behind because he has hidden personality flaws. (This is just a current speculation) Because in the observer’s record, there is a specific note saying, “If there were more people like J everywhere in this world, it would definitely be beautiful.”

We assume that Oh Jin-Woo’s words are true, and I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but this part is worth considering. It seems that there is some connection between the two strange expressions of Oh Jin-Woo and the time of the murders.

  • ➊ On the day of the café murder, Go Young-Joo’s mother came to show off that Go Young-Joo is a prosecutor in town. Then Oh Jin-Woo appeared at the café in the evening, where the murder took place.
  • ➋ On the afternoon before the female student was killed, Oh Jin-Woo met Cha Young-Woon for the first time. Go Young-Joo mentioned that Cha Young-Woon is an outstanding graduate with a one hundred percent prosecution rate. At this moment, Oh Jin-Woo paid special attention to Cha Young-Woon’s expression, and then later that night, there was a case involving a female student.

So I am guessing whether Oh Jin-Woo committed these crimes out of his own anger due to his inferiority complex? However, Bae family also seems suspicious and cannot be separated from these murder cases.

It can be seen that Yoo Jung-Sook is trying to find ways to clear Bae Min-Gyu from suspicion because it is normal for motives involving interests to arise in such situations. But why does Yeo Jeong-sook want to help Oh Jin-woo? This feels like what I reasoned earlier: ➊ Either Oh Jin-woo is indeed guilty and deliberately looking for clues that could frame Bae Min-Gyu so as to make police suspect him; or ➋ Or perhaps Oh Jin-woo himself helped create an alibi for someone else involved in these murders because if he were suspected and investigated, flaws would be found in their criminal plan which would lead back to his relationship with Bae Min-Gyu again.

Therefore, Yoo Jung-Sook is worried that Oh Jin-Woo will continue to be suspected, which seems to imply a connection between Oh Jin-Woo’s identity or past and the Bae family or Yoo Jung-Sook.

Could it be that Oh Jin-Woo is not actually the biological brother of Oh Jin-Sung? Because Yeo Jeong-sook did say “It was so hard to let him grow up safely,” indicating that she knows Oh Jin-Woo’s true identity.